Soccer-Mom: Student’s Viewpoint


Thanks to larryinseattle for editing.


A horny student’s quest to fuck a MILF. His experience.


The student’s name is Roderick. He’s good looking 21 year-old university student. He is a Dean’s List student and a member of the varsity swim team. His family is very well off and until now has been a model young gentleman. He lost his virginity on his high school prom night but has not had a girlfriend since then, just the odd one-night stand.

His fraternity brother, Chuck, recently lured a MILF named Dorothy from his hometown in a frat party that degenerated into an orgy centered around her. Roderick (he doesn’t like to be called Rod), missed the orgy but Chuck had shown him lewd photos that someone had taken on their cell phone. When he told Chuck that he was going to his and the MILF’s hometown on some family business, Chuck told him he should call up Dorothy and threaten to release the orgy photos of her unless she has a fuck session with him. Chuck said it would work for sure. Roderick had never done anything shady but the more he thought about it when he was jerking off most nights, the more it seemed a good idea.

Here is what happened during his MILF encounter. Spoken words are in quotations but most of these are the thoughts of the young student.

Here I am waiting at the Hyatt bar in a booth at the back, not knowing whether that red haired MILF or her husband or even the police will show up. All she said was ‘Yes’ a few times when I called her and threatened to release her orgy photos. Maybe she had second thoughts. Fuck, my life could be ruined if I get charged with blackmail or something. But why would she risk people finding out about her indiscretion. No, I think I’m safe.

Oh, shit, I think that’s her coming into the bar. I’ll wave. She spotted me. Wow, she is really attractive. What a pretty yellow dress and her red hair is to die for. Better make room for her to sit beside me. I can hear the swish of her dress, of satin against satin. I wonder if she wore sexy panties like I asked. I catch a whiff of a fresh, flowery smelling perfume that is very attractive.

I can’t believe that she is really here and dressed up like I demanded. This is really going to happen! I am going to fuck this beautiful woman. And this is a real woman. Not like the teen sluts at the frat house parties. I can feel my dick is getting a chubby.

“Hello, my name is Roderick and you must be Dorothy.”

All she does is nod and sit there with her hands clasped together in front of her. It looks like she is pissed to be here. I don’t blame her. I must admit I am a bit intimidated around older women especially beautiful women like her. What the hell do I do now?

“That’s a very nice dress.” Ahhh. She smiled a bit. “You remind me so much of a teacher I had in high school. She was very beautiful too.” I used to masturbate frantically and think about what was under those tight skirts and white blouses. Now I’m going to find out.

Here’s the waiter. “What would you folks like to drink?”

“I’ll have a Seven and Seven.” I look over at the pretty woman. “Please order what you want.”

“A glass of white wine, whatever you have would be nice.”

She has such a nice feminine voice. But what do I do if she gets bitchy and won’t do what I say? That would ruin my MILF dream date.

The waiter’s gone. She looks at me with pleading eyes. “Oh please, I beg you don’t release those photos of me. I am so ashamed of how I acted that night. It’s not like me. I should never have smoked that marijuana cigarette. Please, please. I’ll do anything you ask. Just don’t send those vile photos to anybody. It would ruin me.’

I can’t take my eyes off her gorgeous breasts when she is talking like that. Fuck, I can’t believe that I am going to be fondling those babies soon.

That’s what I like to hear, some pleading. She isn’t a controlling bitch like I feared. She’s just a beautiful, innocent housewife that smoked pot for the first time and lost control. Well baby, you have to face the consequences. And that means fucking me.

Why don’t I slide over and get a first feel of her tits. It doesn’t sound like she will be stopping me after that little begging session. Here’s the waiter with our drinks. Okay, now he’s gone.

Hmm. I’ll move real close to her. She knows I’m going to touch her but she’s just sitting there with her hands together on the table. I can touch her anywhere. Hell, why not start at the breasts? Let’s first check the room over the back of the booth to make sure nobody can see us. Great there are only a few people in the room and we are way in the back plus the back of the booth shields us. She could likely give me a blow job and no one would notice. Hell, not a bad idea.

Let’s get a feel of her tit. God, that feels great even through the dress. I can feel her heart beating fast. She’s more nervous than I am. Why don’t I massage her boob a bit. I think I can even feel her nipple through the dress and bra.

“Oh Zonguldak Escort Roderick you are such a naughty boy. I know you will want to unbutton my dress but when you do that, please be careful that nobody sees. I would just die of embarrassment.”

