Sleeping with Friend’s Mom Ch. 03


Audrey’s heart was racing in her chest. Her son was home early! He was never home this early. Meanwhile Ben was still between her legs. The sheet draped over his back. If Pete walked in and saw them together, would he be upset with them? Would he be angry knowing that his best friend is eating his mom’s pussy?

The door continued to open as those thoughts raced through her head. Then, a few seconds later, Pete walked in.

Pete: “Hey mom, I saw Ben’s car in the drive…way.”

He then stops part-way through the door and turns red with embarrassment. Then quickly averts his gaze.

Audrey then sits up and looks angrily at Pete who ducked behind the bedroom door. Luckily just in time too, as she had just thrown a pillow from Jason’s side. Which hits the wall and lands on the floor with a soft thud.

Pete: “Sorry mom!”


Ben has only ever heard Audrey yell once and it was when he was staying over at their house a few weeks ago.

– – – – –

He and Pete in playing video games in Pete’s room upstairs. His door was open that day as Ben recalled. The smell of what Audrey was cooking was delicious. They then heard her yell loudly and stopped what they were doing and rushed downstairs.

When they got to the kitchen, Audrey was wincing in pain a bit and holding her left pointer finger. Pete asked what happened. She said she cut her finger while chopping some vegetables and then asked him to get her a bandage from the downstairs bathroom medicine cabinet.

After Pete gave her the bandage, she wrapped up her finger and returned to cooking. Pete asked if he could help her, but she shooed him away. Saying she’s fine now and then told him to just go play his video games. Which Pete did.

Ben decided to stay downstairs and watch tv. He sat on the armchair closet to the kitchen and periodically glanced at Audrey. He loved looking at her beautiful body. Audrey to him, was like a goddess personified. A goddess of sex appeal and desire.


A woman he secretly loved and also desired to be with. But he couldn’t bring himself to tell her how he felt. It would ruin his friendship with both Pete and her.

But mostly her.

That day, she wore a black and white striped shirt, with dark blue jeans. Which her large chest and ass were pressing out of. Her hair like always, reached the middle of her back and was tied in a low ponytail.

Ben blushed and gulped hard. There was no doubt about it. She was his ideal woman. He had lots of fantasies about them hooking up or just having casual sex in random places. It always made him pine for her more.

Was he jealous that Jason got to sleep next to her every night? Of course he was! Jason also got to feel her on him when they had sex. Ben had to steal her used panties and sniff them as he jacked off his large cock in their bathroom. Which would only bring some satisfaction afterwards.

Ben felt his cock getting hard after staring at her. He then gets up and heads to the downstairs bathroom. Thinking about her once again, as he started jacking off.

– – – – –

Pete: “Uh…I’m sorry mom. You could have at least called out that you were…that you were with dad.”

Audrey sighs and looks down at Ben. Ruffling his hair. Pete really did mistake Ben for Jason. Which didn’t surprise her in the slightest. Afterall, Ben DID look like a younger and hotter version of Jason. Except Ben had a bigger and larger cock then him and was more muscular too.

Audrey: “I should’ve yes. But you also need to learn to knock too!”

Pete: “Which I did loudly before entering.”

They both didn’t say anything. She knew he probably did. As Pete was like that. He never enters a room without knocking first. Even if it was during a rather “intimate” time.

She told herself afterwards, that when she and Ben have sex on Thanksgiving, she’ll lock the damn door. To prevent anyone from walking in on them.

She sighs.

Audrey: “Let’s just forget this ever happened. Why are you home this early on Sunday anyway?”

Pete: “Helene dropped me off on her way to work.”

Audrey: “Helene?”

Pete: “That’s the name of my girlfriend mom.”

Audrey: “Oh. Well I didn’t know that.”

Pete chuckles a bit.

Audrey: “So what made you think Ben was here.”

Pete: “I saw his car next to yours in our driveway. So I assumed he was.”

She lets out a loud sigh.

Audrey: “Can’t fool you can I? Yes he was here. I drove him home an hour ago.”

Pete: “Then why is his car-“

She cuts him off.

Audrey: “Still here? Ben alllowed your father to use it.”

Pete: “Ah okay. I’m very sorry for walking in on you and dad.”

Audrey: “It’s alright sweetie.”

Pete: “Okay I’ll be in my room.”

She then saw him grab the doorknob and then saw the door behind him. Audrey then lays back down and throws off the sheet covering them. Running her hands through Ben’s hair, as he began eating her out again. She lets out a loud moan.

Audrey: “It feel Haramidere escort bayan so good baby!”

Her legs squirmed around his head.

