Tales of a Suburban Sex Goddess Ch. 01


Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Graham found it strange arriving home from work now that the children were gone; almost like starting again; a second honeymoon. Beverley was pottering around in the garden looking radiant, relaxed and happy. A tall elegant woman with long blond hair and a perfect hour glass figure that a woman half her age would die for. He approached quietly as she bent over a flower bed noting with pleasure the top of her full firm breasts visible below the neckline of her sun dress; she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra. Finally, becoming aware of his approach, she stood up smiling to greet him. Graham put his arm round her waist and kissed her lightly on the cheek His hand lingered round her waist just long enough for a perceptive observer to recognise that a strong sexual attraction existed between the handsome couple. It also enabled him to detect that she apparently wasn’t wearing any underclothes.

Beverley looked at her husband and thought, not for the first time, what a dangerously attractive man he was. He was not a good actor and women quickly picked up on how susceptible he was to female sexual allure. Quite simply he found women utterly irresistible. They strolled back into the house together.

‘Oh, by the way, our holiday photos have arrived back from the film processor,’ she said

Graham sat down in an arm chair and accepted the proffered package from her.

‘Are they any good?’ Graham enquired.

‘No, they are rather naughty as you very well know,’ Beverley joked as she sat down on the arm of his chair.

Graham opened the package and took out the photos. They were mostly nude and semi nude photographs of Beverley with a few of Graham sporting an erection. They always had their films developed by a specialist naturist film processor to avoid any embarrassing problems.

‘Good looking couple aren’t we?’ he said. ‘I bet the technician made a set of prints for himself so he could have a secret wank over your delectable body.’

‘How do you know he wasn’t gay? He might have fancied having your cock up his backside,’ Beverley laughed. In truth, Beverley experienced a deliciously guilty frisson of delight at the idea of a total stranger looking at and lusting after her naked body.

Graham inserted his hand under Beverley’s sundress and slid it up her thigh until he reached her shaven crotch and confirmed that she wasn’t wearing knickers. Beverley had been sunbathing naked in a secluded part of the garden for most of the afternoon which had induced a feeling of warm sensual relaxation. Graham withdrew his hand and slowly unbuttoned Beverley’s dress. As he suspected she was naked under her dress. He began to gently squeeze her breast and then returned his attention to her now softening pudenda. Still reclining on the arm of his chair, Beverley parted her legs to allow Graham’s fingers to penetrate more deeply into her now very juicy pleasure zone. She looked deliciously desirable as she wriggled with pleasure at his insistent probing. Graham unzipped his Kartal escort trousers and freed his hard cock from the confines of his underwear.

‘How would you like to have my cock up your cunt right now?’ He asked.

What about you dinner?’ she asked playfully as she gently stroked his swollen member.

‘Never mind dinner; I want to fuck you!’ he said firmly as he continued to finger her.

Her previously a tight trim dry slit had now metamorphosed into a wide open glistening lubricious pink inferno of sexual invitation. Graham had many times resolved to take a photograph of his wife in a full state of sexual arousal; but his urgent desire to fuck had always overtaken his photographic ambitions.

‘Shall we go up stairs?’ Beverley asked

Without warning, the front doorbell rang.

‘Bugger,’ exclaimed Beverley standing up and hastily buttoning her dress. She glanced out of the window. ‘It’s Margaret, I remember now; I promised to lend her our Tenerife holiday brochure.’ As Beverley opened the front door Graham retreated to the kitchen with his cock poking stiffly out of his trousers and then escaped upstairs as Margaret was invited into the living room.

In the bathroom Graham poured cold water over his erection to attenuate its size. When it was no longer prominent he zipped it away and returned to the living room downstairs. Their visitor had sat down where he had previously been sitting. On the adjacent table lay the holiday photo package with a nude photograph of Beverley lying prominently on top. As Beverley rummaged round in the magazine rack for the brochure Graham engaged in small talk to distract Margaret from the incriminating photographs on the table.

Five minutes later Margaret got up to leave.

‘Do you think she noticed your photographs?’ Graham asked when Beverley returned from seeing her out

Beverley shrugged. ‘What does it matter, anyway she’s pretty broad minded. You be amazed the things we discuss at our coffee mornings. You will no doubt be interested to know that you aren’t the only guy who likes his wife to wear stockings and suspenders while he fucks her. It seems to be the standard form of dress round here if my coffee morning friends are anything to go by.’

‘Oh God you’ve just given me a huge turn on; Margaret parading around the bedroom in stockings and suspenders. Tell me she wears ‘fuck me’ heels as well and I’ll practically have an orgasm!’

‘I’m beginning to be sorry I mentioned it; a few minutes ago you wanted to fuck me and clearly now the prospect of fucking Margaret is uppermost in your mind.’ Beverley said caustically.

‘I would imagine most of the men in the immediate neighbourhood have secret fantasies about bedding you all the time,’ Graham responded. ‘Actually thinking about your coffee morning ladies, I’m not all that turned on. Barbara and Jan have got very small breasts; Brenda has got a better figure but I think it’s only Margaret I’d really enjoy fucking. Do you know if her husband favours Kurtköy Escort black stockings?

Beverley, who was becoming irritated by the turn of the conversation, got up and retired to the kitchen and began banging plates and cutlery about. Graham realised that dinner was now back on the agenda and sex was definitely off.


