Sleepover: Steamy On Kitchen Counter


I just finished a heavy workout, a full on aerobics class. Its late – about 10pm and I stupidly parked my car in the supermarket garage which closes at 10:15pm. No time to shower or change. I grab my tog bag and run out to get to the garage across the road from the gym.

I am wearing only a pair of short tight Lycra bike pants in blue/green and matching crop top {email me for a picture of me like this at my gym}.I open my tog bag to pull on a sweater so as not to run around in public like this but I must have left the sweater in my car. I am still sweaty from gym. My hair is tied up in a ponytail and my shorts and top are damp from sweat. I really pushed myself this evening. I look at myself in the mirror of the supermarket elevator. I have got the v shaped sweat marks between my breasts and then the sweat marks in my bike shorts tracking the shape of my g-string. My legs are soaked. I notice sweat beads running down my thighs and shins. My face is red and strands of loose wet hair have fallen out my ponytail.

The elevator has reached the garage level where my car is parked. It’s 10:10pm. I run to my car open my boot and throw my tog bag into the boot. SHIT! I just put my car keys and wallet into the boot too. I panic. What am I going to do? I won’t get a locksmith in time to break into my car before the garage closes. SHIT!. I realise that my apartment keys are in there too and my flat mate is on vacation. Nobody else has copies of these keys. Why didn’t I give a copy to one of my friends?

The only one I know in this area is my friend David. He lives about 3 blocks away in a tall high rise apartment block. But, I can’t go to him, as we haven’t spoken in about a year. His girlfriend, Jamie, hates me. We never did get along. Since they started going out seriously about 2 years ago our friendship dwindled.

A man in grey is approaching me. “Lady, the garage close now you will have to move your car our right away!”. I explain my story. He tells me that he can’t do anything other than call me a taxi. I thank him but ask him instead to use his phone. I am told he has not got a phone that can call out, but there is one in the supermarket. I walk over to it and displayed on it is black capitals is OUT OF ORDER. Someone has something against me.

I walk out the supermarket feeling a bit exposed wearing only my purple tight shorts and a white tight top, which shows a lot of cleavage and is very revealing. I decide to go back to the gym to call a friend. The gym has closed. The lights are off. I start to panic now. What is I am raped – there is nobody around? I decide to walk to David’s apartment. I ring flat 1205. His voice answers” who is there”.

“David, its me Rach, I have locked my car keys in my car at the gym can you let me up”.

The door buzzes and I click it open. In the elevator I push level 12. I turn around and look in the mirror and try straightening my hair and I rub the sweat off my forehead and wipe in into my bike shorts. My stomach is also wet from sweat. What a sight I must be!

I ring the door and David opens the door and says smiling “what a surprise”. He ha no shirt on and is wearing a pair of silky boxer pajama bottoms. He still looks as sexy as ever. I enter and start explaining my story. As I walk in Jamie arrives to see who is there. She is wearing only a white gown. I think I may have disturbed them. She does not look very happy at all.

She listened to my story and is probably wishing I was not there and would go away already. I notice that David is staring at my breasts. The crop top is its far too open and really only meant for gym, and my shorts are pulling right into me. The outline of my g-string is showing through in front with the matching sweat line.

David tells me to come and sit down and asks me if I want a drink. Moody Jamie does not like the attention I am getting from David. She always disliked me. When they started going out, she stopped our friendship I sure because she was jealous. We knew each other from high school and always flirted but never ever actually did anything.

Jamie offered me the phone Yozgat Escort to call a friend or family member to come fetch me. I took the phone and tried a few friends and my brother. I was out of luck. Everybody has answering machines on or the phones rang out. It was now 11:15pm. I sat on their couch drinking a soda; Jamie was sitting next to David with her hands around his shoulders and touching his knees. She was openly displaying to me that David was hers.

David then said why don’t I just sleep over at them for the night and I can fix up my car and keys in the morning. I told them that they were kind but I was all sweaty and needed to change and I would just keep trying my brother and other friends. I did. No luck. It was now 12pm. I accepted to stay over. I asked them if they minded If I took a quick shower.

It was strange going into their bedroom. I noticed a condom on their bedside table. I had disturbed them. I went into their bathroom, pulled my sweaty shorts off. I pulled my blue lacy g-string off and then took my crop top off. I entered the warm spray of the shower. It was good to get clean.

