Slave Ch. 04


Note: Yup. Fetish story. Don’t like it, don’t read it. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.

On with the depravity…

I slept late the next day, oddly enough. Couldn’t have had anything to do with being utterly exhausted. Oh, wait. Yeah, it did. I was ready to crash after the shower, but Mistress Kay made me eat her pussy for an hour before she finally let me go to bed. And she made me wear a 3 inch butt plug all night. “To keep your sissy ass stretched out for the girls tomorrow.”

I woke up around one in the afternoon. I ached all over. There was a note on the bedside table. ‘Good afternoon, slave! Lunch is in the fridge. Take the Vicodin I left you and go soak in the shower. You may remove the butt plug to use the bathroom, but put it right back in. I’ll be back around 4 to get you ready for tonight. Later ;)’

I staggered into the kitchen and grabbed a Coke and the sandwich Mistress left for me from the fridge, then downed the Vicodin. Mistress was a nurse. I didn’t ask where she got the drugs from, but the Levitra and Vicodin certainly came in handy. By the time I finished lunch, I felt almost awake.

After taking care of business and reinserting the plug, I climbed in the shower and soaked until the water started to run cold. I dried off and pulled on a pair of panties and a tee shirt, then decided to get a few chores done.

The next two hours had me in a state of constant arousal. Between the butt plug and my mind wandering to the events of the last two weekends, and what was to come that night, I had trouble focusing on much of anything.

By the time Mistress arrived back, the Vicodin and the stretching routine I had done had most of the aches under control. She had several bags with her. “Stuff for tonight,” she told me. “I got you several changes of clothes and lingerie. I don’t really expect any of it to last through the night. Oh, and I got you this!” She pulled a wig out of one bag and plopped it on my head. She was grinning as she adjusted it. “Perfect! Go look in the mirror.”

The wig was fairly realistic looking, the hair a nice shade of red and done up in pig-tails. In truth, were it not for my Adam’s Apple, which isn’t all that big, I looked like a girl. “See? I thought the red would go well with your green eyes.” It did, actually. “I’m gonna have to look into getting you some falsies… Oh well. C’mon, into the bathroom!”

Once we were in the bathroom, I was ordered to strip and bend over. I did, and she immediately yanked the plug out of my ass, then slid the enema nozzle in. I have to say, it was difficult keeping the solution in after having my asshole stretched all night. As my bowels filled, Mistress smacked my ass. “Remind me to pack the spare enema bag. We’ll probably need to clean you out again.”

“Yes Mistress.”

As I sat on the toilet, Mistress began giving me directions. “Now you remember my friend Lori, right?”

“Yes, Mistress.” She and Lori had been friends since high school. They had discovered their bisexuality together, and had had many interesting adventures since. Lori was getting married, and intended to settle down, but for tonight and tomorrow, it was anything goes one last time.

“We’ll be staying until tomorrow night. While we’re there, she also owns you. You will refer to her as Mistress along with me. Whatever she says, you do. She already knows the rules and the safe word. And since it’s Tracy’s house, her too.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She had me stand in the tub and slathered on hair removal cream, completely covering me from the neck down. She was tired of stubble burn, she said. I was fine with that, shaving every day was a hassle.

“There. Let Bycasino that sit for a bit. I talked to her a while ago, there’ll be at least thirty girls there tonight, maybe thirty-five. You’re gonna service and get fucked by every one of them. From eight tonight until ten o’clock tomorrow night, anything goes.” My eyes got a little big at that. 35 women, over a 26 hour period. It was a good thing I had Monday and Tuesday off. Holy shit.

Mistress finished with the hair removal and had me take a quick shower, then meet her in the bedroom. She had an outfit laid out for me. “Here, put the plug back in.” I lubed it up and slid it home. She handed me some simple white cotton panties. The outfit was a fairly simple schoolgirl costume. Short plaid skirt, white button down shirt with a tie that matched the skirt, and simple white ankle socks. She produced a pair of black Mary Janes to complete the outfit.

After putting the wig back on and readjusting it, she had me go look in the full length mirror. I was surprised at how girlish I looked. Mistress was looking over my shoulder. “Wow. Some tits and lose the Adam’s Apple, and you’d definitely pass as a girl.”

