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Christina’s Fame:


When I was a child of three or four my mother used to console me saying ‘My baby doll is going to shine one day’ when I used to cry begging Mum not to take me to the Music school. I just hated the way they made me scream until my throat ached. I used to think back then that I’m never going to be here again. Then suddenly one day everything changed. I woke up one morning & found music is the only thing without which I just couldn’t live. Since that day I have been living with my love. Music.

Look at me now. I’m a star. Like my mother said, shining, glittering star. I’m the one who rules the Metallic Rock world.

When I struck the strings the world forgets it’s busyness and like a Rock Freak listens to my music. Whatever I sing becomes a record breaking hit. I never take pride about that. I’m just so good that they can’t help. People die to see me once. Kids cherish the dream that they will have an autograph from me in their lovely autograph book. I’m just so famous.

But I’m alone too.

Well, I’m single, successful, pretty good looking with shoulder length Strawberry

Blonde hair, piercing deep blue eyes, and high cheek bone. My beauty is the treasure my family passed to me. But they are my curse too. You know when you are at high school people look at you only if you have a presentable face. Neither your wit nor inner treasures matter to them to find you amongst the crowd. In lime light things don’t differ much. Well, not everything but for a great percent, yes. Now I’m tired of getting praises for my beauty, my music. I fucked myself up so much that I dare to take a step. Ran away twice from home , returned from rehabilitation centre, got arrested for drug smuggling…how many things you can do in your life? I did them all. Now I’m just tired. Tired of being guilty for my mother’s death, tired of running away from responsibility and to top it all, tired of being so famous. It’s my soul, my restless entity seeks some rest.

You can say life is not about rest, idleness, but please leave me alone. I’m too old to know all these bullshits one can give to you when their life is much happier than you. Sometimes I think about committing suicide too. But you know what? I even can’t free my soul. Because when my mother died she asked me to look after my younger sis Casey. She is the only one person with whom I can feel I belong to this world. People made me a Star. But I’m no alien. I need family. I need love. Sarcastically, I don’t even have a shoulder where I can rest my head & cry until the ached heart finds some relief.

No, I have got no friends. All I have is huge crowd who laugh when I laugh, cry when I ask them to cry.

‘Your show is going to start in ten minutes. Do you need something?’ Sarah, my personal secretary peeps her head from the door of my make-up van & asks. Thanks her! What the hell I was thinking before the show!

‘No, I don’t need anything. Should be there on backstage?’ I manage to ask. I am now standing before the make-up mirror.

‘I’m going to check & shall inform you later.’ She says & walks away closing the door.

I looked myself in the mirror for the last time. I’m wearing a brown leather jacket which is unbuttoned & trough the gap the white sports bra is visible. With the worn out blue jeans & 5 inch stiletto I hold up my head about 6’2”. My phone rings & I know I have to be there on stage to rock the world.


As the last fragrances of my guitar fade away the stadium bursts into huge clapping. I, like a winner knight walk out from the stage as I always do after my concerts. As usual the one whom I first meet on the backstage is my P.A congratulating me for such a nice concert. With my usual greetings I walk through the corridor. There remains the huge fan followers, paparazzi, excited youth to talk to me. I walk to them & talk with false smile I always have to hang from my lips.

After a while I get some relief from their trillion questions. I can now hear the game has began. Well, I was invited to an opening night for International Soccer Game . I can now go to the gallery & watch the game. I enter to the bar arranged for high class guests & order a regular Tequila. I finish it in one sip. At the corner of the eye I can see someone very special approaches to me.

Next I can feel is a warm breath into my right ear, saying, ‘enjoying baby?’

I smile to myself before answering, ‘you know the ans. Don’t you?’

‘yeah baby! I know you so well.. that’s why I’m here to steal you from the crowd.’ she bits in my pinna & says again, ‘take me knight, to your castle.’

I shudder with pain & pleasure & say, ‘ as your order my lady!’

I check out the bill & take the brunette to the car park. Watching Soccer sitting with so many boring people is the worst thing I want to do right now. Especially after seeing Kate.

When I reach to my Nissan I run to the passenger seat & open the door balıkesir escort for her. She comes near me & giving an easy peck on my lips she says, ‘that’s why I call you Knight, Chris!’

