Teaching, First Year


Teaching, First Year

My teaching stories are loosely based on real events in my teaching career.

They do not follow one another like chapters in a book. I obviously only married once.

I hope you enjoy them.

It is the first teacher workday of my first year of teaching. After a faculty meeting of three long, long hours, I walk in the office and get the key to my room. Well, it is really a portable. There is a handicap aluminum ramp about 12 ft long. As I walk up it bangs like a garbage can hit with a hammer. I thought, “That’s hilarious. I can’t wait to hear 28 fourth graders banging up and down those ten times a day!” Luckily, there is a bathroom. It is bigger than I would expect, so kids even will be able to change if they need to. I hear someone banging up my ramp.

I open the door and there is a voluptuous woman standing there. She is a curly brunette with beautiful hazel eyes and sexy fat lips. Oh, and big tits. BIG tits! She is wearing an athletic t-shirt, with a mile of cleavage and hard nipples prominently standing out or should I say up. They were pointed up a bit. Holy Christ, you can see a shadow of her areolas and bumps around the nipple. I snap out of it and she is smiling brightly,

I’m sorry,” as she runs her hands down over her tits to her waist. “There aren’t any male teachers in this wing of the school and it is so hot. You must think I’m terrible.”

“Of course I don’t. I didn’t even notice.” I expected my nose to grow as fast as my cock is. “I don’t blame you, it is brutal outside and I just started these window units so this is like an oven.”

“You aren’t kidding. I wanted to welcome you to our school. My name is Trish Reagan, I’m in 4th too. My portable is the one right across from you. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other.”

“I hope so, this is my first year.” But I was thinking, “I can see a lot of you right now!”

She squealed like a teenager and bounced over to me. She grabbed me in a tight hug, with those huge titties smashed against my chest. “Oh, that is so exciting! You must be so excited!”

I was hoping she meant to teach and didn’t notice my hard cock when she hugged me. I tried to pull my hips back so it wouldn’t poke her, but I was so surprised she was already pressed against my cock before I could move. “You wouldn’t believer how excited!” as I fought to keep a grin widening on my face.

She said, “Your portable is older but bigger than mine. I really wish I had yours!”

I wished she had mine, too. I had to get my mind out of the gutter. I wasn’t sure if she was ditsy or flirting hard. “Yeah, but there is nothing on the walls. I have no idea how to set up the room. I have tons to do and I don’t even know where to start. I’m about to freak out, to be honest.”

“Listen, my room is all set up. Stop worrying, I am going to help you the whole time. It will be easy with two people. There is more than enough time.”

“Wow! Trish, that is so nice! Are you sure you will have time?”

“I came in last week and did everything. My room is ready and I am ready. I hate coming in and working under a deadline.”

“I didn’t even know we were allowed in before today.”

She turned and walked over to my desk. She was wearing blue leggings and they were as tight as paint. She leaned over, grabbed my desk chair and spun it around. My school ID, my legal pad of notes and my pen slipped off onto the floor. She said, “I’ll get it!” I was still about 7 feet away.

She bent at the waist and gathered everything up. Her leggings went almost transparent over a magnificent ass. I could see the bottom of a camel toe and a red thong over her very puffy pussy. Her ass wriggled as she grabbed everything. I heard myself suck in air thru my teeth. “Oh shit! I hope she didn’t hear.”

She dropped everything on my desk. She gave me a big smile and said, “Oh! I have to show you! Come here.” as she walked across the room. That ass was killing me. I am sure my cock is going to rip right thru my shorts. She walked to the bathroom and opened the door. “C’mon! Go in.”

I thought, “What the hell, is there something on the inside of the door?” I stepped in and she followed right behind me with her hand on my lower back. I turned around and my back was to the toilet. She pulled the door closed behind her. Her voice sounded smoky, “I’ve got to show you!” She crossed her arms in front of her and slowly pulled her shirt over her head. I forgot to breathe. Her belly was flat and the shirt pulled her boobs up. When they dropped free I couldn’t help but gasp. They were unbelievable. Huge but not drooping. Her nipples were up high. My hands started to go up without thinking. She said, “Aren’t those shorts hot? Maybe you should take them off”

I pulled my shorts and boxers down and my cock was trapped and pulled down with them. When it pulled free it swung up and slapped my belly. My shorts dropped to my ankles, but before I could get them off, she stepped up and kissed me. It was a hell of a kiss. She broke it and stepped back. I reached again, but before my hands got close she slowly dropped the Keçiören Escort her knees. She was eye to eye with my aching cock. She looked up at me and I somehow got even more turned on. “Is this for me? Hmm, what a nice big present.” She licked up the length of my cock while keeping eye contact. She has pretty eyes and it was SO hot!

