Summertime Lust Ch. 01


‘By accident’ that would be his excuse, an excuse that was as flimsy, sheer and see through as the knickers he was holding. If it got to that point anyway no excuse would truly work he would be caught red handed and very red faced. Mark held the knickers in both hands staring at them as if he had discovered a wondrous treasure of the ages instead of a pair of blue knickers that belonged to his best friend’s mother. The noise of good natured laughter from down stairs broke his trance and Mark looked over his shoulder guiltily. He turned back to the knickers and for a moment, for a fraction of a second he came close to placing them back in the drawer, closing it and heading downstairs. Instead he bunched them into a ball and with a hand that shook with excitement and nerves he pushed them into one front pocket of his jeans before pushing the drawer shut and heading back downstairs.

Mark was certain that everyone would know what he had hidden in his pocket, that just one look at him would be enough for his own mother to know that her son was perverted. In the kitchen his mother smiled at him over a cup of coffee, his best friend’s mother, Karen barely spared him a look as she grabbed two slices of cake off the work surface and placed them on the table, one in front of his mother the other in the vacant space that she quickly filled.

James stood by the back door, his foot tapping impatiently waiting on his friend he sighed when he finally caught sight of him “well it’s about time,”

Mark walked briskly through the kitchen, hands in his pockets hiding the bulge of the knickers in one pocket as well as the bulge that pushed at the buttons that made up the fly on the jeans, “Sorry,” he mumbled as he approached James.

“What did you do, shit out a new continent?” James said as he pulled open the back door.

Karen gasped at the profanity from her son’s mouth, had he spoken a moment sooner she would have spat coffee out over her guest, “James! Watch your language.”

James held his hands up placating his mother, “Sorry, sorry. I forget that when you were eighteen you never swore.”

Karen put down her coffee cup and stared darkly at her son, “You are never too old for a spanking you know.”

James opened his mouth the words stuck in his throat, the look his mother gave him made him ponder his response, it would not be beyond her to attempt a spanking in front of Mark and his mother. The risk was too great he swallowed his witty reply then simply said with a sigh, “Sorry.” Before pulling the door open and walking through.

Mark followed quickly behind, he turned, smiled and said a very quick goodbye to both the women at the table, his eyes catching the green ones of Karen and for a moment he found himself wondering what it would be like to be spanked by her then he found himself wondering what it would be like to spank her. He turned quickly as he felt his cheeks start to burn and followed his friend out into the summer day.

It was the fourteenth day of August, nineteen ninety two and Mark and James were two young men filled with the excitement and dread of starting University. For both of them it would truly be the first time they had left home and what made it worse, though both would deny it even under pain of death, they were both going to separate Universities and would miss one another terribly. James would be off to Wales, his once rather worrying interest in the insides of animals had cultivated into a love of Veterinary medicine, while Mark was off to London to study his lifelong love of photography. As they walked down their home street James waffled on about what he had recently discovered about his University which tended towards the girls there, how promiscuous they could be was high on the list they were both eighteen and still virgins.

Mark found his thoughts drifting here and there, a few choice words from James and Mark knew when to laugh, when to smile and when to look as interested as possible all the while he was building up an image in his head of his neighbourhood, a week on holiday here and there was one thing but going away for months at a time…he felt his stomach flip at such an alarming length of time. What was worse and he really found he felt shameful and guilty about it was that he would be away from Karen, a woman who had always been friendly and nice to Mark and a woman who Mark had longed to bed since he discovered the wonders of masturbation at the tender age of thirteen.

“Enterprise to Mark,” James delivered a stinging punch to Marks upper arm, “Are you listening to me or not, I’m trying to work out how many girls I’m going to bed within my first term, your mind is required.”

Mark rubbed at his numb arm “What makes you think you are going to get even one girl in bed while you’re there, so far your hit rate is as high as mine at zero.”

James shook his head, “That’s not fair I have one in the bag remember.” James smiled pushing his thick rimmed glasses up his nose.

