Slutty #2


Well, that didn’t work out well.  I mean, we’re fine at work, but once again, you’re all proven right.  I accept what’s been said and that I deserve anything else you have to say about me.  Well, maybe not anything, Azalea.  Remember to keep some thoughts to yourself, my love.In unrelated news, I’ve been wearing pants the last few days.  It’s weird, but ultimately okay.  I get that trousers are not strictly menswear, but after wearing skirts and dresses for so long, I find myself feeling a bit constricted, and claustrophobic.  More than that though, I feel feel out of place in my own body.  I feel like I used to feel when I first started doing drag, which is funny because this is more or less the reverse.Presenting as Ankara escort masculine again is an interesting challenge, but I’m curious how long I’ll go for it.  I mean, it’s not like I’ve ever been more masculine than relatively androgynous anyway, but it’s kind of a weird, fun disguise.  It’s not like they haven’t seen me dressed as me. I suspect that they will start walking on me if they feel like I made this change because of them.  I think that’s part of the point though.  You know, like how the tide rolls out eerily fast in the moments before a tsunami.I keep thinking I’ve decided that un a week or two I’m going full femme for one day, then back to this weird masculinity suit the next.  Balgat escort bayan After that I’m going to do a slow transition back to the real me.  I want them to see the contrast, and I want them to see it change slowly.  Too ridiculous?  We’ll see.  I can’t decide about whether to do the stark contrast before or after.Sadly, there’s no further updates about dating.  I’m back to loneliness for a little while, I guess.  It will probably be good for me, though.  I don’t think I should date anyone in the office again.  I know, I know.  You’re all thinking that I’m being ridiculous.  There’s no way any of you would predict I’d do something as silly as not date coworkers.  In truth Escort Batıkent and sarcasm aside though, I suppose you might actually be shocked if I stick to this choice for even half of this assignment.  For that matter, so might I be.I’m glad to hear about some of your successes in the realms of dating and sex, though.  Damn, Lea.  You are truly a slut.  I love it.  I love you.  Thinking about you doing those things made me so hard – which served as a good reminder to not read your messages at work if I’m wearing a skirt.  I wore pants to work for the first time the next day.  I love you.  The sexual adventures you have are beautiful.Ginger, you are definitely being a creep.  I did not see that coming, but it’s honestly super hot.  I don’t think it would be if anyone else had told me that, but it suits you somehow.  Please keep us updated, because I would very much like a bit more context in which to imagine you hiding in the shadows touching yourself while you watch.  I’m so glad you’re enjoying my gift.

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