Teacher’s Pet Becomes a Stripper


Mark Goodman was one of the most popular math teachers in J.F.K. High. He knew how to motivate his students and took the time to give them the individual attention they needed in order to understand the complexities of mathematics. He was also quite handsome, being a former athlete in college, tall with dark hair and blue eyes. He looked much younger than his 42 years. He ran the math club and helped out with the yearbook and prom committees. He had plenty of spare time seeing he was a widower, having lost his wife to a tragic car accident several years ago before they could start a family. Even though Mark was now financially secure from his job, his wife’s life insurance and the lawsuit from the car accident, he was still lonely. All the money in the world couldn’t help him get over the pain of losing the love of his life at such a young age.

He tried dating but he tended to compare the women to his late wife and they just couldn’t help him fill the void left by her death. He slept with some of them but it was out of convenience and being a normal horny man. All of the one-night stands couldn’t replace his wife. The emptiness in his life led Mark to spend more time at work. It helped when he was surrounded by younger people who looked up to him for guidance at a challenging time in their lives. Being a workaholic was his way to deal with his loneliness.

Like most teachers, Mark had to deal with various students who would develop a crush on him and make some pretty provocative offers to him. Teaching was much too important for him to throw his career away for a momentary pleasure, so while his dick would tell him one thing, his brain always won out. He was a practical, conscientious teacher and nothing would come between him and his desire to help a younger generation build the foundations for success later in life.

Even though there was no way Mark was going to get involved sexually with a student with a crush on him, it didn’t stop him from having favorite students; every teacher has their pet or pets in class. Each year, it can be different students such as those that show a special interest in math or those that finally get it and show a marked improvement in their grades. There’s a special feeling a teacher gets when they know they are reaching one of their students. It’s also normal to like some people more than others.

Last year, one of Mark’s favorite students was Molly. She was a January baby and was always older than the rest of her classmates. She was also held back a grade early in her life because her schooling was disrupted by family problems. Her mom was in a series of bad relationships and drank a lot and as a result Molly’s studies suffered. Molly turned 18 in January of her junior year.

She was in Mark’s homeroom in addition to his math class and he noticed that she never wore makeup, didn’t dress as fashionable as the other girls and kept to herself. She wasn’t part of the popular crowd. While Molly was a naturally good student, she had to work hard to maintain decent grades. When Molly was struggling with math in her Junior year, she came after school for some extra help. That’s when Mark learned of her mom’s personal struggles and helped Molly deal with the instability in her life in addition to helping her with her studies. She knew that the key to a better life for herself was through getting a good education and was determined not to be like her mom.

While Molly didn’t wear a lot of makeup or dress in the most fashionable clothing, she was a naturally beautiful young lady with that “girl next door” look about her. She was average in height, with a slender build. Her light brown hair barely touched her shoulders and matched her big, dark brown eyes. She didn’t smile very often but when she did, she could light up the room. She wasn’t disruptive or sassy; but an all around nice person. Mark felt bad that her personal life was holding her back in school and wanted to do whatever he could to help her succeed.

The tutoring sessions didn’t start until late winter of Molly’s Junior year when she was already 18. It was only natural that she would develop a crush on the only man in her life that sincerely cared about her. Mark knew this but was also very conscious of the fact that he had to be careful being alone with a female student. He always kept his classroom door open and even made sure other teachers were aware of who he was tutoring after school. He knew even an allegation of impropriety could ruin his reputation and career.

He also couldn’t help noticing how Molly had developed physically since the beginning of the school year. She was making that transformation from being a girl into becoming a young woman. There were times when, depending on the top she was wearing, Mark would get a peek down her blouse at her full, fleshy mounds pushing out from the top of her bra. He felt guilty for noticing that her breasts seemed larger now, guessing they were about a 34c. There were other times when the weather was a little warmer that Molly would wear a short skirt and Mark couldn’t help but notice her slender legs and sometimes Kartal escort the color of the panties she was wearing. Most times she would be wearing tight jeans and she had developed a nice round ass that had a noticeable wiggle when she walked.