Mark groaned, “Michelle does not kaynarca escort count,”

“Of course she does, she was in my bed.” James held one finger up to Mark’s face, “That counts as one.” Michelle was a fairly hot property in truth, her hair was a beautiful shade of dyed blonde, complexion was good with only a minor amount of acne, and her chest was very impressive with apparently no real need of padding. Michelle and her family had stayed at James’ families’ house one New Year’s eve, her father too drunk to drive home. They had shared a bed together to optimise the sleeping of two families. Mark had heard the story so many times at first the thrill of it had left him in awe and supplied with months’ worth of fantasies but as he got older he realised that it was all a little sad really. Michelle had climbed into James’ bed and had claimed to be chilly so James had snuggled up close, he had an erection that had sat nestled on Michelle’s toned backside and had done nothing about it! “You know if she wasn’t my cousin I would have gone for a tit,” James said.

“I know, I know. A tit and then her pussy but she was your cousin so you didn’t. That cannot class as ‘one in the bag’.”

“she was in my bed,” James said exacerbated, hands flying in the air then flopping to his side, the argument was one without end and had been raging ever since that faithful night.

They walked on in silence for a while before something new had taken James’ interest and the talk between them eased and became friendly once more. They met up with their small band of friends all in the same boat, nerdy and lacking any skills with the female of the species, outside the local cinema, for the entire length of the movie Marks mind drifted. His walk home that evening was one of torture. He wanted nothing more than to bolt from the cinema, run the three miles or so home and to his bedroom, instead he joked along with his friends, played it easy all the while his brain and his cock were screaming at him to get going.

Mark called out to his parents when he got in through the front door a little after eight in the evening, another call as he closed the door went unanswered just like the first. In the kitchen he found a note on the table, ‘gone out for the evening, dinner in microwave x’ this had become a weekly thing now that Mark was heading on to greater things, his parents were grabbing more and more time for themselves. Mark called out one more time just to be certain then rushed to his bedroom.

He pulled his curtains closed but left the light off. The summer sun was still high enough to give off enough brilliance to cut through the curtains and bathe Marks room in sombre light. He sat down heavily on his bed and fumbled in his jean pocket for a moment before pulling free the balled up treasure. Marks heart thudded faster in his chest, his check shirt moving rapidly with it. He pulled the knickers apart his body heat had warmed them up during their stay in his pocket. He licked his lips as one hand slipped through a leg hole his fingers dancing across the crotch as he visualised Karen’s mound pushing against the blue, cotton fabric.

He stood quickly almost tripping over his own feet as he pulled at the buttons on his jeans he pulled them down with his briefs in one, well-practiced motion his cock bouncing free, hard and erect before him. Mark quickly knelt before his bed and reached under his hand moving quickly across carpet and dust until the tips brushed across the cool metal of a small lock box. He lifted from under the bed and rested it on the mattress next to the knickers. He cursed himself when he realised he needed the key and grabbed his jeans fumbling with the mess until he prised a small bunch of keys free of a pocket.

The metal box contained mainly money and gift vouchers, a memento or two could also be found in the form of ticket stubs a leaflet and in particular one photograph that only Mark knew existed. Mark reached in moving money to one side as he pulled the photograph up from the very bottom of the small metal box. It was a photograph he had taken two years previous, it was a funny angle and slightly blurred, not one of his best compositions but most certainly his favourite photograph.

He was sixteen and for the first and only time James’ family had joined with Marks to go on holiday to Somerset together. Though they had separate caravans they were side by side and Mark was treated to more flesh from Karen than he had ever thought possible. Karen was not really known for being a wallflower but seeing her on holiday had opened many new fantasies to Mark. She had a bikini for each day it seemed, most were one piece’s that covered her round waist and stomach as well as her ample chest, but the way they clung to her Mark thought she might as well have been naked.

The second day into the stay she had stepped out in a black one piece her nipples clearly erect against the tight material, Mark had rushed back into his own caravan to calm himself down and re-arrange küçükyalı escort the erection that had sprouted up at the sight. The week had pretty much continued like that, even in the evening her dresses were low cut and a bra seemed to be optional. By mid-week Mark had masturbated more times than he thought possible in such a small space of time, but the best was yet to come.