I was drying off and about to put my sweaty things on again, when I heard Jamie say that she has left me some stuff for me to sleep in. She said it was a gift to her but was way too small for her. I am a size 8 and she a size 12. I pulled the towel around me and I opened the door. On the floor was a what looked like very skimpy sexy lingerie. I took it back inside the bathroom, closed the door. It was a grey sheer lacy top and matching sheer lacy bottom. The bottom was a g-string. I picked it up and thought this was a bit sexy to be putting on. The labels were still on them. It was new. I put the top on and it fitted quite well. I then lifted my legs and pulled the g-string up. Actually it was a strange kind of g-string as the back was a thin band with no material. It went straight into my ass. It was a very tight fit. No wonder it didn’t fit Jamie. I am much more petite than she is. I pulled off the labels and grabbed my sweaty gym stuff, put the towel around me again and opened the bathroom door.

As I walked out of the bathroom and in to their bedroom Jamie came up to me and pulled the towel off me, saying she would stick it in the dryer. I felt naked, walking through their bedroom, in a g-string panty and a see through lace top. Jamie was already gone before I had a chance to tell her I would prefer to keep the towel. I walked out of the room and into the passageway to find out where I was to sleep.

David suddenly appeared and came up to show me the sofa bed they had opened up for me. He looked right at me. I knew he was enjoying seeing me this way. I knew he would be able to see my breasts show through the lacy sheer material. I also knew he would be able to see my butt which was pretty much covered by only a little string and in front he would be able to see everything through the lace. I put my hand holding my sweated out gym clothes in front to cover me up a little, but I felt kind of stupid. As he was telling me where I can get more blankets I noticed him acting a bit awkward and I just sat down on the sofa bed threw my gym clothes no the floor besides the bed and just wished he would go away already. I crossed my legs so that my crotch would not be so visible and I smiled at him, thanking him for letting me stay there. I noticed that he had a bulging erection in his blue satin boxers. It must have been due to a strange girl parading almost nude in his apartment. He must have noticed me this way. David was acting quite strange and rushed his exit. He was going to sleep and left the room.

I got into the sheets and read a magazine. I was still caught up in the drama of the day and could not fall asleep. When this happens I sometimes read, sometimes watch TV and sometimes sit on my bed and masturbate. Tonight I felt all tense especially from desperately staying over at someone knowing full well that the guy’s girlfriend dislikes me. I felt the lingerie I was wearing. It must have been quiet expensive. It had the French look. I closed Yozgat Escort Bayan my eyes as I lay their in the dark lounge and I tried to imagine a fantasy to get my mind off the current situation.

My mind kept on racing back to Jamie and David and how they looked as I entered their apartment, and then the condom lying on their bedside table all unraveled, then Jamie in her white gown. I imagined David after leaving me with his erection going back to the room, opening up Jamie’s gown and then him making love to her on their bed. I imagined myself silently walking over to their room and then looking in on them, hearing them having sex. It was working. I felt myself getting aroused. I opened my legs and pulled off the new undies. My finger was already rubbing little circles around my clit. I put my left hand under my butt and I held the band of the panty as I pulled it over my pussy mound with my other hand, pulling it back and forth between my two hands. I know I am disgusting for touching myself in someone else’s house and bed, wearing the lingerie of a girl who hates me. My pussy lips were starting to hurt from the friction of the cloth. I was also tired and although I had not felt any sexual release I stopped trying. I just lay there and eventually fell asleep.

The sofa bed was so uncomfortable; every time I turned around I felt the springs beneath me. I got up in the bed. I was in great need to go to the toilet. My panties were off. I reached in my bed to find them but they had mysteriously disappeared. My sheets were disheveled from my constant turning and my panties had fallen between the mattress and the springs. I pulled them and they were stuck in the mechanism. I pulled harder but it wouldn’t give. I desperately needed the toilet. I could not wait and got out of bed with only my top on and quietly walked to the toilet in the passageway. I opened the toilet door. I walked in and closed the door behind me and turned on the light. I gasped and nearly screamed.

David was sitting on the toilet with his pajama shorts around his ankles and he was masturbating a huge hard erection. He was equally shocked and he tried to cover it up standing up quickly and pulling up his shorts. He was red with embarrassment. I was so ashamed that I walked in on his privacy that I forgot that I was standing there in full view with my lacy sheer top on and no bottoms. I don’t know why I didn’t turn around and just get out. I think the shock made me freeze. I said sorry I didn’t realise he was there. His shorts still had a hard erection sticking up through them and a wet spot at the tip. He was stunningly sexy with tight Abs and a pronounced six pack. He was looking at me as I was apologising and I realised I was nude.

