Spies , The Theatre Mix Pt. 02


The Emerald Adventure

Three long months had passed since he had been in her life. Each had agreed it was for the best if he left her; he was authority, she was a showgirl. And now he was back in the box overlooking the stage, his deep brown eyes following her every move through her new performance.

She was acutely aware of his eyes on the length of calf she was showing in her performance gown, the striped cotton displaying her as a lady at the seaside as she and her performance partner sang and danced for the rapt audience. Three months with no word, and now he was here.

Quickly leaving the stage, she squeezed through the crush of dancers lining up to go on and slid into her dressing room before anyone could catch her. Standing still as her maid fussed around removing the costume, she donned a skirt and jacket in a deep royal blue. Sitting at the dressing table as the maid styled her hair and applied a hat, she slid in the diamond earrings an admirer had given her and glanced at the doors reflection at the sharp rap on the wood.

“Answer that please, Marie,” she said in a low voice.

Opening the door, the maid looked up at the tall gentleman on the other side with a look of annoyance. “Miss Kitty ain’t seeing no-one,” she stated sharply. “Clear off.”

“Please tell Miss Kitty that Lord Drogoh would like a quiet word with her,” the man said as he studiously ignored the rebuke.

“It’s alright Marie, let him in,” Miss Kitty said as she leaned forward to check her complexion. “Good evening my lord. It has been some time.”

“Quite,” he agreed as he stepped past the angry maid and sat on the chaise longue. Catching her eye in the mirror, he quirked a smile of remembrance at her. “You are well?”

“The best of health,” Miss Kitty answered as her maid fussed putting away that nights costume. “How may I help you?”

“Do you have a ball gown?” Lord Drogoh asked innocently.

“Of course,” Miss Kitty answered with a raised brow. “But I am unsure it would suit you my lord.”

Smiling at that, he replaced his high crowned hat over his dark hair and got to his feet. “I am in need of an intelligent partner for a ball tomorrow night,” he explained as he pulled his gloves tight. “Shall I collect you from your house at, say, ten tomorrow night?”

“The venue of this ball my lord?” she asked quietly, her gaze holding his.

“Cavendish House,” he said, and the maid dropped the pile of clothes she had been holding.

Contemplating his gaze, Miss Kitty saw the twinkle of amusement and the challenge. “Collect me at ten-thirty my lord,” she said with a dismissive wave of the hand. “I do so hate being rushed.”

Descending the steps of her townhouse, Miss Kitty raised the hood of her warm velvet cloak and took the hand of the elegantly dressed man waiting for her. Stepping up into the well appointed carriage, she sat opposite him as he slammed the door closed and rapped on the roof with his cane.

“Now an explanation sir,” she said quietly as she watched him by the light of the interior lamp. “What do you want?”

“Help, Kitty,” Lord Drogoh said as he glanced out at the late night London streets. Pulling down the blinds, he lounged across from her. “You have heard of the Cavendish emeralds?”

“Who hasn’t?” she asked with a slow smile.

“Precisely,” he sighed. “They will be stolen this evening.”

“Will this require you to brawl in my wardrobe again, my lord?” she asked innocently.

Watching her for several long seconds, Drogoh reached across, grabbed her wrist and pulled her over onto his lap. Kissing her deeply, his hands stole inside of her cloak and wrapped around her cinched in waist. Crushing her silk gown under his gloved fingers, he moaned as she caught his tongue between her teeth and tugged gently.

Breaking apart, they stilled with their foreheads resting together and breathed heavily.

“Damn this is going to be a long night,” Drogoh said softly.

“It is,” Miss Kitty agreed. Sliding off his lap, she resumed her seat opposite and raised a blind to look outside. “Do you have any details of when the emeralds will be stolen?”

“Only while the ball is in progress,” Drogoh said as he watched her through hooded eyes. “We have our suspicions of those involved, but no proof.”

“So why am I here my lord?” Kitty asked with a disarming smile. “I am a well known personality, even amongst the Ton.”

“I am well aware of that, Kitty,” he said softly. “That is why I want you there. You are a performer, so perform. I want you to hold everyone’s attraction.”

“Ah, I begin to see,” she said quietly. “I am your diversion.”

“Quite,” he said again. Glancing out of the carriage, he gathered up his cane and hat and sat forward. “Raise your hood if you please. I want this to be a surprise.”
“Are you sure you were not born on the stage, my lord?” Kitty asked as she raised the hood, throwing her pale face into deep shadow. “This is rather melodramatic.”

