Sweet Sunsets


The sun was beginning to set on a Thursday behind a sky full of bright pink and orange clouds. The tree line began to hide the direct rays. The tall and thick trees were like a forest, dark and forbidding. In this part of Australia, everything has a mystery to it… *** My name is Vesi Jhori Shaeria. I know it’s not a name you often find. It is Elvin for Pure Life Warriors. I guess my parents had a sense of humor? I like my name though, it’s unique. It fits with my hazel eyes, long wavy brunette hair that glows red in the sunlight, my hourglass figure with very strong muscles from bailing hay for a living. I typically wear leather work boots, a denim long sleeve shirt that happens to hide my figure quite well, but that doesn’t stop the ranch hands from staring every chance they get. I also wear thick blue jeans which is the norm here. I work at Holy Dog Ranch here in the country side. It is a large horse ranch that boards, breeds, and breaks horses. I don’t deal with the horses often. I bail hay and stack the bails on a trailer following the tractor. I have noticed that a lot of the ranch hands tend to like what they see: a hot, sweaty brunette with thick gloves on her hands and her sleeves rolled up. When I look up, they all suddenly turn away and resume their work. It is quite amusing sometimes, but more often than not, annoying. There is only one guy who doesn’t look at me, at least not when I’m paying attention. He is actually the only one on this big ranch I wish would look at me. His name is Bret. I’ve met him once or twice but never really got to talk to him. I about fell in love with him the moment I stepped foot on this ranch two years ago. He is one of the five boys who break the horses over in the corrals. To me, he is beautiful. He wears a tannish- cream colored cowboy hat. It has a very pretty feather in the side of it that sets him apart from all the other guys. He has striking blue eyes under a shaggy head full of dark brown hair. It’s always wavy and almost curly when he takes his hat off to wipe a red bandana across his wet forehead. He has a very masculine face and a pointed chin and is always clean shaven. He wears denim shirts like me and worn out blue jeans, but he usually wears chaps and cowboy boots. From what I’ve seen of him, he is nothing but muscle. He can man-handle a rowdy horse any day of the week. I think I come up to about his chest when I stand next to him. I only wish he knew I loved him and wanted him to hold me. *** I had just got done breaking a horse they rightfully named Buck. The sun was setting; it was almost Küçükyalı escort bayan time to go home. I wiped my face with a cool, wet bandana to get some of the grime off of me. Then I saw her looking at me, that girl. I think her name is Vesi. It’s an odd name, but very beautiful. I know all the other guys ogle at her so I try not to, although when I’m alone on a break, I can sometimes find a spot to catch her bail that hay like a pro. Too bad I don’t get to talk to her, she is just beautiful. I woke up from my fantasies and she was gone, obviously on her way home to her ranch that I know is the one adjacent to this one, but still a 3 miles walk from here. I know that gorgeous black stallion in the stables belongs to her; his name tag on the door says “Desperado.” Magnificent animal. I have a mare, her name is Jhori, it’s Elvin for Life. It reminds me of Vesi. I went to the stables and realized Vesi hadn’t left yet, she was brushing Desperado with long gentle strokes. She didn’t notice me come in but we were alone. All of the others have gone home for the day. Twilight was fading through the windows of the stable onto Vesi’s pretty hair, it looked so beautiful. I walked up to her… “Vesi?” I said. “Jesus! You scared me!” she scolded. I put my hands up as if I’d been caught in the act of mischief. “I’m sorry Miss, I didn’t mean to.” She seemed to relax and started brushing the big horse again. She looked me in the eyes and I couldn’t move. I wish she knew how much I wanted her in that moment. *** My heart was still racing from being spooked, but after I saw it was Bret, it sped even faster. He must be fixing to leave. Then I looked at him and this time he was looking at me. What I saw there I longed for. I never felt lonelier than I did right then. I forgot to make my hand brush Desperado and he snorted, bringing me back to reality. Bret shifted his feet but didn’t look away. “You have a beautiful horse, Miss Vesi,” he said in a very seductive tone. Men like him shouldn’t be able to talk like that to girls who yearn for their companionship. “Thank you, Bret. Your mare is beautiful too. What is her name?” I asked. “Jhori,” he stated. I dropped the brush. He looked frightened as my mouth stood open. “Wha…what did I say?” he stammered out. “Um, nothing, just that, Jhori is my middle name. Did you know that?” His eyes wide, I guess he didn’t. “My name is Vesi Jhori Shaeria. It means Pure Life Warriors in Elvin. My parents lived on the edge I guess you could say. He just stood there Escort Kartal looking at me. I think what I saw for the first time there was desire. I felt a jolt of energy bolt through my core as I smiled. “I