Right on. I should unbutton the dress and get a good feel under that dress. There is only half a dozen buttons to open like this. I love it how she’s just sitting there unmoving while I undo them. This is fun. I’m getting a woody. What a beautiful light yellow bra. I love the little lace flower trim. Here goes, I’m going to dip my hand inside that beautiful bra and get a good feel of those luscious breasts. They feel so fucking great. Her nipple is as hard as a rock. Maybe she’s getting a bit turned on. Why don’t I pop this titty right out of her bra. Whew, now that looks erotic.

“You have such beautiful breasts, Dorothy. Is it alright if I call you Dorothy? She nods.

I say, “Thanks.” She smiles a bit when I say that. My mother always told me it never hurts to be polite.

Time to feel down under her dress down below. Let’s just slip my hand under the hem.

“Please Roderick, may I please do up my dress? I feel so exposed.” I like that she asks me like that.

I am going to be busy down below so why not? “Sure, put your breast back in your bra and pull your dress shut but don’t do up the buttons yet. I might want to take another feel.”

“Yes, Roderick”

Let me slip my hand up her leg. Her skin is so smooth. She must shave her legs. Oh, those panties feel so fine. I need to get my hand on her pussy. “Open your legs. I want to feel everything.” That was nice, quick reaction. She’s learning to take my orders. Sweet. Oh, lovely, I can feel the lips of her pussy through the thin panties. She is so hot down there. I can’t wait to get my hard cock into that hot cunt. Maybe I could even try doggy style. I’ve always wanted to try that.

Oh, oh. Here comes the waiter. Better get decent. “How are you folks doing over here?”

I’m so horny to fuck this housewife that we should leave now. The action here is just teasing myself. This woman will do anything, so why don’t we go up to the room and fuck!

“We’re fine. In fact, we’re just leaving. This should cover the bill.” A twenty should more than cover it.

“Thank you very much sir. That is very generous.”

Okay, up and out we go. I’ll take her hand and lead her up to the room. There’s the elevator. Shit, there are other people getting on. Let me feel my woman’s ass while we go up. Sweet. I can feel the outline of her panties and the crack of her ass. When we get in the room I want to give that ass a good feel.

Okay out of the elevator and over to the room. I’m so fucking horny. Let’s get this fucking door open and get inside. Alright! Let me grab this beautiful housewife. Yes, these buns feel fucking fantastic. I can feel my erection on her stomach as I massage her firm ass. Her hair is so soft on my cheek. Holy fuck, she let’s me do anything and just takes it. Pinch me I’m in heaven.

She puts her hands on my chest and says, “Oh Roderick, please be gentle. You are so strong.”

I step back and I see she has buttoned up her top. I told her not to do that. “I thought I told you not to button that dress up.” She looks down shyly and unbuttons it. Hell, she is opening her top for me to see her bra. I like the way she is obeying me. What’s this? She is opening her bra and pulling open the cups to show me her bare tits. They are magnificent.

“Is that okay now, Roderick?” Look at her blush.

I’ve gotta feel those babies. Ahh, they feel great. For an older lady, they are very firm and perky. I love the feel of her hard nipples. Her skin is so soft. I’m going a bit crazy here. My lust meter is hitting the red zone.

“Take off your dress.”

‘Do I really have to?”

“Yes, I want to see your body. Take it off.” Wow, she’s pulling down her top and removing her bra. What a strip show, and all for me! A few buttons in the front of the skirt, and oh, she is turning around. She must be shy. Ahhh, she is dropping the dress and stepping out of it. I love the way she wiggles her bum a little to get out of it. Nice ass and those yellow panties are great. That’s right, turn around so I can see you. Aren’t you the shy one with your arms and hand over your goodies. Hmmm. You are dropping them so I can see all of you and I didn’t even need to tell you. Nice.

The panties are very sexy. They’re yellow satin with a black lace trim. There’s a see-through black patch at the Y where her body meets her legs. I can clearly see the camel-toe notch of her bald pussy. Wow, that is so sexy. It’s a mind blower.

Look at her standing meekly over there biting her lower lip, topless with only sexy panties on. That is one gorgeous suburban housewife.

“Thanks for wearing such sexy panties like I asked. They look very pretty. I want them as a souvenir. Please pass them to me.” Let’s see that Zonguldak Escort Bayan MILF’s pussy.