She put my cock into her mouth. I’m barely longer than average, but definitely thicker. Her mouth and those big lips looked stretched around my cock. She had only the head in. She rubbed her tongue around and around my head. Her mouth was full, so I could see her tongue moving as it went across inside each cheek. It was incredible! She maintained eye contact, her tongue was magic, and I could her big tits and nipples past her face. It was so erotic I moaned. “Oh my God, no one has ever done that! It feels so good!”

My cock popped out of her mouth with an audible “Pop!”

She gave me a sexy smile and said, “Good, I’m glad no one has.”

She sucked my cock into her mouth and started sucking up and down. Her hand cradled my balls and her fingers softly tapped them. Her big sexy lips were pulled way out with my cock every up stroke. It is the most erotic thing I have ever seen. Her hands hadn’t touched my cock since she started sucking. She was slurping. I could see her tits bounce with every stroke. My cock went a tiny bit into her tight throat, but she didn’t react. I moaned. She stopped and, looking up and right in my eyes, then pushed my cock down her throat until her nose hit my trimmed pubic hair. “Fuuuccckkkk!” I’ve never had a woman who could do that! She backed off with a loud gasp of air. She started back to sucking my dick, but now my cock went partway down her throat. Her throat was tight and it felt way too good. Ever time it went in her mouth she went, “Gluck!!” That drove me closer to cumming ever time I heard it! In way too short of time I was starting to feel the urge to cum build.

“Trish, slow, please. This is so fucking sexy that I’m afraid I’ll cum if you don’t slow way down! This is more than I can take.” She knelt a little lower so my cock stuck straight out into her mouth and locked her eyes on mine. She used her fingers to bounce each testicle and kept right on going. Now my cock was going all the way down her throat and her nose kept hitting my pubic bone. Her eyes met mine every time she came up. I said, “I’m going to come! I’m going to…” She shoved my cock down her throat as I came. My cock felt like it exploded. My cum felt like huge wads shooting thru my dick. My first two huge wads of cum shot down her throat. I don’t think I ever came so much or so hard in my life. My ankles were shackled by my shorts, and I couldn’t spread them. I felt like I lost my sense of balance along with my mind. I had to touch the wall so I wouldn’t fall. With my cum shooting, she pulled back and looked up in my eyes as the last pulses shot into her mouth.

Then she came up for air. She grabbed my cock with her hand as it came out of her mouth. Her head turned and she gave a smothered wet cough and a couple of huge gasps of air. She turned, looking back into my eyes. She squeezed my cock and put her tongue under it. When a drop of cum appeared she licked it off and moaned. She put the head of my cock a small ways into her mouth. Her tongue danced all around as she pumped any remaining cum out. It felt like I was being turned inside-out. She pulled back and looked into my eyes with a sexy smile and a, “Yum!” and stood up. She opened her mouth and I could see the cum puddled inside. She leaned her head toward mine and I thought she was going to kiss me, which freaked me out. She didn’t though. She stretched her chin up by my ear. Then she swallowed! I could fucking hear it! I gasped! My mind did a flip. If I had any cum left I would have cum all over again.

She pulled back and looked into my eyes, “Did you like that?”

“Oh my God! I, uh, um, That was by far the best blowjob of my life! Nothing could be sexier than what you did or hotter than watching you do it.”

Trish said, “I loved doing that, you have a great cock. Pull your shorts up and we’ll go.”

“Oh, no. Not quite yet.” I put my hands on both sides of her face and kissed her deep. She looked surprised as I was leaning in. For a moment her lips were closed and still. Then she started kissing me back. I dropped my hands to those magnificent tits. Her hand grabbed the back of my head and held me hard into the kiss. They were firm and heavy. I squeezed them lightly and cupped them and bounced them. I found her nipples and they were the size and hardness of pencil erasers. I pinched them and twisted them. She moaned into my mouth. I sat down on the edge of the toilet, and she had to let go of my head. I pulled her close, so my face was buried in her huge tits. I pulled my head back and looked at her tits. They were perfect, big but not sagging, nipples up high and proudly sticking way out. I cupped her tits, felt their weight, and bounced them to watch them giggle and bounce. It was beautiful. I bounced Etimesgut Escort them twice more.

