Snow Day


Anything can happen on a Snow Day. It’s a magical time when reality can stand still with an unexpected surprise. This is the story of such a Snow Day many years ago.

I was out of town for a conference. The wife and kids were hundreds of miles away, and I was looking forward to a little quiet time away from home. The hotel where I was staying was a Residence Inn, a complex of small 4-apartment buildings, designed for short-term living. My upstairs apartment was basically a large room with a kitchenette, king bed, couch area and fireplace.

I had recently bumped into an old friend from high school, and she had caught me up to date with many of our classmates, including my high school girlfriend. I learned that my ex was divorced with two kids, and living on the East Coast. We hadn’t talked since we broke up after high school, and I was surprised to learn that she was living a few miles from where I would be attending a conference.

We hadn’t left things on good terms, but that was years ago, and I was genuinely curious as to what she was up to. Would she think it was weird to hear from me again? After thinking it over, I looked her up in the phone book when I got to my hotel and gave her a call.

Lori was surprised to hear from me, and offered to pick me up for dinner the next night. Her ex had the kids this week and she was looking forward to having dinner with another adult.

The first day of the conference was good, but I was really looking forward to seeing Lori again. Did she look the same? Did I? I thought through how we left things, and decided what was past was past.

Lori parked her car in the lot and walked up to my building. She looked great, and I told her so. She laughed and said my eyesight must be getting a little worse with age. But she did look great. More mature and classy, but still with that youthful smile and laugh. We drove a few miles to a nice Italian restaurant she knew. It was starting to rain a little, and the TV said it might be turning to snow overnight.

Dinner was wonderful. We shared a bottle of wine and talked all through the meal. We gave summaries of our lives since high school, but kept coming back to people and events we knew from school together. As we looked around, the restaurant was mostly empty, so we decided to leave as well. The manager told us to drive safely, it was getting messy outside.

We were surprised to see that the little snow had become a blizzard. Already several inches of snow had fallen, and more was on the way, blowing and drifting, with a layer of ice underneath. It took us much longer to get back to my building, hard to see the roads, and numerous cars in the ditch.

We were about a mile away, when Lori turned a corner and the right rear tire slid off the road and into the ditch. There wasn’t enough traction to pull it back, so I got out and tried to push. It took us a half hour if pushing and rocking the car to get it back on the road. I was covered with wet snow and shivering.

It was difficult to see where the roads were compared to the ditches in this commercial area, due to all of the drifting snow. I offered to walk home, so she could leave for home herself, but she was afraid she would never make it back to her house. I offered to let her stay with me, and she agreed.

It took another fifteen minutes to carefully drive the remaining two block to my place and park the car for the night. As we climbed the stairs to the apartment, and told her I would sleep on the couch, and she laughed again, saying that I could if I wanted to, but it wasn’t like we hadn’t slept together before. And right now, we were so cold, we might need all the body heat we could get. I felt my dick twitch.

I told her to take a hot shower, and I would go to the hotel office next door and get a bundle of firewood for the fireplace. The manager on duty gave me two bundles, saying that there had been reports of power outages due to the storm. The roads were closing, but they had plenty of food on hand if i wanted to come back for the buffet tomorrow morning.

Back in my apartment, I heard Lori using the hair dryer in the bathroom, as I build a fire in the fireplace. I hung up our wet coats, as Lori came out of the bathroom with her wet clothes. She was wearing my blue plaid flannel pajama top, looking like a short dress, and I could see a pair of my white boxer shorts sticking out the bottom.

“I hope you don’t mind, but i took some of your dry clothes. Your turn in the shower. I’ll bring you some dry clothes too.”

I slipped out of my wet stuff and climbed in the hot shower, soaking up as much heat as I could. As I warmed up, I saw that I was getting aroused, remembering how sexy Lori looked in my pajama top, and wondering what she had on underneath besides my boxers. Lori knocked and came in the bathroom.

“Here are some dry things. I’ll hang up your clothes by the fire too.”

I got out of the shower and dried off, seeing that she brought me the matching Yozgat Escort pajama bottoms, some blue striped boxers, and a white A-shirt. I got dressed, and it felt great having dry clothes against my skin again.

