Summer Job

Fat Pussy

I strolled in the door at about five minutes to six and saw Katie sitting behind the counter reading a magazine looking bored as hell.

“That bad huh?” I offered as I went through the lobby of the ice cream store toward the backroom. Kate just shot me a look and dramatically flipped the page of her magazine.

“Look on the bright side, you get to catch up on your reading,” I shouted as I walked through the “employees only” door, knowing I would not get any response beyond an eyeroll.

I picked up the daily log to see how bad the numbers were and walked through the backroom to the service area behind the counter with Katie. Katie was sitting on a stool by the cash register, wearing an oversized gray hooded sweatshirt and a pair of short khaki shorts as she leafed though a Cosmo.

“Amy call in?” I asked.

“She went to have dinner with Chris. Should be in soon,” Katie mumbled without looking up from the “How to satisfy your man quiz”.

I was in between junior and senior year of college and working nights at Avery’s Ice Cream. I’d been working there since it opened five years earlier and the brothers that owned the place had made me the night manager shortly after I started. Katie had been working there since we opened. When she was first hired and was sixteen, she was cute and sassy but nothing to write home about. I’d kept my eye on her over the last two years since there was an obvious attraction. Katie had always had a good personality, was a hard worker but mostly I liked that she could give it as well as she could take it. The flirtations had always been there but escalated this summer especially after one of her friends let it drop that she had a huge crush on me. It also didn’t hurt that she really came into her body over the last year. While the uniform white t-shirt and khaki shorts allowed me a pretty good view of all the girls that worked there, most of the girls wore sports bras underneath for work. I really got to check Katie out a week before when she left work early to go to a party and changed into a tank top and jean shorts that really showed offer her C-cup tits and tight ass. I was replaying the thought of seeing her bounce out of the store that night while I attended to paperwork in the backroom.

I was working days with a landscaping crew and nights at the ice cream store to put together my college money and was burning the candles at both ends so I didn’t have too much time to socialize and the girls I worked with at the store were the females I interacted with the most those days.

“I’m going across the street for a red bull. You want anything?” I asked Katie as I rounded back into the serving area.

She turned with a mischevious grin and took $15 out of the tip jar and slapped it on the counter.

“Tea or lemonade?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

Katie smirked, “Lemonade please.”

My management style had become pretty lax and I frequently bought the girls booze from the mini-mart across from the ice cream store. The girls liked the danger of a little buzz and it served as a bond between me and the girls I worked with. I grabbed the cash and headed out into the July drizzle that was keeping our clients away. By the time I got back Amy had arrived.

Amy was one of Katie’s best friends. Amy was a cute, dark skinned brunette who was really short but had really long hair. Amy was the hippie chick you saw at a phish show wearing the hemp dress that made you wonder if she was knocked up but was clearly stoned and spinning around in a circle. She did not really fit the mold of the girls the owners usually hired (blond, perky, cute) but got the job because Katie recommended her.

I slid the six pack of hard lemonade across the counter and they both smiled, batted their eyes at me and crooned, “Thanks Charlie.”

“Anytime angels.”

By the time I got back around to the service counter they had unloaded half of the sixer into three cups. I started going though the close down procedures as the girls chatted about graduation parties and bullshit.

“A little early for that, isn’t it?” said Katie as I cleaned out one of the ice cream machines.

“You said we haven’t had a customer since four, even if the rain breaks its barely 60 degrees out there. Might as well get everything ready so we can walk out at 11,” I said as I removed the screwnuts that held the faceplate on the ice cream machine.

The girls went back to chatting.

“Bill is probably going to call and tell me to cut one or both of you since its so slow…”

Amy chimed right up, “Chris is getting off at 9 anyway so I don’t care.”

“Can one of you girls grab my nuts for me?” It was my go to innuendo when I was cleaning out the ice cream makers. Both girls let it go past with more than a passing glance. Like clockwork the boss called in.

I gave him the rundown that we had no business and he told me to cut Amy. I hung up and let the girls know.

Amy Şerifali Escort chugged the last of her hard lemonade and said “I’m getting out of here before Charlie makes any more nut jokes”.

