Sucking Dick Fantasy


We were on our second cup of coffee and his list of woes, worries, and bewilderments continued to flow out of him like blood from a wound.

Pete sat slumped over his coffee cup, still wearing the badge from his booth at the expo. He was here for work, near my home, so I drove out to meet him and catch up with my old friend. We’d known each other over thirty years. Phones calls remained fairly frequent, but visits were very rare.

Tossing back the last of his coffee, he paused from his latest tale of marital and family strain, to stand and say he had to get back to prepare his booth for the next day. I went along and learned more of his frustrations as we walked back to the display building and meandered through a maze of displays.

There were few people still around, only other exhibitors, in various corners of the huge building. His booth was back in a deserted section, hidden behind the high walls of another booth, which now stood empty.

I leaned against a pile of boxes as he set about restocking tables slowly and telling me more about his troubles at home. I did not mind this; I’d heard gaziantep rus escort a lot of the same before over long phone calls. I knew he was just venting frustrations. Something about today seemed different though. He seemed darker and more weary.

As he went on, I started looking around and noticed how secluded we were. My interest ignited as I realized I could barely even hear other voices. I looked back at my struggling friend, and decided maybe a little dip into the wild side might put the perk back in his swagger.

I walked over to where he stood, opening a box of something or another, and kneeled down close to him. He looked down and stopped talking to stare questioningly at me.

I asked bluntly, “Will a blow job make you feel better?”

He stared at me incredulously, we’d never crossed platonic lines before. A myriad of expressions played over his face as kept staring at me. I took that as not a “no” and reached out to unbuckle his belt. He did not move away, though did look up and around. I unbuttoned his jeans and he took a step closer, giving me better access to his package.

I pulled the front of his briefs down and reached in to take out his cock. His hips flinched as my hand grasped his dick. I looked up at him briefly, he was still scanning the area around us. I touched my tongue to the tip of his dick and he moaned softly. I took it into my mouth and gave it a light suck. He moaned again deeply and pushed his hips towards me.

Pulling his jeans and briefs down some, I freed his nuts. I took his dick in my mouth while I rubbed his sac firmly. He moaned louder as his dick grew fast in my mouth. I held his shaft in my hand and began kissing and licking the fleshy tip of his cock, sucking it lightly as I worked my lips around it.

He took the back of my head in his hand and pushed me to him and uttered, “Oh Kay, put it back in your mouth, oh suck it.”

I took him into my mouth and sucked harder, and ran my tongue back and forth quickly and roughly along the underside of his tip. He let out a quiet grunt and uttered, “Ohhhhh hell it has been sooooooo long.”

I took him in deeper, as deep as I could. I continued sucking him and massaging his shaft with my tongue. I pumped his shaft with one hand and cupped his balls firmly in the other. He put both his hands around my head and leaned heavily on me, he let out quiet grunts as he watched me, and no longer scanned the area.

His hips began pumping towards me, so I moved my hands to his shaft and let him push into my sucking mouth. He moaned and watched as I let him fuck my mouth. He gradually increased his speed and tightened his hold on my head. He grunted softly with each thrust. His movements grew more jerky.

I put my hand on his pelvis and began taking him in and out of my mouth as I sucked him hard. I felt his hips quiver and his body tense, and gave his nuts a firm squeeze as I sucked on his shaft. With a louder grunt, he quickly pulled away from me, and grabbed his shaft to pump himself briefly before he unloaded all over the display table he’d just gotten ready for the morning.

He leaned on the table for a few moments, and then chuckled when he saw his cum on the brochures and samples. Turning towards me, his dick and balls still hanging out, a broad smile on his face, he said, “Fuck I feel better now! Thanks Kay, let me clean this mess up quick and let’s go get a beer.”

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