Ten Minutes


“Come in here, Babygirl,” Daddy called from the bedroom. “I have something for you.”

She trotted in, curious as always, to see Daddy and a towel with some suspicious lumps underneath it on the bed.

“Strip for Daddy.” He said with tiny bit of an evil glint in his eye.

She took her time, not too much, just enough to give him a little show she knew he’d enjoy.

“Get up on the bed, babydoll, I wanna show you something.”

“Okay, Daddy.” She was starting to get the tiniest bit nervous, he hadn’t even started to get undressed, and that usually meant she was in some trouble. Not that she didn’t enjoy it, just that there was this little stinging anxiety every time that something like this was going to happen. She didn’t know what he was going to do, she knew she’d like it, but the tiny little fear was always there.

He started out by securing her wrists to the headboard of the bed. This, at least she was used to, and he stroked her gently until he felt she was calm enough. He pulled out some rope from under the towel.

“I’ve been practicing tying knots, babygirl. How do you feel about that?”

“Sounds fun, Daddy.” She couldn’t keep the tremor out of her voice, but she definitely wanted to try this, she knew he’d been working on it for a while.

He started wrapping rope around her ankles, one at a time, and eventually tied them up to the headboard as well, leaving her open and available and feeling really vulnerable. He left her enough room to move her knees a little, but not much, after the time she punched him in the face by mistake while she was cumming he wasn’t taking any chances with legs getting loose.

He moved the towel and let her see the toys he’d gotten ready for her. A paddle, a belt, some other things she wasn’t sure about, butt plugs, lube, vibrators, she was doubly anxious and doubly turned on all in the same second.

She also noticed a kitchen timer, it looked out of place there, with all the sex toys and spanking implements, and she had a sneaking (and sinking) suspicion that it was somehow going to be involved with this game Daddy had thought up.

“Daddy, what’s the timer for?”

“I’m glad you asked, babydoll. The timer is the best part of this game. Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to set the timer for ten minutes and play with you. If you don’t cum, I’m going to spank you for a minute.”

He paused and she thought *This doesn’t sound too bad.*

“Then I’ll set the timer for nine minutes, and play with you, and if you don’t cum I’ll spank you for two minutes, and so on…”

“Oh crap.” Was all she could think to say at that point. He knew sometimes it was difficult for her to orgasm, and putting a time limit on her was going to make it even tougher, at least at the beginning. He had plenty of other ideas on how to drag this out for a while anyway, and he planned to use them.

“Okay, babygirl, are you ready to start?” He turned the timer to ten minutes and

waited for her response.

“Yes, Daddy,” she knew what she was supposed to say, and it came out even though she wasn’t really sure she was ready. She was tied up, though, and if she didn’t manage to get this started she was going to be cramped as hell later. That, in and of itself, was motivation to start the party that escort mecidiyeköy Daddy was so obviously ready for. He made sure the timer was on ten minutes, then dipped one finger into her already wet pussy.

“Oh, this idea has you wet already?” The question was so obviously rhetorical, but she nodded with wide eyes anyway, occasionally looking over at the assortment of objects on the bed next to her, wondering what he was going to do next.

“It’s not time for any of those things yet, babydoll. Let’s see how you like my finger.” He ran one finger over and around her pussy and clit, arousing her but not even coming close to giving her enough pressure to come close. It felt good. She strained toward him trying to get him to press harder, press on the magic spot, but he just smiled and kept that finger moving, exciting her, but not allowing her even the hope of getting off. Ten minutes of this had her moaning in frustration and need, and wetter than she’d ever been before, but without a hope of an orgasm before the timer went off and the promised minute of spanking started.

He used his hand. It started more gently than his usual spanks, because he was going for time and effect, and he knew the effect would spread out over time. She still strained toward his hand though, enjoying what he was doing to her even as her ass was stinging and burning. He spanked her pussy a few times at the end, and she was obviously into that as well, although she’d expressed anxiety when he’d brought it up before. He knew her well, though, she lost a lot of anxiety as soon as she started getting turned on, and she would have told him outright if she didn’t want to try something.

The timer went off at the end of a minute, and he was resetting it. “Ready for round two?”

She was still trying to regain composure from the spanking, which although light, had turned her on even more. “Yes, Daddy,” her voice sounded much more strangled than it did the first time.

This time he barely touched her clit, sliding his fingers mostly in and out of her wet pussy for the first few minutes, then transferring one to her ass. He would rub her clit every so often, but not nearly enough for her to get the pressure she needed. She’d known he’d draw this game out some, but there were some “Please, Daddies,” sprinkled among her moans now. He wasn’t ready to give her what she wanted yet, though, and was going to make her wait. Begging was nice, but he knew what he was doing to her, intentionally, and the buildup was going to be amazing for her.

The timer went off, and he picked up a little wooden paddle. “Are you ready for this, babygirl?”

“But, Daddy…” She started before she could stop it

“What is it?”

“I don’t know if I can cum like this.”

“Oh, babygirl, you’re gonna cum.” He was all confident Daddy then. “I guarantee it. I can’t wait to hear you scream. Now are you ready?”

She held out for a few seconds before she said what he was waiting for. “Yes, Daddy.”

He set the timer for two minutes and went to work, starting slowly but making it more intense for her as she could take it. That thin little paddle stung, but not too bad, and he didn’t get her in the same place *too* many times in a row. She was feeling more confident. She could take bayan escort this. It was going to be okay.