Amy skipped out the door and blew a kiss to Katie. Katie jumped off the stool and stripped off her sweatshirt.

“If we get everything done early, can we shut down at 10?” she asked.

“Why got a hot date?” I fired back without even looking back from cleaning out the ice cream machine.

“Yeah. Jealous?”

“Not at all, kid. Actually I should give the poor bastard twenty bucks for taking one for the team,” I said as I turned my neck to grin at her.

Katie had taken her Avery’s baseball hat off and undone her pony tail. Her dirty blond hair fell to her shoulders as she restocked the supply counter.

She gave me the middle finger without looking at me and replied, “Suck it.”

I pulled the ice cream blades out of the machine and lugged them back into the back room to the utility sink for the nightly scrub down. A few minutes later Katie came through to get more backroom supplies. Even with the sports bra, that all of the girls had taken to wearing under their t-shirts, her tits had a great bounce to them. I watched her ass as she reached up for a re-stock of cups.

As she walked back toward the front section I called out, “Katie, I’ve got my hands full can you handle my nuts?” She came back carrying the four screwnuts in her hand and smiling.

“You wish I would handle your nuts.”

“I just know you can’t handle them.” I said playfully without looking back at her.

“Oh I can handle them better than anybody.” I knew she was standing behind me. I turned in time to catch her smiling at me and holding the stainless steel nuts in her hand at waist level. Her hazel colored eyes sparkled. We’d flirted heavy like this before but there was always someone else around.

I stepped forward toward her and reached out my hand. “You talk a big game but I don’t think you can handle this, stick to your high school boys,” I said as I reached toward her hand. She pulled her hand back playfully.

“Trust me, I can handle you and your nuts,” she laughed. I stepped forward and she didn’t back away. We kept the eye lock. I reached out and brushed her hair over her left ear.

“If you think your serious you better go lock that door right now.” She smirked at me, walked over to the employees only door, closed it behind her and pressed the lock as she stood facing me.

“Well, make your move, stud,” she teased. She added in a toss of her hair. I still wasn’t sure if this was a joke but I took the bait. As I walked quickly towards her she dropped the smile. I reached out and grabbed her by the button of her shorts and pulled her into me. She closed her eyes and I leaned in for a kiss. I gave her just enough open mouth to let her know I was for real but didn’t give her any tongue yet.

Even though she was starting college, she was a high schooler through and through; she jammed her tongue into my mouth. I went with it. We kissed there for what seemed like minutes, me pressing her against the locked door. I wanted to grab at her big heaving tits so badly, but I let the suspense build. My touch slid from her hair, down to her neck, shoulder, clavicle, all while keeping the kiss. Finally she arched her back and pushed her tits at me. I let me had slide down to her rock hard nipples. She let out an audible moan. I went for her earlobe with the tips of my teeth.

“Oh Charlie,” she moaned.

I squeezed her tit as she reached down and blindly groped at my cock through my shorts.

“Yes, Charlie. Yes,” she moaned into my ear as I slid my hand up under her shirt.

Suddenly she broke the kiss and put her hand onto my chest. She looked me right in the eye and panted, “lights!”

I became suddenly aware of the 20 foot florescent sign above the store reminding customers that we were open for business. I kissed Katie hard and moved her from the door toward the office desk in the corner. As we kissed and stumbled toward the desk, I slid my hand down to her shirt and started to pull it up over her stomach. We hit the desk with a thud. Katie pulled her shirt up and off breaking the kiss and giving me time to reach over her shoulder to flip down the light switch that controlled the exterior lighting. I went for her sports bra. Despite the awkward second where her arms were up over her head the image of her round perky white tits bouncing free of the sports bra is burned in my memory. I kissed her again with a lot of tongue as she fumbled with unbuttoning my shorts. I reached down and unbuttoned my shorts and she slid her hand in and grabbed my rock hard cock. Her smooth hand slipped from the head of my dick all the way down the shaft. When she reached the bottom of my cock she coiled her fingers around the base of my dick and began to stroke me furiously. It was an Üsküdar Escort amateur handjob at best and she was ripping the hell out of my cock. I kissed her hard for another minute as she worked over my cock and I slid my hand inside her shorts. Once I unbuttoned her shorts I slid her off the desk and onto the chair.

