Stairwell Embrace


“Thanks for a lovely date, angel,” he said as he walked her up to the door of her apartment. He watched as she fiddled with the lock on her door; it had a tricky lock he usually opened for her, but tonight he was in the mood for watching her bottom wiggle as she worked at it. The way her skirt moved over her bum and hips as she did certainly was a lovely view.

The cool fall weather made them both a little chilled, but neither was in much of a rush to finish their date. They had been walking around the neighborhood for a bit, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Both were a little wound up already; just being around each other had an impact, but the time they spent cuddling and kissing on the bench in the park had made both of them pretty heated despite the chill.

“I’m sorry you can’t come up, my sister is home,” she apologized. “But you can come kiss me for a bit inside the building and warm up, if you want.”

He smiled, and held the door open for her as she finally got her key to work in the lock. They went inside and under the stairs leading up to her place. It felt a little private, but not overly, and it was quickly becoming a favourite spot of theirs for goodbye kisses after dates.

She sauntered into the corner, and he followed. As she turned around, he reached for her and slid his hands around her waist, and gently squeezed her sides and hips, drawing her close.

“You looked especially beautiful tonight,” he said softly, looking into her eyes. She swallowed and stared back, her eyes dropping eventually from shyness.

He pulled her in, pushing her long hair away from her neck with his nose and kissing her softly on her right side while murmuring into her neck.

She felt her legs get a little weak and her head go cloudy; he really was quite good at that, she thought. Her arms draped over his neck and toyed with his long hair, tugging on it a bit as he made her body tingle.

He kissed up, slowly, to her ear, and nibbled on her earlobe, whispering how hot she was making him right into her ear, telling her how much he liked her and how good she felt in his arms.

Pulling back, he kissed her briefly on the tip of her nose, and smiled; she did the same back to him. She had a dizzied look on her face from the kisses and words, and whispering in her ear always had a big effect on her. He brushed the hair back from the left side of her neck and moved in again, kissing a little more hurriedly this time, his hands on her waist pushing her back gently but insistently against the wall of the stairwell.

She felt her back bump gently against the wall, and his pressure on her front, squeezing her between them. His kisses on her neck were making it very hard to concentrate and she could feel her pussy getting wetter with every minute. His hands kept repeatedly squeezing her hips, and then slowly making her way down and snaking behind her bum to grab artvin escort her there.

His lips danced their way up to her left ear, and he whispered a question into it, the low rumbling of his voice making her knees and pussy quiver.

“I’m going to slide underneath your skirt. Is that okay, lover?”

She squeaked and gasped a little, overwhelmed by the sensation. She nodded and buried her head in his neck. Her hands in his hair went from teasing to holding on to him for support as she felt her knees buckle a bit.

His hands slid down and under her skirt, cupping her bottom and squeezing it tightly in his hands; the feel of her lacey panties under his hands made him growl softly into her ear.

“These feel nice, princess,” he said as he fondled her bum, his fingers digging into her cheeks and coming perilously close to her cleft. “They feel very nice, I think. Did you wear pretty panties for me today?”

“Yes,” she squeaked abruptly. “You told me to wear a skirt and I knew that meant pretty panties too.”

“Of course it does, angel. That’s my very good girl,” he said, smiling at her effort to please him. His lips slipped down to her neck, kissing and licking and then making their way up her neck to her chin and lips.

He took one hand off her bum to brush the hair out of her face – all the activity was mussing up her hair pretty thoroughly. Then he looked into her eyes and leaned into her lips for a deep kiss, punctuating it with a tight squeeze of her bottom.

He moaned deeply into her as they kissed, and she could feel the vibrations from that throb through her body and down into her damp pussy. The hand on her bum had effectively pushed her short skirt almost up over her hips entirely, exposing her to the relative privacy of the stairwell. His fingers, relentlessly squeezing her bottom, dipped underneath her panties, cupping her bare bottom.

Their kiss continued as she felt his fingers slide further back to her wet folds; she had a lock grip on his head, pulling him into her tightly, crushing their lips together as tightly as his fingers were on her bum.

His fingers dipped lower, under her bum, and rubbed gently at the wetness forming in her crotch; she groaned into his lips as his touch made that already overheated part of her body burn with lust. He broke their kiss briefly to reposition his hand and reach a little further into her panties. His fingers were pressed between her lips, fondling them.

The sound of her wetness squishing around was very audible in the quiet stairwell; he stared into her eyes as he fondled her right there, in a semi-public place.

“Anyone could come by, you know,” he whispered to her. “And see you being fingered here, with your skirt up around your waist.”

She shivered, with a heady combination of anxiety and lust.

“I know.. but I don’t want you to stop, aydın escort either.”

He smiled at her, eyes crinkling. He removed his hands from her pussy, and drew them up to his nose, inhaling her scent, closing his eyes briefly while he enjoyed it.