What Mark didn’t know was that one time Molly noticed him looking down her blouse and she liked knowing that an older man was checking her out, especially a man who she admired and dreamed about. She began to leave an extra button on her blouse undone to see if she could attract his attention even more. When her surreptitious moves proved successful, she went on to wearing shorter skirts whenever she had a tutoring session, knowing Mr. Goodman could see her panties whenever she left her legs parted ever so slightly.

Molly’s little game continued in the classroom where she would sit in the first row directly in front of her teacher and flash her panties every so often. She noticed that he would glance her way every time she moved in her seat, hoping to get another peek up her skirt or at the milky thighs. It was only a little game she was playing but she felt like she had a control of some aspect of her life and found it amusing. Teenage girls struggle with their self-image and it was flattering to know that he found her attractive.

Mark had no idea Molly was teasing him on purpose but he was a lonely man and enjoyed helping out a student in need but found himself developing a corresponding crush on her although he didn’t want to admit it. When he was home alone at night, he began to find himself fantasizing about Molly during his masturbation sessions. He knew his fantasies about her were wrong but he was in the privacy of his home and never shared his thoughts with anyone so no one was getting hurt.

He secretly wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her and fondle those lovely breasts. He wanted to strip off her panties and see her young pussy. Her full breasts were begging to be fondled and sucked. He wondered what her pussy would taste like and dreamt of fucking her. As much as he tried to put his deviant thoughts about fucking one of his students out of his mind, they crept back in whenever he saw her. He knew he could never act upon those desires and felt guilty for his wicked thoughts but rationalized that it was okay as long as he maintained a strict teacher-student, professional relationship with her.

Their unspoken attraction to each other continued for the rest of the semester. Molly’s grades improved considerably and her extra work even paid off with higher scores on her college entrance exams. When their tutoring sessions came to a pause for the summer, Mark had mixed feelings about not being able to see Molly for a few months. He was a lonely man who enjoyed spending time with his young student but he was also concerned that he might be tempted to act upon the sexual urges he was feeling. He knew it was wrong to have sexual desires for one of his students and figured the break would help erase them from his mind. He would still fantasize about Molly at times but not as often as when school was in session.

He even tried dating several women that summer but things never worked out with any of them. They all came with baggage such as wanting to get serious too soon or they had children that he had to deal with too. It was too overwhelming for him and he couldn’t wait for school to start.

During the summer, Molly had struggles of her own. Her mom was drinking more and was bringing home men with similar issues. Some of her mother’s boyfriends even tried to sleep with her but she quickly put them in their place. She was working full time at a clothing store in the mall but gave most of the money to her mom to help make ends meet. She also dated a few boys but found them too immature for her liking. She wasn’t a virgin but boys at that age only wanted to have sex or get a quick blowjob.

They were both glad when school started again later that summer and found that Mr. Goodman was once again Molly’s homeroom and math teacher. Little did she know that he arranged for her to be in his class again seeing she made such remarkable progress in her grades last year under his tutelage. Over the summer, Mark did his best to get thoughts of Molly out of his mind but they were immediately rekindled when he first saw her. She got the same vibes from seeing him. Crushes end as quickly as they start but her feelings for Mark came roaring back.

After math class, Molly approached Mr. Goodman about continuing to tutor her even though the semester had just started. She expressed a desire to be proactive rather than waiting to get behind and Mark readily agreed. Subconsciously, he was excited that he was going to get to spend some time alone with his favorite, sexy student.

Over the ensuing weeks, Molly was doing well in her math class and didn’t really need tutoring but they continued to meet a couple of times per week after school. The subject of their time together switched from math to more personal things. Molly shared how tough things really were at home with an alcoholic Kurtköy Escort mother who could barely keep her waitressing job so Molly was forced to get a job to help pay the rent and buy food. There was nothing left for the things a normal teenage girl wanted, like a new cell phone or nicer clothes. A car was too much to even dream about. Mark shared the details of his wife’s tragic death, how it affected him and how he’s struggled ever since without her. The more they shared their personal struggles, the closer they became. Molly didn’t realize that she was, in return, helping Mark in a very subtle manner.

