Slim Girl to Fat Bitch Ch. 03

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David and Bev lay on the sofa and waited for the doorbell to ring. As they waited they drank wine and they chatted about what Gladys might do tonight. Bev knew that she wanted to be made love to by both David and Gladys. She was ready to move on with her sex life. As they talked she got wet again and asked David to finger her.

David put down his wine glass and reached down to Bev’s pussy. He hated the dark hair that she had but he could not get her to remove it maybe Gladys would? He began to touch the outside of her pussy and Bev just leant back and sighed in his arms.

“Why did it take us this long to become a couple?” She asked

“Talking Bev. We did not talk to each other about sex and it was one night when you asked me to be a black man and have you call me Master that I realised you enjoyed sex more than you let on and then I discovered your secret case one day and you had left it open and I rifled through it and found out what you liked to wank to.”

“I will get you a black male lover but let us deal with Gladys first. Perhaps she might know someone who can help you with your issue. Just imagine a big black cock fucking that white pussy of yours.”

Bev was now panting on his lap and she looked up and said.

“Make me cumm my David, my lover and my best friend.”

I inserted two fingers into her pussy and her muscles contracted around them and held them tight. I let her use her muscles for a while and then I began to wank her. I moved my fingers in and out of her pussy and she bucked against them.

“Do it nice and slow David I want it to last.”

David did as instructed and finger fucked her nice and slowly. She loved what he was doing to her. He was so attentive to her needs now and she loved him now more than the day that they had married and that was saying a lot because her wedding day had been amazing and they had made love to consummate it that day.

“Faster now David but go deep.”

David did as he was told and began to move his fingers faster in and out of her pussy. She was messing on his thighs and he did not care. He was making Bev sexually happy and he thought that he would never have been able to achieve that.

In and out his fingers went. Bev held his wrist and moved his hand at the pace she wanted and David let her. It was her fun after all. Bev moved his fingers faster and faster and she rubbed her clit with her other hand. Soon she was on the verge of cumming.

“Can I shout David?” She asked.

“Of course you can my darling.” He replied and just continued to fuck her.

Just as David said yes Bev began to shout.

“I am cumming David I am cumming.”

She was so loud he was thankful that they lived in a detached house in the country with no near neighbours. She exploded in orgasm and began to squirt her love juice into the air. It was like she was passing water there was so much of it. She came for a good couple of minutes and then she just collapsed in his lap. She had fallen asleep and did not hear the doorbell ring.

When it rang David managed to extricate himself from under Bev and naked went to the door and opened it. There stood the sexiest woman in a completely different way to Bev that he had ever seen. He got an instant erection.

“Hi you must be Gladys.” He said

“Yes I am and you must be David.”

They shook hands and David showed her into the front room where she saw Bev asleep on the couch. She looked down at her and said.

“Sexy isn’t she David?”

“She certainly is and she is getting sexier all the time.” David replied.

“We have improved our sex life immensely recently and you have only helped today. She is only like this because of how you treated her today. She loved it” David said.

“I am glad she enjoyed being punished and I am glad that she has rung. That means she wants to be a submissive.” Gladys replied.

“Would you like a drink?” David asked

“A glass of red would be lovely” Gladys responded.

David went to the kitchen Bycasino and got a third glass and poured a glass of red wine to Gladys.

“Thank you.” She said.

David noticed her staring at his cock as she drank her wine. Gladys could feel herself getting wet between the legs and she wanted that cock but she was a switch and she would only take the cock of a dominant. David was looking at her and he could tell that she wanted his cock but would not ask for it. She was going to become part of this house and become his slave. He had always wanted to have a slave and his dormant side was coming out again.

He was in control at home and Gladys had crossed the threshold and become his. She would never leave the house without his permission again. This was going to be fun he thought. He put down his wine glass and began to stroke his cock in front of Gladys. He could see her blush and yet he could smell her arousal.

“Gladys take your coat off.” He commanded.

He watched as Gladys thought about it and she waited too long.

David stood up and slapped her round the face.

“I said take your coat off. In this house I am the boss and you will do what I tell you to do. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yes Sir.” Said Gladys.

“So take your fucking coat off then.” He shouted.