The timer went off, and she relaxed. She had started to feel that she could handle whatever he was going to do. Not exactly that it was going to be easy, just that she could take it.

“Seven minutes this time, babygirl.” He set the timer and didn’t even ask if she was ready before he bent forward and gave her pussy a lick. “You taste divine.”

He ran his tongue over her lightly, then moved to her open thighs and began kissing and nibbling them. Sometimes harder love bites caused her to gasp. He slowly worked his way back down her thighs to her center, gave her a few slow licks, then worked his way back up her thighs. She was struggling against the ropes for real now, and he smiled to himself. This was much more fun than he’d thought it would be. She responded so well. She was getting more vocal, and he loved hearing her. He still wasn’t going to give her enough to cum, though, and she was begging more and more. She was sweating, he noticed and turned the fan on. He wasn’t cruel, much.

The timer went off and she was panting, still straining toward him when he picked up the belt.

“Oooh nooo Daddy, I don’t think I can take the belt for three minutes.”

“Of course you can, babygirl. You’re gonna make Daddy proud of his good girl, aren’t you?”

“But Daddy…”

“You know I will never hurt you?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He loved hearing her say it. “Are you ready, babygirl?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He set the timer for three minutes and started with the belt. The pink from the paddle hadn’t completely faded, and he was careful to not get too intense. She was not helping him much, obviously straining for the next spank about half the time, and just hanging in the restraints and taking it the other half with those moans that said please don’t stop. The fact that he was going easy on her ass didn’t keep it from being cherry red again by the time the timer went off, but she did look a little disappointed when it was over. It had been intense, but not really all that painful, and she’d obviously enjoyed it.

He set the timer for six minutes and picked up one of the smaller butt plugs. He started out by pressing it into her pussy and starting to rim her with a finger from his other hand that had been lubed. The plug was enough to start her moaning again almost instantly, although the anal stimulation got her attention as well. It was no surprise when after a couple of minutes of very thorough lubing with his finger he started pressing the plug against her ass, slowly pressing it into her. He listened to her breathing, her begging, and every so often pulled it back only to press it slowly back in again. When she’d take as much as she could, he’d tickle her clit a little and stop, wait for her to relax, and press a little farther, then pull back and do it all again. He’d slid it all the way into her when the timer went off.

“Oh, I forgot the nipple clamps.” He turned around and dug in his drawer until he came out with a pair of clamps with bells on them. “You’ll look great with these, and we’ll be able to hear every time you get excited enough to move.”

If it was possible for her to turn redder, she would have, but it was clear bayrampaşa escort bayan that wasn’t going to be able to happen. Her blush did spread farther down her breasts though as he licked and sucked and tugged at her already-hard nipples until he was satisfied, then clipped the clamps on.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She wasn’t sure if she was or not, but the sensations were starting to overcome her. Everything was blending together in one hot mess, and she was too busy sorting through how things felt to worry about what was coming next.

A bigger, wooden paddle came next, and it was only with the first stroke that she truly realized the butt plug was still firmly lodged inside her. Her eyes opened wide as the paddle stroke nudged the plug and reminded her of it’s presence.

He was even more careful this time, making sure she got strokes in a measured sequence, counting seconds in between. Four minutes was a long spanking, and he had no intention of damaging his sweet babygirl who looked so sexily adorable spread apart, blushing, and taking what he wanted to give her. He made the strokes sting, but made sure his girl was enjoying it as well. About halfway through he picked up a different butt plug, a heavy glass spiral one and showed it to her.

“This is what you’re getting next.” He grinned evilly at her sharp intake of breath. “Why don’t you start getting it wet for me?” He slid it into her willing mouth while he continued spanking her, listening to her now slightly muffled moans and squeaks while he enjoyed reddening her tender ass.

The timer went off and she relaxed just in time for him to pull out the first plug.

“How well did you lube that, babygirl?” He looked at it assessingly. “Your hot little mouth did an adequate job, but let’s play a little more.”

He slid the plug into her pussy, giving her ass a little time to tighten back up before he started on this one. It was not only a little larger, but also the spiral was going to offer her some interesting bumps when he started to press it into her.

“Daddy…” She started.

“Ssssh babygirl, it’s only five minutes.” He turned his head before she could see him smiling.

“But Daddy…” Her speech was slurred and he was inordinately proud of himself.

“Ooooh, I forgot to set the timer, you’re such a good girl for reminding me. I guess you get the full five minutes.”

He set it for five and started pressing the plug against her ass, the spiral ridges doing exactly what he expected. With the other hand, he picked up a wand that she hadn’t been able to see due to where it was lying.

“Did I tell you once you cum, you get to keep cumming ’til the timer goes off?”

“But Daddy, I can’t…”

“Of course you can, babygirl.” He turned the wand on low and set it against her clit while he worked that spiral plug into her ass. Every thirty seconds he turned it up. It took exactly two minutes for her to start screaming and cumming.

She was screaming his name. He loved hearing it. He turned the wand down a little and just held it against her as he worked that spiral plug in and out of her, the ridges doing their magic. As the timer went off, she stiffened one last time and passed out for a minute.

He was untying her when she woke up, it had only been a few moments, but he was already getting her legs down. He got her arms undone and pulled her close.

“How was that, babydoll?”

Her response didn’t even make sense, and she was asleep, snuggled exactly where she wanted to be in Daddy’s arms.

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