Stay for Submission Pt. 01


“You can’t leave me. I love you and you say you love me. I need you.” Karen burst into tears.

My relationship with Karen started when my soon to be ex-wife set me up with her friend. Karen was 20 some years older than me and just divorced from the father of her children. Karen was lonely and hungry for a relationship. I was in law school, working for $200 a month and dumped by my wife. So when Karen offered to spend the night after a movie, how could I refuse. She was warm, wet and ready and I was hard.

The relationship progressed when Karen needed a place to live and I needed help with rent. She moved in, paid the rent and was ready to fuck. She was not ready to suck even though I provided all the mouth music she needed to cum and cum again. The relationship was convenient for both of us for a while. But now I was ready to graduate and was looking for work and she was not part of the plan for the future.

“Karen, this relationship has to end. It has been great and I enjoyed it but I do not see a future for us. I need to move on and so I am moving out.”

“I’ll do anything you ask. Please don’t leave me like this.” Her tears were real and her sobs sincere.

“Don’t say you will do anything. It is not true. You will not stay if I want to fuck other women or men, will you?”

“If you want to, I know how we can go to swingers parties so you can fuck other women,” she offered.

“How about your ass. Can I fuck your ass?”

“You got me there but I will swallow any time you want to cum in my mouth.”

“Will you submit to any of my demands? So long as I don’t fuck your ass, will do give yourself to me?”

“Yes. Please don’t toss me out like used tissue. Yes, I’ll Escort Küçükköy submit to your demands.”

“Take off your clothes.”


“I thought you said you would submit to my demands. Take off your clothes, now.”

Still crying, Karen started to undress. She stood in the living room of our third floor apartment, away from the window. She finished undressing, her small tits trembled and her nipples were hard.

“Good. Now stand there. Don’t move while I go get the bedroom ready. While I am gone think about what you have committed to do. Think about how you will give yourself to me. Think about how wet you will get and how many times you will cum. Think about your submission and how it is exactly what you want. Spread your legs so that you are accessible to me when I return.”

I went to the bedroom and moved the pillows. One went to the floor at the foot of the bed and one went to the edge of the bed. I took three ties from the closet and put two of them on the bed, I kept the third one with me. I got undressed and I was hard. I walked back to the living room and there she was, just as I left her.

“What do you see?” I asked.

” I see my lover, naked and ready. I see the cock that I want in me.”

I walked up to her and she reached out. “Did I tell you to move? Leave your hands at your side. You move when I tell you to. Tell me, what am I touching?”

“My mouth.”

“What is your mouth for?”

“It is for kissing you. Licking you where you want to be licked. It is for telling you that I love you. I need you. I want to feel you touching me. I give myself to you. My mouth is for sucking your beautiful cock. Feeling you and Mecidiyeköy escort your pleasure move into my mouth. It is for asking you to please, begging you to please feed me your pleasure and let me swallow your cum.”

“If I do give you my cum in your mouth then you will cum just from that.”

“Yes, your cum in my throat will bring me relief and release. I’ll cum just from your pleasure in my mouth.”

I walked behind her standing close enough so that my cock pressed against her back. I reached around and asked, “What am I grabbing and what are they for?”

“My tits. You are grabbing my tits. Now you are pinching my nips. They are for you to touch, hold, squeeze and suck. God, when you touch me here my knees shake and I get ready to feel you inside me.”

“That’s all well and good but I’ll want to increase your sensation in your little tits by tying them or clamping them. When I give you this new experience I will continue it until you cum again.”

“Yes, if that is part of my submission then yes, tie my tits and clamp my nips. It is a small price to pay for me to stay with you.”

Staying behind her I grabbed her flat little ass. “While I won’t fuck you here what is your ass for?”

“My ass is for you to stroke and grab when you bury your pleasure inside me.”

“Sometime you will misbehave. When that happens, and it will, then you will present your ass to me for the spanking you will deserve. Did your husband ever put you over his knee?”


” I thought so. Well this time you will find yourself bent over my knee and every time I spank you I will reach between your legs and pet your pussy until you mix the feeling Merter escort bayan of shame for being spanked and pleasure for being stroked. Those feeling may mix so much that you will ask to be punished just so you can cum from the confusion of pleasure and humiliation.”

“Oh God, I can’t believe you have these plans. But yes I will submit to your desire.”

I came back around to face her. I looked into her eyes as I stroked her sopping wet cunt. “What is this for?”

“My cunt is for you to stroke and reach inside me. It is for your pleasure to be buried inside me. It is for you to take me in your arms, hold me close, and I’ll tell you, I’ll beg you to take me and use me.”

“You want to cum now, don’t you.” I whispered.

“Jesus yes, I am so close. Just touch me once more, I beg you.”

“Of course I won’t. Instead you will cum as you tell me how you will give your body to me; how you will submit to me and how submission will be be your life.”

“I am yours to use for your pleasure. In my mind I can feel your lips on mine and your tongue in my mouth. I feel my desire for your cock to be in my mouth. I want it sliding in and out deeper into my throat. I hunger to serve you with my mouth and to have your pleasure build until you feed me your sweet, warm cream. I need you to grab my tits hard and clamp my nips. Please take me over you knee, spank me for all these bad thoughts you put in my head. I can feel your hand stroking my cunt while you spank me. I submit to you for this humiliation. I am desperate for you to take me and fuck me. Standing here saying all this I am wet and shaking, my knees are weak. I want to cum. I have your cock in my cunt in my mind and it is fucking me. You are fucking me and your pleasure explodes in me. I’m cumming, for you. I submit to you. Cumming and submission, submission and cumming are my life.”

“This is a fine start. You can rest for a moment before we move to the bedroom. After all, I’m still hard and my pleasure is still unsatisfied.”

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