Sue Has An Unexpected Surprise For Me (Part 1 of 2)


It has been two weeks since Sue returned from her second encounter with her business landlords, Nick and Jason. This was the second time my wife had sex with these two men in order to keep her business rent the same, thereby protecting her small boutique business.I opened the door to our apartment at around lunchtime and I had the strong feeling, let’s call it intuition, that something was different.“I’m home, darling,” I said and closed the door behind me. My wife emerged from our bathroom in a purple silk robe. She looked stunning, her make-up and hair enhancing her natural beauty, with the robe open enough to show her cleavage. The bottom of the robe was very short and only just covered her shaved pussy. We have been married for eighteen years and yet, her beauty still takes my breath away.She is forty-two years old and, as previously described, keeps herself fit and trim, with pert breasts, a shapely firm ass, and long legs. Even though she was wearing a robe, she wore a pair of heels, that matched the colour of the robe, which accentuated the shape of her beautiful smooth legs.I walked towards her and kissed her gently on the lips, smelling her perfume, whilst she responded by slipping her tongue into my mouth and I groaned. She held my hand and escorted me to the bathroom, which was illuminated by candles.“I love you darling and you have been so understanding, even encouraging, since I have discovered my newfound sexuality. I’ve decided it’s time to reward that understanding and sexual freedom ücreti elden alan escort that you have shown and supported,” she said. Sue told me to please follow her instructions, and told me to undress. As I did so she removed her heels, slowly removed her robe, hung it on the back of the door, turned, and proceeded to turn the shower on.She beckoned me to enter the shower and joined me, reached for the soap, and began to lather my body. I reached out to touch her and she shook her head no, so I watched while she washed my entire body. My cock was rock hard and my foreskin was pulled back completely as the tip of my cock throbbed with blood. Sue washed my cock and balls gently, but only to ensure I was clean, and made no attempt to masturbate me. She took care to keep her hair dry, and once I was clean she turned the shower off.She took a towel and dried me first, then dried herself, put her robe back on, and handed me one to wear, then led me by the hand to our bedroom.“What is going on?” I asked and she put her finger to her lips and gestured for me to sit on the bed.Sue simply said, “OK,” once I was seated at the foot of the bed and I was stunned to see two of her friends enter the room. I looked quizzically at Sue, and she smiled at me. I had secretly lusted over both of these friends in the past, but I had never said anything to my wife. Both friends looked stunning, in similar make-up and matching purple ücreti elden alan gaziantep escort robes and high heels, and they both gave me a sexy smile.The first friend was Lucy, and had been one of Sue’s friends for years. She was recently divorced, thirty-eight years old and very pretty, with long blonde hair and stunning green eyes and at 5’6”” was shorter than my wife. I could tell by her cleavage, revealed by the robe, that she had bigger tits and I estimated she was probably a D-cup.Abigail, known by her friends as Abi, was a bit of an extrovert, was single, had light pink hair with darker pink highlights which was shaved very short on one side and grown out longer on the other. I’d been told that she liked piercing and could tell, even through the silk robe, that the nipples of her small breasts had nipple-bars inserted. Abi was very slim and petite at 5’2”” and was the youngest of the women at thirty-seven, five years younger than my wife and six years younger than me.My seven-inch uncut cock was harder than I can remember, almost painfully so, and the robe was no match for it as I poked up, my throbbing cock clearly visible to all. Evidently, my wife had arranged a session to remember for me with her and two of her best friends.I could feel my pulse and breathing increase as, one by one, the women removed their robes. They were naked underneath, and my wife’s pussy was shaved bare as usual. Abi ücreti elden alan gaziantep escort bayan had a small landing strip that was light brown, her natural hair colour, and the rest of her pussy was also shaved and smooth, Surprisingly, Lucy had a full pubis of hair, however, the hair was neatly trimmed and quite short, and in her case, the ‘collars and cuffs matched’ as her pussy was also blonde, Her tits were magnificent, with hard nipples, and I gasped at the beauty in front of me.All three ladies approached me and I stood to remove my robe, letting it fall to the floor. Initially, Sue went to sit on a chair we have in the bedroom and it was clear she intended to watch her friends take me first. Lucy kissed me passionately and I could feel my hard cock pressing into her smooth thigh as I held the back of her head and gently placed my other hand on her firm behind, as our tongues entwined.Both ladies laid me down on the bed and Lucy wasted no time in positioning herself so she could sit on my face. I looked up and saw that her pussy lips were already slightly parted, puffy, and glistening, so I breathed hot breath onto her and heard her sigh as she lowered herself onto my eager tongue. I started probing her hot wet slit, found her clit, and flicked my tongue over it as she groaned and ground herself into my face. She smelt and tasted incredible and my heart rate increased again as I lapped away at a pussy that did not belong to my wife.Suddenly I felt hot breath on my cock and without warning, Abi took me into her hot mouth, and I shuddered when I felt that she had a tongue-stud, that teased me where my cockhead met my throbbing shaft. She started to suck my cock with real urgency, and I groaned into Lucy’s sopping wet pussy, which was coating my face with her juices. I pushed my tongue as deep as I could inside Lucy’s hot cunt, feeling the short blonde hairs tickling my nose, just as Abi started to fondle my cum filled balls.

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