“Yes, Roderick.” I love the way her tits hang down when she bends at the waist and peels the panties off. She is holding them to me. Sweet. They feel soft. Wow, there is a nice wet spot. I think that means the lady is getting turned on. I have to smell them. Ahhhh. The smell of MILF pussy. Gotta love it.

Let’s just look at her body some more. I love that she just stands there and lets me watch her. Usually when I look at sexy women I have to steal a glance so as not to be rude but with this foxy lady, I can stare to my heart’s content just like looking at a picture.

“You have a very nice body, Dorothy. Please turn around. Wow. Very nice ass. “Just stay facing the wall for a minute.” I feel a bit self conscious undressing in front of her. There, my clothes are off. She is starting to turn back around. “No, not yet.” I want to have a good erection when she first sees me. Let me stoke my cock a bit and get it nice and hard. There we go. “Okay. You can turn around now.”

She is looking down at my cock with a horny look in her eyes. She is taking my hand and leading me to the bed. I stand there while she takes off the bedspread and lays on her back on the white sheets. Holy shit, I am actually going to fuck this beautiful lady. I lay down beside her and prop myself up on my elbow and look down at her gorgeous face and then down at her glorious, sexy body. I can feel the tip of my dick touching the side of her ass. Her hands are at her sides, allowing me free rein to touch any of her treasures. I cup her breast and then dip my lips and suck her hard nipple into my mouth. Then, on to the other one. She grabs the back of my head and shouts, “Yes, YES.” She’s really getting turned on. I slip my hand to her leg and she opens her legs very wide without me giving a hint that that is what I wanted her to do. I move my hand to her crotch and her pussy is so wet and slippery all over. I put two fingers and then three into her hot vagina. Wow, I can’t believe how she is bucking her hips while I pump my fingers in and out.

She screams, “Yes, yes. That feels fucking great! Oh baby. Yes, yes.” She’s looking deep into my eyes as she has an incredible orgasm. She holds my hand that is impaling her pussy with both of hers and holds on tight while screaming in ecstasy and humping my hand. That is the hottest thing I have ever seen. And she said the F-bomb. I didn’t think a lady like her would say that.

What’s she doing now? Hell, she’s kissing my nipple. She is kissing my stomach and all the way down to, HOLY FUCK, she just put the head of my cock into her hot mouth. Hmmmm. That feels unbelievable. She is twirling her tongue around the head inside her mouth. She’s great. “Fuck lady, you sure know how to suck cock.” What a tart.

But I need a bit of thrusting. Let me put two pillows under her head and kneel beside her head and feed my cock into her pretty face. There we go. I’ll put my cock to her lips. She got the message and opened up. Sweet. Oh baby, your mouth feels super. A little in and out. I love the feel of my cock hitting the back of her mouth. Looking down at her and watching my dick go in and out of her lips is so erotic. I’ll never be able to look at anther pretty, older woman’s face without thinking about Dorothy’s mouth encircling my junk.

Holy fuck, I’m getting close to cumming. No, no, no. I needed to fuck her pussy. Better pull back. Here’s a new idea that a submissive housewife should do for me. “Give my balls a good lick, MILF. And make sure their real wet.” Wow, she is following my instructions to the letter. Boy, my ball-sack is so sensitive. I can hear loud slurping sounds as she gets them really wet, just like I ordered.

I say, “Now for a little MILF fucking.” I take the pillows out from under her head and move down between her open legs. What a sight as I look down at her perfect body, great firm tits and the dark red lips of her pussy opened up with a small dark hole of her vaginal opening begging for my cock. Surprise, surprise the horny housewife is reaching her hands up to me. She is hot for me to mount and fuck her. I smile and think, why keep her waiting? I fall forward onto her body.

My cock is in the right area but not exactly right. Nice, she is reaching down to point me on target. The opening is a bit small. It doesn’t want to let my cock-head in. Oh fuck it lady, I don’t care if I split you in half, you pussy is getting drilled. BIG THRUST. AHHHHH. Oh FUCK. I am in balls deep and her pussy feels fine, very fucking fine. Out some and then slowly back in right to the end of her love canal. Yummy. Oh fuck, I just HAVE to thrust hard and fast. No choice. In-out-in-out-in-out like a fucking jack-hammer. I can feel the body-shaking thud of our hips hitting together. I hope I’m not hurting her but the truth is that I am galloping to an orgasm regardless of how she feels.

The MILF screams right Escort Zonguldak into my ear, “Yes baby. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Do me baby. Do me.” My god, she’s loving it hard. This housewife is a secret slut. Who would have thunk it? She is having an orgasm! Wow, I can feel her pussy having contractions on my cock. Thrust, thrust, THRUST. OH, fuck, I’m CUUUUMMMMINNGGGGGG toooooo. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. I’m going to fucking die. Ahhhhh.

