Syd’s Halloween Soirée Ch. 2


The slamming of the door echoed throughout the house as I made my way up stairs to my office, taking the steps two at a time. Tossing my jacket in the corner of the room, I walked across the wood floors to the far end of the room to the window, pulling the blinds a side inviting the early evening light in. I watched as the leaves fell from the trees, the deep reds, burnt oranges, golden yellows muddled the streets below in —a simple display of natures work of art.

Sitting down at my desk, I logged into Digi-Cop-Land Headquarters Main… I might as well work on the preliminaries of my current case, a regular at Syd’s, known only as Genuwine, has been missing for sometime, no one seems to know his where bout’s…a few speculate, but speculation can only get you so far. Picking up my mobile I dialed my superior – Captain Star when the front door slammed once again. Only the echo was louder and more annoying this time.

Leaning back into my chair I closed my eyes, knowing all too well who was making their way around my kitchen below…why did I give him a key? Remember at one time…I found it easier to work around my home office then in the crazed environment of the precinct in the city. A bouquet of dark, rich, freshly ground coffee beans, made its way up the staircase of my brownstone, inhaling the decedent aroma briefly, as I spoke to Captain Star, her voice held back a hint of laughter as I told her I would be working from my home the remainder of the day, as would Detective Gage Logan…for he had just let him self into my private home moments ago and was now downstairs brewing himself a pot coffee, rattling dishes around.

I was review statements from the locals that frequented old Syd’s on the disappearance of Genuwine when Detective Logan walked into the room carrying a tray, a carafe of coffee, cream, goodies sat upon the tray, knowing damn he was well aware my habits, diet that consisted of caffeine, sugar, little sleep, pure adrenaline, I wondered if the food and drink was for him or me.

He set his eyes on me, “Liuetent,” I could feel his struggle, “Was that a conscious decision on your part earlier today…leaving me at Syd’s?” His green eyes bore into me, he set the tray on the opposite desk, poured coffee into two mugs, placed one in my hands.

Exhausted, I pushed my chair away from my desk, leaned back a little, biting my lower lip while looking Bostancı Escort up at him. “I’m sorry Gage. Um… I wasn’t feeling well, I need to leave, but I shouldn’t have left you there like that.” I buried my head, leaning into my mug for the first sip when he snatched it back away from me, swiveled my chair around to him, my hands out stretched for the steaming mug of miracle juice.

“Don’t give me that La Fay, what’s going on with you?” he yelled.

I ignored his tone, ignored his hands that held onto either side of my chair now, ignored his face as he bent down on his knees to look into my eyes. ” Morgaine, what happened last night?” Shock registered in me, he chuckled softly, “Don’t think I didn’t notice, now do you want to tell me what happened today at the bar?”

“N-o-p-e”, I stressed the word as I pursed my lips together, I reached for the Genuwine file on top of my desk. “Since y our here now, run the preliminaries on the case at Syd’s.”

I smiled reaching for my mug, “thank you for the coffee”.

Logan growled as he walked across the room to the other desk to begin his work, but from behind his flat screen monitor I could see that he has relaxed for the time being as a smiled played on his full lips.

It was several hours later when I locked the front door behind Detective Logan. I walked to the kitchen poured myself glass of wine. Walking through the house switching off all the lights on my way, I climbed the stairs again to my bedroom pulling my black cashmere turtleneck off with my free hand as I went.

The room was dark, but the lights from the city below cast small reflections on the ceiling. Setting my wine down on the nightstand next to the bed I started to walked to the window, out of the corner of my eye I spied a shadow drift past me. Stopping in mid step, by body instantly tensing, every muscle screaming in attack, I whirled around, the heel of my right hand making contact with the strangers face, my left arm pulled back ready to slam him again when his leg hooked with mine dropping me to the bed his body crashing down on top of mine pinning me.

He straddled me, with one hand me held both of mine above my head with his other hand going to his jaw where I hit him. I struggled beneath him bucking my hips. A low groan that started in his chest whispered between his lips, “Stop it” he hissed turning his neck from side Kadıköy Escort to side. The lights from a car passing on the streets below flickered across the room – -and for one precious second allowing my a glimpse of his face.

