Strangers On A Train


Night tube, buzzing with home-bound revellers.Raucous exuberance; too-loud talk; scents of sweat, stale alcohol. Young woman opposite,relaxed, inebriated,sexily Sincan Escort braless Etlik Escort in strappy low-cut Çankaya Escort top.Tube brakes sharply: she drops her water bottle.We both reach for it, almost bump heads;her strap slipsand one bare tit flops out.Time flash-freezes:pale boob just inches from my face;delicate blue veins on smooth skin;dimples round pink nipple.Pissed, she’s unaware, ‘til I wink,indicate with eyes her flopping tit.She gasps, fumbles it back, blushes pink, ashamed.But I start laughing,then so does she.  

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