They had gone to the beach early and located a small clump of sand dunes that afforded them ample sunshine, a great view of the beach and sea and more importantly less chance of people crowding in around them. James had gone off to look for bikini clad girls his disappointment in Mark for not wanting to go had meant he had stormed off in a bit of a sulk. Mark sat in a deck chair a book in one hand his camera resting on his lap he had been reading the same page for the last couple of hours his eyes had strayed constantly to Karen. His interest was piqued even more when she rolled onto her stomach and began to shimmy out of the top half of the bikini. Her pale back totally exposed from neck to the small of her back, Mark was so close he could count the freckles. He kept checking on James’ dad Peter as well as his own parents but no one seemed to be taking much attention…that was until the bee turned up.

Karen’s shriek pierced everyone’s ear’s, peter was on his feet in seconds, Mark’s own parents were quick to follow, then Karen still shrieking rose up her lowered top momentarily forgotten as she shouted at her husband to get the bee off her back. Mark’s breath caught in his throat as Karen had turned, her breasts, pale against her tanned arms and shoulders, jiggled and swayed into view as Karen continued to call for the removal of the bee. Her nipples were dusky pink and hard with the cool air the areola puckered and large around both. Mark’s hand was moving before he knew it, finger finding the camera shutter button, he felt the lens whir into life as it defocused and focused he wasted no time and fired one shot, hoping that Karen had been in the frame.

Mark know stared at that picture, developed and printed at college at the end of one day and hidden in the lock box ever since. Her breasts looked so large in the photograph her nipples visible but you could not truly tell how firm they were on the beach, but Mark’s memory could fill in those details. He took hold of the knickers and put the now cool material over his hard cock head, he moved them about shuddering with the sensation until the crotch nestled his cock. His eyes fixed on the photograph as he worked his cock.

He had waited all day for this moment the excitement had been unbearable, he worked his cock quicker letting the material rub against his slippery cock head and hard shaft. His orgasm hit him hard his hips bucked forward pushing his cock head further into the knickers as his cum erupted. He worked his cock with short strokes as it twitched and spurted then dribbled out its contents. Mark unclenched his jaw and opened his eyes, “shit!” he exclaimed huskily noticing the mess he had made of the knickers that were still held tight around his now relaxing cock. He had lost all control at the last moment, he had planned on pulling the knickers away before he climaxed, saving the knickers so they could be returned unsoiled, now he would have to wash and return them at a later date. Mark hoped their disappearance would not be noticed.

“I don’t know, aren’t we a little old for sleep overs?” Mark asked in a hush tone, the library not surprising in the middle of summer was empty all except a couple of librarians and octogenarians who found some comfort in the old brick buildings cool interior.

“Oh come on, it’s not like our sleep overs are anything like everyone else’s,” James said a little too loudly attracting the attention of one dour looking librarian who tutted and shook her head. James mouthed ‘sorry’ and lowered his head as he lowered his voice, “I have a couple of new magazines.” Mark put his pen down, by magazines he knew that James did not mean White Dwarf or 2000AD, James smiled craftily knowing he had the hook sunk in, “Fiesta and Escort just like the old days.”

Mark shook his head smiling resignedly to the fact that there was no way out of it, “Okay, I’m in,” and the truth was with James’ parents out he would have an opportunity to put the knickers back, he now had them for almost a week and he had begun to worry that their disappearance would be noticed. “At this rate you won’t have anything for the girls in university.”

James laughed, “unlimited reserves my friend.”

Mark thought he had gotten to James’ house with time to spare his hope of seeing what Karen was wearing for the evening dashed as James opened the door with a four pack of beer in one hand. The sleepovers had started a few years earlier when they both discovered that what they thought they were doing in their separate rooms was solely there thing everyone else was also doing it. The first time Mark had been quite shocked, sancaktepe escort James had brought a choice selection of magazines over to Marks house, who at that point was still masturbating to the bra section of a catalogue, upon seeing the adult magazines Mark had decided that James was a God, for a small space of time until he realised he was just a dirty pervert.