My breath clogged in my chest, I stopped fighting, studying his face in the dark. He released my hands, reaching out to me, stroking a finger down my cheek. A slow moan rattles my core.

“How di—” I started to ask when he hushed me, his thumb brushing across my lips. Starring into his eyes, all my emotions pouring out. I reached for him in the dark, pulling him near. My hands gently roaming his face. The face I searched for. The one I know. He rests his brow to mine. I inhaled deeply, pulling him in. Lips gently flutter over my closed eyes, the bridge of my nose, plucking at my bottom lip, hungrily sucking, feasting from mine. Quiet sounds of pleasure vibrate through me whispering across his skin.

Withering beneath him my hands tugging at his shirt pulling it over his head sending it sailing across the room, hips taunting him rolling under his weight urging him closer, fighting for control.

Chuckling as he nibbles on my ear, the heat from his body warming me, his heart beat pounding into mine. Hands tug at clothes, flesh bruising from the urgent want, the intense burning need. Limbs tangling, “let me have you,” he whisper in my ear, “have me.”

Crawling into his lap, I straddled him, hips sliding down his stomach, flesh meeting flesh, connecting. Hot, wet, so ready for him. Buried deep with in me he held me fast, gripping my hips as I started to move slowly over him, arching my back, hands fisted in his hair pulling his mouth to mine, tasting him. Trembling my hands travel over his body, memorizing every hard angle, every dip, gently scraping my teeth down his neck, his pulse beating through to me, tasting him. All five senses working over time to deposit this moment in my memory bank forever.

The need came at me like a downpour with such force, every thing vanished from my mind, conquered by the intensity that drove into me, with each thrust building and building, taking me higher then I had every experienced. Moans raced past my lips, taking him deeper inside, holding him closer.

Skin slick with dew from the heat of pumping blood, one constant rhythm, two bodies fitting together like pieces from a missing puzzle Göztepe Escort thought once lost.

With hands on either side of my head he held me close, eyes locked together in a lusty and dangerous embrace, he held my gaze as he thrust deeper, retreated, thrusting deeper again his eyes never leaving mine, peering into me as I exploded around him with such force he shuttered inside me, taking me even higher.

My legs locked around his waist, he leaned back on the bed pulling me to his chest where I lay limp, spent. Closing my eyes I rest my head against his chest, listening to his heart beat…as steady and constant as the lapping waves of the river below. Breaths slowing to a comfortable pace, matching, I let myself go in his arms as I drift off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning to the ringing of my mobile, I reached for it in my clouded state flipped it open “La Fay here,” I mumbled in a rush my speech thick with sleep.

A deep laugh roared in my ear, “Liuetent your not still in bed are you? Are you sick?”

“Mmm…damn it Logan…what time is?” Forcing my eyes open I looked at my wrist, the platinum Tag that resided there — my only piece of adorned jewelry was twisted upside down, cradling the phone between shoulder and head I spun the watch around, “Oh jeez… Logan…” It was 8:45 am. I don’t think I have ever slept this late or this long in the last 10 years that I had been on the force.

“Logan why don’t you meet me at Digi-Cop-Land Headquarters in an hour, we’ll go over the Genuwine file then.”

“No need Lt. I found Genuwine last night, I got a lead that he had been spotted downtown at Goth’s, stopped in there on m y way home last night, and there he was. Fit as could be.”

“Great, he’s ok. Goth’s?” I paused before getting out of bed erupting with giggles. “Well, well…Okay I will see you in an hour.” I flipped the phone shut.

Getting out of bed I started to walk to the shower when I stopped spun around starring at the empty bed. My heart fell, my chest grew tight, head spinning out of control. I carried the phone back to the bed, kneeling on the empty side, I leaned down inhaling his scent on the sheets as it reaches out to me, he was everywhere, the room smelled of him. Biting down on my lower lip still swollen from the passion he feed me. My hands curling into fists around the sheets, a feeling of loss absorbed me as I rocked back and forth, a small sound of despair wretched from inside me crawling its way out until I was in a full on sob in the middle of the bed — where I stayed long after the morning light flirted with the afternoon autumn sun.

to be continued…

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