“All for a purpose,” he said with a quick grimace. Stepping down, kastamonu escort he turned and took her hand in his as she descended to the ground. Holding her hand for a second longer, he savoured the warmth in his then let go. Offering his arm, he nodded as she acted the perfect lady and led her up the steps and into the brightly lit entrance hall of a grand house.

Standing close to his side, her hip touched his for a moment, a jolt of energy passing between them. Gasping softly, she opened up the space and waited in line with the other guests. Looking up at the footman before them, she listened to Drogoh hand over his invitation and dismiss her as his guest. Smiling coolly, she took his arm as he led her towards the door to the ballroom, maids either side taking coats and cloaks.

“You are entirely sure of this?” she whispered hoarsely as she scanned the ladies and gentlemen around them.

“Of course,” he said in a sure tone. “If you feel you are not up to it…”

“Quite,” she said coldly. Unclasping her cloak, she removed it carefully and handed it over to the waiting maid. Looking into the young woman’s eyes, she saw them widen in recognition and sighed. This was going to be a long evening. Taking Drogoh’s offered arm, she turned to face the ballroom and ignored the excited whispers at her back.

“You are going to owe me for this Drogoh,” she said through gritted teeth as she forced a smile for the querying gazes of the lords and ladies. Around the crowd she could see the light of recognition in many male eyes and heads turning to impart the latest piece of gossip to an unknowing neighbour.

“New lingerie?” he teased softly as he led her to the dance floor and out onto it as a waltz struck up.

“Bastard,” she breathed through her smile. Raising her chin in a haughty pose, she allowed him to guide her through the dance, refusing to betray her body’s reaction to his proximity.

“I want you to make yourself centre of attention,” he said quietly, the music and movement covering their conversation.

“And how precisely should I do that?” she asked. “Should I perform a strip in the centre of the floor?”

“As fascinating as that would be, it would get us both ostracised from Society.”

“I am not part of Society,” she reminded him. “I am already attracting enough attention.”

“Then I am sure you will think of something.”

“And what do you intend to do?” she asked through a scowl.

“I am off to find the emeralds at the same time as the thief.”

“How convenient,” Kitty hissed as the music came to a halt. Resting her hand on his arm, she strolled over to the refreshment tables and selected a glass of fruit juice. “Oh Lord, there is Lord Oliver.”

“You know the letch?”

“Unfortunately,” she whispered as she plastered on her falsest smile. “Lord Oliver, what a delightful surprise.”

“Not half as much as finding you here,” the older man said loudly, making Drogoh wince at the unveiled insult. “Are you here as entertainment?”

“Miss Kitty is my guest,” Drogoh said icily.

Glancing over the taller man, Oliver turned back to her. “I suppose the least you can do is sing for your supper.”

Aware of dozens of stares on them, Kitty forced another smile and bowed her head. “If you wish me to sing, then I am sure something can be arranged,” she offered with icy politeness.

“Good girl,” Drogoh hissed as the crowd turned to arrange an impromptu performance. “Can you give me an hour?”

“Forty minutes is my limit, my lord,” Kitty hissed. Gathering her skirts, she snapped her fan closed and stalked through the crowd of amused watchers.

Checking his watch, Drogoh watched her vanish amongst the crowd then turned for the nearest door. His quarry had already left the room.

Standing by the piano, Kitty sang softly, controlling her voice in the ballroom rather than the theatre. The lady playing had done so with ill grace, clearly insulted to be accompanying a creature from the theatre. Well the woman was an overdressed old crow who had the nose of a corby.

Receiving the applause with a shy smile, she launched into a solo song, singing a lullaby from her childhood. She was deliberately choosing old songs that could cause no offence to her audience, as she did not think the music hall ditties she performed each night would be the correct thing to present to polite company.

Straining to look over their heads, she could not see Drogoh anywhere. By the clock she had been singing for nearly an hour and her voice was starting to strain her throat. It was not used to such long performances.

Coming to the end of the lullaby, she sought desperately for something else to sing for her audience when an elegant lady stepped forward to thank her for the impromptu performance, but supper was now ready. Thankful for the respite, Kitty relaxed and gathered up her fan and reticule from the piano.

“My son was right, you do have a quite lovely voice,” the lady said as she treated kayseri escort Kitty to the stare one normally reserved for a clever pet.

