Steam and Soap


I pulled my briefs down below my knees and let gravity take them the rest of the way to the floor. I stepped out with my left foot and then my right. I caught the briefs and flipped them up into the air. Catching them with my right hand as I opened the hamper with the left, I lobbed them into the hamper with a finely-executed hook shot.

I looked in the wall mirror. I had gained weight since I quit smoking, but I was still in fair shape. I reached in and turned on the water in the shower. Once I had the temperature adjusted, I pulled the shower curtain back and stepped in.

I held my head under the shower head, letting the strong streams of water massage my scalp. I kept thinking about Tracy. I hadn’t seen her in days. She’d been on my mind a lot. I took the shampoo from the shower rack and squeezed a dollop into my palm. I lathered up my hair and gave my scalp a good rub. Tracy. Why was she on my mind so much?

I held my head under the water and rinsed the shampoo out of my hair. My eyes were still closed when I heard the sound of the shower curtain being pulled back.

“Hi baby.” It was Tracy. I wiped the water out of my eyes and opened them.

“Hi honey,” I said. “Wow, you look great.”

“I look naked,” she retorted.

“Well, exactly my point.”

“Shut up.”

I slipped my hands down to the beginning of the curve of her hips, and slid them around her, pulling her close. I looked into those gorgeous hazel eyes and slowly, inexorably fell into her charm. Our lips met. It was heaven. We kissed, the water flowing over our heads. We clutched at each other harder as the kiss got more passionate. At some point I lost track of where I stopped and Tracy started. It was the most intimate feeling I had ever had.

We came up for air. “Tracy, I l. . .”

“Shhhh” she whispered, putting her finger to my lips.

Our lips met again. We kissed and caressed each other for what seems like an eternity. I relinquished my grasp on her and stepped back slightly. Picking up the soap, I put the other hand on her shoulder, and gently maneuvered her into a one-eighty turn. Now I stood behind her.

I took the soap and lathered up her back. I squatted and washed her lovely ass and shapely legs. Standing back kırşehir escort up, I worked up a heavy lather in my hands. I laid the soap down and slipped in close behind her, our concavities and convexities matching neatly. By this time I was so tumescent that I felt like it might burst. I pressed my increasing hardness against her soft buttocks.

Reaching around under her arms, I applied the lather in my hands to her breasts and stomach, inching downward to her pubic patch. I spread the lather all around, squeezing and pressing hard, then brushing gently. Her nipples were very hard and eager for attention. I obliged them.

Tracy turned around and looked into my eyes. In hers I saw a deep, urgent hunger. She kissed me roughly, eyes open. She looked down at my throbbing cock. Picking up the soap, she dropped down and started lathering up my cock and balls. She washed them all thoroughly, lovingly, hungrily.

I was on the verge of going nuts and attacking her right there in the shower. She kept looking up at me, gauging my passion. She stood up and wiggled past me, with lots of flesh being pressed together. She stood directly under the water and rinsed all the soap from her fascinating, sexy body.

“Your turn,” she said.

I made my way past her. This time she avoided touching my soapy torso. I washed all the soap away. She came up behind me, grasping me as I had her just moments before. She turned her head and pressed her cheek against my back. I heard her sigh.

Turning back around I embraced her again and kissed her with a renewed gentleness. With surprising quickness, she dropped down again, this time cradling my balls in her hand while she smoothly took my cock in her mouth and suckled it hard. Her head moved back and forth, my cock slipping in and out of her mouth. My head went back. My mouth popped open involuntarily and I emitted a low moan.

“That’s my baby, ” she said, then resumed her fellatio. It felt so wonderful. I lost what was left of my mind. My inhibitions and reservations had long ago been vanquished.

I reached for her shoulders. I pulled her loose from sucking my cock. She gave me a little pouty look. I lifted her up to me. I kissed kocaeli escort her deeply. She held onto my cock, slowly stroking it.

