Sunita Is Waylaid And Taken


It was lashing with rain outside. Sunita, Karan, Shyam and Shankar were sitting in the room watching the closing scenes of a movie on the DVD. It was a crime thriller. There had been many scenes of torrid lovemaking between the would-be murderer and the wife of the hero. Illicit love. Stolen moments. The madness of a new affair: public places, lifts, lobbies and the tearing off of clothes as soon as doors were closed….

The friends had watched the move through all that, and not without awkwardness. Shyam and Sunita because they knew that quite often that was how they behaved with each other. Karan because he could feel the arousal and need for his wife Sunita. And Shankar was just shy from being present in a situation where there was one couple, and he could not come to terms with his arousal at all the hot scenes.

The movie ended and Karan turned on the lights. “Ok, guys! Time to turn in,” he announced. His eyes were bloodshot from the drinking and his steps were just about steady. He had his arm around his wife Sunita and was ready to walk away with her. His intentions seemed very clear from the way he was nuzzling her. Shyam turned red and Shankar just looked away.

Sunita pulled herself away. “Let me settle these guys in,” she said. What she left unsaid was that she would be with Karan soon thereafter.

Her eyes met Shyam’s and there was a burning passion and the complexity and contradictions in feelings and relationships were all too apparent; at least to the two of them. She escorted both the guys to the guest room. She made sure there was drink of water and everyone knew where the lights were. Shankar too had had quite a few drinks and was ready to hit the sack. As always, the person who did not drink was Shyam; he was also Sunita’s very special friend.

There was an air of helpless resignation in Sunita as she left Shyam and headed off to her husband’s bedroom. She paused on her way at the children’s room to see if they were asleep. Shyam felt his cheeks burn as he watched her walk away, his eyes on her sexy ass- an ass which he had kissed, caressed and stroked several times as had taken her pussy from behind. She was gone. Somehow, he wished she would stay away and invite him back down after Karan was asleep.

But he suspected that inside her was a slut who loved Karan as much as she lusted Shyam. She wouldn’t characterize it in those terms if you asked her. But Shyam could find no other way of characterizing her behavior. She seemed to want Shyam endlessly, and at the same time seemed to be endlessly patient in allowing Karan to do what he wanted with her. It fell somewhere between a sense of duty and a need in her for that man too….

Sunita entered the room and slid in to bed next to Karan. Karan turned towards her. His hand slid under the t-shirt which she normally wore to bed. His fingers ran up the skin of her torso and quickly claimed her breast. His lips opened up, wet and asking and he kissed her, perhaps a million times on her face. She held his shoulders and responded. Her lips kissing him right back and giving him all the caressing and fondling that he deserved as her husband.

Slowly her hand wandered down his back and she gripped her ass through his shorts. Then the hand slipped in and she moved to the front. She held the cock in her fist. Small but hard. Slender but demanding in his lust at the moment. She quickly pulled the skin back and her thumb ran over the head. He shuddered helplessly. He pulled her up to a sitting position. She wouldn’t relinquish her grip on his cock. She twisted it, turned, gripped it, jerked it back and forth but wouldn’t let go as she sat up and as he sat up himself.

He pulled her t-shirt over her head. She held the cock firmly and quickly used one hand to pull up his t-shirt to the extent she could. Karan now left her and quickly stripped off his top. Her hands now worked off his shorts and as she came into a kneeling position, he was able to pull down her track pants too. Now she was in bra and panties and his cock was Bostancı Escort in her hand, the rubbing and stroking vigorous and unabated.

His hands reached around to unhook her bra. It brought her close to him. His face was in her cleavage. He kissed and lipped her there. Then those soft, rosy mounds were free. She was now kneeling in front of him, holding him to her. Her hand had slowed down on his cock; she knew him to cum quickly and suddenly. That would leave her hopelessly insatiated though his fucking just about gave her the comfort of a cock in her cunt, no more.

Her panties were quickly peeled off and he pushed her back. She lay back, her legs apart. Her pussy was agape and wet. And part of the wetness was to do with her acute awareness that just a room or so away was Shyam, who was capable of making her stream by just looking at her in his lust laden manner.

Karan positioned himself between her legs. He thrust in and she locked her heels behind him and squeezed. Satisfaction! A fullness. Even though he was small and even though the regular and more frequent pounding from Shyam had made her used to a thicker girth, this was the wonder of the woman’s body. Her flesh closed around the cock in her and stroked it.

She fucked him, her hips opening and closing and the lips of her cunt parting and closing with the flexing of muscles.

