Sweet Revenge

Big Tits

Toni walked into the room where I sat watching TV. She had her robe on with her hair made up for a night out on the town. Being Friday night, it wasn’t unusual for she and Jen to go out clubbing. Standing looking at me, she spoke telling me to come into the bedroom, she wanted to talk. We talked many times as she would dress and this didn’t appear to be anything else other than conversation.

Following her into the room, I sat on the edge of the bed. Toni sat at her dressing table and began applying her makeup. Looking at me through the mirror, she asked, “ Do you have any money?”

Checking my wallet, I told her, “Just a little over a hundred.”

Toni stopped her primping, got up and walked to where I was sitting. Reaching out, she pushed me back onto the bed. Straddling my legs, she began rubbing me through my shorts. Smiling she playfully asked, “You think I could talk you out of a hundred?”

We’d played this game many times. She didn’t have to do anything for the money, but seemed to, and knew, I enjoyed her charades. Pulling my shorts down, enough to free my prick, She bent forward with her beautiful face only inches from mine.

“ Well? What do you say? Do I get the money?”

With my cock at full mast, straining in her hand, she knew the answer. Sitting back, she began stroking up and down the length of my cock. Her other hand, was cupping my balls, teasing them with her fingernails. Damn she was good. I was on the verge of blowing and she’d been at this only a few minutes.

Knowing I was close, Toni pumped faster. Squeezing and pulling on my balls, she felt them begin pulsing. Blast after blast of cum, exploded from my cock. The sticky white fluid, shot all over my stomach. Toni was smiling, loving the feeling of having this much control. Continuing to stroke, she milked the last drops from my quickly deflating prick. Raising her fingers to her mouth, she sucked them clean.

“Ooh, that tastes so good.” She reached down, retrieving my wallet. Removing her money she smiled at me, returning to her dressing table.

“Thank you kindly.” She said with a southern drawl. “It’s a pleasure doing business with ya.”

Toni returned to applying her makeup as if nothing had happened.

Lying across the bed, I was trying, to catch my breath. Breathing hard, I asked, “You and Jen going out?”

“No.” Toni replied. “I’m going to Don’s house.”

“Where?” I asked, raising up, onto my elbows. ”D Don’s? Why would you go over there?”

“We had lunch today and he asked me to come over.” She answered, “So, I told him, ok.”

“You’re married Toni.” I told her. “You don’t go to a single man’s house when you’re married. Doesn’t he know about your marital status?

“Yes he knows.” She replied. Turning to look at me she continued. “He knows a lot about me. Some things, even you don’t know.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“For starters, how unhappy I am.” She began spilling her guts. “I hate our marriage, We do nothing. We haven’t even fucked in four months. The only one getting anything from it, is you.”

I was floored. Seeing her earlier, I thought she enjoyed what she was doing. Looking at her still getting dressed, I asked, “Why haven’t you said something?”

“I did.” She said. “Many times. Going out all the time with Jen, staying out late at night, and not allowing you to screw me. I hoped you’d get the message. You’re so busy watching the game or working, you didn’t have time to listen.”

She’s right. She was trying to tell me. I was just blind. Getting a hand job every now and then kept me from being frustrated.

“What can I do to change your mind?” I asked. “I’ll try anything. Please don’t go and see him.”

“It’s kind of late for that now.” Toni said. “He and I have been having lunch together for a month now.”

Not knowing what to say, I just let her do the talking.

“About a month ago, we saw each other while shopping. We made a lunch date and went our separate ways. When I got back to work, I couldn’t believe how excited I was. I had a lunch date.”

A month ago? Why hadn’t Toni mentioned this? Maybe she did and I wasn’t listening. Whatever the reason, I was in a world of shit now.

“We had a wonderful time. Lunch at the Tea room, allowed us to catch up on each others lives.” Almost reminiscing, she concluded. “Time passed so quickly, we made another date for the next day.”

Toni continued getting dressed as she relayed her story to me.

“The next day he insisted on driving. He chauffeured me in his Cadillac to a nice restaurant I’d never been to. Very expensive, I felt kind of funny. It was so elegant, the kind of place, rich people eat.”

“Taking my hand, he led me to a table for two, romantically set with candles. Are you expecting anyone? I playfully asked Him.

‘Only you.” don answered. “Who could want anything more beautiful?”