She giggled and said, “36 double Ds, and they are 100% real.”

I kissed her breasts all over while tugging on her nipples. I popped a nipple into my mouth and licked around it. I put my tongue under it and licked up and down, pushing hard as it was on the way up. Her hands went back to the back of my head and she held me to her. She moaned. I knew that was how nursing felt and women are hard wired to love it more than anything else you did to them. She obviously agreed, When I sucked it in and out, sucking hard and using my tongue she moaned every time when I started letting her nipple pop out of my mouth. I used a lot of saliva and slurped a little every time. After a while I moved to the other breast to kiss it all over. She grabbed my head and dragged my lips across her breast and onto her nipple. I licked around it. She moaned “No,” and pulled my head in and out like I had been doing. I took the hint and sucked on it, using my tongue and letting it pop out every time, with a slurp. She was moaning and moaning and it was getting louder. I popped off and pushed her back a few inches.

I grabbed her leggings and peeled them down. She had on a cute red thong that didn’t cover all of her labia. A “Fuck!” slipped out. I ran my fingers over the thong and then peeled them down. When the panties were at her knees I swung her around, with her taking tiny steps because the leggings were down like legging handcuffs, until her back was to the toilet. I said, �Sit on the edge.� She dropped and when the middle of her butt was on the seat she kicked off her shoes and peeled everything off. She spread her legs a bit and I knelt between them. I said, “Whew! Now that’s a pussy.” It was very puffy, puffy enough to grab with my fingers. Her inner labia stuck out like lace edges. I grabbed her whole pussy with my fingers and thumb wide on her outer labia and pulled it lightly and squeezed. Her inner labia squished out, glistening wet. An “Oh, fuck!” slipped out, pretty loud to my ears. I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders. I had the perfect view of her little rosebud and that chubby little pussy. I have never done it before, but without thinking I leaned in and flicked and licked around he rosebud. She squealed so loud I hoped nobody was walking by outside. I even stabbed my tongue a touch in. When I did it the second time she grabbed my head, smashing my face into her and my mouth hard to her ass. I took the hint and stabbed deeper. I expected a bad taste but there wasn’t any. She was screaming, “Eat me, eat me, oh, Ffuuucckkk!” Her legs were shaking wildly. After another quieter and drawn out, “Ffffuuuccckkk.” She grabbed my head by my hair hard and yanked my head away. I looked up, shocked. Her mouth was open and she was panting. She closed her mouth into a huge smile. “Oh, baby, no one has ever done that before! I fucking came so damn hard!”

She pushed my face to her pussy. And loosened the grip on my hair. I would have grinned if I could have. I pulled my head down and licked that little section of skin between ass hole and pussy lightly a few times. I licked her pussy from top to bottom. It was way past wet. It ran over my tongue and I had to slurp when it built up on my tongue. That was so hot! A few licks and I put a thumb on each side and spread her open. She was covered with sticky juice. She has a large clit that was already sticking out from the hood. I pulled my head back, looked up at her, and said, “Oh, what a pussy!” and went back in. I licked on the inner and outer sides of her inner labia, they were big enough to chew on, and I did. I licked and chewed very lightly with my lips over my teeth. After a few seconds I did the other side. She was moaning softly and still holding my head lightly.

I lapped deeply the length of her pussy, sucking in her juices. It slurped and I liked that! I lapped again and again. I was in heaven. It was like trying to lick a spring dry. On one lap I stabbed my tongue into her pussy as deep as I could. I started fucking her with my tongue and she helped by smashing my face in it so hard it almost hurt. After a minute I lapped again. I started licking up one lip and then the other. I went up and rubbed across her clit lightly on one lick. She grunted, it sounded painful. I kept licking up and down and licking her clit lightly every time. She moaned and wriggled. I started running my tongue lightly around her clit. I started doing the alphabet, each letter around her clit lightly. Her moaning got louder and I had something I wanted to do before she came. I sucked her clit into my mouth over and over with my lips making a leaky seal that slurped every time. I don’t think I ever slurped eating pussy before, but I sure was now. I sucked it into and out of my lips. She was moaning and I pushed two fingers into her very wet vagina. That made a louder moan and I flipped my hand around so I could curl my fingers to rub her G-spot. I wasn’t gentle. I plunged my fingers in and out and rubbed the ridged Demetevler Escort g-spot hard and fast. This bumped my mouth while doing the rhythmic sucking, making a crazy amount of slurping. It was cut short, though. After about four plunges she screamed out an animal noise and her vagina clamped my fingers. I kept my fingers in, but stopped moving them except lightly rubbing up and down her g-spot. At the same time, I stopped sucking and started flicking her clit as light as I could quickly. She screamed something loudly, that didn’t sound like words and then, “Uh, Uh, Uh Uh,!” one with every squeeze of her throbbing vagina. She started throwing her arms around like she was desperately looking for something to hold onto having a seizure. It was all I could do to keep her from flying off the toilet. Her legs spread way wide and her heels drummed on my back. She got her arm back under control and started shouting, “No, no, no!” while grabbing me by the hair and dragging my face away. I pulled back and just looked at her pussy. It was a nice view. She was just panting and seemed to start relaxing, except for still having handfuls of my hair. She recovered after a while and looked down at me. She started to smile, but it disappeared and, letting go of my hair, she asked, “Did I hurt you?”