The magazines had blown Marks mind, women in various poses, nude for the world and nude for him, wanting him to look and touch he had wanted to get his cock out almost straight away but with James there he had been embarrassed to. James on the other hand, had no qualms he showed Mark a blonde called Jo that he was particularly fond of and then proceeded to undo his trousers and pull his very erect cock out and promptly stroking it his eyes fixed on Jo who was spread out on a bale of hay. Mark had watched fascinated and a little turned on before he too succumbed to the delights of Jo and cautiously joined James with his own cock.

Tonight it seemed would be no different. The model and the magazines were newer but the old motions were ever present. They sat on the bedroom floor the magazines between them. In one hand a beer in the other they held their cocks, the pages turned slowly as there took devolved into pure smut, a particular model would result in a healthy explosion of frantic wanking before they both slowed down and resumed the hunt for ‘the one’. By the second magazine Mark was desperate to cum he had edged close to three models already one of his old fantasises had come back to haunt him towards the end of the Fiesta magazine, a selection of wife photographs and he had instantly remembered scouring through these one year trying to see if James’ father Peter had snapped a few of Karen and sent them in, sadly he had not or Mark had missed that issue.

“I don’t know about you,” James was stroking his cock a little faster, his foreskin pulled back from his purple, bulbous head that was slick with pre cum, “But I have to get this out of me,” His eyes scanned over the model, a two page spread of a blonde called Adele, large breasts, trimmed bush and a cute ‘fuck me’ smile. Mark found he was along for the ride and sped up his own pace, “do you think she’d be able to have the both of us?” James asked in a juddering tone.

Mark nodded, “easily and happily.” His balls felt heavy and his shaft a hot erect piece of meat in his fist the tip foamy with pre-cum now. “Probably get us both in her pussy,” he added through gritted teeth, it was enough to send James over the edge, his friend let out a long moan his legs spasmed as if he was having a fit and his cock head erupted forth a long ribbon of cum, Mark was a few seconds behind his own load erupting forth though with less volume, not surprising seeing that it had been in use almost all week with the aid of Karen’s knickers.

For a minute or so they both sat, panting, dribbling cocks in hand watching their mess pool together on the pages of the now ruined magazine. “Ready for round two?” James asked.

Mark had been lying in the silence for a while, he had awoken with a start he was unsure if the laugh he had heard was in his head or if he had heard it. The second muffled laugh confirmed that it was coming from inside the house, he sat up on his elbows head cocked to one side he could hear movement, a mumbled conversation followed by a deep yelp and prolonged feminine laughter Mark smiled to himself, James’ parents had come home. He sat up fully in bed and rubbed at the sleep in his eyes, James remained deeply in sleep a soft snore rising from his bed sheets. The muffled laughing continued and got louder as the couple walked up the stairs, through a gap in the door Mark could see the murky darkness turn black as two shapes passed by heading for their room.

Curiosity pricked at Mark and after a minute or two he rose from his bed on the floor and walked on tip toes to the door. He opened it a tiny bit, the crack becoming a chasm further down the hall he could see the yellow light of a bed lamp on in the bedroom. He strained to hear any noise there was something there but he was too far away. Mark bit his lip and looked over at James, the ideal solution was to return to bed and sleep, he had tried this particular little stunt a year or two ago with poor results. Yet he still opened the door further still and slipped out, he moved along one wall pressing against and within a few feet he had reached his goal.

The door was a jar but not by much, the noise he thought he could hear was now far more audible, he pushed the door with his bare foot and caught himself as two figures came quickly into view. He had expected they would be in bed but instead they were stood up, both had arms wrapped around one another kissing deeply. Peter had his back to the door and his shirt was partly off, his trousers a crumpled pile at his feet, one of Karen’s hands was firmly on his head the other close to his backside tugging at the elastic waist of his shorts. Mark moved his head trying to catch a glimpse of Karen, but the sheer size of Peter made this difficult to impossible, he could make out her arms, the top of her head and her legs. Legs that held sheer black stockings and piled around her feet the sequin black dress she had worn that evening.

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