He did not care if he woke Bev up Gladys was being disobedient. He watched as Gladys stood and unbuttoned her coat and folded it into a pile on the floor. When she stood up David saw what she was wearing. She had a black leather Basque on obviously made to measure as it fitted her perfectly. She had crotchless leather knickers on and he could see her hairy cunt. That was going to change. Finally she had black stockings on and 4in high heels.

“Sit” He commanded.

She did as she was told and looked with worship at David. Had she found the man she had been looking for?

“Now it is time to set some rules whilst Bev sleeps. Can you obey rules Gladys?” David asked.

“Yes Sir I can.” Gladys replied.

David began to speak.

“Rule 1 I am Master of this house and as you have chosen to enter it you have become mine. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master” She said.

“Rule 2 What you do with Bev I do not care about and you can use her however you want unless I call for either or both of you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” She replied.

“Rule 3 I assume you have brought some bondage gear for Bev to wear. You will go out tomorrow and get the same for yourself. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.” She said.

“Rule 4 When I am in the house you will wear the same as Bev. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir” She said.

“That will do for now.” David said.

“Now as from tomorrow you will move in to this house and when you are not at work you will keep house here. You will be paid in kind but you will get free board and lodgings. Do you understand Gladys?”

“Yes Sir I understand.”

“Good.” Said David.

“May I ask a question Sir?”

“Of course only one so think carefully about what you want to see.”

David watched as Gladys thought about what to ask. Finally she opened her mouth to speak.

“Sir how did you know that I was a submissive and not a dominant feminist? I have only been the dominant for years.”

David took his glass of wine and had a drink and then he replied.

“You looked at my cock and you wanted it and you still want it don’t you?” He said.

“Yes sir I do and I am glad that you saw my lust in my eyes. I have wanted to be fucked for such a long time. I have been lonely without a Master.”

David put down his glass of wine and said.

“Gladys crawl to me and suck my cock.”

“Yes Sir.” She said.

Bev would love this he thought but he was not going to wake her up she would find out soon enough. He watched as Gladys got off the couch and got onto her knees and crawled towards him. She got to him and for a moment she just looked at it with lust in her Bycasino giriş eyes. David watched as he put out her hand and put it in her palm. She held it for a while and then she back to stroke it. David loved the comparison of her black hand against his white skin.

Gladys used long slow strokes to masturbate David’s cock. She tried to remember her technique that her previous Master had taught her but that had been so long ago and David might not like the same thing and she did not want to displease him on her first night as his sub although she could do with a good spanking. Slowly her hand moved up and down the naked shaft and she loved how hot it was.

At last she had a cock in her hand again and she wanted it in her mouth.

“Shall I suck it now?” She said.

“Just do it slut.” David said.

Gladys opened her mouth and took the cock head into her mouth. It felt glorious to taste a cock again and it was quite obvious that he had fucked Bev recently because she could taste her juices on the shaft of his cock. She moved her mouth lovingly up and down his shaft and massaged his ball sac with his hand. She worked for fully twenty minutes on his cock but still David did not cumm. She thought that she must have lost her touch but then David had just fucked Bev.

Finally she had to give up. Her jaw ached and she could not get him to cumm. She had failed. She sat on the floor and cried it was made worse when David said.

“Not that fucking good were you bitch?”

Gladys had been brought down to earth with a bang and she felt shattered. She had been trained to make her previous Master cumm whenever he asked, no matter how many women or men he had fucked.

Gladys looked up at him and said.

“Sorry Master I have failed you” She said.

“Yes you have Gladys and I am very disappointed in you.

David stood up and said to Gladys.

“Stand up, put your hands on the arm of my chair and give your arse to me.”

“Yes Master.” She responded.

David watched as she got up and into position. He looked at her arse and wanted to fuck it but first she need to be punished.

“Stay” He commanded.

“Yes Master.” Gladys said.

David left her in the assumed position and went to his office. He went to his drawer of his desk and pulled out a belt. He took it out of the drawer and went back to the front room. He walked up to Gladys and said.

“Spread your legs bitch.”

He watched as Gladys did as she was told. She spread them as far as she could which was not far because she was so fat. She was spread enough that he could see her pussy. This is what he wanted. She had to be punished and he was going to make sure that she got what she deserved.

“Gladys you know I have to punish you.” David said.

“Why is that Sir?” She asked.

