Sophie’s Football Dinner

Big Tits

Part one of the “Sophie” series

Sophie Harper sat down on one of the chairs by the kitchen table. She was a little tired but happy that she had got the whole house spotless, it had taken her most of the afternoon but she had now nearly finished. Only the glass table to goo now and she could go and have a nice long soak in the bath.

Sighting, she thought that Josh, her boyfriend of 3 years, would be back soon, and not soon enough for her, She had woke up that morning so horny she would have nailed the first cock that came near her, she thought about using her vibrator in the bottom drawer of her dressing table but she preferred the feel of a long, hard cock inside her, rather than plastic. Also there was no fun in a vibrator either, she would just use it. Not like when Josh and her had sex. Anywhere at anytime, she loved the thrill of being caught, she always reached a massive orgasm when there was a risk.

Looking at the clock she thought that she had lasted the entire day, she can wait another 2 hours for Josh to come home, so she made herself stand up and polish the table until it sparkled.

“That should get rid of some of my tension.” She thought smiling to herself as she headed off to take that soak she had wanted.

Over half an hour later, Sophie was looking through her clothes trying to decide what to wear.

“Hmmm” She said to herself, “How about you!” She said, looking at a black summer dress. Moving to the mirror and holding it against herself she looked for a moment before throwing it onto the bed, it was too nice a day for black.

She thought about short cut jeans and a shirt but discarded that idea, it took too long to get the shorts off. Suddenly a thought hit her and she scrambled through her clothes, found what she was looking for, grabbed them and put them on immediately.

Standing in front of the full-length mirror, Sophie smiled to herself. At 22 she was a knockout. Long blonde hair falling straight passed her shoulders, large blue eyes, full pink lips just made for sucking cock, a thin waist which gave her a light hourglass figure, Large Round Firm but soft tits, 36C, and although she was only 5′ 6″ her legs still seemed to reach on forever. She was every guys fantasy and more. Men always whistled at her when she walked anywhere and she loved it. Old men even pinched her ass when she had to walk by. Even teenagers tried to cop a feel of her amazing tits when she had to squeeze passed them. She remembered a time when two boys had offered to do the gardening for her, but couldn’t keep their eyes from her body as she lay on the lounger chair sunbathing, well, she thought they deserved some kind of payment. But standing there in those clothes she could have made a gay guy straight or a straight guy cum in his pants just by looking at her.

She was wearing a short mini skirt, yellow, like the ones that she used to wear at school, yellow and white strappy shoes and a white top with two thin straps holding it over her shoulders which outlined her figure and her tits and left her belly button showing.

“Damn girl, you are one hot piece of ass!” She said to herself still smiling, then headed off downstairs for a cool drink.

Josh’s car pulled into the driveway and stopped. He turned the engine off and could hardly contain himself, it was the big game tonight, Raiders Vs Dolphins in the superbowl of the century. He had been waiting for this game and knew the Raiders would just kick Dolphins ass all around the field. He had even drove too fast just to get here in time, the game started in half an hour.

“You really are looking forward to this game aren’t you?” Ben said looking at him with that cheeky grin of his. At 6′ 2″, Ben was taller than Josh by 2″ but not quite as built. They had been friends in school and had grown up together. Ben loved football too, but he loved being cheeky more.

“Damn right I am man, this is the biggest game of the season.” Josh said as he got out of the car.

Heading through the front door the pair bantered with each other about old times, even thought they saw each other often they still loved doing it, and walked through to the lounge.

As soon as they walked through the door to the lounge, Sophie came bounding out of the kitchen and grabbed Josh and gave him a huge hug and a long passionate kiss, probing his mouth with her tongue. After a couple of minutes, Sophie seemed to realise they were not alone and broke the kiss and moved back a little.

“Oh, hiya Ben” She said smiling with a hint of red in her cheeks.

“Hey Soph” Ben replied with that cheeky grin on his face again.

“Hey babe. Ben’s come over to watch the game with me tonight, you remember me sayin?” Josh asked.

“Oh yeah, of course I do.” She said blushing a little more, “Sit down, I’ll go get you some chips and dip. I’ll be making dinner later on so don’t eat too many.” She laughed

“I could eat ’em all and all the dinner.” Ben said after a little laugh. “I have a big appetite.”