“Mmmm, nice muscles! You must have picked them up after high school. The skinny guy I remember didn’t have that many.”

“You look pretty nice yourself – a few more curves than I remember. And it’s been a long time since you got in my underwear!”

Lori laughed, lifting up the pajama shirt. “Yeah, and when did you start wearing boxers? I remember you wearing cute little tighty whiteys.”

“I still have a few, but they’re not so little any more.” I nodded toward her pink panties and matching bra hanging on a chair near the fire. “And when did you start wearing such sexy underwear? I remember white bras and panties with little hearts or flowers.”

“Benefits of growing up and buying your own lingerie…”

“Right now, those long legs look like they’re getting cold. Let’s sit by the fire.”

I grabbed a fleece blanket off the end of the bed, and wrapped it around my back. I sat on the couch and opened the blanket for Lori to join me. She cuddled under my arm, and I pulled the blanket around us.

The snow blew against the window as the wind howled outside. A lone street light lit the falling snow from below, sending a glow into the room. The only other light was from the fireplace, and it gave us just enough to see each others faces as we flirted and rubbed bodies together.

As I slowly ran my hand up and down her side, I learned what else she had on beneath the pajama top – nothing. My hand brushed up against her hard nipple, separated by the thick flannel material. Lori moaned a little and turned toward me. We looked into each other’s eyes and smiled, as we drew our lips together in a long warm kiss.

It was as if the years between had never happened, yet it was clear that we were both mature adults not awkward kids. Our kisses increased in intensity, hungry for passion. I hadn’t been that aroused for years, and we ran our hands down the others backs and arms.

Lori slid her hands across my chest, exploring my muscles. It seemed as if she were trying to reconcile her memories of a young skinny boy against the man before her. Her hand moved to my crotch, and rubbed the length of my erect cock inside my pajama pants.

“Mmmm, this seems much bigger than I remember too.”

“I think he misses your touch.”

“Well, let’s not keep him waiting, shall we?”

Lori slipped her inside the fly of the pajamas, and felt my hard cock, already sticking out of my boxers.

She whispered in my ear, “These boxers do have a nice benefit for easy access to the good stuff.”, as she pulled my cock out of the pajama fly and began slowly stroking it.

Now it was my turn to groan. Back in high school, a few tugs on my cock were all it took to make me shoot cum all over. Now, it seemed we were both more experienced, and she deftly played with me for a while.

I reached back and began caressing her firm ass. It felt very strange, running my hands across boxer shorts, but that got me more aroused as well. I worked around to her crotch, and she sat back on the couch and split her legs a little. The front of the boxers were soaked with her juices, as I felt her swollen pussy lips beneath. The fly front of the boxers weren’t quite the same benefit to me, so I helped her slide them off, and caught sight of her glistening pussy in the firelight. She stood there with the pajama top open and her naked breasts and vagina beckoning to me.

Lori bent down and helped me slide off my pajama pants and boxers, and pushed me back on the couch, my iron hard cock pointing straight up.

“I want you inside me”, she told me. “Right now.”

Lori climbed up on top of me, and guided my stiff cock into her aroused pussy. I could feel myself sliding easily into the wet and warm tissue. In high school, even with a condom, I would have shot my load within seconds. Now, Lori rode me and I pulled her up and down on my cock, intensifying the pleasure. I caressed her breasts and tweaked her nipples as she bounced. I could feel her warm juice running down my balls, and that got me even more excited.

There was a longing hunger in our eyes, and we smiled as the pleasure increased. After what seemed like forever, we started breathing heavy and moving faster and faster, a climax on the way. I couldn’t hold it any longer, and shot a thick load inside her, followed by Lori shouting ‘yes!’ and grinding down on my cock as she had her own orgasm. We collapsed in each others arms and laid there on the couch.

“You learned a lot since high school. Would you be offended if I told you that was the first time you ever brought me to orgasm?”

I didn’t believe it, and was a little offended, but quickly thought back to that young, inexperienced kid, and laughed out loud, “No, but remember the male ego is a fragile Yozgat Escort Bayan thing! You’re going to have to tell me what I great job I did tonight to make up for that comment.”

Lori laughed and said, “Well actually, that was incredible! I didn’t think my ex ever did that to me. But right now, I have to pee.”