‘my pleasure’ I say in whisper & go to open the driver side door. I just sit on the driver seat when Kate asks me to open the dash board. As I reach out to open the board she easily bents toward me & snatches the key from keyhole of the car. I knew that was going to happen. She loves playing with me in this mischievous way. I fold my arm against my chest & say with a smile, ‘that means my Kat wants something.’

She is now complete with her blouse buttons undone. Bitch! When does she wear her bra? She leans toward me & says in a husky tone, ‘yes, you. Your lips on my tit.’

As she says she pulls my head to her now naked boobies. With 36B she is just irresistible. And there is no desire with in me other than to suck them with my whole heart.

With my both of the hands I open her blouse completely & hold her shoulders. I looked at her eyes and gently draw my tongue over her left areola. She shudders with pleasure first then cold. Her nipples are rock hard now. I grab her right breast with one hand & then squeeze the tit between index & thumb. During this my tongue has never left her left breast. I kneed her tout nipple in between my teeth. She grunts with this ministration. With her pleasure filled eyes she looks into my eyes and sexily bits her own lip. Seeing this, my fucking hormones almost burst with desire. I grab her boob in much firm hold and start squeezing at higher speed. Now she starts moaning loudly.

‘oh mi gosh! Hmm….yeah…. You’re such a player Chris!’ she barely manages in between her pleasure filled words.

I am paying attention to her another boob with my skilled tongue. My free hand travels down to her miniskirt and as I enter my thumb into her secrets I can feel there a flood.

‘you little minx! You came prepared huh?’ I ask biting & leaving marks all over her boobies. She manages to laugh & says, ‘found that early? And you’re blaming me calling minx!’

‘hmmmmm…love to touch you.’ I suddenly resign myself snatching the keys from her hand.

‘fuck! Why the hell…’ she says in a very disappointed voice. I silence her with a breath taking kiss & say, ‘it’s tine for more baby!’


The door slams just behind us. I turn around and slam Kate on door kissing hungrily all over her neck. One of my hand reaches to the key hole to lock the door. Once it’s done I drop the key on ground and take Kate to the nearest couch pulling her by waist. I stack her on the sofa breathing a bit higher.

‘you’ve gained weight babe!’ I exclaimed.

‘or, may be you’re just out of practice’ she says with a naughty smile leaving her stiletto. Then she reaches to me and grabs my jacket to bring me to her hungry luscious lips. I open my jacket and unbuckle the belt never breaking our kiss. Then I open her blouse completely. As I look to her beauty I become stunned. They are just gorgeous. Every time I look at them my hands ache to explore them. I saw them in my car too. But the dim light was not able to reveal her beauty as my brightly illuminated living room is doing.

‘love what you see darling!’ Kate smiles and says.

‘every time when I look at them.’ I barely manage in husky tone before jumping on her.

As my mouth explores every cells of her neck and breasts her hands move down to open my jeans. I help her too. Then suddenly she rolls over to take me beneath her. Now it’s her turn to taste me. She reveals me from my jeans and panty too.

‘the natural Blonde knight!’ she says smilingly looking at my sex.

‘love what you see?’ I return her words.

‘no! I’m hungry to eat them, Bitch!’

That’s why I love her on my sex. She is so aggressive. She talks so dirty on bed that even her words turn me on. And don’t talk about her tongue. She is just awesome in that job.

As she licks my clitoris I start breathing heavily. Then she grinds me with her teeth.

‘oh fuck! ummm.. this way…..yeah..’ I can’t help myself exclaiming.

Then she enters her little but firm tongue into my sweet hole.

‘woman! You’re so sweet!’ she manages in between her strokes.

‘it happens…. Hmmm.. yeah….. when you do it to me, bitch!’ I am now getting close to my relief.

She puts two finger inside me while licking my minora. She pushes them back and forth now thumb massaging my clit.

‘fuck! You’re tight baby! Aren’t you taking care of yourself?’ she says continuing her administration and kissing my inner thighs.

‘ I do. But I’m no expert like you darling.’ I breathe like a marathon racer.

She bits me on my inner thigh and puts three fingers into me.

‘oh crap! I can hold no more.’ I exclaim feeling my belly muscles are getting tight now.

‘come for me slut, come all over my face. Let me lick your honey, bitch.’ She says slapping on my butt.

As she starts moving her fingers back and forth with even higher pace all my controls leave me.

‘I’mcomingI’mcoming……….ohyesohyesyesyes…….’ I don’t know what the hell are coming out from my throat now.