Molly continued to tease Mark in class to the point of not knowing how much longer he could control his sexual desires for her. She made it even more difficult one day in math class when she was wearing a shorter skirt than she normally would wear. Mark was naturally interested in seeing what color panties she was wearing that day. He had to stop in the middle of his lesson to regain his composure one day when he saw Molly wasn’t wearing any panties at all. Once she was assured he noticed her proud display of her neatly bare pussy, she got a sly grin on her face and casually crossed her legs. She seemed to take great pleasure in flashing him at various times during class and having control of him if only slightly. If she knew that he would jerk off dreaming about licking and fucking her pussy while alone at home that night, she probably would have done it more often.

Another time during a tutoring session, she was wearing an extremely loose tank top and when she leaned over, her breasts were practically spilling out. She took sweet pleasure in watching beads of sweat building on his forehead knowing she captured his attention. Through all of this Mark maintained his professionalism even though his self-control was being severely tested by this young vixen.

Things almost spun out of control during one tutoring session late in the semester. Molly waited all day long to give Mr. Goodman the news that she received an acceptance letter from the state school a few hundred miles away. Not only did she get in, but between the partial scholarship she was offered and the financial aid she would receive because of her low income, all of her tuition would be paid for. She still needed money for her room and board though. She was so happy and gave him credit for working with her to help fulfill her lifelong dream of going to college.

When she told him, “I couldn’t have done it without you,” she reached up to give him peck on the cheek and a big hug.

They broke their momentary embrace and looked into each other’s eyes and they both instinctively leaned in to kiss each other. It was a short but passionate kiss but it scared Mark. He wanted to go further but he had crossed the line between teacher and student. He could lose his job over his momentary loss of judgement no matter how good it felt. He was scared and made an excuse that he had to leave for an appointment which left Molly disappointed and rejected. She wished he would have taken her into his arms and swept her off her feet. He was the only man in her life that ever paid her any special attention and helped her through some tough times. She wanted him to be part of her life forever.

Things cooled down between them after that day. Mr. Goodman was afraid to be alone with Molly not because he didn’t trust her, but because he didn’t trust himself. Even though he broke off their kiss, he really wanted to do so much more with her. He wanted to continue their embrace, he wanted to take her back to his place and fuck her all night long but he couldn’t without risking everything he built for himself. He could continue to fantasize about being with Molly over the next several weeks and throughout the winter break. He tried dating women closer to his age but his thoughts kept drifting back to Molly. She was young, bright, personable and sexy. She brought joy into his life, something he hadn’t felt since his wife died.

Things remained cool between Mark and Molly after the winter break. She didn’t need tutoring anymore seeing she had already gotten into college and was just trying to get through the year so she could go away to college and get away from her mom and all the drama around the house. They would still exchange knowing glances at one another and acknowledge those moments with a knowing smile. Molly still played her game of giving Mark a flash of her panties if she was wearing any at all. She would approach him after class and lean over in front of his desk to show him her lovely cleavage when asking him a question about an assignment and would leave knowing he was still looking down her blouse. She was slowly teasing Mark with her forbidden fruit.

About halfway through the spring semester of Molly’s senior year, Mark noticed a gradual change in Molly. She was wearing more fashionable clothing, wearing makeup, had her hair done professionally and she even bought a car. He knew she was working after school and figured she saved up enough money to splurge on some personal items. Maltepe Escort The other boys in school also noticed and began to hang out with her more than before. Mark felt ashamed for his twinges of jealousy. She even seemed to flaunt her new found popularity in front of Mark. He wondered how she knew he didn’t like seeing her with her other male classmates.