Sophie adana escort gave him a little smile then walked off into the kitchen. She looked so hot in that short skirt and short top that Josh thought about cancelling watching the game and just taking her to bed. “She’ll be hot for some action tonight, I can watch the game and get some later.” He thought. He sat on one of the sofas as Ben sat in a chair to his left.

The lounge was large, with a sofa directly facing the t.v., one to it’s right and a chair to the left, with the hallway behind the chair and the kitchen just behind the other sofa not too far away, glass doors with thin white net curtains bunched to the sides stood between the lounge and the kitchen. It wasn’t an overly large house, but still big enough. The kitchen was large enough so that the doors let into a small space between the counters to the left and the table to the right, however the glass table did begin to take up a little of that space.

Sophie walked to the fridge and taking out some chips and some beers she thought to herself, “Why tonight? I should have remembered that. What am I going to do? I’m so horny!”

Taking a minute to calm herself she grabbed the snacks and wen back into the lounge.

After Sophie had gone into the kitchen and Ben had sat down on the chair, he thought to himself how hot Sophie was. “Man I’d fuck that bitch so hard she wouldn’t know what had hit her.” He thought to himself. Just then Sophie came back through from the kitchen with some chips and beers and walked over in front o the other sofa and bent down to put the chips on the small table in the middle of the floor.

As she bent down her top moved away from her chest and gave him a small view of her ample cleavage, If she would have bent over a little more he would have been able to stare straight down her top at those gorgeous melons of hers, but the sight of her cleavage, even for that brief amount of time, gave him a boner.

He took a quick look at Josh, no he wasn’t looking, and turned back to continue ogling Sophie, but when he looked back, she was sitting with her legs crossed, looking at the t.v. Ben wished he could make a bet with Josh on the game for Sophie, like in the stories, then he could screw her like she needed to be screwed. But fantasy stories just don’t come true, so he contented himself with looking at those gorgeously smooth legs.

Sophie clenched her legs together tightly, if she didn’t she knew she would start fingering herself right then and there. The game was about to begin, she looked at Josh, “How handsome he is.” She thought, then made herself stop because that was only making her worse. Josh was already in to the game and didn’t look at her.

Sophie turned to look at Ben, his gaze shifted suddenly and looked at her face. “Had he been staring at my legs?” She wondered. Ben turned to look at the t.v. “No he couldn’t have. Just your imagination girl, you are too horny.” Only, when she looked at the t.v. she noticed a little while later his eyes went back to her. Every time she moved a little his eyes would instantly go back to the game, but when she was still, they went back to studying her.

“He is looking at my legs.” She thought after the fifth time. She felt a little jolt of excitement flow through her stomach and had a little thought. “Well, if he wants to stare at my legs, I better give him a better look.” So she shifted the way she was sitting so she was sitting with her legs tucked under her, but she had turned sideways on to the t.v. so that now, all of her right creamy thigh was facing Ben.

From the corner of her eye, she noticed his eyes open a little wider, staring at her more openly. So she decided to have a little more fun. She ran her right hand slowly up and down her right thigh, a slow caressing touch, which could have been innocently taken for an act of boredom. She also started biting the tip of her index finger on the other hand, of course, another sign of boredom. Of course.

Ben made a little fidget on the chair as if his jeans were not comfortable and even licked his lips a couple of times. After a few minutes of her caressing her thigh Sophie wanted to tease Ben a little more, but she couldn’t think o anything discreet enough, until she looked at the packet of unopen chips on the table. Smiling inside she stood up and walked into the kitchen.

Ben stared at Sophie’s ass as she swayed into the kitchen and slowly let out a shuddering breath as quietly as possible. If he didn’t know better he would have said Sophie had been teasing him, rubbing her hand up and down her silky thigh like she was. Then all of a sudden she just stopped after looking at the chips and walked out. He was as horny as fuck now, he even thought about going to the bathroom to jack off when Sophie came back through with a white bowl in her hands.

When she got to the table, she leaned forward and placed the bowl on the table, then leaning ankara escort even further forward began opening the bag of chips and gently tipping them into the bowl, making sure they looked just right. Ben’s eyes, however, were not on the bowl, they went straight down Sophie’s top and bounced between Sophie’s large tits. She had leaned so far forward that he could almost see the front of her bra. As she gently shook the chips from the bag, those luscious mounds of hers jiggled from side to side. It seemed she was bent over for hours, but it must have been minutes, then, staying bent as she was, she lifted her head.