“Thank you ma’am,” she answered quietly. “It is inordinately kind of you to say so.”

“I assume Drogoh had a reason to bring you to my ball tonight?” she asked bluntly.

Glancing around at the near empty room, Kitty swallowed as she thought fast. “I am unsure of his reasoning ma’am.”

“I assume it has something to do with my emeralds, he is quite convinced someone will try to steal them tonight. Utter nonsense of course. They are quite secure.”

“I am sure they are ma’am,” Kitty agreed. “I wish to apologise for my impromptu performance.”

“Piffle,” Lady Cavendish said with a wave of the hand. “Your singing has kept the men so enrapt that it has saved me a small fortune on champagne. Now I suggest we eat before they devour all of the food.”

Hiding behind the heavy armchair, Drogoh waited for an attempt on the emeralds in their safe. What a way to spend his evening. He had been planning to be done by now and well on his way to seducing Kitty into his bed. That last time had been haunting his thoughts for 3 months now, and this had been the first opportunity he had had to bring her back into his life.

Easing the cramp in his leg, he carefully rubbed life back into his thigh, careful not to touch the partially hard shaft in his crotch. He knew he should not have danced with her, but the chance to be close to her had been too much. It had been utter ecstasy and the ultimate torture.

Looking up as the door swung open, he eased his posture as a slim figure slipped into the darkened room and closed the door gently. So someone who had no right to be there. He watched their shadow cross the room and go directly to the safe. Perfect.

The lock tumbled and clicked swiftly, then the door opened on well oiled hinges, a riffling of papers and then the door was closed. Getting to his feet, Drogoh stumbled a little as his dead feet caught in the carpet. The shadow looked up sharply, then was rushing across the room and out of the door while he was only half way there.


Looking up as Drogoh appeared at her elbow, Kitty began to smile in genuine pleasure, then stopped at the scowl he wore.

“I want you,” he said in a low growl, “to find out if any of the ladies here have something about them they should not.”

“How?” she asked evenly.

“I don’t know. Where do women go to powder their noses?”

“Ah right,” she agreed. “I may be some time.”

Seated in the room set aside for the ladies to rest, Kitty feigned a light doze as she watched the other occupants through her lashes. What boring women.

“Do you think she really is asleep?” one of them asked quietly.

“I do not see why not,” another said with a sniff. “What a common little baggage.”

“Actually I thought she was rather charming,” a third said evenly. “Rather pretty voice.”

“Not the only pretty thing she has, from what I have heard,” the second said darkly.

“Well these theatre people are not precisely usual,” the third said by way of explanation. “What do you say Cecily?”

Kitty watched a young woman in another corner raise her head from her contemplation of her dancing slippers.

“Pardon?” She turned a rather plain face to look at Kitty. “Oh, her.”

“A rather low opinion of our little singer then, Miss Cavendish?”

“A rather common little piece,” Miss Cavendish said with a shrug.

“And there speaks the voice of reason,” the second woman said sharply. “Come ladies, it is high time we returned to civilised company.”

Grinding her teeth at the string of insults, Kitty kept perfectly still, watching Miss Cavendish watching her closely. The young woman waited for the door to close behind the others then she got to her feet and swiftly crossed over to the chair Kitty was resting in. She forced her breathing to remain steady as Miss Cavendish leaned right down into her face to check she was asleep.

Finally satisfied, she turned and walked to the other side of the room. Raising her foot, she placed it daintily on the chair and raised her skirt. Reaching inside of the garter, she removed a velvet bag from within her silk stocking and looked around the room for a hiding place.

“Do you always steal your mother’s jewels?” Kitty asked quietly.

Spinning around, Miss Cavendish opened her mouth to rebuke her, then closed it again and kept silent as Kitty raised herself from the chair slowly.

“In my world, which I admit is rather uncouth and vicious, we deal with thieves ourselves. I believe in your civilised existence, you call the police for common little burglars. Shall we call them?”

“You would not dare,” Cecily said softly.

“Try me,” Kitty said in a steely voice. “Give me the emeralds and I shall return them.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then I shall quite likely give you such a shiner you will never explain it away.”

“You common little kıbrıs escort whore.”

“I have survived in London madame, you have yet to experience life,” Kitty warned her. “The emeralds. Now.”

Handing them over with ill grace Cecily looked into Kitty’s face and spat. Wiping her face clean, Kitty looked into the younger girls face, then gave her such a hard backhanded slap across the cheek it sent her sprawling to the floor.