I broke the kiss and stood up as I slid my body toward her positioning my cock directly in front of her face. Subtle. She looked up and me and smiled. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. She began sucking like there was no tomorrow. No one had ever taught her how to give a proper blowjob.

While she continued to try to inhale my cock, I reached down grabbed her hand and moved it to the base of my cock. With my cock still filling her mouth her eyes looked up into mine quizzically. I started to move her hand up and down the base of my shaft.

Once she got the rhythm down I pulled her mouth off my cock and whispered, “Lick all the way down on the bottom.” She stuck out the tip of her tongue and slid it all the way down my cock.

I kept her hand moving along my cock and whispered, “now lick the tip.”

Without being told she slid her tongue back up the length of my shaft and began to tease the head of my dick with her tongue. She started to understand and began to alternate licks with slight sucks of my dick head.

“Now the balls” I whispered.

She followed my lead and slid her tongue down the underside of my shaft and began to lick my balls. She started to move her hand off my cock to my balls but I caught it and had her keep jerking me off in rhythm. After giving my balls some attention she slid her tongue back up my shaft and resumed sucking and licking the tip of my cock. The rhythm of her hand strokes combined with this beautiful young girl sucking on the end of my cock was starting to get to me. I thought about how I’d jerked off to her dozens of times and drank in her perky tits jiggling as she jerked my cock. I could feel the pressure building in my balls.

“Faster,” I moaned to her. Her eyes darted back to mine but she didn’t miss a beat. She tightened her grip and began jerking my cock as she sucked hard on the tip. I started to thrust a little with my hips.

“I’m gonna cum,” I whispered. “You gonna swallow?”

She looked at me with her big brown eyes and in the heat of her lust I could tell that she never had swallowed cum but she wasn’t about to disappoint. She nodded her head up and down without breaking contact with my cock. I almost fired my load just on that look. Her fast pace jerking was too much. I felt the release from my balls and let out a groan. She looked up at me as she continued jerking me. The first load must have been too much because she pulled back as it fired into her mouth. She kept jerking me off but turned her head away as the rest of my load splashed on the wall behind her. She coughed a little and began to look embarrassed. I pulled her up next to me and she released the death grip she had on my cock. I kissed her hard and turned her toward the desk. I pushed my cock toward her still clothed pussy and she pulled me into her. I grabbed her by the hips and slid her up onto the desk.

We broke the kiss and I began to work my way down her neck toward her heaving tits as my hands slid down to her shorts. I flicked and teased her nipple with my tongue as I slid her shorts and panties off her hips. I could see with the corner of my eye that she had her head thrown back. Her dirty blond hair cascading down her shoulders as I switched to the other nipple. She grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pulled me into her.

“Oooohhh,” she moaned as I slipped my finger around her pussy.

I broke my contact with her nipple long enough to pull her shorts and panties off over her sneakers.

I saw her start to kick her white sneakers off and stopped her, “leave them on,” I told her.

She looked at me with the heat of passion in her eyes. I sat down on the chair and pulled her ass toward the front of the desk. I slipped my finger into her waiting pussy as I worked my tongue all around her clit. Shaved.

“Oh. Oh.Oh.Oh.” was all that I heard. I stopped my fingerbang. She started to thrust her hips onto my finger. I had her. I slid her ass further up so she was laying on the desk giving me a great view of her pussy tits and face from my sitting position.

I slipped my head under my arm and went to work on her taint with my tongue. I could tell by how she tensed up that she was nervous but by her eyes that she wasn’t going to stop me. I slid my tongue into her ass.

“Oh my god” she moaned. She started to massage my hair with her hands. I worked my tongue up and down from ass to pussy while I continued my finger bang assault on her. With my other hand I groped through my shorts to find the condom I always kept in the side pocket. Suddenly she grabbed my hair hard with Ümraniye Escort both hands.

“More,” she panted. I went wild on her with my fingers and she bucked her ass in the air. She began to drip with cum and thrashed on the desk while moaning,

“more, more, more more, moooooore.”

