Teasing Uncle Carl Ch. 03


Uncle Carl:

It was Friday night. My wife was visiting her sister for a couple days and Carrie had gone to bed. Since I had to work, I had only seen Carrie for a few minutes this morning unlike the past couple Friday mornings when I had spent much time watching her in my old skimpy undershirt that she now wore as a nightgown. This morning as I left she had been vacuuming, her incredible breasts bobbing around, only marginally constrained by the skimpy shirt. I so didn’t want to leave for work but did anyway.

I stepped out of the shower, put on my robe and went to the living room to watch some TV. I sat on the couch taking advantage of some alone time. The first thing I came across on TV was the movie, The Goonies. It reminded me of the summer when Carrie had spent almost a month with us. She was about nine or ten and had brought with her own copy of The Goonies. She couldn’t get enough of that movie. We had a ritual. We’d open a bag of potato chips and she’d sit on my lap while we watched The Goonies. We could recite every line along with the characters and would have the best time talking along with the movie and laughing. I’ll bet we watched it in that way more than twenty times. It was a good summer for both of us.

I heard a noise in back of me and turned around to see Carrie coming down the stairs wearing the shirt I loved so much on her. Her full breasts were bouncing with each step down escort gaziantep the stairs. She said she was sorry to disturb me and didn’t realize I was still up. She was getting a snack. My gaze went briefly to the little slits at the bottom of the shirt. I could tell she wasn’t wearing panties. She looked so incredibly sexy and, like always I felt guilt,y wanting to watch her in this barely dressed state.

Then she noticed that Goonies was playing and begged to watch it with me just like we used to. She went directly to the kitchen to get potato chips. I watched the hem of the shirt rise up as she reached to the top shelf for the potato chips exposing a good share of her incredible rounded pear shaped bare bottom.

Chips in hand, I watched her walk toward me and the couch, her generous breasts jiggling slightly, barely constrained by the skimpy undershirt. Knowing she would be sitting on my lap dressed like that in a few seconds was making me feel both excited and guilty. The fact that I was fresh out of the shower and wearing only my bathrobe intensified both those feelings.

She leaned over, putting the bag of chips on the floor in front of the couch and at the same time giving me a quick peek at her beautifully erect nipples.

She plopped on my lap sideways in the standard position we had developed when she was ten. She pulled my right arm in back of her gaziantep escort pornoları like always. My hand found its familiar resting place hooked around her side under her arm holding her in place. This time my hand was lying on warm bare skin and my finger tips could feel the beginning curvature of her breast. The sensation of my hand resting on her silky smooth bare skin was electric. She draped my left hand across her lap surprising me with the feel of her bare thighs.

We watched for a few minutes then realized the volume was too low and I had left the remote on the other end of the couch. To my surprise, she quickly flopped over on her stomach, stretching to reach the remote. The action caused the shirt to ride up to her waist. There she was stretched out across my lap with her beautiful bare bottom exposed. My left hand which had been lying across her lap was now laying across the back of her bare thighs just inches below her rounded bare bottom.

She grabbed the remote and resumed her lap position, this time cuddled up a little closer so that the fingers of my right hand were now lying along the side of her bare breast. But the most fantastic thing was when she moved back into our normal position, the bottom of her shirt remained at her waist. I tried to keep from looking down at the cute tuft of hair peeking up between her thighs. gaziantep escort portalı My left hand was now back in place lying across her lap on her bare thighs, just inches away from her darling exposed little pussy. The view between her thighs plus her wiggling on my lap was causing an unwanted erection. I unsuccessfully willed it to relax. If she was aware of it, she didn’t let on.

And so we continued to watch the movie. Occasionally, she would twist to the right and lean down to get another handful of potato chips moving more of her bare breast under my fingertips. Often I could feel her erect nipple sliding beneath my fingers as she reached for chips.

One time, as she was grabbing chips, she began to slide off my lap. She caught herself by rotating partially around and putting one foot on the floor. I held her from falling essentially by cupping her breast and grasping her closest leg. There I was feeling her bare nipple pressed against my right palm and my left hand curled around her left bare thigh brushing lightly against the fine hair between her legs. I could feel my erection pressing against her inner thigh but again no reaction from her.

I pulled her back onto my lap and we continued to watch the movie. I continued to support her with my hand tucked cozilly between her thighs. She reached for no more chips and ultimately started falling asleep. At one point, the strap of her undershirt slid off her shoulder exposing her right breast completely. I tried not to but found myself staring openly at her bare breast and darling little exposed pussy.

After a bit, I picked her up, carried her up the stairs to her room, and tucked her into her bed. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and then went down the hall to bed.

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