I feel numb as one of the great orgasm drenches all my senses.

When I open my eyes again I can feel the wet patches on my boobies. I smile to myself and say, ‘ you never wait. Do you?’

‘if I used to wait you could have kick my ass out from your house on the very first day.’ She manages between licking and sucking her food.

Yeah! I could have. I like my sluts restless. And she is one of them who never stop until I tell them to stop.

After five or six more powerful orgasms I finally drift off to sleep.


The first thing which breaks my sleep is the ring of my mobile.

Who the son of a bitch is disturbing my sleep this early! As I look to the centre table I see its 9:15 in morning.

‘fuck!’ I say to myself and sit on the couch. I slept there all the night without even remembering that I was not on my bed. My phone now has stopped ringing. Before I answer the call, I call Kate out. But no answer comes. That means she is gone. I look at the centre table again and find a note underneath the cell phone. It was written by Kate.

Hello there beautiful,

Good morning!

I didn’t want to leave you without informing you but you were sleeping so well that I dared to disturb you.

Well, I’m leaving for now. If you want to see me this evening meet me at the usual place.

Kisses all over your boobies.


p.s; I hate to remember you but last payment is still unpaid. so……….

I smile to myself. Everyone is so professional. I met this brunette in a Lesbian bar. I tried to flirt with her. But now I know I didn’t need to. Because after buying her two or three drinks she lead me to the bathroom and fucked my head out with her extra powerful vibrator. Since that day I have been in love with her tongue.

But her rate is little high. So affording her for every night is kind of lavish thing for me.

Just then my phone rings again. I open it and see Sarah is calling me.

‘Good morning Miss Miller, I hope I’m not waking you up’ she chimes on the other end.

‘as a matter of fact Sarah, you just did.’ I say to her smilingly.

‘oh! I’m so sorry Ma’am! I just called you to let you know that you’ve got a press conference at eleven.’

‘okay I’ll be at office at 10:30. Make sure that my speech is ready for the Beach Party this evening.’

‘yes Ma’am.’

‘oh! I almost forgot, send a 3000$ check to Margaret’s for Kate. I hooked up with her yester day and she reminded me.’

‘okay Ma’am! Check will be ready by 10:30.’

‘well thanks. And good morning to you also Sarah! Bye.’

I hang up the phone.

I just smile to myself. Sarah. Whenever I talk to her it feels like I’m the only person in the world she loves to talk with. This redhead is so cute at her 25 that sometimes I think what if I could fall for her. But no! how can I? She’s just an employee. I can’t utilise her in such a bad way.

I shake my head to get rid of this ridiculous thoughts and go to bathroom to take a shower.

Sarah’s unnecessary thoughts:


29th June. 2:30 a.m

Dear Diary,

Just came home. You know where have I been all the night? At Eden! Can you imagine? You want more? I even met Bruce there! You remember Bruce? Bruce Thornton? The great greater greatest soccer player! I met him & talked to him for a while! He gave me an autograph on this hanky. I’m sticking it here. It’s just awesome. Isn’t it? I can’t believe it even after seeing it a thousand times. Unbelievable, just unbelievable!

I should thank Chris for it. Shouldn’t I? But I’ll not. You know the cause Dear. Every time I look at her I feel her inner emptiness so clearly. But can you please explain why she pretends to be so strong? Why can’t she approach me ever to seek my companion? Here I’m just dying to give it to her. I know my limitations but how can I stop my mind running wildly toward her? I don’t need to be there all the time where ever she goes. I know it. But how can manage my stubborn eyes making it understood that she is my employer? I can’t have a thing over her?

Look at me Dear, just look at me. I used to be a straight, guy loving girl who used to hang out with boys only. But now? When I see Chris, my fingers ache to touch her skin. They die to lift the naughty lock that always falls on her eyes when she hangs her head down to do something. You know Dear, when I look at her eyes I feel I’m floating in the air. The world is passing fast around us and I’m just sinking into her eyes. Lost in it’s depth. The piecing blue eyes are taking me to the farthest corner of the world. To be with me, to make love with me. Do you understand how much painful it is to tear myself back on the earth?

Have you ever fallen from a height? The fear of pain captures the mind then. I feel the same when on a sleepless night I wish I could be there with Chris. Why the pain? Because I know that’s never going to come true in my life. May be I’m not that lucky to have the one whom I love this crazily.