His remarks and lavish embellishment were starting to have the desired effect he’d hoped for. Asking Toni to dance, she accepted.

Moving around the dance floor, beşiktaş escort He held her against him. Toni needing to feel wanted responded, laying her head on his shoulder.

The noon time adventure continued till early afternoon. She called into work saying she’d be in later. The dancing and dining, left her wanting, more of this romantic affection in her love life.

The feeling Don was giving Toni, was definitely, not good. The saying, “Lonely women make good lovers” was starting to be very true. Toni, with a two year old daughter, her girlfriend being wined and dined in romantic fashion, was feeling left out.

Don couldn’t have planned his timing any better. Toni wanted companionship, and he was more than willing to give it.

Don and Toni Knew each other before she and I met. The two of them went out, dating for a year after her eighteenth birthday. Don six years older than Toni did and said all the things to impress a young woman. Being the first real man she’d dated, Toni loved how he doted on and pampered her. Only eighteen when they met, all her previous boyfriends, just wanted to get into her panties. For this reason, Toni chose to stay a virgin till she married. Not allowing, anyone a feel under her skirt, only a lucky few ever got the pleasure of feeling, her firm round breasts.

I had just returned home, from being stationed over seas. Still in the military, Toni met me dressed in my uniform, her ultimate weakness. I talked her into a date that weekend. Don did his best to change her mind, reminding her, they were going to Austin for a vacation. Lucky for me, she decided to stay. Within six months, we married.

Had Toni went, she’d most likely, lost her Cherrie to Don? He’d been patient with her, waiting for the right time. Though it was me that got that prized possession, it appeared, Don was romancing her away.

Why Toni stayed a virgin, had nothing to do with how she looked. Quite the contraire, it was her looks and body, every man lusted for.

Toni is a beautiful woman. Very tall, she stands a little under, six feet without heels. She weighs around one fifty, all of which is toned and evenly proportioned along her, curvy, feminine body. Her long brown hair falls to the middle of her back, framing her beautiful face. Adorned with full sensuous lips, a small upturned nose and sparkling, sexy green eyes, you find yourself mesmerized with her charm.

Her body will challenge any centerfold, displayed between the pages of Playboy. Long, shapely legs curve upward showing off their toned calves and firm thighs. The 37 inch hips and 27 inch waist, display her sexy figure with her tight heart shaped ass and flat little tummy. Set high rounding upward, are her firm 39inch D cup breasts. Toned with no sag, they stand proud. Topped with long, thick nipples set in small areolas, they appear to be eternally erect.

Inheriting her mother’s naturally soft skin, Toni’s golden tan covers her entire body. Only I’ve seen the secret she possesses. Under her bikini, lies the creamiest, white skin, shaped exactly the same. She’s the poster girl for angelic beauty and devilish sexiness combined into one.

Toni always dresses to accent her beauty. Using a good conservative style, she combines sexiness making it perfect. Always wearing high heels she shows off her magnificent frame with no effort.

Sex between the two of us, started with, an extreme passion. I guess she’s right. Over time we stopped making love, and started having sex. Now nothing. The only sex between us consisted of, her giving me a hand job, usually before going out with Jen. On rare occasions she might let me play with those tits during the process. She hadn’t let me in her panties in four months.

Toni done with her makeup now, retrieved a bag from the dresser drawer. Sitting back down her continued with her narrative.

“We’ve been having lunch at least three times a week, with the climax of our reunion coming today at the park.”

I was starting to get that sick feeling in my gut. Putting my hands over my face I tried not to see him with my wife. Toni started describing the session in detail while she continued dressing.

Toni pulled a new, lacy, white bra panty and garter set from the bag. Dropping her robe, she began putting them on as if dressing for her own pleasure. She delicately put on the bra, smoothing and adjusting it to cradle her breasts. Running her hands over the cups, she appeared to be enjoying the feel of the lace against her skin. Next she pulled the panties up her legs, positioning them, to cover the creamy skin shaped by her bikini. Nothing more, than a, thin, v shaped, lace triangle, barely covering her neatly trimmed pussy hair. Pulling the sides high to show off her curvy hips, the back was nothing more than a ribbon; she pulled between the cheeks of her ass. There was definitely more showing than she’d shown before.

“How can she do this knowing I’m right here watching?” My mind raced trying beşyol escort to understand the events unfolding before me.