I pulled out and let her lay there with her eyes closed panting. I started to open the condom and she opened her eyes.

“Wow Charlie,” is all she stammered.

She looked at me as I rolled the condom down my cock. She sat up a little.

“You’re not done?” she asked.

I smiled and slid my body closer to hers. She slid her ass further toward the end of the desk and spread her legs. The desk was just the right height for me to slide my cock into her. I teased her for several strokes by rubbing my cock over the top of her shaved pussy. She closed her eyes and let her mouth fall open as she lay flat on her back on the desk. After a few minutes of teasing her with rubbing my cock over her pussy, she reached her arms down and grabbed me by the hips, pulling me toward her. That was my queue. I positioned my cock just at the opening of her pussy. I slipped the head of my dick insider her and she purred.

Then I stopped. And waited.

She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“What?” she panted.

I couldn’t help myself. “Tell me how bad you want it,” I ordered.

“Oh, Charlie, please fuck me. Please fuck me now,” she groaned.

I slid my cock into her and she let out another groan.

“Oh Yes,” she said as she closed her eyes and put her head back.

I had a great rhythm going as I was fucking her and watching her perfect tits bounced up and down. She slid her knees to my waist and hooked her ankles behind my waist as I started to fuck her harder. I realized that I was not going to last long at this pace.

I slowed my pace of ramming her and bent closer to her. I slid my hands under her back, rammed my cock into her as far as I could and pulled her up off the desk. I picked her up off the desk with my cock still impaling her wet pussy and sat down on the chair with her on top of me. She opened her eyes and kissed me deeply. She started grinding up and down on my cock with her wet pussy as I broke the kiss and began sucking her nipples.

“Oh Charlie,” she groaned into my ear as I sucked on her perfect tits.

I lightly slapped her ass while she was riding my cock and whispered in her ear “You like that?”

“Yeeesss,” she whispered back.

After a few minutes I could feel the cum starting to build in my balls, so I reached underneath her thighs with both of my arms and stood up impaling her pussy with my cock again. This time I held her in that position. I looked into her eyes.

“You ready?”

She looked at me and nodded even though I could tell she had no idea what was about to happen. I bent my knees slightly, hooked my hands up so my arms were under her thighs and my hands were around her ass pulling her onto my cock. I started rocking her on my cock and she started to follow my lead as I started slamming my cock into her while I was standing. She threw her head back and I began sucking her tit as I slammed in and out of her. I started fucking her harder.

“Holy shit,” she groaned. “Holy shit, holy shit,” was all she could stammer. I kept hammering away at her pussy and sucking on her tits. I felt her pussy getting wetter as she clutched my back.

“Harder…..faster,” she moaned.

I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I leaned down and laid her on the desk so that her ass was just barely hanging off the end of the desk. I slid her legs up in the air.

“Fuck me Charlie,” she moaned at me.

I pulled out all the way then slammed my cock into her as deep as I could. I started pounding her pussy with fast strokes of my cock. I pushed her legs back toward her head, leaned toward her and began fucking her with everything I had.

“Oh,Oh, Oh, Oh,” was all Katie could say. Watching her tits bounce as she moaned was enough to push me over the top. I fired a load that drained both of my balls into her. We kissed for what seemed like five minutes as my cock spasmed inside her cunt.

She moaned, “Oh Charlie.”

I left my cock in her and asked “Do you need more?”

She left her eyes closed and just shook her head back and forth. I collapsed into her for a minute. I stood up and pulled my cock out of her pussy. She sat up and jumped off the desk. She bent over and started putting on her clothes.

“I can’t believe we really just did that,” she said with the mischievous smile returning.

“I guess you can handle my nuts,” I said as I slid my shorts on.

“I told you, I could,” she replied. I drank in her smile, her perky tits and dirty blonde hair now mussed around her head. I pulled her into me and kissed her again. As we broke the kiss I teased her,

“Thought you had a hot date?”

“Yeah, I just did.” She smiled and kissed me.

“What happens now?” she asked.

“You go, I’ll clean up. And we’ll hope for more rain tomorrow.”

She pulled on her sweatshirt, “Ok,” she giggled and went for the door.

It was going to be one hell of a summer.

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