Temptation with daughter #4

Animated Gif

My wife was away for the night, as usual. It was already 2 am. i was in the living room waiting for my daughter. i specifically told her to come at the latest 1 30 am, and she still wasn’t here. I was very annoyed, couldn’t believe my daughter didn’t listen and obey me. Thinking that girl is probably out fucking the first stranger she can get her hands on. that slut. I bet shes out there on all fours, getting her tight arse hole fucked hard. Couldnt stop thinking about last night, her arse was so tight around my cock, i should of pushed my cock all the way into her arse, i should of cum in her arse and make her suck my cock clean. thinking about my daughter evelyn already got me a little hard, but i was still angry,and it was already Gölbaşı escort 2 30 am. i hear my daughter opening the door, she tries to quietly close the door. but shes stupid enough to walk with her heels on, making noise. i was sat in the living room with dim lighting on. – Evelyn -…..yes… daddy? -come here She appears through the living room door, its quite dark so cant see what she is wearing. -come closer she come closer to me, as she is i can see she is wearing a skinny black short dress, so short i can see her stocking and suspenders, and i can imagine if she bent over, theres no doubt her short dress would rise up exposing her fuckable arse. today she was wearing a bra, i could Keçiören escort bayan see her bright pink straps over her shoulders. i love it when my little girl mixs and matches underwear. i stand up getting close to her, i hold her by her waist and pull her closer to me, looking down at her i say: – do you know what time it is, hunny? -mm its 1 am daddy i put my head down on her shoulder, breathe heavily onto her long sensual neck longing to kiss it as i slip my hands down onto her tight pert arse and give her a tight squeeze as i whisper – you naughty girl, its 2 30, told u to come at 1 i quickly spank her hard causing her to scream, i instantly got hard spanking my filthy naughty Escort Kızılay girl -ow! daddy im sorry! i promise ill good! i grab her hand as i sit down, i pull her over to me and lay her on my lap, i stroke her arse a little after that hard spank, i just wanna grab it hard again, but i tease myself just rubbing it a little, before i spank her hard a couple of times, god it felt good spankin her as hard as i wanted. at first she was screaming begging me to stop, but i think she felt how hard i was, she was grinding onto my cock, and sighing, moaning while telling me to stop, but i new the slag wanted more. as i spanked her, she grinded onto my cock, so i spanked her harder and harder, till i felt her juices getting my boxer short soaking wet. i rose her skirt up a lil, saw her black lace knickers with a lil bow at the back which i could undo. as i did i saw her arse red with my big hand marks on her arse. i parted her arse cheeks with my fingers, and sliped a finger all the way down her arse and down onto her soaking wet slit.

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