“You smell incredible, lover. It’s driving me wild, you know,” he said softly.

“I know.. me too,” she whispered.

He took her by the waist again, and turned her around slowly; one hand went on her lower back and gently pushed her up against the smooth, cool wall of the stairwell, holding her there.

His other hand slid down behind her, cupping her bottom before pulling her skirt fully up over her rump. She felt him lean forward and press his hard crotch against her bum, and his mouth came near her ear.

“Cute panties, doll.”

He leaned back again; she missed the pressure of his cock against her bum. He drew her hands, which had been against the wall on either side of her, up above her head, and held both firmly against the wall with one hand. She felt herself leaning harder into the wall for support; not having her hands to brace herself made her feel even more pressed against it, and very much at his mercy.

His other hand slid down and slipped under her panties from behind, toying with her wetness again. One finger slid into her snug pussy, gently; he worked it in and out very slowly. She moaned into the wall and shook a little bit.

“Does that feel good, princess? Do you like my finger inside you?” he whispered.

She could only nod and answer with a grunt; that tingly feeling in her pussy was throbbing and her breathing was getting deeper.

His finger was eventually joined by another, and his two fingers pushed incessantly inside of her, again and again. She pushed her bum back to meet him, grinding against his hand, revelling in the sensation of being finger fucked in their semi-secret hideaway.

Finally, his fingers came out, and she whined a bit at their removal.

“Don’t stop… Please, more? Please?” she begged plaintively. “I was getting close to cumming.. please more?”

He chuckled behind her, and kissed her on the back of her neck. She heard a clinking sound as he undid his belt, and then a thump as they fell to the floor, along with the rustle of his pants. She gasped, but didn’t speak.

Keeping his left hand on her wrists, he slid her panties down with his right, pushing them down to her knees. He pulled her hips back, and she instinctively leaned forward a bit, her face pressed against the wall.

His right hand dipped between her legs, and held her lips apart, and she felt his hard prick nuzzling at the tip of her entrance. Once he had it situated, his hand left her pussy and went up to hold onto her hip again, as his cock pushed slowly forward inside of her.

She felt the breath go out of her as he did, and although balıkesir escort he wasn’t pushing fast yet, it seemed to her as though he had knocked the wind out of her chest.

He continued pushing his cock inside her, until he bottomed out, his hips pressed firmly against hers. Then, he slowly slid it back, drawing himself out of her, pausing a bit with just the tip inside, and then pushing back into her.

His pace was slow and steady as he fucked her against the wall, and her hips pushed back at him, eager to meet his hard prick. Her hair dropped in front of her face, adding to the lustful sensation of being fucked, hard, and having her mind totally fog over and focus only on where they were joined.

He plowed into her, harder now, pounding her up against the wall. She cried out in pleasure, and his hand on her hip quickly moved up to cover her mouth.

“Quiet, princess – we don’t want to be interrupted, do we?” he grunted at her as he slammed into her bottom repeatedly.

She shook her head, and moaned into his hand, breathing deeply through her nose. The feel of the plaster wall on her face, the gentle firmness of his hand on her wrists, and the sound and scent of their lustful coupling was driving her to distraction.

His thrusts were steady and powerful, and she felt the impact of each one as he slammed into her bum. His soft grunting as he exerted himself into her was intoxicating. Her eyes were closed as she felt the orgasm that had been building from the finger fucking come back with a vengeance.

“Mmmm gonna cmmmm!” she moaned into his hand.

“What’s that?” he asked, removing his hand from her mouth.

“I’m gonna cum!” she panted, harder, and then it broke. Her orgasm crested, and her knees wobbled; his hand flew to her waist and helped her stay upright as he pounded her through her orgasm. She felt waves of pleasure radiating out from her pussy, and she squeezed his cock tightly, contracting it around him.

The sensation was too much for him, and his prick spasmed and erupted inside of her; she could feel his cum warming her insides, and as he crested through his own orgasm and his thrusts slowed, he leaned forward releasing her wrists and pressing up against her body, his cock still inside.

“Mmmm…” he whispered in her ear, drawing a long, ragged breath. “That was a lot of fun.”

She smiled, oddly bashful considering she just got fucked hard in the stairwell. She felt his cock soften slightly and he pulled it out; their combined cum dripped out of her.

He composed himself, and crouched down to pull her panties up, trapping their juices together, and pulled her skirt back down over her bum, giving it an affectionate squeeze and pat as he did.

Turning her around gently, he gave her a soft kiss on the lips. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight.

“Next time we do this, let’s do it on a bed, okay?” he grinned at her.

“You got it, stud,” she laughed. “But this was pretty fun, too. Let’s do this again sometime, please!”

Cuddling for a bit, they kissed and separated, him heading out into the night with a smile on his lips, her going upstairs with a squishy pussy and a tingle in her bottom.

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