As I stood there, I was seriously considering the tits part. I had become a sissy-slut, but part of me wanted to take it to the next level and actually get a boob job. It was a long standing internal battle between my true self and the part that didn’t want to alienate my friends and family. I shook off the debate. Busy night ahead. Looking in the mirror, I could see Mistress Kay looking shrewdly back at me.

“Thinking about the boob job again, aren’t you?”

I chuckled. “Yes, Mistress.”

“You would look sooo good with a pair of 38-c’s. You’ve already got the ass and legs of a girl. You know I’d pay for it in a heartbeat, right?”

“I know. I just… It’s not an easy decision. It would mean changing everything. My life, my family…”

“I know. Just think about it.”

“I will. I promise. But for now, I apparently have thirty-odd women to entertain.”

“Damn right. Oh, I threw the Vicodin in the toy bag along with the Levitra.”

“Thank you Mistress. I have a feeling I’m going to need it.”

It was almost six, so we loaded everything we needed into the car and headed for the party. I was glad I had an attached garage so the neighbors couldn’t see me, but I was actually enjoying driving dressed like I was. The way I looked, I doubt my own mother would have recognized me, and I actually got a wolf whistle sitting at a stop light. “See? Some tits, and you’re a babe.”

I rolled my eyes and drove on. Apparently I was babe even without boobs. The party was in the country, at one of Lori’s co-worker’s house. It sat fairly isolated anyway, but the back yard had an eight foot tall privacy fence that surrounded a sizable part of the yard plus a swimming pool and hot tub. The girls often skinny dipped and sun bathed nude. Basically it meant we could run around naked and be as loud as we wanted. Tracy, the woman who owned the house, was just as kinky as Lori and Kay, and had been thrilled to have the bachelorette orgy at her place.

The party started at eight, we arrived about 6:30. This gave us time to get set up a few things. I got the grand tour and familiarized myself with the layout, then hid myself in the back bedroom as the women started arriving. Kay, Lori and Tracy knew about me, but I was a surprise to the rest of the guests. I had my instructions, and got the things I needed for my appearance ready as the ladies started drinking and getting rowdy.

I heard somebody loudly asking where the strippers were. Lori hollered ’til they quieted down. “Now, you all know me. Bycasino giriş On my last night of freedom, do you actually think I’m gonna do something as lame as strippers?”

There was a fair amount of noise in answer to that. “No, of course not. Kay, Tracy and me, we set up a few special events for this weekend.” Mistress Kay got up and headed toward the room I was hidden in. “The first thing, Kay is grabbing right now. And here he is.”

The room went quiet as I walked in in all my sissy glory. “Ladies, this is slave. He’s here to be our personal fucktoy for the weekend. Pretty much anything goes. Any questions, just ask me or Kay. And ladies, whatever happens here, stays here. Be as kinky and nasty as you wanna be. I intend to. Kay?”

Mistress led me into the middle of the room tugging on the leash attached to the dog collar I was wearing. She had me bend over and grab my ankles. Pulling my panties aside, she held the Bam dildo up for everybody to see. “See this? Trust me when I say he can handle anything you throw at him.” She pulled the plug out and slammed the Bam in to the hilt, making me groan. There were a lot a gasps and wide eyes in that room as she started brutally butt-fucking me with the huge rubber cock.

Lori and Tracy produced two large boxes from behind the couch, then dumped the contents on the large coffee table. There were strapons and dildos and vibrators and butt plugs and many, many bottles of Fuckwater lube, and lots of bondage gear as well.

I spoke up while Mistress pummeled my ass. “I’m your cock-slut for the weekend ladies. Please feel free to use me however you like.” Tracy hit play on the remote and the video from the night before started playing on the large flatscreen hanging on the wall. The sight of me being spit-roasted by two well hung black men got the juices flowing.

Kay laughed. “Think of it this way ladies. It’s your chance to take out all the frustrations you’ve ever felt towards the men in your life.” She slapped my ass, leaving a handprint. “Beat this ass. Fuck this ass. Use him as your personal piss receptacle. Hell,” she yanked the Bam out. “Fist this ass!” And she rammed her left hand elbow deep in one thrust. “Little help here Lori?”

Lori smirked as she poured lube onto her right hand, then slid into my ass too. Damn, the night was just beginning and I already had two women elbow deep in my shit chute. My kinda party. Tracy bent over in front of me, flipping her skirt up over her bare ass. “Eat my ass, bitch. You gotta clean it good before you get a taste of this fine pussy.” I happily buried my tongue up her tasty ass.

