Songs of Flames


thy song ignites the moon,scorching the stormy skiesunleashing a blizzard of fiery embersblazing the frozen planes of my oblivionbreathe your desiresupon the cold ashes of my breathand inflame the great leviathan’til the beast Ankara Rus Escort alights my eyesspread your legs,upon the altar of perditionso I may feast upon your Yenimahalle Escort dripping dewmy tongue sliding into the salty sweetnessof your shivering sighsno depth left unplunged.grip my hair and pull me intoa desperate kissas your eyes scream”fuck me Mars, for I am your Venus.”Offer thy tongue for mine to dancethy throat for my teeth to biteand the pink satin of your nipples to suckas you wrap your legs around mepulling my raging serpentto pierce the sweltering hunger of yourof your salivating libidotil stars shatter in the wakeor our blasphemous matingeach thrust the collision of heathen godssundering the marble halls of eternityand setting the heavens aflame 

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