Susan’s Morning


Susan’s day began routinely.

She woke up, got her coffee, took a shower, and went about the tedium of readying herself for work. After dressing in a tailored white business suit and putting the finishing touches to her long blonde hair, make-up and lipstick; she breezed quickly downstairs, wasting no time as she headed for the foyer of her spacious home. Grabbing her briefcase, car keys and cigarettes from the table, she hurried through the front door, slamming it behind her, and briskly made her way down the short path to the driveway.

It was a pleasantly warm morning. Susan smiled while breathing in the fresh spring air; the sound of her heels clicking along the concrete as she clocked down the path.

She had heard the rustling of the bushes on the other side of the drive as she approached her car, but it didn’t register as a threat. Her mind was otherwise occupied, busily going over key points to be addressed at the morning business briefing she was to attend. Nor did her peripheral vision take in the sight of a lone figure quickly skirting around the front end of her black SUV. She didn’t notice until he was standing directly in front of her.

Susan looked up, her face beginning to show surprise, her free hand still clutching the handle of the car door she was about to open.

“G-good morning, Mrs. Baker,” he said, somewhat out of breath. “You look amazing today!”

“Why, Kevin! Where did you come fr-,” she began in a surprised tone, but her words were cut off with a startled gasp as Kevin seized her by her upper arms.

Before she could utter another word in protest or otherwise, Susan suddenly found herself being forcefully pulled against her young nineteen-year-old neighbor’s hard body; her full breasts flattening against his chest as he crushed her lips to his in a heated kiss. The briefcase, car keys and cigarette pack clattered to the ground, dropping at their feet when she had brought her hands up in defense.

Yes, she resisted at first, screeching a startled cry into Kevin’s mouth while struggling to break out from the gripping pressure-hold he had on her arms. But the feel of his solid body, and the moistness of his mouth crushing up against her lips during that long kiss soon had her resistance melting away.

Surprising herself, any sense of decorum seem to vanish into oblivion, and all too quickly. Bostancı Escort Susan started to moan around Kevin’s invading tongue as she began to sense the stiffness of his erection—which at this point was protruding, its solid length pushing the fabric of his loose-fitting pants out into a tent shape. The head was prodding insistently, pressed firmly up against her pelvic mound. She could feel its heat through her white, pleated skirt. This only served to further obliterate any lingering desire on Susan’s part to end this indecent scene.

When the kiss finally ended, Susan was left breathless and aroused by the whole ordeal. They stood face to face in her driveway, right there in the bright morning sunlight, fully visible to any of her other neighbors who might be looking. In the aftermath of that kiss, she was shamelessly gasping and panting puffs of excited breath into her neighbor’s kid’s face; staring into his hazel eyes with a mixed expression of shock and arousal, while wondering what he would do next.

“Wh-wh-what are you do-doing?” she breathed, completely overcome. Her eyes flashed and her lips parted as she stared into her attacker’s eyes.

Kevin ended those few short moments of inactivity abruptly when his strong hands came up and roughly pried Susan’s white blazer open. The three buttons fastening the blazer ripped violently from the material. They flew in all directions until finally scattering noisily onto the black asphalt of her driveway. Kevin quickly shoved his hands in between the closed folds of her blouse. He forcefully tugged the thin garment open, ripping the material and violently detaching those buttons as well. They also flew through the morning air, eventually landing, rolling on their edges to a stop and falling flat, joining her blazer buttons on Susan’s driveway. He then roughly yanked her bra down and began passionately mauling her firm exposed breasts as soon as they popped free from the restraining garment.

Being roughly taken like this was having an adverse effect on Susan. She knew this was wrong, but she couldn’t stop the waves of arousal overtaking her mind and body. If the truth be known, she always had an affinity for rough, passionate sexual encounters. And this situation was no exception. Her excitement bubbled over to the point where it frightened her. Her vagina throbbed, Erenköy Escort while she completely gave in to the pleasure this boy was giving her. Concern over the prying eyes of her neighbors melted quickly in the searing heat of Susan’s rapidly rising arousal—she could care less at this point. In fact, the possibility that they may be looking actually served to fuel her lust, pushing her further away from any chance of ending this lewdness, she realized.