“First of all there was one occasion when you did not call me Master first. Secondly and the bigger punishment is that you did not make cumm and that is unforgiveable. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir on that basis I deserve to be punished.” Gladys replied.

Before she had got the sentence out David had brought the belt down hard on her buttocks. He watched as they began to redden and also the way that they wobbled. He was not a cruel Master and did not use the buckle end. He administered another eleven strokes. Gladys just sat there and took it. She did however cry. It had been so long since she had felt the pleasure of pain and she was both crying from the pain and the pleasure.

David then walked forward and without warning he spread her cunt lips and slammed his cock into her. He heard her sigh in relief. David was obviously a good Master. He was taking his pleasure from her and she knew that she was going to be used by him as his sex slave and she could not wait.

David used nice long hard strokes to fuck her.

“Find your clit and rub it.” He commanded.

Gladys could not belief what she was hearing. Her Master was letting her have some pleasure. Bycasino deneme bonusu She rifled through her hairy bush and popped her clit out of her hood. She began to rub her clit furiously she was that pent. David fucked her and laughed at her.

“I knew that you want to cumm. You are one horny woman slave.” He said.

“Rub yourself and cumm.” David said.

Gladys thought of David fucking her cunt and she could feel the orgasm build up inside of her. She tried to keep it as long as possible but it became too much for her and she came all over the floor. David watched as the cumm came out of her and watched as it dripped onto the carpet. It was like she was pissing herself there was so much.

“Oh God I am cumming.” She screamed.

David loved to hear her voice and she continued to cumm and cumm. She collapsed onto her knees and into her own cumm and as she did David slipped out of her pussy. He was furious. She had not let him cumm again and he would definitely have to teach her to a good slave. She must have forgotten what it was to be a slave and she would need to re-trained.

He walked to his chair and took hold of her legs. He dragged her along the carpet making sure that her face was rubbed in her own cunt juice. When he reached the wet patch he stopped pulling her and went to her head. He grabbed her hair and rubbed her face in to the carpet and said.

“You stopped me cumming again you slut. You dropped my dick out of your pussy.”

“What the fuck should I do with you now? He asked.

“I do not know? I am so sorry it has been so long since a Master has fucked me and I got carried away.” Gladys cried.

“That is no excuse.” Said David.

“I need to cumm and it would appear that I will have to show you what to do to make me cumm.”

“Yes please Sir.” Said Gladys.

“On your knees bitch.” David said.

He watched as Gladys heaved her frame on to her knees. Her tits hung down and almost touched her navel. She really was a sexy woman and would definitely make a good slave for him and a good mistress for Bev. Once she was on her knees David slapped her round the face and said.

“Now watch what I do.”

“Yes Sir.” Gladys said.

David stood there and began to stroke his cock. He used long strokes and went nice and slow. What he did was not bring his foreskin all the way back. He brought it just off his cockhead and then back again. It was the head that was his sensitive spot. For ten minutes he wanked his cock and then without warning he began to cumm.

He managed to hit Gladys in the face with his first spurt and then he hit her large breasts with the rest of his cumm. Gladys went to lick the cumm of her face when David shouted at her.

“Don’t you dare lick it off? Go over to my wife Bev and give her your cumm kiss and then you can take on your role with her.”

Gladys crawled over to the couch and David looked at her very red arse. She got to Bev and then she bent down and began to kiss Bev on the lips. Bev began to stir at the kiss and thought that it was David. She responded to the kiss and then she tasted the cumm. She knew that it was David’s and he could not cumm on his own face. She opened her eyes to see that it was Gladys kissing her. Bev responded to the kiss and licked off all the cumm.

Gladys suddenly changed she became the Mistress again.

“Good girl.” She said.

She sat Bev up and said.

Why did you not tell me your husband was such a dominant man?”

“I thought I would let you find that out for yourself and I see that you have Mistress.” Bev replied.

“Well it would seem we are going to be having fun in this house. I have been a submissive before but it has been a while so I will have to have my Master retrain me and at the same time I will be training you on the way to be a sub. We will be working together and I have been told by my Master that I must move in here. Do you understand how things are going to be?”

“Yes mistress.” Bev said.

“Good.” Said Gladys.

“It is time for your lessons to begin.”

With that Gladys took Bev by the hand and led her out of the room. David took his seat on the chair and thought.

“This is going to be fun.”

He picked up his glass of wine and smiled to himself.

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