“I suggest you plead a headache and go to your room. There you can wait to see if I have informed the authorities it was you that stole the jewels or not.”

“I’ll tell them it was you.”

Kitty smiled as she tucked the velvet bag inside of her bodice. “Please do,” she laughed. “I am working with the police. Why do you think I am here? It is certainly not for your fragrant company, I assure you. I find you rather more distasteful than you do me. Good evening, Miss Cavendish.”

Strolling out into the lantern lit garden, Kitty raised her face to the gentle night breeze and breathed deeply. She’d had quite enough of polite society for one night. Descending the shallow stone steps to the lawn, she strolled across it to the distant summer house she could see over the hedgerows.

Finding the path to it, she entered its deep shadows and sat down, the warm summer air brushing across the bare skin of her shoulders. Closing her eyes, she leaned back against the wall and smiled.

“Good evening my lord,” she said softly.

“Morning, actually,” Drogoh said as he stepped into the house. “I assume you were successful?”

Reaching into her bodice, she drew out the velvet bag and tossed it to him. “The young lady in question is hiding in her room.”

“Miss Cavendish?” he asked with raised eyebrows as he poured the emeralds out into his hand. Studying them under a shaft of moonlight, he poured them back into their confines and tucked them into his pocket. “I was rather afraid it would be.”

“Who is he?” she asked softly.

Sitting beside her, Drogoh leaned back and looked at her. “Very intuitive,” he teased with a quirked smile. “Young Lord Ashby. Got himself into rather dun territory with his booky. I understand Cecily has been giving him her monthly allowance to stave off the threat of collection, but the damned fool has been playing deeper.”
“And now he is so far under the hatches that the besotted young woman has tried to steal her mothers emeralds to rescue her knight in rather tarnished armour,” Kitty finished for him. “Stupid child.”

“Indeed,” Drogoh said quietly. “You sound as if you speak from experience.”

Kitty flashed a rather grim smile and shook her head. “My past is past, my lord,” she warned. “Do not probe.”

“I admit I had probing in mind for tonight, but not that kind,” he answered swiftly, his eyes glittering in the meagre moonlight.

“Aah, I see.” Looking at him, Kitty stood up and closed the summer house door. “I somehow thought it would happen.”

“You did?” Drogoh asked as he stood too, mere inches from her as they faced one another.

“Woman’s intuition,” she said, then she curled her fingers into the front of his jacket and pulled him to her.

Coming together in a hot hard kiss, Drogoh’s hands moved down to clutch her waist, his fingers almost meeting in the middle where the corset pinched her in. Moaning softly into her mouth, he raised his head and glanced through the windows around the darkened garden. “You do realise what shall happen if we are discovered?”

“Perfectly,” Kitty said as she slid her hand down his abdomen. “Of course if you wish to desist…”

“Not at all,” he said with a quick smile, and caught her in a kiss again.

Sliding the little cap sleeves of her gown off her shoulders, he lowered the front of the silk gown to display the curve of her breasts over the corset, the soft white flesh almost pearlised by the moonlight. Lowering his head, he softly kissed the skin as he ran his fingertips over her arms. Catching her as she swayed against him, Drogoh crossed the summer house and sat on the bench, pulling Kitty down on his knees as he did so.

Wrapping her hands around his arms, she resumed the kiss, plunging her tongue deeply into his mouth in a passionate kiss. Sighing softly, she melted against him as he slid his fingers inside the top of the corset, brushing his cold skin over her hardening nipples. Gasping at the touch, she laughed softly and bit his lower lip, tugging gently as she wriggled on his lap.

Drawing in his breath, Drogoh closed his eyes for a moment, then laughed with her as her slim fingers quickly unfastened his trousers, then slid inside in search of the treasure.

“You are a fascinating creature, Kitty,” he teased as the silk of her evening gloves found his hard shaft.

“And you are an intriguing beast, my lord,” she replied with a hot smile. “We are a matched pair.”

“That we are,” he agreed, then he pulled her roughly around, his hands sliding up her calves and to her thighs, pushing the skirts of her gown back.

Pulling the skirts up to her waist Kitty straddled his lap, her knees pressing down onto the hard wood of the seat as his hands closed on her backside, holding her secure on the precarious perch.

“Ride me Kitty,” he breathed, his lips trailing hot kisses down her throat. “Ride me like you did that first time.”

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