She pulled away, my limp cock falling out of her pussy, along with our combined bodily fluids. After peeing, we cleaned up and climbed into bed dry and naked. She curled up in my arms, and we fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, I woke up to a wonderful sex dream. I jumped to see that Lori was in bed with me, lying on her side propped up on one arm, and licking my morning wood cock.

“Good morning! I thought I’d have a quick breakfast before leaving.”

She slid my cock in her mouth, and pulled it in and out, sucking and kissing it. The last time Lori gave me a blowjob, it was just a few licks and before I could warn her, I shot into her hair. That was embarassing.

Now, she seemed to know exactly how to play me. She would bring me to ecstasy, then back off. I was better at control too, but my wife never wanted to do that.

Lori caressed my balls, then moved down to suck on them one at a time, while whe stroked my hard cock. Then back to my cock in her mouth. I reached down to try to finger her pussy, but she pushed my hand back and said “Just lay back and enjoy. This is your turn now.”

I don’t know hw I lasted as long as I did, but I finally couldn’t take the pleasure any more, and warned her to more away because I was going to cum. She sped up her efforts, and suddenly I shot a huge load of cum in her mouth. Lori gagged a little, but slowed down and swallowed all of my hot seed, licking my shaft clean and kissing the head, before climbing back up in my arms and kissing me, and laughing “My turn now.”

I liked how bold she had beome, and watched Lori roll on her back and spread her legs for me to see her wet pussy. I only saw shadows of it in the fire glow last night, but now saw what a beautiful pussy it was. Trimmed dark hair, slick with her arousal, the lips pink and plump. I pulled a pillow down and slid it under hips to raise her gorgeous vagina so I could pay proper attention to it.

I began by licking all around the sides, never touching the tender lips. I kissed each outer lip, then gently took each into my mouth in a soft suck. I must have been doing something right, because Lori groaned and started gyrating her hips slowly. I kissed the entire pussy, and darted my tongue inside and tasted her warm honey. After a while, I flicked my tongue across her erect clitoris, and felt her jump.

“Oh yes! That feels so good!”

I alternated kissing and lightly sucking on her clit, with sliding my tongue deep in and out of her pussy. I would speed up and then slow down to let her catch her breath. I listened for clues as to what she liked, and tried to pleasure her in every way. I had gone down on her a few times in high school, but had no idea what I was doing. It was more of experimenting with our bodies than bringing pleasure. But now I was excited that I seemed to be arousing her so much. I wanted to please her so much, to make up for that incredible blowjob, and to show her what I could do now.

I slipped a finger into her pussy, then another, and slowly massaged the inside, as my tongue licked the outside. She really loved this, and ran her fingers through my hair. “Oh God yes! You’re driving me wild!”

I sped up and slowed down, until I felt her thighs start to tremble, and knew she would be cumming soon. She arched her back, then pushed my head away and yelled out in pleasure “Yes! Oh, yes!” I slowed my finger massage way down and stroked her inside as she squeezed her legs together on my hand. “Don’t ever stop!”

But finally, she did ask me to stop, and we lay back and kissed again.

“That was the hottest and longest orgasm I have ever had! I mean it! You’ve spoiled me for all other men now!”, she teased.

“You were so confident and sexy! I’ve never been turned on like that before. See, look!” I pointed to my erect cock again.

“I’d love to go again, but I have to get to work, and I still have to dig out my car. I’ll take a shower. Turn on the TV and see how the roads look, would you?”

Lori left for the shower, as I turned on the news. Snow Day! Most roads and businesses were closed. Already fourteen inches of snow had fallen, and they were expecting another six to eight before it was done tonight.

I gave Lori the bad (or was it good?) news in the shower, and she laughed. “Well, if I’m gonna stay here all day, I think you better feed me. We’ll need our strength.”

I got dressed as she dried her hair, and went to the office next door. They had a breakfast buffet, and I loaded up a container with some eggs, bacon, fruit and toast, and then grabbed two cups of juice. I got back to the room, and Lori had made some coffee. Escort Yozgat She was on the phone with her work, saying she couldn’t come in today. She was back to wearing my pajama top and a clean pair of my boxers, and I came up behind her and caressed her firm ass. She shushed me, then finished her call.

