Storm Lover Ed


She couldn’t sleep. A glass of wine, a cool shower, and a walk in the warm evening air – all these things had soothed her for a while, but her stomach was still tight with what felt like anticipation. Lying in bed, she could feel the blood pulse in her veins, the touch of her skin against the warm sheets, and the heavy air that slipped between her lips, into her lungs and out again. A light sheen of perspiration coated her body; it was a humid night and the fan above her circled with a lazy beat.

She shrugged out of the nightdress that seemed suddenly too tight. It clung to her moist skin, and then released her, naked except for the silk thong she had worn to bed.

For a while she lay still, her arms and legs spread far apart. The fan above her swept the humid air in downward spirals, brushing her breasts, arms and between her thighs with feathery touches. She still felt warm, and a bead of sweat tickled as it negotiated her flank. She could smell the faintly perfumed musk of her own body, and it mixed with the scents of the night outside – earth, grass, and water.

She lay, listening to the creaks of the house settling down, the chirruping of frogs outside. Bats squeaked, geckos barked and the banana tree near the kitchen door rattled its leaves in a fitful breeze.

She told herself to relax. That nothing was wrong. That the heaviness in her belly was just nerves, or from the evening meal and the wine. For a while she felt calmer and almost drifted off, until a low rumble in the night sky from behind the hill stirred her again. The frogs redoubled their efforts, and the air seemed to grow heavier. A flash of light suddenly framed the trees outside the bedroom window and briefly highlighted the interior of her room with stark shadows.

Another rumble followed, and this one she felt through her body. A breeze stirred the curtains of her window and shimmered across her skin, raising each hair in its path and making her tremble. Her nipples responded, as to a lover’s touch, and peaked in the dark – skin tightening and gathering, adding a tension to her breasts, which matched and increased the strange tight feeling in her stomach.

She had always loved storms, and here they were different to the tempests of her youth. Those had been cold and cutting, driving rain into her face and catching her breath away. She had always been protected with layers of clothing, gloves, boots and scarves, so the biting wind in her face had been a delicious contrast to the warmth beneath her jacket.

Here the storms would build in the afternoon, sometimes from the sea, sometimes above the green hills in an otherwise sunny sky, rising and billowing, throwing the trees into contrast when the sun highlighted their pale trunks against the darkening pregnant clouds behind. As the day wore on, the humidity would rise until everything she touched felt moist or sticky and even the flies which usually buzzed crisply against the screen door seemed to become lethargic, droning in the late afternoon or simply sitting against the mesh. The heat and moisture would finally combine in sudden, turbulent downpours and lightning which swept the air clean and left the country still and clear, until the next morning.

Now the flashes and rumbles became more persistent, and fat, heavy raindrops began to spatter on the verandah awning. They increased in number until there was a drum-roll of water hitting the roof, splashing and cascading from the metal, down into the garden below.

The smell of wet earth and foliage came on the breeze, with a fine mist of water droplets that tingled against her skin. She rose from the bed, intending to close the window, but as she walked through the dappled shadows towards the verandah, something drew her on – out through the open glass door and into the wind and water. She felt the wet wood beneath her feet and the spray on her chest – the water seemed almost to steam against her skin, before coalescing into tiny threads and streams, rolling down the slopes of her breasts and belly, soaking like cool fingertips into the silk which covered her sex, playing over her body and trickling into her secret places.

She walked to the rail, revelling in the liquid night, taut with excitement and a growing arousal as the sensations washed over her – the wind tugging at her hair, eyes dazzled briefly and holding the image of a lightning flash, spray soaking her surface and chasing itself down her skin, puddling at her feet.

She leaned against the rail, her upper body cantilevered into the night air, eyes closed, mouth open to catch the moisture falling from the sky. Her nipples tingled, her muscles trembled, and she felt a growing warmth between her thighs, where the wet silk clung to her folds and the growing nub of her clitoris, which rubbed against the smooth material when she brushed her thighs together. She was lost in sensation from within and without, heat bilecik escort and coolness, and wet, so wet. from the rain and now from her own desire.