He fucked her but every time she flexed, he shuddered. She smiled to herself in the dark. He was as near as he usually was. Tonight he was drunk and while that should have helped him last a bit more, it was not to be so. She moved her hips more vigorously and he fucked back. Nothing unusual, nothing spectacular. Just him mounting her. And her responding in the way she had learned to fuck Shyam.

The big difference was that her spontaneous back-fucking made him shudder and lose control. He pulled out and his cum spat out on her tummy and thighs. He emptied and lay on her. He turned over and started to dress back into his night clothes.

She just gathered her clothes in her hands and planned to make off to the kids room where she had moved her things so the friends could be accommodated in her room. She took a bet on dashing across the hall into the kid’s room. It was the dead of night and she could see from under the door that no lights were on elsewhere. It was just her way of making sure that she reached the kids and comforted them before either of them got up and came across, bawling. She heard the gentle snore of the completely satiated Karan. She slid the bolt and as the door opened wide. There was a strong cool breeze and she could hear the sound of heavy raindrops beating against the ground. She got ready for the sprint.

No sooner had she taken the first step, when her wrist was caught in the grip of a large hand. The fear was instant, but equally quick was the reassurance as she realized who it was. It was Shyam. He didn’t give her time to shut the door. He pulled her to him and held her close. He glanced to the side through the open door. Through there he could see the cupboard inside the bedroom. In the mirror of that cupboard they could both see the supine form of Karan, fast asleep.

Shyam turned around Sunita so she was facing the sideboard. He was behind her. She was nude. And caught. Now they could directly see the mirror and in the reflection was Karan. She was unsure whether this was Shyam’s way of keeping on eye on Karan, or whether his real intent was the churning excitement it caused in her stomach: of having her eyes on her husband while a cock was ravaging her.

Shyam put his hand on the back of her neck. She shuddered; maybe it was the chill of the breeze on her exposed body, or perhaps it was that touch? Then she felt the familiar warm but wet cockhead smearing her ass as it reared and bucked in its aroused state. She was unsure if he had undressed or whether that was the state in which he had lain in wait for her. Had he watched? Had he listened? Did he know she was fresh from fucking Karan?

His Kadıköy Escort hand pushed her neck down, causing her to bend. The other hand on her hip held her in position so she was in no doubt on what position she was required to take: that of leaning forward.

His knee went between her legs and caused her to spread her legs. The clothes in her hands fell to the floor. Her juices started to run down her legs, except that she wasn’t clear how much of it was what was pooled in her from his fucking. She held the sideboard and braced herself for what she knew was inevitable.

Shyam was in a vengeful mood and he held his cockhead at her pussylips just long enough to lock in on the target. It was one hot, searing thrust as his flesh spread her just fucked and reddened cunt wider than Karan would ever. He drove in with a hard finishing thrust that caused her whole body to jerk and the entire sideboard set to shudder.

The contents of that cupboard rattled as he fucked her hard and ready. One hand on the hips, the other on her shoulder to steady her and the cock pounding in and out steady and heavy.

“How dare she fuck Karan when I am here to take her?” he raged as he fucked her hard. Harder. She was whimpering now. Her knees were trembling and her cunt was grabbing at his cock.

Her eyes were fixed on the sleeping image of Karan and her lips were between her teeth to prevent a squeal that might wake up her husband. His hand reaching under and grabbing the hanging breast put paid to that. The nipple was roughly twisted and pulled. “Was this nipple touched by him just a short while ago?” he wondered. Punish the nipple for giving her pleasure he thought vengefully as he milked and pulled at the nub of flesh.

She mewled and thrust back and her hand reached behind to clutch at his ass, urging him on into her. The squealing sound would have normally had him ask if he had hurt her. But not today. Today he twisted the nipple and pulled at the breast as if he were milking the udder of a farm cow. He felt the lower part of her tummy ripple in a wave in response to the mauling of her tit. Her hand flew to her mouth as she stuffed her fist in to prevent any sounds escaping.

“Shyam!” she pleaded. “Let’s go down to the TV room. The kids, Karan, Shankar, the maids, too much at risk here. I will give you what you want and take you in any which way you please” she begged as she thrust back at his marauding cock.

She twisted and rotated her hips hoping to trigger an orgasm in him. But she knew him long enough to know that nothing was going to come of it. Nevertheless she was duty bound to try tame this monstrous cock before her husband woke up and looked into the mirror, only to find his petite demure wife, fucking a friend in the hallway of his house.

