Tammy and Tabby do Daddy , Friends


We were woken up by the ringing of the phone the next morning. It was Tammy.

“Mum wants Tab to come over and stay for a few days.” Tammy said, to my dismay. I was hoping to keep her with me and fuck her silly over the next few days.

However I also knew Tab needed her time with her mother. So I reluctantly consented. After all if I really needed some sex I could easily call Anna or Tammy.

It didn’t take long for Tammy to offer to come and spend time with me. I gladly agreed. We spent the afternoon at the pool sun tanning.

“Daddy, can I throw a barbeque on Saturday?” Tammy asked. “The weather has been warm and it will be perfect for a barbee.”

I couldn’t refuse. I loved barbeques too.

“Who are you planning to call along?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” She said, with a strange twinkle in her eye.

On Saturday morning Tabby came over and me and the three girls prepared the food for the barbeque. I had been fucking Tammy all week but the sight of Tabby made me horny all over again.

“So who did you invite?” I asked Tammy as I was chopping the onions for the mince that made the burgers.

“Max and his friends.”

I looked up. There was a strange smile on her face. I wasn’t prepared for this. The last thing I wanted was for Max to lay his hands in Tab.

Still, the thought of Tab writhing under Max’s weight turned me on.

“Who’s Max?” Tabby asked. “Is he nice?”

“You’ll see,” smiled Tammy.

Max came by at about four. Along with him were two friends – Darren, an ugly balding, pot-bellied American man in his late 50s, and Raju, his Indian friend whom I met previously through Tammy. Tabby rolled her eyes seeing the kind of company that had been invited and sulked. She decided to change into her bikini and lounge by the pool instead.

It was a big mistake of course. The moment she came down in her white bikini all three men, and me, were staring at her. Tammy chuckled. Soon, Darren was down by the pool attempting to talk to Tabby who cheered up a little when he started telling her some silly jokes.

He seemed to have a way with her. Soon she even let him rub tanning oil all over her. His strokes were slow and smooth. He started with her back, then slowly moved down to her legs. The cheeky bastard was teasing her by stroking her inner thighs. She tried to push his hand away but he kept at it.

I could tell from the look on Tabby’s face that she was slightly turned on yet scared, all at the same time. He continued rubbing her inner thigh for a while. She tried to look at me for some sort of assurance but all I did was smile.

Darren then turned her over and oiled her front. He tried to put his hand down his bikini top but she pushed him off. He started oiling her taut stomach and then her thighs again. By now she was squirming slightly but quite determined to fend of his advances.

Darren of course wouldn’t take no for an answer. His finger tips were dangerously close to her bikini bottoms, and the little triangle that covered her pussy. Again she pushed him off but he was speaking to her in a gentle coaxing tone.

Then as if something in her snapped. She stopped resisting altogether, as he started to tease her clit through the thin fabric of her bikini.

“Why don’t we all go up?” Tammy suggested.

Upstairs, Max disappeared into the kitchen with Tammy while in the living room Raju and I sat down watching Darren paw my younger daughter. He had wasted no time in getting his hand into Tabby’s bottom, and was rubbing her clit furious.

Tab sat on the sofa, legs spread, eyes wide open as she watched this big bellied Caucasian man kneeling between her legs and rubbing her pussy like her own father had done just a few days before. Her mouth was slightly open and she was breathing heavily.

Darren was getting very excited. He yanked her bikini bottom of, and opened her legs wider to inspect her pussy. She was extremely wet. Without any delay he started licking her pussy.

By now Raju had his cock out and he was rubbing it. I was too fixated on what was happening before me to do anything yet but I sure had a raging hard on.

“Hold open your pussy for me, pretty girl,” coaxed Darren. She did as she was told, opening up her wet hairless pussy so that Darren’s tongue could find its way around it.

By now she was moaning, thrashing on the sofa as Raju untied her bikini top, and took a hard nipple into her mouth. She tried pushing him off upon realizing what was happening but it was a futile attempt. She looked at me with pleading eyes, as if begging me to stop Raju but I shook my head.

“It’s ok Honey. They want you to have a good time.”

Darren stood up and pulled down his pants. He had a decent sized cock which was uncut. He was definitely larger than I was, and much thicker. I was wondering how he was going to fit all that into Tab’s tight little hole.

“No, please!” begged Tabby, trying to push him off.

Darren paid no heed, choosing instead, gaziantep escort bayan to try and shove his cock into her hole. It wasn’t an easy task. Because Tabby was so tight, and struggling at the same time, it kept popping out. He was getting frustrated.