Audrey: “I haven’t had my pussy ate like this in…OH GOD!”

Ben was now moving his tongue in and out of her. Her breath was quivering and raspy. For a novice, he sure knew how to eat pussy.

Her thoughts went to her husband Jason. Well former husband anyways, as she planned on seperating from him after the holidays were over.

When has he ever ate her out this good? Probably never, as Jason was very unattentive to her when they made love.

Audrey gasps oht loud, as Ben’s hands roamed up her torso and began squeezing her breasts. She giggles.

Audrey: “You must really like my tits?”

He nods his head and continues eating her pussy.

After awhile, she pulls him from her pussy and up toward her face.

Audrey: “Come here, let me kiss you.”

She then kisses him for a long time. Both their bodies pressing against each other in her bed. They could’ve had sex right then and there, but she wanted to wait. To make it more exciting and adventurous.

– – – – –

By the time they exited her room, it was towards mid afternoon. She held Ben’s hand as they walked to the driveway. Where they kissed again. He then got into his car and left. She watches him leave and then got into her car to go grocery shopping. It was a week before Thanksgiving and she had alot to buy for it.

She knew her parents were coming, possibly Ben’s as well and regrettfully her bastard husband Jason. But she was excited about one thing though.

Which was making love to Ben after everyone left. They talked about all last week. About how he would ask his parents to stay over afterwards.

Having him in her bedroom all night fucking. Then waking up next to each other and do it all over again. Was she starting to love Ben? It was only recently that he confessed his love for her. That they began a secret relationship the next day. Maybe she was, or maybe it was just revenge for the shit Jason did.

Either way, something was there and very real.

She gets to the store and grabs a cart. Going through the different aisles to buy the preperations for Thanksgiving. She knew Pete liked her chocolate velvet pie and cranberry stuffing.

After buying everything for it, she went to another store and bought condoms. The biggest they had and also some private stuff. For her use, when Ben couldn’t see her. She bought a new vibrator and some new lingerie. This lingerie was crotchless. So it would make things easier for them.

But when they couldn’t see each other, that’s where her new bigger and thicker vibrator comes into play.

But that thought alone panged her. Ben was an attractive young man. Good-looking too and proper. Also mart as hell and a older brother figure to Pete.

Which caused her to doubt herself…again.

She shook her head free of the depressing thoughts and went home.

– – – – –

The doorbell rings a week later. Audrey was in the kitchen busily cooking. The smell of cooking turkey, stuff and everything else filled the air. She sighs and peeks her head aroubd the kitchen wall.

Audrey: “Pete! Can you answer that sweetie?”

She heard him call out an okay and walk to the front door. She then heard him open it and exclaim loudly.

Pete: “Grandma! Grandpa!”

Audrey emerges from the kitchen wearing an apron over a light purple dress. She smiles and gives her parents a hug as well.

Audrey: “Hey. So good to see you guys again. Was the drive safe?”

Her mom, a older woman in mid-60s sighs.

Mom: “You know your father. He never listens to me when it comes to the road.”

Dad: “That’s because you kept freaking out over every little thing.”

Mom: “Oh you hush! Go visit your grandson and let us women talk in peace.”

Audrey heard her father sigh and chuckle a bit.

Dad: “As you wish dear.”

She saw him talking to Pete as they sat on the couch. She and her mom sat at the dinner table.

Mom: “Why don’t I see Jason anywhere? You two fighting again?”

Audrey sighs and stares her hands.

Audrey: “You can say that…we are kinda in a tough spot right now.”

Mom: “How so?”

Audrey: “Jason missed our anniversary…again.”

Her mom sighs this time.

Audrey: “What’s worse? The night of our anniversary, he…”

She starts sniffling and tears start to drop front her eyes. Her mom places her hand over hers and gently rubs it. Reassuring her. Audrey takes a shaky breath and composes herself.

Audrey: “The night of our anniversary, he was sleeping with his boss.”

Her mom looked shocked and also confused.

Mom: “How do you know he did?”

Audrey: “Because the next morning, she came by the house to tell me so.”

Mom: “His boss came by your house to tell you that?”

Audrey nods her head.

Mom: “You should tell me how it happened.”

Audrey: “Well like I said, I was still upset from Jason forgetting our anniversary Escort İkitelli again. I had just arrived home and saw Jason’s car parked on the driveway. Which upsetted me more, as I told him to stay away for awhile. When I got out of my car, here came this woman walking up my driveway.”

She takes a breath.

Audrey: “She asked if my name was Audrey Kimbleson and I said yes it was. She then introduced herself and said that Jason was with her last night. Then added that they have been seeing each other for a few years now.”