She pressed her hips against the rail, and delighted in the hardness of the wood against the swell of her pubis. She rubbed herself gently against the wet timber, feeling the silk of her thong catch on the rough surface and the way it pulled wetly between her legs, tugging and dividing her engorging lips, caressing her stiffening clitoris, tightening against her anus in a way that felt both strange and pleasurable.

She felt at one with the night, part of the lightningÕs crackling energy, liquid and leaking with the rain, steaming and moist with the air and the trees, earthy and musky in the nature around her and the soaking breath of the storm.

Boldly, she steadied herself against the rail, gently rubbing her pubic bone against the slick wood, teasing herself and slowly sawing the silk of her thong across her swollen vulva, her proud clitoris, feeling her own moisture lubricate the cloth until it became slippery and she could catch a trace of her own scent among the others in the night.

One hand rose to stroke her breast, sliding over her wet skin and protruding areola, touching her nipple and gently rubbing in counterpoint to the pressure below, between her legs, where she could feel a warm drop of her arousal slide down her thigh. She felt warm and flushed, aroused and excited, sensual and yet completely at peace as well, as if there was nothing more natural than standing in the cool rain, glistering with moisture and gently pleasuring herself, riding the waves of her arousal while lightening sparked across the sky and the thunder rolled around her and within her.

Thus pre-occupied, she sensed rather than felt or saw his presence – another being, another animal entering her space. The floor creaked under his bare feet and her spirit reached for him in the night, although she did not turn around. She felt the air move in front of him as he approached, and then his breath ? warm on the skin of her shoulder. His hand brushed her waist, her hip, her thigh, and a tremor ran through her body as her breath escaped her lungs. Aaaahh! It was more feeling than sound.

His other hand descended to her waist and snaked around her stomach, strong fingers pulling her skin tight, one gently circling, then touching her navel, pushing a little way into the surface of her body. Mmmm! She swallowed hard, and gripped the rail harder, trying to resist the urge to push her bottom back against him. His hands traced her hips and slid across her buttocks with the lightest scratch of fingernails. His hands continued down and around her legs, then one travelled up the inside, past her knee, ascending her thigh, closer to her sex until she was sure he could feel the heat of it, or the sweet fluid of her excitement trickling down her skin.

One hand held her hip, while the other between her legs finally touched the juncture of her thighs, and her body jumped as if electrified. He stroked her vulva, front to back, and she spread her legs wider to give him more room and access to her private place. Oohhh! She found it hard to breathe. One thick finger traced the lips of her sex, furrowing the silk into her hot channel, pushing against the nub of her clit then moving back to brush wetly across her anus. She tipped her hips, thrusting out her tail and silently begged him to do more, to pull aside the soaked material, to peel open her vulva like an orchid, warm and dewy, to feel the sap that leaked from her and thrust his fingers inside, deep inside her wetness.

But he withdrew his hand, and her momentary frustration was quickly overcome when he squatted behind her and brought his warm breath to her backside. She felt the stubble of his cheek against her tender skin, the soft touch of his lips in the crease of her thigh, his nose against her bottom as he began placing deliberate, warm kisses around her buttocks, slowly moving closely to her hot core and then into the valley between her legs. Yesssssssss! She pushed her bottom back and spread her legs wider as his lips moved across hers. He hooked a strong finger under the gusset of her thong and pulled it stickily away from her vulva – now swollen, dripping and aching with need. His other hand seized her buttock and roughly gripped it, pulling her crack widely open and exposing her in a manner that was both lewd, passionate and mygodsoexciting. Then he hesitated a brief moment – before burying his face between her legs, fastening his hot mouth on her sex and pushing his long tongue into her flower, as if he wanted to taste her heart.

Aaahhhh! She moaned with the intensity of the sensations and gripped the rail with both hands to avoid falling. Her legs were trembling, her eyes fluttering like trapped moths and still the rain fell on her face manisa escort as she opened her body to his, rubbing herself across his lips and bristly chin, his clever tongue, even his nose as it teased her anus. She felt wanton and free to express the full bloom of her sexuality, to shout and moan in the arms of the storm.