Toni closed the garter around her small waist, looking in the mirror; she adjusted it, making sure the four straps hung evenly down her thighs. Finished for the moment, she sat back down and took a pair of silk stockings from the bag. Reaching down she rolled the stocking up her leg with them stopping on her thighs trimmed in matching lace. Repeating the process again she lifted each of her legs to smooth the nylons for the best fit. She stood back up and putting the straps under the panty, she pulled them tight, hooking them to the stockings. Stepping into her new four inch white pumps she stepped back to admire the sight in the full length mirror.

Christ, I was getting a full blown erection from the incredible sight before me. She may not be dressing for me, but the show was overwhelming.

Toni turned side to side making fine toothed adjustments. Once happy with the finished product, she placed her hands on her hips and smiled knowingly at the sexy goddess in the mirror. Looking at her I realized I’d been wrong. She blew away, the women in the magazines.

Finished with this stage of dressing, Toni resumed her story.

“Today at lunch, Don and I spent two hours at the park. Talking for awhile, he reached over and pulled me toward him. I felt excitement like a girl on her first date. Turning he took my face and kissed me softly. I knew I should stop him, but couldn’t find the ability to do so. Sensing my weakness, he kissed me again, pushing his tongue between my lips. Loosing all will to resist, I started kissing him back.”

I’m sure I looked stunned. My mouth dropped open and in disbelief of what I was hearing. I hated myself for letting this happen.

Toni pulled out a new thin wrap around dress from the closet. Wrapping it around her body, she finished it with a matching belt closing around and showing off her tiny waist. Looking off dreamily as if reliving the events, she sat back letting the dress fall open exposing her wonderful thighs. Toni started back up, where she’d left off.

“It felt so good. His tongue was dancing with mine. I could feel a passion building inside that was quickly getting out of control.”

Toni reached into her purse and took out a box from the jeuwlers. Opening the box she retrieved a gold chain sporting a diamond pendant. Placing it around her neck and putting on the matching bracelet, she stopped to admire how she looked. Then she put on matching diamond earrings, completing her ensemble. Now, other than her wedding ring, everything else she was wearing, was new.

“We kissed like this for a while. It was beginning to make me tingle.”

Toni loved to kiss. There was no sweeter taste than her tongue running across yours. If you wanted to get into her bed, you just needed to find her weakness, kissing. Toni hadn’t kissed me in quite a while, and here she was allowing Don to ignite the fires of passion.

“I was so hot by then. Don knew it and began caressing my thigh just under the hem of my dress. Reclining the seat, the two of us now lay back, continuing to explore each others tongues. I had worn my red dress that buttoned up the front. I also had on a white sheer front hook bra, the one with the silky thin cups. I wore my matching four inch red pumps and sheer tan colored pantyhose. Lost in the passion I didn’t try to stop him when he slipped his hand into my dress. He began squeezing and feeling of my breast. God it felt so good. He could feel my nipple straining through my bra begging for release. My breath was coming short as if I were a high schooler being felt up.

Toni was sitting back in her chair. Now lost in a dream like state, had her hand inside her dress, squeezing her breast, as if recreating Don’s earlier movements. Her eyes tightly closed, she appeared to be telling the story, for her pleasure and not for me anymore.

“Don’s fingers took my nipple and began pulling it thru my bra, making it grow obscenely long. The other nipple had followed suit, and was now clearly visible through my dress. He hadn’t let up kissing me during his exploration. God I was going crazy. I didn’t want him to stop.

Don knew he had me reeling, emitting little moans around, his probing tongue. Sometime during his feeling of my tits, he’d unbuttoned my dress down the front. Had he looked down he’d have seen me in, all my glory. My pussy is clearly visible through the sheer pantyhose. I never wear panties with pantyhose. That way I have no panty lines.

Don placed his right hand behind my neck, and pulled me into the most powerful embrace yet. My arms were around his neck, leaving no protection against his next move. Taking his hand off my bra, he pushed it swiftly down into my pantyhose cupping my pussy. Pushing his finger into my sopping cunt, what will I’d just mustered, left immediately. I opened my legs to allow him the access he needed.

He beykent escort moved from my mouth to my neck, gently nibbling and sucking, bringing on an, intense wave of pleasure. Somehow he’d torn open the crotch of my hose and pulled his hand from my waistband. Wasting no time he returned his finger to my slit. I was out of control now. Realizing my state of defense, he slipped downward, kissing his way down my body.