Mom: “Did you ask Jason about it?”

Audrey: “I didn’t need to. The look on his face confirmed it. He saw her after I called him out of the house.”

Audrey then gets up from the table to check on the food, before sitting back down and continuing.

Audrey: “He tried to tell me he didn’t know it was our anniversary. That I should have realized how busy he and not hold it against him. As he tried to kiss me, that’s when I noticed it.”

Mom: “Notice what?”

Audrey: “When she shook my hand, she had on this sweet smelling perfume. I always thought it odd, that Jason’s shirts always smelled like that too. Then I put two and two together. She was telling the truth.”

Mom: “So he was then?”

Audrey nods her head, then continues.

Audrey: “When he followed me outside, he saw his boss on our driveway and looked shocked to see her there. I told him to chose between me and her. He hesitated on his answer. Which told me her, and I told him to leave.”

Her mom stares at her hands.

Mom: “Talk about messed up. Does Pete know?”

Audrey shook her head.

Mom: “That’s good to hear, yet also disappointing.”

Audrey: “How so?”

Mom: “He needs to know that your marriage is failing. But at the same time, he doesn’t.”

Audrey: “Please keep this from dad and him for now. I don’t want Pete thinking that it is his fault.”

Mom: “Which it isn’t. It’s Jason’s.”

Audrey nods her head again.

Audrey: “Agreed.”

They both smiled at each other.

Mom: “So who else is coming?”

Audrey: “Just three more people…hopefully.”

Mom: “Three more?”

Audrey: “Yes three more mom. Ben Inkle and his parents. You member Ben right?”

Her mom looked puzzled.

Audrey: “He’s been good friends with Pete for a long time now.”

Mom: “Ah okay. So his family is coming too?”

Audrey: “Yeah. It’s sort of like a custom thing we did a few years ago. So every year since, they brought something from home and shared it with us.”

Mom: “I wonder what it is?”

Audrey: “It’s probably Mrs. Inkle’s homemade lemon sponge cake again.”

Which wasn’t a bad thing, as it was a hit every Thanksgiving. But Audrey was thinking about afterwards. Thinking about Ben making love to her in her bedroom that night.

She made sure to shave earlier. Leaving her legs and crotch smooth to the touch. It felt weird to her, being bare. Weird, but worth it. Because she wanted Ben to go wide eyed when they undress later that night.

She even wore the lingerie she bought for her anniversary with Jason. Now Ben would be the one getting to see it.

A knock on the door distracted her from her daydream. She asks her mom to watch the food for a bit. Pete was too busy talking to his grandpa about school and his girlfriend. Which was sweet. He hardly gets to see them that often. As they lived the next town over and it takes about half a day to get there.

Audrey walks to the door and opens it. A smile on her face, thinking that it was Ben with his parents.

It quickly disappeared instantly. It was not Ben who stood there, but Jason. She closes the door behind her and stood before him. A stern look on her face and folds her arms over her chest.

Audrey: “I thought I told you to stay away for awhile. I don’t need your bullshit. Not today! Not on Thanksgiving!”

He sighs and looks at his feet. She knew he felt guilty for betraying her for five years.

Jason: “I know I fucked up okay?! I wasn’t thinking when I did what I did.”

Audrey: “I call bullshit. You KNEW exactly what you were doing Jason! You WILLINGLY chose to FUCK her. You CHOSE to wreck our marriage for some slut!”

He opens his mouth to speak, but then closes it again.

Audrey: “Just tell me this much asshole. Was she worth it? Was fucking your own boss for five years behind my back worth it!?”

Jason: “What am I supposed to say right now? Huh? That I loved fucking her? How it excited me to know she was better than you?”

She slaps him, then turns to go back inside and sighs.

Audrey: “You may stay for dinner. After all, it is thanksgiving. But you are sleeping in the guest room. I can’t trust you right now.”

She opens the door and walks in. Jason follows afterwards. Closing the door behind him. Pete waves at him. He waves back.

Audrey returns to the kitchen. Her mom busily helping out. She walks up to her and sighs.

Audrey: “I guess Jason came after all mom.”

Her mom turns to look at her.

Mom: “You guys were out Çapa escort there for quite some time, did you hash everything out?”

She nods.

Audrey: “We…did.”

Her mom gives her a hug. Not caring to know what Audrey meant by her statsment.

Audrey then took over cooking and allowed her mom to rest in the living room. Thirty minutes later, there was another knock on the door. She knew who it was. She went to the front door again and opened it. Outside on the front porch, was Ben and his mom.