Mark continued living his lonely life and would still often masturbate at the thoughts of seeing Molly’s panties, sometimes seeing her pussy and looking down her blouse at her lovely mounds of firm flesh. One of his ways to get over his solitary life was to visit various strip clubs in the area. There he could talk to attractive, scantily clad young women, see them dance naked on stage and get a few lap dances. Sometimes he would go into the VIP rooms with them for a quick handjob or blow job. It was his way of satisfying his needs while still maintaining a shield around him from getting deeply involved with a woman on a personal level. A couple of times he even took a dancer out on dates and lavished them with expensive clothing or jewelry after spending the night with them. It surely was much less complicated than doing the dinner, movie, drinks routine and hoping to get lucky with someone when all you really needed was to get laid.

One Friday night, Mark decided to try a new strip club out near the airport around 25 miles from the city that catered to out of town businessmen and other travelers. He took a seat at one of the stools at the end of the bar and was flirting with the female bartender who looked pretty darn good herself and was showing plenty of cleavage, legs and ass in her low cut top and tight short shorts. Sometimes it can be as enticing to see a woman provocatively dressed as it is to see them naked. It’s a turn on to be teased also.

Mark was sipping on his beer when he heard the DJ introduce the next dancer, “Let’s have a nice round of applause for one of the newest members of our team of dancers, here’s Candy.”

Shocked doesn’t adequately describe Mark’s reaction when he saw the dancer come on stage dressed in a string, thong bikini and 5″ heels. It was Molly. He almost choked on his beer and had to do a triple take to make sure it was his pet student. Sure enough, it was her. She had on a lot more makeup than he’s ever seen but it was definitely her. Once he was over the initial shock of seeing one of his students stripping in a nightclub, he stared at her breasts that he had only seen from peeking down her blouse. They were firm, round and jiggled freely under her tiny top that only covered her nipples. Her legs were long and lean, her ass round and firm. He often fantasized about things he wanted to do to her ass when she wore tight jeans or shorts to school; now he didn’t have to imagine what it looked like anymore.

He sat at the bar in awe as Candy finished dancing to the first song then removed her top as the second song came on. Her nipples were dark and hard, he no longer had to wish he could see them. Men were lining up to give her tips that were either stuffed into her g-string or taken between her tits. Mark felt some jealousy building in his mind as well as an urge to go on stage and escort Molly out of there as any good mentor would but he knew that wasn’t his place. Besides, he was also gawking at her firm young body, his dick fully erect.

When the third song came on Candy removed her bottoms, which was barely covering anything anyway, to reveal her bare pussy that she had flashed to Mark before but this is the first time he saw her completely naked, and in front of a large, admiring crowd that was hooting and hollering for more. Molly was dancing, doing acrobatic twists on the gold pole in the middle of the stage, then posing in various positions to show men her pussy and ass. One man tipped her $50 as she came to the edge of the stage while she had her legs spread wide open. Another tipped her $20 when she bent over in front of his face to show him her ass and pussy. Mark felt conflicted, part of him wanted to leave to save Molly from the embarrassment of him seeing her stripping but the devilish side of him told him not to budge. The devil easily won this internal conflict.

After drinking in all of Molly’s nakedness for three songs, Mark watched as she gathered her clothing and tip money that was scattered around the stage then went back to the dressing room. She had something to drink, wiped the sweat from her body, counted her tip money and changed outfits. When she came out wearing a very short skirt that didn’t even cover her butt cheeks and a see thru lace bra, she was greeted by several men that wanted lap and VIP dances.

From his perch at the end of the bar, Mark watched as Molly took man after man into the back room to give them a lap dance or into the VIP room where he suspected she was giving them a hand job or more for more lavish tips. He felt sorry for a young teenager who had to do this in order to survive. He also contemplated having his chance to be alone with his naked student who he had secretly drooled over and desired. She was still his student but this was a public bar and there was nothing illegal he would be doing with her. The practical side of his brain told him to leave but the alcohol he had been drinking and the pressure building in his balls was telling him something different.

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