Suddenly, he gripped her hips and spun her around to face him. She kept her eyes closed as his hands brushed, and then squeezed her breasts and she felt the thick hot throb of his erection against her belly.

He kissed her neck, her collarbones. The points of her shoulders. Her rosy nipples. He seized her hair and pulled her mouth to his, opening her lips as he had opened her sex, his tongue searching for hers and twining around it. The taste of her own juices on his lips and in his mouth – she pushed back and ran her eager tongue inside his lip, along his teeth, across his chin as their saliva mixed and dripped hotly on her breasts and his hands ran across her body with a burning intensity.

Her legs felt weak and shaky, she wanted to taste him. Pushing him upright with her hands against his broad wet chest, she squatted, feeling her vulva spreading even wider between her thighs, and brought her cheek to his proud cock. She grasped it with one hand and steadied herself against his thigh with the other. She rubbed the tip against her rain-soaked hair, her neck, her jaw and then across her lips. He groaned with a sound that was almost pain and the muscles in his legs shuddered under her hand.

Again she pushed her sweet mouth across the head of his penis, and licked the underside as she did. It throbbed in her hand and for a moment she thought she had gone too far as he groaned again. Ohh My! His cock pulsed and a drop of clear fluid emerged. She touched with her tongue – it was slippery, warm and slightly salty. She squeezed his cock and probed the little hole in the end with her tongue, and more fluid entered her mouth.

He grabbed two handfuls of her hair, as if to force her to take him as far as he could shove his big prick down her throat. But she closed her mouth, and while one hand pushed him back, the other gripped his balls and squeezed until his eyes flew open with surprise and pain, then relaxed and stroked him, showing that although she was on her knees, she was also in control.

He surrendered his grip and stroked her hair – she in turn opened her mouth and sucked his penis inside, feeling it’s rubbery texture across her palate, pushing it to the back of her mouth and then further, holding her breath as the swollen head penetrated her throat. Coming up for air, she repeated the process, allowing her teeth to graze across him, holding fast to his balls and swallowing his prick until his eyes rolled in his head. Her free hand went between her legs, feeling the sticky hot folds of her sex, gently rubbing her own smaller shaft of pleasure, dipping inside the warm cavern of her vagina.

She couldn’t help herself – her eagerness burned in her belly and between her legs. She stood and turned back towards the rail. He quickly stripped her wet thong down her legs. She raised herself on her toes and pushed her bottom back towards him until she felt the bulbous head of his erection touch her skin, smearing it with a drop of his desire. Again, his hands fell to her waist and gently but firmly he guided her back until his cock pressed into the cleft between her buttocks. As their flesh met, both paused and shuddered and she felt lightness in her head. She seemed suddenly to become more aware of the sounds and sensations around – the rumbling of the sky, the cool kiss of the rain on her face, the hands on her waist and the hard insistent flesh riding the crease of her backside.

She rolled her hips, and he gasped at the sensation. Between her legs, her vulva swelled and throbbed, her clit tingled and rubbed between her folds. He groaned and pulled back, the tip of his cock sliding down between her buttocks and gently stroking the puckered ring of her anus, which first contracted and then dilated as he passed over it. For a wild moment she thought he might take her there, forcing his hard erection into the tiny hole of her behind.

But still the head of his cock travelled down as he rocked his hips gently – sliding across the sensitive skin between her portals, anointing her with the clear slippery juice she had so recently tasted – down until he touched the dripping, swollen lips of her sex, which parted around him and kissed him and caressed his prick with a touch like a butterfly’s wing.

He drew back again, then gently thrust forward, rubbing his hardness along the furrow of her opening until he prodded her clit – causing another tremor and something in her throat to catch. Uuuh, Ohhhhh!

She wanted to move, wanted to impale herself, feel his slick prong invading her body and thrusting mersin escort its way into her deepest recesses, but he felt her shift and held her tightly so she could not. Her breath was coning in gasps, her head hung down and her hair fell across her face, water falling from the fringe. Her breasts swayed with her breathing and water, or was it her own sweat, dripped from her distended nipples.