Around the room, clothes were coming off, strapon harnesses were being cinched up, and toys were being checked out. The alcohol was flowing, and inhibitions were dropping. Lori pulled her arm out of my ass with a slurp. “Let’s move this out back so we can be as messy as we wanna be!”

I was pretty much dragged outside, my clothes being shredded as we went. By the time we hit the patio, all I had left on were my shoes, socks, collar, leash and wig. Mistress had been right about the clothes not lasting long. I found myself tied bent over the table, my legs tied to the table legs, with a cute blonde pounding my ass with a ten inch strapon while I chowed down on a brunette’s cunt as she spread herself on the table in front of me. Two or three others were beating my ass and back with paddles and floggers, or sliding fingers or toys in with the strapon.

The brunette was a squirter. I ate her through four massive orgasms. My face was drenched in her girl cum. Then without warning, she cut loose with two hours worth of alcohol powered piss. I gulped down what I could, the Bycasino deneme bonusu rest flowing off the table. She patted my head, then rolled off the table, quickly replaced by a large black woman. I found out later she was Jamal’s 22 year old sister, Janine.

She had intentionally not cleaned her ass or cunt all day and took great pleasure having me clean them out with my tongue. As I dug my tongue into that dirty asshole, I felt two hands snake into my butt. I found out later they were twin sisters. They actually managed to hold hands as they pumped elbow deep into my bowels. There were two more women behind them, fucking them with the strapons they were waiting to use on my ass.

It turned out that 42 women had showed up in all. The party really did turn into an orgy. The women all were fucking each other, but they all fucked me repeatedly. Before I was untied from the table, all 42 had taken a shot at wrecking my rectum with toys and fists, I had eaten much pussy and ass, and drank thirteen loads of piss.

Mistress eventually untied me, then guided me over to the grass. She shoved the Bam in again, then had me lay down on my back in the grass. She straddled me, sliding her pussy onto my cock, then fucked me hard as girl after girl pissed on both of us. A redhead moved in behind Kay and had her hold my legs under her arms. She then slid her ten inch strapon into my already Bam stuffed ass and started slam-fucking me. Mistress rode me even harder, enjoying the feel of the redheads tits rubbing against her back.

Molly (the redhead) reached around and started pinching and rubbing Mistress’ clit and kneading her tits. A cute little Asian girl had planted her pissy cunt on my mouth. I had three fingers in her ass as I twisted her nipple with the other hand and munched on that tasty pussy. We all had explosive orgasms.

Next, I was bent over a chair. Several of the girls had decided to see just how much I could take. Within ten minutes I had four hands in my ass, with a fifth trying to worm its way in. I was close to saying the safe word when the fifth hand succeeded. I screamed. Even now I’m not sure if it was from pain or lust, or both. Five hands wrist deep in my rectum! Even through the pain I was proud of myself. I noticed Mistress videoing and managed to relax. A sixth started to try, but Mistress stopped her. She could tell I was at my limit.

She did encourage the five girls in my ass to fist fuck me for the next fifteen minutes though. It hurt like hell.

I came, hard. Molly, one of the five with a fist in my massively gaped butt, had been jacking me off at the same time. She caught my cum in the palm of her hand and made me lick it clean.

When they finished, Mistress called a break on my behalf and led me inside. Pulling off my shoes and socks, she climbed into the shower with me and we took a leisurely soak, cleaning each other up. After we dried off, we walked naked to the bedroom where she dug out my next outfit. As I sat on the bed and pulled on the red fishnet stockings, I noticed it was only just after midnight. I still had twenty two hours left to go.

Mistress noticed me staring at the clock. “Long way to go yet. You still good to go? That last stretching would make anybody think twice about going on.”

“Yes. Though, to be honest, I’m not gonna swear I can do another 22 hours. And you seemed to enjoy that last stretching.”

“21 hours and 43 minutes, actually. And, yes, I did. So did you.”

I just shot her a raised eyebrow.

“Ok, ok. You know if it gets to be too much you can pull out the safe word.”

“I know mistress. But I really want to try. I’ve met all the challenges so far. I wanna see if I can go the distance.”

“Good. I knew I could count on my little cock whore. Finish getting dressed. The floor show is next.”

She headed back outside. Floor show? What the hell is the floor show?

I’d find out in a few minutes.

To be Continued…

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