I fall over on to my back beside her. I am panting and out of breath. My god, that orgasm was mind-shattering. I thought I was going to bloody die or something. I didn’t know an orgasm could be that powerful.

“Oh Dorothy, you are the greatest. That was the most intense orgasm of my life. Thank you. Thank you.”

I have my arm over my eyes. As I come down from my erotic high, I am suddenly washed over with a feeling of guilt that I had blackmailed this housewife into these dirty acts. I lay here thinking what a shit I am. I hear her get up and pee in the bathroom and return. Soon I do the same and wash the cum off my pecker.

I walk back into the hotel room and she is laying on her back. Her body is so attractive. I snuggled in beside her. I feel a strong sense of caring for her and guilt about what I forced her to do. If I was a true gentleman, I wouldn’t have done this.

“Dorothy, I am really feeling badly about blackmailing you into having sex with me. Please forgive me. It’s just that one of my horniest fantasies is being with an beautiful older lady like yourself and when I told my friend and fraternity brother, Chuck, he suggested I contact you. He told me what to say to get you to be with me. I feel really bad about it”

She replies, “Roderick, please don’t be sad. I’ve really enjoyed my time with you. It’s true that I was shocked and reluctant when you called and made your demands, but being with you has been very nice. When we were making love, I got swept up in the passion and forgot all my inhibitions. You are helping me blossom sexually. Thank you very much.”

“You mean I wasn’t hurting you when I lost control? I heard you moaning. But even when I thought I was hurting you, I couldn’t stop fucking your pussy. My body seemed to have a mind of its own.”

“No Roderick, I was loving it. You turned me on so much that I lost my usual morals. I was overwhelmed and my body also had a mind of its own. I can’t believe I was holding your ass to urge you on when you mounted me and were thrusting your penis into my vagina. Don’t you remember me hold on to your ass while you were doing me. That’s when you know your woman is enjoying it.”

Boy am I learning a lot. “Really? Wow. Good to know.” She puts a warm hand on my stomach.

“Just being beside you with no clothes on makes me want you to make love to me again. I feel so slutty. It’s your fault but I can’t help myself. You can do me again whenever you feel ready. I would really like that. Is there anything sexual that you would like to try with me?”

“Are you serious, Dorothy?” I feel her hand slide down and cup my sensitive balls. My guess is that means she really is serious. This is my big chance to do doggy-style. I hope she is okay with that.

“Oh. Okay. Sure. I always wanted to try doggy style. Would that be okay?”

“Sure, Roderick, that’s one of my favorite positions. But we don’t have to rush right into that. We can do a lot of things to get ready. Why don’t you just lay back and relax while I show you how a mature woman can give you pleasure.”

She puts a couple of pillows under my head and whispers into my ear in a sexy, husky voice, “Just relax and let me make you feel good. These pillows will help you see me pleasuring your body.” She lays beside me propped up on one elbow. She reaches down and takes the shaft of my limp penis and wraps her soft hand around it. Because the pillows give me a good view, we are both looking down at her hand stroking me up and down. My cock responds and gets very hard. She whispers again, “Hmmmm. Your cock feels so nice. I just love to stroke it. It makes me feel sooooo dirty. How does that feel?”

Breathlessly, I squeak out, “Oh that feels real good.” She sees some clear liquid leaking from the opening at the tip of my dick and swirls it around the head. I have to moan. It feels sooooo good.

She strokes my cock, expertly. “Is this the way you masturbated when you were thinking about fucking me?”

My brain thinks yes but my voice doesn’t want to work and answer.

“Oh Roderick, feeling your penis is turning me on so much. I just have this giant urge to suck it. It’s something I don’t even do with my husband but for some reason your penis is like a magnet for my mouth. I am drawn to do it again. Maybe I shouldn’t. You will lose all respect for me.”

Woman, you were already licking my balls. Short memory ma’am. “No, no Dorothy. I wouldn’t think badly of you at all. No way.” Please, please go down on me, lady.

She re-positions between my legs on her stomach and elbows. I love looking at her white ass cheeks with their nice bikini tan line. She is staring directly into my eyes as she holds my cock and licks my balls, the shaft and head with gusto. I close my eyes and a feeling of total contentment washes over me. She services my junk for a good long time. Life is real fine.

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