I quickly put my palms in front of my pussy and covered it up. I told him that the panties Jamie gave me are stuck in the sofa bed springs. He laughed then I laughed and the tension in the air was released a little. I told him I needed the toilet so he got up and walked passed me. I felt his body brush against me as he walked by. It was starting to affect me. I always liked David but never ever thought of him in a sexual way.

After finishing with the toilet I looked for a towel to cover my self with as I walked to the bed, but there was nothing in the toilet. I switched off the light and went back to bed. I saw that all was clear so I relaxed and went via the fridge to get a drink. As I reached into the fridge looking for something to drink I felt someone behind me.

It was David. He was taking a big chance here. I felt his hands reach around my waist and I felt his silky pajamas against my butt. I just stood there. I didn’t know if I should push him off or what. My heart was racing. I just kept my head down in the fridge and thought for a moment so I wouldn’t screw things up. I felt his pelvis push into my butt now. I felt his hard on pushing into my but cheek. He moved his hands up from my waist and rested his fingers across my top, onto of my breasts. Before I could think what to do I feel shivers and butterflies of sexual excitement Escort Yozgat mounting up insides me.

With his thumb an index finger he grasped my nipples and I felt then grow hard and erect inside his grip. I now felt myself getting all hot and felt a jabbing sensation insides my groin. I was caught up in the waves of the sensuality at the moment. I didn’t give myself a chance to analyse the situation and how I should respond. He pushed his erection into me this time between my butt cheeks. I felt his hard on. It felt warm and big. I wanted more. I wanted him to keep caressing my nipples. I was getting aroused. My rational self reminded me that he had a girlfriend in his bed up the passageway. I turned around and put my hand on his chest pushing him out from me.

David whispered into my ear that he wanted me. I kept quiet as I looked into his eyes. I forgot about Jamie. He reached forward and kissed me on my neck , below my ear. He licked my neck down to my breasts. I dropped my head backwards and I felt his warm wet tongue encircle my now hard protruding nipple. The tingling sensation was throughout my body. I just wanted to feel good and give myself over to him to take control of and satisfy my awakened urges. Without realising I was breathing loudly gasping as I stood there. My legs had involuntarily widened. David was close to me with his right hand resting on my mound of pubic hair. I wanted to push his had down to my wetness but I was going to let him do all the work. I liked him to be in control as I submitted my body to his temptation.

The moonlight shone in on us. His hands reached around and grasped my butt cheeks. He lifted me up. I put my arms around his neck and my legs around his torso and he carried me away from the fridge and placed me on the kitchen bench top. He stood in front of me, and kneeled down until his face was on level with my pussy. He pulled me closer to the edge. I lifted up my knees and place my feet on the bench top. His face went straight in for the kill. I felt his mouth against my pussy. His tongue flickered up and down my vulva and then his lips engorged and clasped onto my clit. It was swollen, red and sore with want to be touched. I felt a wave of tension as it throbbed with arousal. I could not help a little scream emerge from deep within my thought. His hand reached up and covered my mouth so that I wouldn’t make a noise and be heard by Jamie. I pulled his hair and I held the bench top as I clenched my teeth and tightened my eyes and facial muscles. I wanted to be taken and fucked.

David knew I was ready. My juices were emerging onto the counter and there was a growing spot of wetness in front of my crotch. He pulled down his shorts and he moved his cock into my wetness. I felt him in me and I orgasmed straight away. Pushing up against him and rotating my hips towards him with my body leaning back and supported by my outstretched arms on the bench top, I pulled his manhood in and out of me. I was sweated out from the quick movements. I looked at him and he was red in the face and his forehead was sweating. He went in and out of me and then I felt his cock slow down. He quickly pulled out of me and the red glistening hard on pulsated a few times, shooting sperm out I the air, landing on my breasts, in my pubic hair and then on an apple in a fruit bowl next to me on the bench top.

We smiled at each other. This was good sex. We would have to see each other again. All this time Jamie was sleeping. David pulled his shorts up and I moved off the bench top with me legs quite wobbly. I pulled my top down over my breasts and I went to sit on the bed. I grabbed a few tissues to clean up his cum off me and wipe away my sweated out body. I wished for a shower but knew I had to go back to sleep. It was 4am. David said that was unbelievable when he got his breath back.

The next morning I got out of bed and Jamie gave me a pair of her gym shorts to wear when she saw how my panties had got stuck. I was still quite wet and it would have been better if she had lent me something looser. At breakfast she took the apple and cut it up to eat. It was good I had wiped it. Little does she know? I should feel bad for what I did, but her attitude towards me rebounded. I knew she had always thought of me as a slut so she on purpose gave me something to wear that would make me feel like one. It was too bad for her.

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