Someone from The Past


A largely true story, real life temptation.

It won’t set the world alight, but I’m sure it will strike a chord with some!

No doubt ‘Anonymous’ will pour scorn on the morals of the story!


“Come on Rob, you’re nearly there, cum for me, yes that’s it, that’s it.”

Kathy’s hand was a blur as it rapidly went up and down on my cock. With a brief grunt, and a loud groan, the first jet of spunk shot high into the air, some landing on the centre of the steering wheel, but mainly coming down on the back of Kathy’s hand and then the rest of it pumping over her fingers and thumb.

As she continued, more slowly, to rub the semen up and down my shaft, my cock was slippery in her grasp, and she added, “God, Rob, you certainly needed that, you’ve soaked me, fuck, it’s all over my skirt.”

Reaching into her bag she grabbed a tissue, and started to wipe her hands, and then her skirt.

I managed to get my handkerchief out from my bunched up jeans beneath me, and wipe my cock and the steering wheel of my dad’s car.

It was a teenage memory, which came back to me in a rush as I watched her wheel the buggy out through the school gate.

She was much older now, heavier around the hips, but it was her, unmistakably.

She still had blonde hair, and I was guessing she was collecting her grandchild from the primary school next door.

I realised my heart was racing. “For god’s sake get a grip,” I said to myself.

I was looking out of the staffroom window at the school I’d just started at. I’d moved schools as a result of redeployment, and it was a shared site with the primary school.

As I idly sipped my coffee in my free period, I’d been watching the scene outside as the pupils left for home.

All those memories came flooding back. This woman, this grandmother, was the person I’d lost my virginity to in the front room of her parents’ house, while they watched tv in the next room. It had been a disaster, on the floor, on the carpet, hurriedly putting a condom on for the first time, wondering if toplu porno it was on correctly, then awkwardly sliding between Kathy’s thighs.

Then wondering if her parents would come in, prematurely ejaculating, and feeling a complete idiot.

Of course, the sex got much better when we got time alone, but those lust induced memories were making my cock grow hard.

And now I’d seen her again, after how long? It must be over thirty years.

I drove home that evening feeling a mixture of excitement and some guilt. I was married, and these feelings were by their very nature, unfaithful.

I couldn’t help it, but the next day I made a point of watching the primary school kids leave at the end of the day.

Kathy didn’t appear so I guessed that she didn’t collect her grandchild every day. But I was elated, when I caught sight of her the very next day.

My guilty feelings continued until several days later, when I gave in to temptation.

I was free last period of the day so as the mums congregated around the school gates I wandered out. Sure enough, Kathy saw me. The recognition was obvious, and I could see from her face a shocked expression. But then came the smile, and the first, “Hello.”

“Oh my god, is it really you? After all these years!” Kathy’s face lit up the street.

She explained that she only lived around the corner, and as I suspected, picked up her grandson three days a week.

The conversation was interrupted by the school bell, and the exiting of the kids.

Perhaps, without thinking, Kathy said impulsively, “There’s so much to catch up on, why don’t you come round for coffee one lunch time? If you can get away from school?”

It was an invitation out of the blue, and flashing in my mind were danger signals.

I found myself saying, “Yes, I’d love to, when?”

“Tomorrow, if you want, I live at 42, on Burgess Drive.”

“Ok, it’ll be about 12.20. Look forward to it.”

And it was all arranged. The next day, nervously, I knocked on the front door, türbanlı porno and Kathy was soon planting a kiss on my cheek, as I entered. We moved to the lounge where coffee was already made, and spent the next half hour telling each other what had happened in both our lives. By the time I had to get back to school we had both confided, in veiled language, that not all was bliss at both our homes.

At the front door there was a moment when we both looked at each other in silence. Kathy whispered, “Would you like to come again?”

I think we both knew what that implied. “Yes, I’d love to Kathy, if you’re sure?”

“Please, I want you to,” and reaching up she kissed me softly on the lips. I tried desperately to hold back, but I kissed her again.

With both of us slightly at a loss, I opened the front door and just said, “See you tomorrow, same time.”

Nothing more was said as I walked down the path, my heart pounding.

I didn’t sleep that night, my wife asking me in the morning if I was ok. I just said that I’d got a lot on with my new job. I hated lying, but I just couldn’t get Kathy out of my mind.

As I drove the forty five minute journey to school, I kept wondering if I really ought to go at lunch time. I’d convinced myself, by the time I got to school, that I would chicken out. I’d apologise at the school gate that afternoon for not turning up.

At the end of teaching last lesson that morning I had changed my mind yet again. The temptation was too great, I was going to go.

When Kathy opened the front door I was actually shaking. She looked fantastic. She had obviously taken some time getting ready to see me. Her eyes were sparkling, her lips were glistening, her dress showed her contours, and when I stepped inside, her perfume made me go weak at the knees.

And then we just stood there and kissed. Not just briefly, but longingly. Inhaling her perfume, tasting her lipstick, and feeling the softness of her body in my arms, just made me melt. Except that there was one part türk porno of me not melting. My cock was rock hard and pressing against her.

And then the years rolled back.

Kathy took my hand, leading me into the lounge, and looking me in the eye from inches away, said, “Fuck me Rob, like you used to, on the floor, on the carpet.”

Sinking to her knees, she tugged open my belt, and unzipped me, before laying down in the middle of the lounge floor. I followed, and on my knees, I slipped my trousers and boxers down my thighs.

By then my cock was rampant, and as I slid between Kathy’s legs, I raised her dress to reveal her shaven pussy. She was not wearing any panties.

In an instant I was kissing her once more, and almost as though we hadn’t been apart, I was inside her. Neither of us had had sex on the floor since all those years before, and as uncomfortable as it was, our lust had taken over.

Kathy’s legs wrapped their way around my buttocks as I pumped my hips up and down. It all came back, I knew the triggers for bringing Kathy to climax, and when she finally gasped that she was cumming, I poured my spunk into her.

Both of us were silent at first, as I slipped from Kathy’s pussy. Then all she said quietly was, “Oh god Rob, what have we done?”

My reply was pretty hopeless, “I’m not sure Kathy, but it was what we both wanted.”

I helped Kathy to her feet, and we clung to each other for a moment, before I had to pull my trousers up, and look respectable. We both looked down and saw the damp patch on the carpet, and Kathy giggled, which broke the slight tension between us.

And then more guilt. This time because I had to get back to school, and it felt like I’d got what I’d wanted and was rushing off.

“Please don’t feel guilty,” Kathy was sensitive to my thoughts, “I know you’ve got to get back. Look, hang on, I’ll give you my mobile number, but only text me during weekdays.” Kathy scribbled her number on an old till receipt.

As I left, we kissed at the front door, and just gripped each others’ arm.

I went home that evening, feeling both guilty, and elated. But I was stopped in my tracks later in the evening when, after soaking in a bath, I came down to relax on the sofa in my dressing gown.

“You’ve grazed your knees, how did you do that?” asked my wife.

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