“Come on pretty girl, open your legs wider.” He said coaxingly, rubbing her clit. “I’m not gonna hurt you. You’ll love this.”

“I’m scared,” Tabby said. But as he started rubbing her clit faster she was moaning again. Slowly he inserted a finger into her pussy. She started begging him to put in another finger. He obliged.

With two fingers ramming her Tabby was on the edge of an orgasm.

“Look at Daddy, pretty girl,” Darren coaxed. Tabby turned to look at me stroking my cock. At that instant, Darren took his fingers out, aimed his cock at her pussy hole and shove its entire length in. Tabby let out a shriek of shock, but Darren stayed still so that she could get used to the feeling of her pussy being stretched.

“Oh yeah, pretty girl, you’re tight. Very tight, little girl. You like cock, little girl?” Darren asked, as he started moving his cock slowly in and out of her hole.

She was coo-ing now, her legs spread open. Raju continued to play with her nipples.

Darren was quickening his pace. He was getting very excited now, breathing very heavily.

The sight of my daughter getting fucked hard by someone who was four times her size made me almost cum. But we had a long night ahead and I don’t want to spoil it.

Darren continued the assault of her pussy, and Tabby continued squealing excitedly. His huge belly wobbled against her taut body, which was by now breaking out in perspiration.

Darren was sweating like crazy. He was getting tired. Taking out his cock, he made Tabby climb onto him as he sat on the sofa.

Impaling herself with his cock, Tabby let out a moan, and started riding him for all it was worth. I had never seen her turned on like this. Darren let out animalistic grunts.

Moans were starting to come out from the kitchen and I knew Max was fucking Tammy. Raju got excited and went to the kitchen.

Tabby continued bouncing on Darren’s cock. The lucky bastard. He had to be the ugliest white man I’d ever come across, yet here he was being serviced by a pretty 18 year old pussy.

I took out my cock.

“Play with Daddy’s cock, sweety,” urged Darren. Tabby turned and took the shaft in her hand, stroking it with her tiny hands. Darren held on to her waist to help her maintain her balance, moving her up and down on his dick.

“Good little girl,” Darren kept muttering, his tummy wobbling, his face sweaty, as Tabby squealed in delight. She let go of me and leaned forward, as Darren open her up wider and shoved his cock up harder. The sofa could have cracked under his weight but he didn’t care.

They started kissing each other as he further rammed his cock.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered in between kisses.

“Good girl! You liked being fucked?” Darren asked as he pawed her tits.

“Yeah!” she said.

“You like being fucked while Daddy watches!” He was pinching her nipples now. There was a look of pain on her face.

“Yeah!” she gasped. “Yeah!”

“Tell me what you like, little girl! Do you like cock?”

“I like cock.” She gasped. “Yeah! I like cock!”

He placed her on the floor, spread her legs and pushed them far back, ramming his cock back in. He continued ramming hard. Tabby was totally into it now, moaning loudly, begging him to keep ramming her. He was totally stretching her pussy.

At this point in time Max carried a naked Tammy into the room. Tabby’s eyes grew huge for a moment, but she was too into being fucked by Darren to care anymore.

Max sat on the sofa and Tammy climbed onto him, impaling herself with his cock. They started humping furiously, as Raju, with a well-lubed dick, pushed his fat cock into her anal passage. Tammy moaned, as Raju started slapping her ass.

Tabby watched in a mix of curiosity and excitement. Darren caught her watching.

“Ooh little girl. Like watching your sister getting fucked? See that little girl? Your sister likes getting fucked too.”

Tabby said nothing, eyes still looking, still panting. Darren continued his assault.

“Oh yeah little girl, your sister is a slut like you, little girl. You like what you see?”

Tabby’s brows were furrowed. Her face started to tense up. By now, Tammy was being furiously pounded by Max and Raju at the same time. Suddenly Raju let out a yell and came hard in Tammy’s ass. As he took his cock out, cum dripped slowly out of her hole. He bent down and started licking her hole. Tammy moaned. She was jumping furiously on Max’s dick now.

“Oh yeah you bitch. Squeeze it!” Max said in his commanding voice. “Squeeze it for me!”

Watching Max and his commanding tone made Tabby moan more.

“Oh look, your slut sis is getting turned on by us,” laughed Max.

Tammy gaziantep escort ilanları turned to look at Tabby. As both exchanged glances I could see them getting hornier. Suddenly Darren let out a yelled and came in Tabby, who bucked and cried out Tammy’s name, cumming hard, squirting her juices all over Darren’s cock.

