Something She Couldn’t Give Up


After a tiring night of basketball practice, Audra pulled her car up once again to the empty house. With all the lights turned off, it made her a little lonesome. It was tough to be home alone without her parents, but then at the same time it promised for some not-so-nice adventures in the Jacuzzi.

Audra had been keeping her sexuality a secret from her parents for years; they were still convinced she was their perfect Catholic School Girl….and oh, were they wrong. When they left town and put her in charge of taking care of the house, she would always have her most recent boyfriend over to enjoy the luxury of the ocean view home. To them, staying home was a burden, to her, it was time away from the small, cramped apartment and the curious eyes (and ears) of her roommate. Her latest endeavors were something she was not so proud of: she never dreamed she would be the one to cheat, but with her current relationship it was a good option: after no attention, no making out, no sex for weeks at a time with her boyfriend chock full of nothing but excuses, she had to. She craved sex, and her vibrator was no substitution for some hot sex…..with her ex-boyfriend.

He was on his way over, and while she turned the Jacuzzi on and stripped down to put on her bathing suit, she realized she was already wet just thinking about how his thick dick felt; the thought of that first moment of penetration that sent shivers up her spine. As she held the bathing suit in her hands, she realized that if it was coming off in a few minutes, it was pointless anyway to even put on.

She slipped on her lilac Zonguldak Escort robe, tied it loosely around her waist and examined her face. Her glasses—needed for driving—had to come off now. She was still tired and sweaty from basketball practice, but she could already see the sparkle and excitement in her eyes, imagining his muscular and tan body, all hers for the taking.

The doorbell rang, and as she opened up the door, she caught her breath. There was just something about him that attracted her to him—could it be that beautiful muscular back that she loved to see, his sinful smirk that always appeared on that tan face after he finished fucking her, knowing that where her boyfriend turned down the chance to fuck that tight pussy he had it all to himself—but who could really say, anyway.

They headed out to the backyard, continuing their constant banter and small talk. “Time to get in, it’s nice and warm” Audra stated matter-of-factly, as she untied her robe. She allowed it to drop slowly to the ground and grinned to herself as she slid her body in, knowing that his eyes were on her gorgeous breasts, her tanned legs and beautiful back side. He soon followed; now it was her turn to admire his body. His muscular thighs, beautiful dick, carved and defined chest, amazing shoulders….it just made her wetter and wetter in anticipation. Every time she saw that body she wanted to ride that dick, feel his rough hands on her backside…

While they sat out in the Jacuzzi, they admired the heat of the water against the crisp air of that April night, the ocean Zonguldak Escort Bayan haze that covered the moon allowing muted light to shine through. When the clouds failed to cover the moon completely, she could see with bright light down into the water and would allow her gaze to rest on that beautiful body.

As always with old friends and lovers, they caught up. The conversation always flowed freely, talking about sports and school, friends and parties, gossip and emotions, there was hardly a topic left uncovered during their banter. She wanted more than this, though….as great as it was to hear about his adventures and catch him up on hers, what she craved was simple: sex.

While they were talking, his hand casually started to wander up her inner thigh. He moved slowly up to her lips, and stopped short—feeling this made her wetter, made her want him to not stop. She placed a hand on his upper thigh too, holding it there for a few minutes as she swam slightly away from her seat next to him, turning her body to face his and started to move her body over his.

Their conversation halted as she lowered herself onto his hardened and throbbing dick. As always, that first moment took her breath away for a moment as she enjoyed the feeling of pleasure and pain as his dick moved further and further inside her. She sighed gently and looked at his face. His face was expressing the same thing she was feeling—and enjoying the view of her 34 D breasts all his for the touching.

Like always, they moved together, started to breath together. Having the Escort Zonguldak feeling of the warm jets around their bodies, now together as one made her sigh slightly. They stayed so close together, him so deep in her to retain as much of her wetness as he could. Her tingling skin couldn’t handle anymore—and then he reached down and started to kneed her clit between his strong fingers. It made her lean back a little bit, enjoying the feeling of his dick moving up and down inside of her while his fingers worked away, sending shudders up and down her spine. As she leaned back, his other arm was there to catch her, sliding one finger lightly over her asshole.

Her eyes rolled back in her head; she came, leaning into his muscular body, turned her head and looked into his eyes. She knew he was close, she could hear his shuddered breathing, see his eyes shut slightly so she reached back and down and felt for his balls. They were moving quicker and she massaged his balls, and he came in her once again—just like last week, just like the first time they fucked, and just like he would next week. She loved that feeling, and leaned in closer to him.

They stayed like that for a few moments, looking into each others eyes as that sinful smirk crossed his face once more with a hint of satisfaction. He had lost her to another—but they both knew that her current relationship was a security blanket, something she was afraid to let go of, afraid of hurting his family and causing him to withdraw more emotionally than he already was. She knew she had to make a decision soon; choosing which guy she should really be with—but as long as her parents went out of town, or her roommate left for the night, or his parents went to the city for the night, they both knew that night would be spent with each other, and just sitting there made her start to think about the endless possibilities for next time.

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