“Want any?” She asked sweetly

“Err, yes.. please.” Ben said stammering

She smiled and offered him the bowl. Then after he had taken some, she offered some to Josh, who didn’t move from looking at the t.v. Sophie placed the bowl on Josh’s lap and then straightened and sat down again, with her legs tucked under her.

20 minutes into the game, Sophie all of a sudden said, “Oh, where is that magazine?” and then knelt on the sofa and bent over the back to look for her magazine. The view was incredible. With Sophie bent doggie style over the sofa, Ben had a great view of her ass, although he couldn’t see up her skirt. Her legs just cried out to be touched and his hard on cried out to just get up and bang her right then and there.

“She can’t be teasing me.” He thought, “It’s just my imagination.” But she looked like she was.

He tore his eyes away from her before his dick burst out of his jeans.

10 minutes later he looked back at her, legs crossed again, magazine lying on her lap, she was sucking on an Ice Pop. When she saw him look at her she looked up at him and continued sucking on it slowly, then took her mouth off it to lick the top lightly with her tongue. “When had she gotten that?” he thought. Seductivly she looked at him whilst slowly sucking the Ice Pop until she had finished. Then she threw the stick on the table and asked him if he wanted one.

“No…thanks.” He said smiling. “Damn she must be teasing me.” He thought “I can’t take much more of this.”

Sophie felt like 10,000 volts of electric were being charged through her. She was flirting and teasing quite openly with that Ice Pop, but the thrill was worth it. Josh still hadn’t taken his eyes off the game, she didn’t think he would, but it was still fun. But even this teasing wasn’t as exciting as it could be. She was hotter then ever now and she needed to get laid, and soon.

She loved risk, the more risky a situation the better for her and the more pleasure it was. Now in the total clutches of lust, with her pussy crying out to be fucked she came up with an idea.

Standing up slowly, making sure that she bent forward a little, Sophie arched her back and stretched. Pushing her tits out and making them strain against her thin white top.

“Right, I’m going to make the dinner.” She said when she had stopped stretching.

“Need any help?” Ben asked, his voice trembling with anxiousness.

“Sure.” She said smiling at him. Damn she was horny.

As Sophie walked towards the kitchen, Ben following her, she stopped and said,

“Honey, you might want to turn the volume up a little. I don’t want the noise I will make, making dinner, to drown out your game.”

Then she walked through the doors with Ben following her.

As they entered the kitchen Sophie heard the t.v. volume rise, not much, but higher than it was. Josh knew some o the machines in the kitchen were noisy, but Sophie wasn’t planning on them making any noise at all. Sophie would, and although Ben wasn’t as good looking as Josh, he wasn’t bad either, he had a cock and that’s what she needed.

Walking over to the nearest counter, visible through the doors, Sophie turned around and leaned against it, placing her hands to either side. Her heart was pounding almost of of her chest.

“So what do you need help with?” Ben asked, that nervous tone still shook his voice, but his hard on was plainly visible straining to get out of his jeans.

“He must be big.” Sophie thought to herself as she looked at the bulge. She found it difficult to control herself and not just rip his clothes off then and there.

“I was thinking, for a football game, maybe some hot dogs. But I make them a special way. Josh never complains about my hot dogs. You see, I have to oil them, that way they are lubricated and slip into the bun easier, but I always taste them first, before I use them, you can never be too careful see.” As she spoke, Ben licked his lips even more, looking ready to jump on her, the nerves now replaced with pure lust and anticipation. She smiled at him.

“Come here, I’ll show you how to make them.” She cooed.

Ben walked towards her but as he did he pulled the glass doors closed.

“Uh-uh! They have to be stay open.” She said to him with a pouty look on her face.

“But….I thought….you….didn’t want antalya escort to have the….noise….disturb Josh? Ben asked.

Sophie almost laughed at his naivety. “I don’t, but I want the risk. Now, open them, or I won’t show you.” She said smiling.

The doors were open again the second she finished her sentence, and with a crooked finger, ben walked up to her.

