Summer Ends with a Bang Ch. 01


With summer drawing to a close I was certain that I was going be leaving home a virgin. My luck with girls had never been terrific one might say it bordered on being tragic. I guess you could say that I painfully shy which was a direct result of a lack of self confidence. I struggled to engage in conversation with anyone but especially girls. I guess you could say I was moderately attractive, I was about five foot ten, one hundred sixty pounds with strawberry blonde hair and ice blue eyes. My teeth were so clean and straight you would have thought I had braces but that was not the case. Even though I had dated a couple of girls during high school I had yet to get past the kissing and heavy petting stages.

At some point during the summer I started spending some quality time with Leslie. In my opinion we were just friends who enjoyed long make out sessions in the front seat of my car. Leslie was a cute little spit-fire of a girl. She had curly red hair with freckles in all the right places. She may have had a couple of extra pounds but lucky for me most of that settled in her nice round tits. What Leslie didn’t realize what that all the while when we were fogging up the windows in my car I was fantasizing about her best friend Linda. Linda was about five foot four, one hundred İstanbul Escort pounds with shoulder length blonde hair and the perkiest set of tits. I had been pining for Linda since 10th grade biology class. But for one reason or another we never hooked up.

Since Leslie’s parents had gone away for the weekend she decided she would invite some of us over to drink and party one last time before I left for college. It was a small gathering of no more than 6 people. We played the typical juvenile drinking games. Never having been one to leave a part early it came as no surprise that I was one of the last ones there. What was surprising this night that come the end of the night the only other people remaining were Leslie and Linda. Having drank my share of beer I was not bothered by the awkwardness of the situation, being left with the girl I was supposedly dating and also the girl I wanted to be dating.

Grabbing a beer and the television remote I decided to park myself on the couch. After a little bit of cleaning Linda and Leslie both came over to join me, with one sitting on either side of me. Being slightly drunk and horny I leaned over and started to make out with Leslie because it felt like the right thing to do. With my mind working on over drive I gently İstanbul Escort bayan pulled away from Leslie, faced Linda and leaned in to give her a kiss. I was bowled over when she actually reciprocated and returned the kiss. Not wanting Leslie to feel left out I reached back with my hand and started to caress her leg. With in a couple of minutes she pulled me away but instead of yelling she started to kiss me again. So I did the only logical thing and began to caress Linda’s leg.

This went on for what seemed like an hour but realistically was probably more like twenty minutes. At which point Leslie grabbed me by the hand and apologized to Linda that we would be leaving her a lone for short while. Linda didn’t even seemed fazed or upset. I gave her one last glance as Leslie and I left the room. Before I knew it Leslie and I were sprawled out on her parent’s bed kissing like never before. I was soon like an octopus with my hands moving all over her body. Grabbing her shirt I was surprised at how quickly and easily it came off. One by one clothing seemed to flying off our bodies.

Having never been this close to an actual naked girl I thought I was going to explode. And by the time Leslie actually reached down and grabbed a hold of my throbbing Escort İstanbul cock I was almost whimpering like a little puppy dog. Rolling over on top of me Leslie looked down at me with her “come fuck me” eyes and questioned quite seductively; “you don’t mind if I give you a good-bye fuck, do you?”

Stammering all I could manage to say was “HELL NO!!”

Coyly Leslie replied “Good Answer!”

With that being said Leslie reached down and grabbed my cock to help guide it into her tight virgin pussy. Struggling, with tears building up in here eyes Leslie managed to have full penetration. After a brief rest she began slowly bouncing up and down while I clumsily try meet each and every thrust. Being a virgin I knew that I wasn’t going to be one of those studs you seen in porn but I was a little disappointed when after about five minutes I was feeling the incredible sensation of busting my load inside someone instead of my hand or the shower.

Slightly sweaty and out of breath Leslie collapsed on top of me. Trying to catch her breath she asked “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

Not wanting to hurt her feelings I managed to echo her sentiments. After some quality cuddle time I explained to Leslie that I had to go home to finish packing as I was leaving for school in the morning. Although she seemed visibly upset she assured me she understood. Throwing my clothes back on I quietly left the room and was headed to find my keys and the door.

Not wanting to be rude I stopped at the couch to say good night to Leslie and to give her a goodbye hug…

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