Shyam laughed cynically. He pulled out his cock and paused for an instant. He looked down and saw an angry red cockhead. She gasped loudly in protest and her hips thrust back in frantic search for the fulfilling pillar of flesh that helped her feel so full and complete.

His hand took hold of his cock and he re-entered her hard and quick. “You cannot take that vacuum, you slut! Admit it!” he hissed as he fucked her hard and furious. Each thrust ended with a big shove which translated to a clattering from the contents of the sideboard. Her fingers dug into the furniture to steady her body to the animal pounding.

“Take this, you bitch!” he muttered as he fucked her. The torch which was standing atop the sideboard fell and started to roll towards the edge. She wanted to stop it but that meant letting go of his buttock which she had pulled in towards her or letting go of the sideboard which meant she might fall.

Instead, she shoved back harder. When his cock was out she thrust back to take in the heated pillar of flesh into her womb.

The torch crashed to the floor, its glass lens breaking with a tinkle. She looked in panic at the sleeping form in the mirror. Karan stirred. His head lifted up and seemed to look towards the Göztepe Escort mirror.

Shyam in the meanwhile was pressed hard against her ass and now with both hands clutching her ass pulled back. He seethed as he felt the ravaged cunt lips pull at his cock. He shuddered. It was incredible. Through the haze of lust and confusion in his brain he too noticed the stirring form in the mirror. Sunita was moaning, thrusting back, and frantically looking around to ensure no one was coming from any of the rooms. Not Shankar, not the kids and certainly the other man she had fucked just a few minutes before.

Karan seemed to be watching, his head was definitely up but it was impossible to be sure.

“Awwwwwwwww Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” she groaned as his fingers reached down. He touched her clit. He touched his own cock as it slid in and out. He found her blood engorged sensitive spot and stroked it. “Okay, you bastard! Take! Take! Take! Take! Unhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she thrashed about.

Her cunt grabbed and gobbled at his pounding cock. She moved her hips in small circles. The entire cock was rotated around enhancing his pleasure even as the cuntlips ravaged the cockhead.

His self control was ready to desert him. He threw his head back and thrust in hard and deep.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” she went as she felt the skin of his cock pull back fully and the cockhead swell to impossibly large proportions. She leaned forward and back, expertly and sliding her flesh all over the penis, massaging it over all of its surface.

He let go with a bellow. The spurt of semen was deep in her womb. She laughed in delight and a long groan followed as she enjoyed the warmth spreading through her. Her cunt throbbed and milked the spewing cock.

They both shuddered. He jolted several times as his extra sensitive cockhead was pummeled by the twitching cunt. Each jolt made her gasp. She reached behind and dug her nails into his buttock holding him close.

He pressed himself deep into her and held himself there. He luxuriated in the wide expanse of skin contact between them. His thighs on the back of her thighs, his stomach on her ass, his chest grazing her as he leaned forward on top of her and his hands everywhere.

She wiggled her hips as all caution deserted her and she gave in fully to his and her pleasure. Nothing else mattered than him. That was how it was with him. Because her pleasure was all that matter to him. She was so completely taken and taken care of that she could completely take care of him and his needs.

They rocked back and forth as one, the movement causing his softening cock to ride her still pulsating cunt. Copious amounts of fluid flowed forth and now having filled her cavity, ran down her legs.

She sighed in contentment. He raked her back with his nails causing thin red lines. As the sensations subsided, he dug his nails into her full buttocks. It was an act of desperation. He wished he hadn’t cum; she would leave now, move on. But that was how the male orgasm was. And her ability to move on post-orgasm went back to that sense of her being sluttish in how she handled both the men in her life.

Sleep flooded his brain as the post-orgasmic relaxation spread through him. He leaned forward on her and she felt him sleeping. She stayed still. His weight on her was a part of the fullness.

The responsible woman in her was now fully awake. She turned towards the mirror which she had turned away from in the height of her mad orgasm. She saw the head lower and the supine form resume its passive shape. Or had she imagined it? She also thought she heard a click of a door and she turned to look towards the door where Shankar was supposedly asleep and wondered if it was her imagination.

She wiggled her hips to shake awake Shyam. His flaccid penis had left her. She reached down and picked up her clothes. And she resumed her walk towards the children’s room. She had not looked Shyam in his eyes. It was just a wild animal fuck in the possible know of everyone. Her body just knew it was Shyam.

There was something mysterious in the all round satisfaction in having taken care of her husband while she herself was fully taken care of by her Shyam. She curled to sleep and was soon lost to the world around…..

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