Don’s finger remained inside me, while using his thumb, to tickle my clit. Stopping at my breasts, he began sucking my sensitive nipples thru my bra. With the cups wet, from his saliva, they were transparent allowing my nipples to show obscenely through. I could have lived with the feeling forever, but not being his ultimate goal, he continued down. Kissing over my tummy, he trailed down, reaching his goal, between my legs.

Repositioning himself, Don knelt between my legs, pushing them wider apart. I had my head back and eyes closed, playing with my nipples, twisting and pulling on them. I had no idea he was watching me while he played with my pussy. I was flat on my back. Head back, eyes closed, playing with my, bra covered tits. My dress was wide open, being used as a blanket to lay me on. With my legs open wide, my knees were bent pulling them back, lifting my feet and calves parallel to the rest of my body. Still in my pantyhose and red pumps, with an area torn exposing my cunt area to even God.

Don loved what he saw. Other than you, he was the only other to view this sight. Bending down while supporting my legs over his shoulders, he went in for the kill. Taking my clit between his lips, he began sucking and tugging in unison with my caresses of my nipples. I lost track of where I was. Letting go of one of my breasts, I began running my fingers through his hair.

I was in total shock now. He’d tasted my pot of honey. I wanted to kill him for trying to steal my treasure. Looking at Toni She now had placed her feet up, resting her heels against her dressing table. Her legs were spread, with her free hand rubbing herself between her legs. Her finger, pulled the lacy covering aside and her free finger, was penetrating her hole. She had returned to the scene of the crime. It was hard to feel anger watching this woman pleasure her body, while telling her story.

“Oh Don.” she purred, resuming where she’d left off. “That feels so Devine.”

His tongue was working magic, causing jolts of pleasure to shoot through my body. He was quickly bringing me to an earth shattering climax. I was now matching his strokes with movements in my hips. Pulling his head into my cunt, I arched my back and screamed.

“Ahhhhhhh Oh God.” I was cumming. My pussy was spasming flooding his mouth. I was trembling all over. “Don’t stop don’t stop Oh sweet Jesus don’t stop.”

Don could have strangled me then, and I’d have let him. I was totally his at the moment. I kept grinding my hips into his face, while digging my heels into his back. Don continued sucking, while letting me ride out my orgasm. In the fury of my climax I’d pulled my titty from my bra and had pulled the nipple so hard it stood an inch outward. I was so in love with the moment. I hadn’t felt that good in years.

While still in my high Don reached down and freed his cock from his pants. I didn’t see or feel him do this, still experiencing my high. With my legs still pulled up and back he moved his body up coming to rest on top of me. Putting his tongue back in my mouth I rapped my arms around his neck pulling him close to me. My legs were now still bent but my feet were planted, pushing against the seat.

Don reached down and slid his cock in between the lips of my pussy. Feeling it sliding along my slit, he began moving making it rub against my clit. This was causing me to spasm every time it made contact. My hips were responding moving up and down, matching his rhythm. Moving together heightened my pleasure but also, aligned the head with my opening.

When aligned, he’d push up causing it to start slipping inside the opening. I knew we’d already gone too far, but my mind was telling me, you can stop him when you want. Kissing down he began to, suck and pull on my neck. The tip now in, began to slide forward pushing into my cunt. His cock was so thick, it was having trouble getting inside. I’ve never felt anything so large trying to go inside me. Don’s inability to penetrate me was realy frustrating him. He let go of my neck and pushed himself up, kneeling between my spread thighs. It was then I got my first look at his wonderful cock.

It was huge. Twice the length and width of your cock. Don took it and began rubbing the head over my clit. I felt something sticky. Looking down, I saw his slit spitting out a thick fluid. Within a few strokes he’d coated my clit and lips with the white clear fluid. I knew I couldn’t let him put it in me. It would be much too dangerous. He was using it to rub me off. Every few strokes, he’d rub it between my lips and against my opening.

This was driving me crazy. Pushing down with my feet, I lifted my ass giving him a better angle to increase his contact with my clit. I was getting real close now. He knew this and took the opportunity, to further his progress. I was obscenely displaying myself to him, pushing my ass up and digging my heels into the seat. My eyes were closed concentrating on my pending orgasm.

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