Lubricated by a few glasses of wine, the mood mellowed a little over dinner. Afterwards Graham helped Beverley to clear the table and watched her stack the dishwasher in the kitchen. As she stood up he came up behind her, reached over and swiftly unfastened the top four buttons of her dress before pulling it off her unresisting shoulders. Beverley allowed her dress to fall to the floor. She was naked. He cupped her magnificent breasts in his hands and kissed the back of her neck.

‘I don’t think any of your coffee morning friends have such gorgeous tits as you have,’ he murmured trying to soothe her prickly mood.

‘What, not even Margaret? Beverley said, melting slightly.

‘Well,’ said Graham judiciously ‘I haven’t actually had the pleasure of examining Margaret’s breasts but I would hazard a guess they are at least a cup size smaller than yours.’

Graham stepped back and quickly undressed before pressing up close behind her again. He continued to fondle her breasts with one hand while his other hand probed the extent of her sexual arousal down below. He sensed an encouraging degree of wetness and a widening orifice. Beverley could feel Graham’s cock nuzzling under her buttocks and brushing pleasurably against her vagina.

‘Shall we go upstairs?’ Beverley’s voice was husky with pent up sexual desire.

‘No, let’s go back in the living room; I want to fuck you on the floor.’ Graham insisted urgently.

He took her by the hand and, rather than going directly into the living room, he led her into the hall so that they could see themselves reflected in the full length mirror on the wall. Graham never tired of looking at his wife’s body even though he knew every inch of it in intimate detail. He paused and standing slightly behind her, watched himself fondling her breasts while she gently squeezed his stiff cock.

‘Be careful what you are doing with my sex gun, it might go off prematurely,’ Graham joked.

They continued on into the living room. Graham threw some cushions on the floor then lowered Beverley to the floor where she immediately reclined voluptuously, her legs spread wide apart in unambiguous sexual invitation. Graham stared down at her with frank unbridled lust. He crouched down and straddles her, semen oozing gently from the tip of his cock. He edged himself forward, closer to Beverley’s face. She leaned forward and delicately licked the sticky fluid from his tip. Graham savoured the delicate caress of her tongue and looked questioningly into Beverley’s eyes. She shook her head.

‘No,’ she said firmly, ‘you’ve been a naughty boy lusting after Margaret. You’ll have to be much better behaved Maltepe Escort if you want me to suck you off.’

Graham didn’t argue, he knew Beverley didn’t particularly enjoy sucking him off. It could wait for another day. Instead he parted her legs and began to gently finger her cunt causing it to open wide. He eased his cock inside her and lay down directly on top of her. Graham always found lying on top of Beverley and fucking her on the floor a very special sexual pleasure. If you lie on top of a woman on a bed she sinks into the bed. But when lying on a woman on the floor the man experiences the delicious sensation of sinking into the woman’s body. Beverley had a particularly soft and pneumatic body and the sensation was wonderful.

In intimate contact with Beverley from tip to toe, with his cock up inside her, Graham was in paradise. His gentle fucking strokes caused her body to shimmy around like a water bed; it felt like he was riding a brood mare. Instinctively his tempo increased in time with her rhythmic gasps of pleasure. He began to whisper obscene indecent suggestions in her ear about her desire for sexual pleasure and her close resemblance to an insatiable whore. Eventually they both came together in a fierce orgasmic climax. He kissed her gently on the lips and eyes and murmured his thanks as she felt his urgent stiffness melting away.

Beverley lay trapped on the floor underneath Graham. She began to wonder how soon she could decently ask him to get off her. Now that sexual intercourse was over; she was becoming conscious of his weight bearing down on her Quite unexpectedly his cock began to slowly swell inside her and burrow further and further up her cunt. It was a delicious sensation; one she couldn’t recall feeling before.

‘Oh my God; you horny devil, what’s got in to you,’ she exclaimed.

Moments later he was fully erect and began to fuck her again.

‘It’s your fault,’ he murmured, ‘you’ve shouldn’t have such a gorgeous body.’

Ten minute later they finally prised there sweaty bodies apart; both now fully satisfied. Graham helped Beverley to her feet and gave her a friendly hug.

‘Still a long way off our record,’ Graham said. ‘Last year in Spain we had sex five times in one day; do you remember?’

‘Oh yes there was definitely something in the atmosphere that was very conducive to sex out there. I don’t how we found the time to go out or eat you seemed to have a permanent erection.’

Beverley went upstairs to shower while Graham got dressed. When Beverley returned Graham was looking at their holiday snaps.

‘By the way,’ Beverley said, ‘Dorothy my friend at the library has invited us to spend Sunday with them at their house in the country. I think I mentioned before that her husband is a builder. Anyway, if the weather is fine, we can spend our time by their outdoor swimming pool.’

‘Sounds fine,’ Graham said.

‘I think they are pretty informal, they and their friends normally swim and sunbathe nude.’

‘Very interesting,’ Graham said. ‘I don’t think I’ve met Dorothy, does she look good naked?’

‘You’ll have to wait and see won’t you,’ Beverley smiled. ‘Just make sure you keep a towel handy so you don’t embarrass someone by showing you have an erection.’

To be continued…

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