No, did it hurt you?”

“Oh fuck no! That was unbelievable. Every time I thought it couldn’t get better you did something new and it got better. Shit, every guy who ever ate me just licked like painting a fence, the sorry bastards. This must be why friends have told me cunnilingus is the best part of sex.” She smiled wickedly, “And you ate my ass! It was so intense I almost made you stop! What a lover!”

“Yeah, after you gave me the world’s greatest blowjob! We should be a team.

Her smile faded a little and her eyes seemed to lose focus. I was afraid I had said the wrong thing. She softly said, “Maybe we should.” It was so quiet I barely heard it, I’m not sure I was supposed to.

She drug me into the bathroom again before the day was out. I was face deep on her pussy when Someone banged up the ramp. It made a great burglar alarm. I hurried out of the bathroom and went over by the door. I made sure my clothes were not askew. It was Sherri, from my team. She was very cute and petite, with little cupcake titties. She had on skintight jeans and a fitted shirt. She asked if I had the blue bulletin board paper. I walked over to the corner and got it. When I brought it back, she said thanks. She asked if my AC worked because my face was shiny. She gave a little grin and walk down the noisy ramp. Whew. I guess she doesn’t know. I hurried back to my meal. Yum!

We had 5 workdays and we were busy. We set up my classroom, decorated the walls, setting up the desks, and preparing lessons. Trish helped me a lot. She also helped me by draining my balls at least twice a day. I thought I might lick the pussy right off of her. I brought condoms, but she said she wanted it to be all oral. I could not argue with that.

Friday morning she was wearing a white straight tailed mostly buttoned shirt, untucked, with a bra, though she still had leggings on. She didn’t want to fool around, for the first time ever, that morning. In the afternoon she surprised me. She just about dragged me into the bathroom, and grinned. “I want that big fat dick of yours.” and sexily stripped out of her shirt. “This is all for you today.” Her bra was almost completely sheer lace. It was very sexy. I sat and buried my face in her cleavage. She knelt down in front of me facing away. I didn’t know what going on. She raised her hands shoulder high and said, “Stand up and give me your hands.”

When I did she pulled them down, palms in, and slid them into the cups of her bra. I was leaning over her and it was a huge turn on watching her tits as I squeezed and ran my hands all over them. It was really turning me on with her bra on. I pulled my hands out and bounced her tits, watching them bounce and jiggle. She took my hands and bounced her tits hard. I bounced them a few times, ran my hands back in her bra and squeezed. She grabbed my hands thru the bra and squeezed much, much harder than I ever would. I took the hint and squeezed to my hearts content. I was much rougher than I had ever been. I dropped my shorts and kicked them off. I sat on the edge of the toilet and told her to turn around.

She knelt in front of me and I pulled her, making her walk on her knees, until my cock was between her big tits. I never has a tit job before, but it suddenly looked good. I shoved my cock under he bra and told her to tit fuck me. She held her tits together and pumped up and down. It definitely looked sexy as fuck. After a while I reached around and unhooked her bra. She shrugged out of it, squeezed her tits together hard around my cock, and went to town on my dick. She bent her head and licked my cock head like an ice cream cone every time it came up. It was extremely erotic. I pushed her over onto the floor onto her back, pushing slowly so she could get her legs out of the way. I straddled her chest. I grabbed her tits and squeezed hard. I pushed them together around my cock and fucked her tits hard. The head of my dick would bang into and slide over her tongue every pump. This was much better. I started going faster. She pushed me. I stopped and pulled back a little. She said, “Don’t come on my tits or face, we have a team meeting this afternoon. Cum in my mouth.”

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