“It looks like I’m yours for the day. What do you want to do?”, she leered at me.

“Right now, eat, then we can stay in bed all day and watch movies or think of something better.”

Breakfast tasted particularly good, and we watched the news while we had coffee. I stripped down to my shorts and A-shirt and we climbed back into bed. We propped up our pillows and leaned back to see what movies we could find. Eventually we came to some light romantic comedy, and snuggled in bed together to watch it.

It was a wonderful feeling, almost as if we were in a parallel universe where things had turned out differently between us after high school. We laughed and held each other like married people, living in the moment.

After a movie and a half, we reminisced some more, and then some teasing which led to to wrestling. We laughed and rolled around for a while, and then our eyes locked, and we kissed long and hard. We undressed each other, then made love again, this time slowly, and in multiple positions before finding release.

We talked softly as she lay in my arms.

“I’m surprised you had anything left in that thing.” She reached down and caressed my soft cock. “Three times in 24 hours. Is that a record for you? It is for me.”

I grinned. “A record I’m eager to break after I have a nap to rest up.”

We turned off the TV and fell asleep.

After a few hour nap, we woke and turned on the TV again. The snow would be ending soon, but t would take all night to get the roads cleared. Most businesses would be closed again tomorrow. We watched another movie, then decided we were hungry again.

“I’m sure most restaurants are closed, but the office next door has a buffet. Want to go on a dinner date with me?”

“I hope it’s not too dressy. I only have the clothes I came here with. I don’t think I can wear your clothes there.”, she grinned.

So we cleaned up and got dressed, and headed over to the buffet. The dining area was full with the other guests, but there was a nice table in the corner for us. We had a few beers, and the buffet was suprisingly good. No one knew us there, and we held hands and talked after the meal, like young lovers again. We would have one more night like this, then reality would reset, and we would go our separate ways again.

It was a bittersweet walk back to the apartment, where we embraced inside the door and walked back to the bed. I held Lori tight as we kissed, and thought I tasted a tear on her cheek. She unbuttoned my shirt and ran her hands across my chest. I helped undo her blouse, and saw her in her sexy pink bra for the first time. Our sadness turned to hunger, as we held tight and kissed. Lori undid my pants and they dropped to the floor, my excitement obvious as the tent in my boxers. I opened her pants and slid them to the floor, my hand caressing her silky pink panties.

I pulled back the covers, and lay Lori down on the sheets, climbing in next to her and pulling the covers back over us. We kissed and hugged, still in our underwear, for the longest time, enjoying the warmth of our skin.

“Make love to me.”

I caressed her breasts, feeling the hard nipples through her bra. I pulled the strap over her shoulder and slowly exposed the nipple as I kissed and sucked on it. I reached around in back and undid her bra and slid it off her smooth skin.

“You did that much smoother than in high school. I even switched to front-clasp bras back then just for you”, she confided.

We shared a laugh, and kept the sadness at bay, as we explored our bodies. I felt the damp spot in her panties and slid my finger inside the leg to slide between her slick pussy lips. Lori started groaning again and she arched her back and took my hand in hers, guiding me to play with her pussy. I pulled down her panties and softly massaged her pussy and clit.

Lori reached down and pulled my erect cock out of my boxers, stroking and squeezing it. “I want this where your fingers are.”

I pulled off my A-short and boxers, and climbed on top of her, spreading her legs, and positioning my cock. Lori grabbed the shaft and guided me inside.

“You’ve got ten minutes if you want to break your record of four cumshots in 24 hours”, she laughed.

“I’d rather make love to you all night than hurry up”, I told her.

We stayed in the missionary position, slowly making love, for what seemed like forever. Neither of us wanting to it to end. But eventually, we cried out in release, and drifted off into a deep slumber.

The next morning, the Snow Day was over. I could almost feel the magic starting to fade. We laughed and tried to keep it light, but we would be moving on to our separate lives in different areas of the country. We showered together in a fun way, with no sex, but another opportunity to touch and see and make memories.

We dressed, and I walked Lori to her car, to help her dig out. We kissed in the parking lot, and wished each other well.

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