Laughing at the sight of it, Max withdrew his cock from Tammy, pushed her aside and went on the ground to look at Tabby’s wet pussy, mixed with Darren’s cum and hers.

“Oh, I wonder how this would feel,” mocked Max, who shoved his ten inch cock into Tabby.

By now Tabby was too deep in a trance to worry about the size of the cock. She squealed in delight.

Tammy was pissed. She had not cum yet and Max had moved his attention to her sister. I decided to help. Taking my hard cock I plunged it into her wet hole and started ramming her hard. She squealed in delight.

As I pinched her hard nipples she let out a groan.

“Oh Daddy, yeah. Pinch my tits, Daddy. Pinch it hard,” she begged.

I continued to assault her nipples as I pounded her. I loved Tammy’s pussy. It was tight and slick. And it always felt good. I couldn’t hold my cum much longer anymore, but I had to. I wanted to give my older girl an orgasm. She had been cumming so much the past couple of days I knew this would have been a feat, but I continued drilling her, slapping my balls against her and making her scream in pain and pleasure. She begged me to keep the speed.

By now Raju had a raging hard on. He shoved his cock into Tabby’s mouth.

“Hey Tammy look, your sister’s sucking Raju’s cock.” Guffawed Max.

I turned and laid Tammy across the sofa for a better view. But this wasn’t for long as Darren decided to get into the action as well, shoving his cock into Tammy’s mouth. Tammy sucked hungrily, groaning and grunting into his groin, his tummy wobbling above her face.

The sight of it was too much for me. I let out a groan and came in her, shooting a huge wad of cum into her pussy.

“No, Daddy. No! That was too soon! I need more cock!” She pleaded. “I can’t seem to cum!”

Darren was happy to help. Moving down, he shoved his cock into Tammy who was jolted by the thickness of it. He moved slowly, in and out, in and out, teasing her, as she begged him to quicken his pace. But he paid no heed to her. Instead, he continued to tease her with long slow strokes while rubbing her clit. I bent down to lick her nipples, biting them just the way she liked it.

“Ohh, yeah, please, Darren, please go faster, please,” Tammy begged, trying to move her body up to meet his slow thrusts. In response, Darren bent down on top of her, pining his entire body weight on her so that she could hardly move. Then he continued his slow rhythm, kissing Tammy as she whimpered. She wrapped her legs tightly around him.

She was in throes of passion now, as was Tabby, who was writhing below Max and sucking Raju off at the same time. Suddenly, Raju announced that he was cumming and came all over Tabby’s face. She tried to clean the cum off her face but Max wouldn’t let her.

He carried Tabby up, brought her to the left arm of the sofa where Darren and Tammy’s heads where, and bent her over, her hands on the arms of the chair. He shoved his cock back into her. Darren lifted his head to watch the sight of Tabby getting fucked.

“Bend down and kiss your sister little girl.” Darren coaxed.

At first Tabby didn’t do a thing, eyes a little wide at the suggestion.

“Come on little girl. Come on,” he continued coaxing. “We’re waiting.”

Suddenly Tabby bent down and started kissing Tammy, who grabbed her face and started licking the cum off her chin. Darren was quickening his pace now, as the two gals continued to kiss.

Tabby reached out for Tammy’s nipples and started to play with them. Tammy let out a gasp.

“Oh yeah baby, don’t stop. This feels so good! Yeah! Umph!” Tammy was moaning loudly now. Suddenly, her body stiffened, and she started screaming Tabby’s name as she came hard.

This was too much to bear for Tabby. As Max continued to fuck her hard, she let out a scream too and came like a little bitch in heat.

Max being Max made my two daughters kneel before him and made them take turns sucking on his cock. Watching them lick and suck hungrily on his cock made me and Raju all hard again. Suddenly, Max groaned and came all over their hungry faces.

Darren was next. He stood before them, making them lick his balls like little puppies as he stroke his hard shaft. It didn’t take him very long. He let out a shout and came over their faces as well.

Raju did the same thing, shooting his load all over their faces. By now my daughters were covered in cum, and I told them to lick the cum off each other’s faces, which they proceeded to do with much gusto.

After our guests left I made Tammy impale herself on my cock while Tabby squatted over my mouth so that I could gaziantep escort numaraları lick her hairless pussy. Hearing them both moaning for daddy made me wanna cum fast but I was determined to hold it in for as long as I could.

The entire bed was shaking and I could see them reaching out for each other’s tits. It was an awesome sight. This carried on for a while until Tammy came hard, her juices all over my cock. As she got off, Tabby bent over and started to lick her cum juices off my cock, while I continued licking her pussy.