I was squeezing and caressing her ass with my right hand. With my left I was playing with her right nipple. It got so hard. I shuddered.

Tracy reached around me and flipped the valve down. I turned around and shut off the water. She reached over to the towel rack for a clean, fresh towel. Bidding me to turn, she took the towel and lovingly blotted my back, ass and legs dry. I turned around and she blotted my face, kissing each newly dry part of it. She dried the rest of my head, then moved down to my arms and shoulders, again kissing and blotting me dry. When she dried and kissed my cock and balls, I was in heaven for at least the third time in the past few minutes.

When she was done, I picked another fresh towel and dried her off in similar fashion. When I got to her pubic area, she shuddered and I could smell the rising musk. I slipped a finger through the curly, shiny hairs and parted her slit. Pressing the finger inside her crack, I felt the different kind of moisture, slick like liquid silk. My finger moved in easily, onto her clit. She moaned. I stood up, keeping my finger on her button. She pressed hard against me, and we kissed.

Tracy stepped back. Reaching down, she took my hand and led me toward the bedroom.

With the hungriest, most submissive look I’ve ever seen, she lowered herself onto the duvet. I took a step toward her. Her hands moved up to her breasts and gave them a deep, luscious, lascivious fondle. She took both nipples between thumbs and forefingers and pinched. She continued to fondle her breasts with her left hand while the right one moved down into her pussy. She rubbed her own clit, occasionally dipping a finger or two into her vagina. She writhed and wriggled on the bed, making noises that if anything made me even harder and more agitated.

Moving close to her, I put my hand around my cock and began to stroke it. She looked at it like a junkie looks at his needle, freshly filled with China White. I blew her a kiss. She returned it. I dropped my knee down onto the bed between her feet. I bent over and kissed konya escort her ankle. I kissed my way to her knee, then dropped down and started up the other leg. She was now fingering herself harder, getting wetter and wetter.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, baby.”

I kissed her thigh up closer and closer to her pussy. I smoothed her hair out of the way and lowered my head. I sucked her clit into my mouth and licked it and sucked it and worked it around with my lips. She was burning. I ran my tongue down her slit into the first inch of her hot, steamy vagina. I moved back up to her clit and licked and sucked it harder and harder. She was playing with both nipples, squeezing and pinching harder. She squeezed her tits hard and moaned and writhed like a bug pinned to a piece of cardboard. I licked and sucked and lost all sense of me. I was part of her, part of her heat, part of her orgasm. She came. And she came again, and then once more.

I moved up over her. She looked drunk, blitzed. She was jerking gently, shuddering. I hovered over her, the head of my cock barely pressing into the opening of her vagina. Her eyes glazed over as her legs wrapped around me, and pulled me into her. I pushed hard and went all the way in to the hilt. It was the most wonderful feeling I’d ever had. Just as I reached full depth she grabbed he and held on hard, cumming again. I pressed hard and held the depth. I daren’t move. She leveled off and relaxed somewhat. I pulled my cock back out to the doorway to heaven and then plunged slowly in again, all the way. Back out and in again. We fucked like this, slow and hard and deep for what seemed an eternity. The urgency of pushing my dick into her got greater. I fucked her harder and faster. She spread her legs farther and looked in my eyes.

“That’s it baby. Give it to me. Fuck me. Cum for me.”

I did. It was amazing. I hadn’t cum so much in decades. I pushed hard and deep into her. She clutched at me, holding on, building up the bond we’d forged in this passionate heat. I could feel her shudder, cumming again, under me as I spent the last of my semen. I was dry. She was drenched.

I rolled off of her, breathing hard, sweating. She propped herself up on one elbow, smiling sweetly. She sat up straight, then dropped her head toward my crotch. She licked and sucked my cock, seemingly savoring the blending of our flavors. Then she crawled up my side, pressing her sweet, soft skin along the length of me. I turned my head to her, and softly kissed her lips.

“Now you can say it,” she said.

“I love you.”

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