Take Me…


As I lie in my bed with my eyes closed I could feel the warmth from the morning sun caressing my face. I had a tug-of-war game going on in my head. Trying to figure out if I should stay in bed and continue to enjoy the warmth spilling forth from my window or should I get up and begin my day. I lingered for a few more minutes and then rose from the comfort of my covers.

With only an hour or so until I was to be picked up I hurried about my business. I grabbed myself a good pair of jeans, my chaps and a leather halter top accompanied with a pair of boots. My outfit was now complete. Now, all that was left to do was finish with some minor details. Glancing in my mirror I felt ready for the day.

I could hear the roar of his bike coming down my street. As I heard the growl of his engine quiet I knew it would only be moments until he was at my door. I barely gave him a chance to reach for the doorbell and I opened the door. Mmmmmm what is it about this man? Just the sight of him makes my pulse quicken.

We were both hungry. So the first thing we decided to do was drop in at our favorite breakfast place. Once we finished eating we thought it would be nice to take a drive. The weather was perfect for a good ride.

He leaned forward over the table and said to me, “Maybe you should get rid of the jeans. I want to see what you have on under there.”

So, with a smile I went to the Kurtköy Escort bathroom to change. When I returned to the table he just looked at me with a sly grin. I knew he was pleased.

With a good kick his bike came to life once again. Glancing down the road in either direction there wasn’t a sole in sight. I loved the way it was when we rode together. My legs would always be hugging his hips nice and tight and his hand would be resting on my thigh. Feeling the vibration of the bike underneath me was such a turn on. And when I was with him he seemed to wake something up inside of me. He always managed to tap into my naughty adventurous side.

After about half an hour of riding he found a spot off the road for a rest. Taking a little stroll we happened upon a barn. It seemed to be abandoned. We walked around it to get a better look inside. Next thing I knew we were wandering around looking at the stalls. The barn was great with all the posts and beams still in good shape. I don’t think it had been abandoned long.

He stopped abruptly in front of me. Turning around he grabbed hold of my waist and pulled me close to him. It seemed that this place was giving him some ideas. And, I don’t think they were far off from my own. He knew I would do whatever he wanted. We kissed. And our kissing became more feverish. Kissing softly and gradually kissing harder. He walked me Pendik Escort backwards. Suddenly, I found myself up against one of the beams. He picked me up and pressed against me. I could feel how hard he was. Since I was only wearing my thong and chaps the groove of his cock fit against me nicely. The more turned on I was the more slippery I became. I couldn’t wait another minute. I told him to let me down.

I wasted no time in getting his jeans unzipped and down. There, nestled in his boxer briefs stood his impressive cock waiting for my mouth. I crouched before him and glanced above me to see him resting his hand against the beam for balance. He watched as I licked his shaft from bottom to tip, taking a little extra time to lick around the head of his cock where juices had begun to form. Then up and down again. As I came back up my lips surrounded his cock. And his other hand slid down and took hold of the back of my head. I listened to his moans escalate as he fucked my mouth. While my fingers caressed his balls his movements grew quicker. Pulling his cock out of my mouth I looked up at him again. With my mouth open he shot his hot, juicy load on my tongue.

I get so much pleasure from getting him off. Mmmmmmm and I love to taste him.

As I stood up slowly I kissed his stomach. Then I continued to kiss him up to his nipples. Once I reached them I played with them Maltepe Escort just how he likes it. Licking, and sucking them one by one. He put his hand under my chin and brought me up until I was within reach of his lips. Once there he kissed me again. This time he was more aggressive. Moving his kisses down my neck to that extra sensitive spot between my neck and shoulder, he started to nibble me a little. This sent goose bumps down the left side of my body. I could hear our breathing getting heavier. Then he moved his hand down my body. Starting at my shoulder he came in towards my breast, kneading it a bit with a slight pinch on my nipple.

I whispered, “More!”

So, just as I requested, he pinched more. Squeezing my nipple harder turned me on more so then I already was. Just as I was getting completely lost in these sensations he picked me up again. With my legs spread wide and wrapped around his waist he slid his rod inside of me. Fucking me with quick rhythmic thrusts he had me on the verge of orgasm within moments. But, I wanted to enjoy him inside of my pussy for a while longer.

So I told him in a low voice again, “Slow!”

With that one word he began to move more slowly. He was grinding against me and I could feel him deep inside me. I reached up and grabbed hold of the rods protruding from the beam. As he worked my body I listened to our moans resonate around the barn. He started to fuck me harder and I let out a scream as pure pleasure took over my body. A few moments later he drove his cock into me with erratic quick motions as his fingers dug into my ass.

So, this is why just the sight of him makes my heart rate accelerate!

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