“Why don’t you lie on your back and hold open your pussy for Daddy and Tammy, baby?” I asked. She did as she was told, holding her pussy open and moaning as Tammy and I bent down and licked her pussy together.

She was extremely wet now, her tiny body trashing in the bed, barking like a little dog, begging us not to stop. Kneeling, I opened her legs wide and shoved my cock in, putting her legs over my shoulder. She wailed in ecstasy, screaming vulgarities. However Tammy put a stopper to that by bending down to kiss her. Watching them kissing passionately was awesome. I continued ramming her while Tammy continued teasing her lips, neck and tits with her hot tongue. Suddenly, Tabby clenched her fist and yelled that she was cumming, and proceeded to squirt a whole lot of cum juice all over my cock.

Taking my cock out, I turned Tabby around, propping her up on her hands and knees. Tammy crawled over, her eyes twinkling with a cheekiness. She grabbed hold of Tabby’s asscheeks and held them out wide, exposing her puckered hole.

“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” she asked. I smiled. I watched as she bent down and started licking Tabby’s anal hole. Tabby moaned. Tammy proceeded to stick a finger into Tabby, who protested slightly, but then she started coo-ing again. Seeing how she was more relaxed, Tammy stuck another finger into her tight anal passage.

“Oh yeah!” Tabby shrieked. “This feels soooooooo good!”

Tammy continued teasing her with her fingers. I had coated some lubricant over my hard cock now. Tammy took her fingers out upon my signal and I pressed the head of my cock against her puckered hole.

“Oooh Daddy… no… Daddy, that feels too huge!” Tabby squealed. “Noooo!”

I pushed a little further in. She was so tight. Tammy tried to help by spreading her asscheeks further apart. I saw Tabby bury her face in the pillow, trying to deal with the pain.

I continued to push further.

“Honey, you got to relax, honey.”

“Yes daddy, I’m trying to… but this hurts Daddy. I don’t like it.”

“You’ll like it soon.”

“No… I feel so stretched Daddy. I don’t like it. I feel split in two.”

“Oh shut the fuck up, Tabby!” said Tammy, slapping her asscheek hard. Tabby let out a yelp. “Keep your mouth shut of I will slap your ass again!”

“But…!” Tabby protested. Tammy gave her another hard spank across her ass. The force of which forced my cock out of her anal hole. I wanted to protest, but I also kind of liked that I was seeing. Tammy had grabbed hold of Tabby’s waist now.

“Stop being a bitch Tammy!” hissed Tabby.

“We’ll see who can be a bitch!” Tammy spat back, then slapping her hard across her ass cheek. Tabby yelped again in pain.

“Daddy!” Tabby called out. “Stop her!”

“I’m sorry hun, but you weren’t really co-operating.” I shrugged.

That was the go signal Tammy needed. She proceeded to spank her sister hard, across her pert asscheeks, till it was all pink and swollen. She must have done so about 11 or 12 times till I got worried and told her to stop.

Tabby was in tears, her face in the pillows sobbing.

Tammy started rubbing her ass cheeks to soothe her. Then she spread them apart and signaled me to stick my cock in.

I pushed my cockhead against her hole again and pushed. There was slightly less resistance but not much easier as Tabby was still very tight.

I pushed further in and Tabby let out a yelp. Tammy opened her wider.

Another push. I was now halfway in her tight anal hold. Shit. This felt so good. My older daughter holding my younger daughter’s ass open for me.

“Are you ok, honey?” I asked.

“Yes Daddy,” She said quietly.

Another push. She let out a gasp. I stayed there for a while, feeling the sensations of an un-invaded hole, and letting her get used to me. I could feel her relaxing slightly, and pushed the entire length of my cock into her.

She let out a piercing scream into the pillow. I held there for a while as Tammy tried to sooth her with kisses.

Then holding on to her tiny hips, I started moving my cock in and out of her shithole. I started with long slow strokes at first.

Tabby’s face stayed buried in that pillow for a long time. I continued to be as gentle as I could. Then suddenly I started feeling her push against me and I knew she wanted me to go faster.

I increased my pace, slapping her ass gently as I did so. She was moaning now, as Tammy reached out beneath and started playing with her clit. Suddenly I saw Tabby reach out for Tammy’s clit.

As my daughters rubbed each other’s clits I was coming close to an orgasm. I continued increasing my pace, feeling my balls bang against Tabby who was now deep in throes of passion. I kept at it for a few more minutes before I took my cock out.

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