Audrey: “Hi!”

Mrs. Inkle: “Hey Audrey. I bought my lemon sponge cake again. But it’s different this time.”

Audrey takes the tray she handed her. Then glances at Ben and smiles.

Ben: “Hi Mrs. Kimbleson.”

Audrey: “Hey Ben. Pete is in the front room visiting his grandparents.”

Mrs. Inkle: “Then that’s where I’ll be!”

She moves past Audrey and into the house. Ben still stood on the porch. After hearing his mom talking, he smiles at Audrey.

Ben: “Missed you.”

Audrey: “Not as much as I missed you love. But…Jason is here.”

She moves out of the way and allowed him to enter. He takes the tray from her.

Ben: “You can tell me away from prying eyes.”

Audrey: “Then follow me then.”

He then follows her into the kitchen. Where he places the tray on the counter. They then embraced each other passionately and share a quick loving kiss. Audrey sighs contently afterwards.

Ben: “Needed that?”

She giggles.

Audrey: “Absolutely. Especially after what happened earlier.”

Ben: “What do you mean?”

Audrey: “Well like I said at the door, Jason is here.”

Ben: “Will that hinder what we plan to do later?”

She shakes her head.

Audrey: “He is going to be sleeping in the guest room. You’ll sleep in my room.”

Ben: “Ah.”

Audrey: “You wouldn’t believe what he told me either!”

She then told Ben about what Jason told her when they were having a talk outside. About how he enjoyed fucking his boss. How he said that he was excited to know she was better than Audrey.

Ben took what she said and sighs.

Ben: “To think I used to respect that guy. I always felt something was off recently with him.”

Audrey: “Do you think it was wrong of me to allow him back?”

He shrugs.

Ben: “Who cares. I’ll be there for you Audrey. I love you.”

She sighs this time.

Audrey: “Agreed and me too big guy.”

Just as they were about to kiss again, they Pete. heard call out.

Pete: “Mom! Is the food done yet? We are all starving!”

They quickly broke apart, just as Pete rounded the corner.

Audrey: “Just a bit more sweetie. The turkey is almost done.”

Pete: “Okay.”

He then looked at Ben.

Pete: “You helping mom cook?”

He nods his head.

Ben: “Yep. She asked me to help slice it.

Pete then walks out of the kitchen. They both sighed and embraced again.

Ben: “So looking forward to tonight Audrey.”

Audrey: “Me too sweetie.”

She then pecks his cheek and bends over to check on the turkey. When she did, she felt Ben pull up the skirt of her dress. Then felt him touch her. She sighs contently. Then felt something poke against her panties. Something long and hard. Thick too. She turns her head to see that it was his cock.

Audrey: “You serious right now Ben?”

Ben: “Maybe”

She giggles.

Audrey: “You are seriously asking for it!”

He laughs.

Ben: “Not as much as you are with dress.”

Audrey: “True. But we have all night for that. Trust me.”

He lets go of her waist.

Ben: “Now I got the biggest erection right now!”

Audrey turns around and gets on her knees.

Audrey: “Then I’ll help you out okay?”

She then engulfs his tip in her mouth and begins sucking him. Luckily the sounds from the living room muffled out Ben’s groans and Audrey’s sucking. His cock slick with her saliva.

She pops it out of her mouth and rubs it against her cheek.

Audrey: “So sexy. No matter how many times I saw this cock. I still like it.”

She then began jerking him off. Wiggling her tongue against his tip as she does. He moans loudly. This would be the second blowjob she gave him. She eyes him intently. Watching his reaction to her technique. He moans again, this time longer.

Audrey: “You gonna cum?”

She knew he was. He moans again.

Audrey: “Yeah! Cum in my mouth baby! Let me taste it again!”

She quickly placed his head back in her mouth and coils her tongue greedily along his shaft. His long and thick shaft. The shaft that will later tonight, be deep in her pussy. Stretching her out and filling her up completely.

She then felt his cock throb a few minutes later. Then began swallowing, as her mouth began to fill up with his cum.

She enjoyed how it tasted.

Ben: “Ugh!”

After swallowing the last of it, she gives his tip a quick loving peck. Then stands up and smiles at him.

Audrey: “Feel better now?”

He nods his head and catches his breath.

Audrey: “I’m glad.”

He stuffs his now flaccid member back in his jeans. She leans against him and kisses his neck.

Audrey: “I know for a fact, that I will be screaming later tonight.”

He looks at her confused.

Audrey: “Because…your cock is huge and thick! So yeah….I’m going to be screaming loudly when we fuck tonight.”

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