best be getting home,” I said “I’ll see ya around?” he asked hopefully. “I hope,” was all I said as I winked at him and swung up into my saddle. It was time and Desperado knew it so he trotted quickly out of the stable. *** I just stood there staring after the ghost of her silhouette in the fading light. My horses name is the same as hers! What a coincidence because I had no idea. I went to the next stable over and saddled Jhori. She was happy to see me and gratefully took the treat out of my hand as I scratched her ear. If only Vesi knew how much I want her. I melt when she looks at me. I rode home quietly. My small cabin was about 2 miles past Vesi’s. I usually take another short cut but this time I rode past her house. She had a nice red brick and stone home. Smoke was coming out of the chimney and one of the lights was on. I saw through a window, to my astonishment and great pleasure, Vesi wasn’t wearing anything and in her vanity mirror, she was brushing her long fine hair. My horse had slowed to a stop and it looks like she saw me in her mirror because she swiftly turned around and gasped. She didn’t try to cover herself though, which surprised me. What surprised me even more is that she stood up and walked to her window. Her hips swayed through the air and she stretched out her arms to either side grasping the curtains, with her full bosom and womanhood open to view, she smiled at me in a way a woman should never be able to smile at a man who covets her the way I do. She then winked at me like she did earlier that day and drew the curtains slowly together. I rode home not watching the road, I was in deep thought. *** For the next several weeks, I found myself looking for Bret everywhere I went. He still broke the horses and all, but I also found that we bumped into each other quite often. It was usually after everybody left when he came to see me in the barn, and eventually he started putting Jhori in the stall next to Desperado’s. We often talked while on our ways home. We got to know each other but I couldn’t help the fact I felt he was hiding something. It was just the way he always looked at me. He was hard to read. I could lose myself in his winter cold eyes any time, but I felt like he would reach in and find me if I did. Every time I first see him in the barn as the sun sets, fire Suadiye escort shoots through my body longing to feel his touch, just like it did this time. Bret silently walked in. He was still wearing his leather chaps and it made me yearn for him all the more. This time he wasn’t talkative like he’d grown to be, instead he was silent and graceful in his movements. He walked up to me and stood only one pace from me and lifted up his right hand and brushed my cheek very tenderly. At that touch, I felt a tear slide down my face and he took his thumb and wiped it away like it never existed. He just looked at me, like he was looking into my very soul, searching for something. He stepped closer, and his other hand came to rest on the other side of my face pulling me closer to him. Being against the hardness of his toned muscles was almost too much for me as I thought of how long I had wanted to be here in his arms. Just about then I saw a glimmer in his eyes too as a tear of his own fell, and I lifted my delicate, work worn hand to his smooth face and I wiped it away like it had never existed. As soon as it was gone, he bent his head forward and took his hat off with a quick motion and his lips touched mine. It was a soft kiss but gradually became filled with passion and longing. His tongue entered my mouth and explored every crook and cranny as my tongue was invited into his. We stood there in the fading twilight for a while, just content to hold and be held as we kissed, opening a portal to a new world full of awaiting passions. *** For the next week, me and Vesi stood for long minutes in the barn holding each other in silence as the sun went down. But today it did nothing but rain. It poured out its soul. Vesi had gotten there before dawn when it started raining to get the hay in before it was ruined. When I got there, I knew I couldn’t break horses in the mud, so I made my way quickly out into the fields to help Vesi. All other ranch workers were either slow to arrive, or not show at all. It was basically up to me and Vesi to pick up the hay as the ranch owner drove the truck himself with the trailer attached. I stood on the trailer throwing the bails into a stack as fast as I could while Vesi was on the ground practically throwing the bails at me in a hurry. We couldn’t afford to take a break today, otherwise we were going to lose more hay than we could afford. The rain makes it rot. Vesi grunted and groaned more and more as the day went on. I could tell she was tired and cold. We both were soaked and chilled to the bone. She had her hat on to keep the water out of her eyes, but with the rain seemingly falling sideways, it didn’t really help. Water was pouring off my chin and face as I was following Vesi into the barn to saddle the horses. She could hardly walk. “You sit down, now. I’ll saddle him.” I commanded. “No,” she whimpered.

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