Grabbing her by the waist he pulled her to him and she locked her lips against his. Her tongue instantly probing into his mouth and circling his tongue. She locked her arms around his neck as she kissed him deeply, grinding her hips so her pussy rubbed against the bulge in his jeans.

“Mmmmmmmm” She moaned into his mouth.

She ground herself harder against him as his hand came off her ass, where he had pulled her closer to him after the kiss began, and grabbed hold of her tits, roughly squeezing and pushing them together as if he was afraid she might tell him to stop.

She ground herself more and continued moaning in his mouth as he roughly played with her large tits.

Then placing her hands against his chest she pushed him away a little and broke the kiss.

“Wha….” He started to say, but her smile quieted him.

Sophie’s hands slowly ran down his chest and down onto his belt buckle. She quickly but calmly opened the belt and started to work on the buttons. When they were open she pushed her hand under his boxers and grabbed his cock.

Sophie felt at the large cock in her hands and trembled, she wanted it in her now, but it was far more erotic to take her time. Slowly she started to massage the thick meat in her hands while looking Ben in the eyes.

“Mmmmm, you feel good.” She cooed, massaging faster. The thing never seemed to stop growing. “I think I should try some, is it good?”

“The best you’ll ever have.” Said Ben, looking more confident than he had.

Smiling up at him she slowly sank to her knees in front of him.

If her boyfriend looked all he would see was his hot 22 year old girlfriend on her knees ready to suck off his friend in his kitchen.

Sophie had to jerk back when she pulled Ben’s jeans and boxers down, as his huge cock almost hit her in the face.

Staring in disbelief at what must have been 9 or 10 inches of hard cock meat all Sophie could do was gasp with wide eyes.

“You’re huge!” She said incredulously.

Ben smiled down at her, “You like?”

Sophie nodded, never taking her eyes from the cock in front of her, Slowly she wrapped one hand around the thick shaft. It was so hard, her fingers just about met around it’s width. Placing her second hand on the meat of her boyfriends mate, she looked up into Ben’s eyes.

“I think I might need to tell Josh to turn the volume up louder.” She said.

And with both hands on the thick cock shaft and her eyes on his, her boyfriend’s eyes on the TV not 15 feet away, she opened her mouth and lowered her head onto his dick.

The thick cock stretched her mouth wide, she had never had a dick this wide or this long before in her mouth, or her pussy, but she knew she was a good cocksucker, and she was enjoying it.

Halfway down the shaft she paused. Looking down at Ben’s pubic hair, she thought, “5 more inches to go, damn he’s big.” So she moved her head back up the big cock shaft slowly, licking with her tongue the entire length.

Flicking her blonder hair over her shoulder, intent only on the cock before her, she began kissing the head, then gently licked down the underside and back up before opening her mouth and lowering her head slowly down the shaft, impaling her mouth on it.

Sophie began to slowly bob her head up and down Ben’s thick shaft, slowly working another inch further into her mouth each time, until she had the whole 10 inches in her mouth and down her throat.

Using her tongue to slash at the cock in her mouth, Sophie gripped Ben’s dick tightly with her lips and started to build up speed. Eyes closed, Sophie bobbed her head faster on her Boyfriends friend’s dick.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmph” She moaned around the shaft while holding his hips to guide the cock in her mouth. Not having her hands on his dick allowed her to swallow the entire cock length into her mouth and down her throat, stopping only when her nose met the base of his love pole.

The slurping noises of the lewd cocksucking session filled the kitchen, but Josh couldn’t hear any of them as the tv drowned them out.


Sophie’s head was bobbing up and down ferociously on Ben’s cock, willing him to cum down her throat. Her Moans became louder and then she felt Ben’s hands on her head, gripping her hair, pulling her face down onto his love meat. She looked up into his eyes and then for the first time really took notice of his moans.

Ben held the beauties head as she sucked him harder and harder, faster and faster, bobbing her head up and down his raging hard dick. She was so good at this, he knew he couldn’t hold back long.

“Yeah that’s it baby, suck it.” He said to her “Suck it while your boyfriend watches tv in the next room.”

Sophie moaned.

“Damn you’re good.” He gasped, pulling her head onto him more. He still couldn’t believe she could swallow his entire dick. No woman had been able to do that before.

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