Still he held her, until she could hardly stand the anticipation. Then he bent his knees, pulled back, and in one smooth thrust buried his cock to the hilt in the slick, heated channel of her vagina. She flung her head back. Yeeessssss! And felt herself stretch to take him, felt the pressure within her and arched her back. Felt him fill her and push against her insides, up against her cervix, her hard clitoris reaching out into the night air.

For a moment they stood, frozen in time and locked together, each savouring the intensity, the depth of their union, then they began to move slowly at first. Both withdrew from the other and his glistening cock emerged from the warmth of her sex, her lips sucking on his shaft, the rim of his cock’s head stretching the tight ring of muscle within – until their flesh separated, and they were connected only by a strand of their mixed fluids. Then they came together again, the same smooth slide as he spread her wet lips, penetrated her hot channel, pushed until the head of his cock threatened to invade her womb, his hands gripping her flesh, her hands gripping the rail, his body and hers joined as one under the flashing sky.

Long strokes, from barely touching her to ploughing deeply into her sex, driving against her hips, both of them breathing together. Oh Yes! she thought, this is what I needed! She felt the night air on her face, the wood beneath her hands, her breasts swaying with each thrust of his rod inside her throbbing sex, smelled the rich wet smell of the night and tasted the rain on her mouth. Oh Yes! There was something so right, so complete about the movement, the air, and his hot breath on her back. She wanted it to go on forever. For the storm and the night and the man fucking her with his strong cock to go on forever.

But gradually within her rose an exquisite tension, in the back of her throat, in the points of her breasts, in her thighs and most of all deep within her belly. It grew like an afternoon storm in the heat of her body, and she found herself panting like an animal. Still, the strong cock thrust its urgent path into her centre, and he was panting too as they rode together towards the wave that was coming, lightening flashing, thunder pounding, hearts racing and the wet slap of his thighs against her buttocks as he strained to push even more of himself inside her.

She felt her climax start as a wave of heat radiating from her core. He felt her tighten her liquid grip around him and pushed harder, faster into her. She thrust her backside against him, gripping the rail, a sob building in her throat, her legs shaking and then it came – a flash of energy, a scream of complete abandon, a spasm in her tight sex, tightening bursts of pleasure, the rhythm of her vagina squeezing his thick prick, during him over the edge, and taking spurt after powerful spurt of his hot ejaculation into her depths, splashing against her cervix, filling her with warm liquid. And then a falling, floating, flying feeling as her body relaxed and her muscles uncoiled. Thunder roiled across the sky, the rain blessed her face and bathed her shoulders.

Among the final spatters of retreating rain, she felt a warm drop of sweat or saliva fall to her back as he also rested, his penis still held within her, bathed in their combined juices. She released her hold on the wet verandah rail and stood up, feeling him slip from her vulva and a hot stream of fluid course down the inside of her thigh.

She turned to face him, and they moved together in a lover’s embrace as she kissed his neck and he ran his strong fingers over the slopes of her back and traced her spine, stroked her wet hair, kissed her eyelids, brushed her lips and held her as if nothing could come between them.

She turned in his arms as the rain stopped and the thunder was silenced. She felt light, and walked naked across the damp wood to the night-jasmine vine that grew up the side of the house. Picking a spray of the small pale flowers, she held them to her nose and inhaled the scent, freshened by the rain but still heady and sweet. She turned back to offer him the blossoms – a gift in return for the pleasure he had brought her, but found herself alone in the night with the last thunder rumbling across the sky.

She tucked the blossoms behind her ear and walked back across the empty boards, through the door to her bedroom and stooped to pick up a fluffy towel from the chair. Drying her skin and hair, she felt rested, peaceful and tired.

The air had been cooled and freshened by the storm, the frogs had returned to their usual croaking in the background, and she lay on her bed beneath the fan, listening to her own breathing and the far-off echo of thunder as the storm moved on. A wonderful tiredness came across her, the tightness in her stomach was gone, and she slept.

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