“Oh fuck, mmm…Kevin!” she moaned, her voice swelling with passion, while this building lust quickly took hold.

As the last appearance of resistance melted away from her facial expression, against her better judgement, she roughly grabbed onto Kevin’s stiffly protruding, fabric-covered boner. With passion driving her over the edge, Susan not only gripped his erection, but her hand firmly began to push in and pull out, forcefully dragging the cloth over the hard surface from head-to-base. While doing so, she shook and moaned even louder from the overwhelming arousal she was now feeling, her voice carrying through the still morning air.

She couldn’t believe this was actually happening! The sensible part of her mind screamed; ‘Stop! What in fuck are you doing!’

Nevertheless, there she stood for all the world to see-partially naked, her heaving tits sticking out from her blouse and jacket, her nipples hard under the onslaught-and now, shamelessly beating off her neighbor’s stiff hard-on right through his pants while he molested her right there in the middle of her driveway!

Again, Susan reached for the car door handle with her free hand, only this time she did it for support. But, while Kevin continued to man-handle her exposed tits, she went into motion. In several swift movements she opened the door and managed to pull enough away from him so she could back her body into the open space. Still facing him, she plopped down into the front seat. Kevin moved as well, following her during the shift; his hands still mauling her breasts, until he eventually stood in front of her as she sat there. This new position displayed his grossly distended crotch directly in front of Susan’s face. She pushed his hands out of the way, and he stood straight up looking down at her in breathless anticipation.

Once again she grabbed his stiff boner. Now wild and seemingly out of control, Göztepe Escort Susan firmly gripped her hand tightly around the fabric-tenting cock and began mercilessly jacking it off right in front of her parted lips. The fabric was light-weight, thin material, and the trousers were baggy, so she could easily wrap her hand around his boner and position it so it would stick straight out.

Looking down, Kevin moaned and then pushed his hips forward into the hand-job. A quiet scream of passion escaped from Susan’s mouth before she suddenly plunged her open, painted lips onto the cloth-covered head of the kid’s erection. Her hand continued to jerk gamely on the shaft while her lips fastened tightly around the crown.

Kevin groaned in response and shoved his dick farther into Susan’s mouth, forcing half of its stiff length to slide effortlessly across her moving tongue. Almost immediately, his thrusts became more insistent. Her mouth clamped tighter around the invading member, and she sucked as hard as she could. The cloth quickly becoming saturated with a combination of her saliva and his seminal secretions, the material now molding around the thrusting shaft like a second layer of skin. Red lipstick stains soiled the cloth, as well; the crimson smears becoming more and more visible on each out-stroke.

She guessed the excitement proved to be too much for Kevin because within seconds, Susan could feel the head of his cock throbbing more wildly in her mouth. Kevin’s groans suddenly became louder, and then, to her complete amazement, she felt the boy’s cock begin to spurt off behind the cloth. Wide-eyed and in disbelief, she looked up into his grimacing face and knew it was true. He threw his head back and tried to thrust his exploding cock, pants and all, right into her throat. Susan moaned out her surprise but quickly gave in to the depravity of the situation. On the next spurt, she pulled her head back and clamped her lips around the shaft just behind the ridge of the pulsing head. She started frantically pumping the rest of his erection while she brought the other up and placed it on his hidden balls, squeezing and tugging at them as it to pull them from his body.

As she sucked the numerous pulses of ejaculating sperm right through the wet fabric of the boy’s pants into her mouth and down her throat, she felt her pussy begin to throb out an orgasm under her white skirt. Susan whimpered and cooed around the cloth-covered dick jacking it off the whole time. Both of their passionate voices wafted on the soft breeze.

The morning briefing was now the very last thing on her mind.

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