I have seen her going out from the stadium tonight with a random brunette. I felt a deep ache down my heart to see her with another girl. But like some other day I withdrew my eyes and hid myself so that they couldn’t see me.

I’m a coward you know. I’m a coward who even fears to face the truth. The truth, that I’ve fallen for her. I want to remain so blind that I don’t want to let it know to conscious brain.

Sorry Dear, I’m so sorry! Your Sarah, the brave one, fears so much to lose her job. Because it’s the only way I can be around her. As I can’t propose my employer I can’t leave her too. So, as usual I’m going wash my eyes and dry the tear drops.

Good night best friend. See you next time.


It’s evening now. I’m going to leave with Sarah for the beach party concert. I’m sitting on the sofa letting her make-up artist do his job.

‘Sarah, can you please search where I put my bangles in the kit? I can’t find it.’ The princess calls me out bringing me back from my thoughts based on her.

‘I’m searching. Are you ready to go?’ I asked her approaching to her accessory make-up kit.

‘Almost done.’ She replies brushing her cheeks with blusher.

Suddenly my cell phone rings. I have found her bangles by then. Handing over it to her I exit the room to answer my call. It is from an unknown number. I picked it up.


‘Hello! Am I speaking with Miss Sarah Roberts? Secretary of Miss Miller?’

‘Yes, you are. But can I know who are you calling?’

‘I’m a volunteer from the beach party concert she is going to attain. I need you immediately for an emergency purpose. We don’t want to bother Miss Miller. So I’ve called you.’

‘Yeah sure! Please tell me. How can I help you?’

‘No Ma’am, I can’t. At least not over telephone. Can you be here with in 30 minutes, please?’

‘But I’m going with Miss Miller. I can’t leave with out her. Can’t you wait a bit longer? I mean 45 or 50 minutes? We will be ready to leave in 10 minutes.’

‘No Ma’am, once she reaches it will be impossible for us to manage the crowd. So please try to come before her. If you are bothering for security then we can send our security guards over there.’

‘Well, i have to ask her first if it would be ok for her or not. Can I call you in a minute later?’

‘Yeah, Ma’am! Sure.’

‘Thank you. Mr…?’


‘Well, thank you Mr. Johnson. I’m seeing what I can do.’

I hang up the call and explain every thing to Chris. She frowns a bit and says, ‘Johnson? Never heard about him. Okay! Tell him to send me security. You can take my car if you wish.’

‘No Ma’am, I’ll be okay. I’ll grab a cab.’

I turn to leave. Then almost in my subconscious I turn to her again and say,

‘Be careful Ma’am.’ If I could cut my tongue I must do it now. Isn’t it?

She has been applying her lip gloss when she hears me. Without turning to face me she says to my reflection, ‘why redhead? Why are you bothering so much?’

‘Because, I love you. And I don’t want to leave you alone.’ I say in my mind. Outwardly I say, ‘just saying. I think prevention is always better than cure.’

She smiles and says, ‘don’t worry redhead. I’ll be okay.’

‘Okay Ma’am. Well I’m leaving then. Your cowboy hat is on the centre table and please don’t forget to give me a call when you reach the beach.’

‘Shall call you. Bye.’ She again becomes busy with her crew member.

‘Bye sweet heart. Please for heaven’s sake don’t make me wait too long!’ I talk in my mind as I leave her living room.


I reach there with in 45 minutes. As I approach the manager of the party, I start saying,’ you people are so ridiculous. I had been here for 3 hours in the morning and you couldn’t discuss the problem by then? Now when the show is about to start you guys are making this mess? Do you know how ridiculous this is to be here all the time? Don’t I have any other work to do other than being harassed by you?’

‘Pardon Ma’am, I can feel you are disturbed for some reasons but I seriously can’t understand what you are talking about.’

The elderly man seems to be perplexed. So I consume myself and ask him,’ forget it. Now please tell me why you have asked me to come.’

The manager frowns and says, ‘you are Miss Roberts. Am I right? Miss Miller’s P.A?’

‘Yeah. I am, now can you tell me what the urgency is?’

‘Sorry Ma’am, but we don’t need you now. All our work is finished by morning.’

‘Okay! Please I can’t take it more. Miss Miller is going to come any minute. So I have to leave. Can you please hurry?’

‘For what Ma’am? Like I said every thing is just fine. We are ready to run the show.’

‘Then why one of your volunteer called me?’

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