Skiing with the In-Laws


All names are fictional, but some of the acts are true!

First, a little about myself. I just turned 55. I’m 5′ 8″, 170 lbs and have a tight lean body. My cock is 7″ long and a 2″ diameter. I have been married to my wonderful wife for 30 years.

Our sex life is “Okay,” Although I do spend plenty of time jerking off. When we were younger, my wife and I would be done in under 5 min. Sex was constant. Now my wife is done in 3 min and I am not anywhere near being close to done. Unfortunately, my sex drive is still going strong, and hers is not.

My wife is a petite thing, 5’1″ with 38 DDs with a great ass. She has never really had a strong sex drive, but she sure likes to tease and taunt me. She is not very adventurous, no blow jobs, pussy eating, doggy style or anything.

Can you believe it? I have never had a blow job or cum in anyone’s mouth. We tried doggie once, but it hurt her so we never did it again. Missionary is ok, but she always wants to ride me so she can control the penetration. To me, it ends in a jerk-off session.

A major part of my fantasies are about my mother-in-law, Elaine. She is 15 years my senior and is still hot. My wife is the spitting image of her, although Elaine is a 36 C. Since I met her I have been either jerking off to fantasies of fucking her or fucking my wife and thinking it’s her. I could probably fill a tub with the amount of cum I spilled thinking of her. Over the years, I have imagined many wonderful ways I would fuck her.

Here is how it finally happened:

We have always been very close to my wife’s family. We visit them a lot. Whenever I’m there, I take the opportunity to go to the bathroom and pull out a pair of her panties and a bra from the hamper and use them to jerk off, but I never soil them. We also vacation a lot together.

This year we decided to go spring skiing for a week. My father-in-law has timeshares at some beautiful chalet in Lake Louise. The chalet has a kitchen, bbq. There is also a gym, swimming pool and hot tub at the resort. There are 2 bedrooms with en suites with glass walk-in showers. We get there late and go to bed early for a full day of skiing.

I am an early riser, always have been. Generally, I get up and jerk off to a Literotica story or just think of my mother-in-law. Anyway, I get up and get ready for a day of skiing. Since it is spring, it can get fairly warm, so all I have on is boxers and a long sleeve turtleneck under armour shirt. I’m in the kitchen getting a pot of coffee ready and my mother-in-law comes out go her bedroom, she’s another early riser, wearing spandex shorts and an under-armour sports bra. My cock starts to pulse. We say good morning and she walks, my eyes watching intently, out onto the balcony. It is -6c and there is about an inch of fresh snow on the balcony. She is standing facing the sun, so I see her side profile. She slowly takes a deep breath, her chest rises beautifully, and she slowly leans forward to touch her toes. Now my dick is starting to get quite firm. She does this a few more times, then comes in, closes the door and shakes off the cold. All the while, I am intently watching. She turns around, and I am greeted by a wonderful sight. Her hard nipples trying to bust out of her bra. Another thing that’s better than my wife’s. I don’t think I have ever seen my wife’s nipples hard. No matter how much I suck on them or how cold it is out, they never get hard. My cock is getting harder by the second.

“Mmm, she sure has great breasts and nice, big juicy nipples.”

“She sure doe… ugh,” I start to say and get an elbow to the ribs.

“Yeah, you wish. Get your eyes back in your head, pervert,” my wife says with a smile as she squeezes my now rock-hard cock. I guess she was standing beside me as soon as my mother-in-law went outside.

As I pour everyone coffee my father-in-law walks out of the bedroom. He is 8 years older than Elaine and weighs about 275 lbs and is only 5′ 4″. Short and round. He is a nice guy. Not sure how long he will be skiing with us, as he has arthritis in his hips, so it gets tough to move around.

We end up sitting in the family room drinking our morning coffee and planning our day. My father-in-law finishes and gets up and heads to his room to get ready, my wife and her mom finish their coffee and get up to go get ready and I noticed my wife is wearing spandex shorts and a sports bra like her mother. I look at my wife and her mom and think, “Wow, they are almost identical. I wonder if they’re both the same in bed.” My wife heads to the bedroom and Elaine starts to clean the dishes.

From where I’m sitting, I have a perfect view of Elaine’s ass. Fuck, I love how it moves when she scrubs the dishes. I set my coffee down and pull my underwear out and pull my cock out and start stroking it as I watch her clean the dishes. I’m trying to be quiet, but my hand is flying a million miles an hour up and down my cock.

Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum. I have no Kleenex and I don’t want to cum in my shorts and I can’t kaliteli gaziantep escort come on the tile floor or chair. Oh fuck. I look at Elaine. She bends over to pick up a fork. Oh fuck, what a beautiful view. I can see the outline of her pussy lips as the spandex stretches over it. Oh god, I’m cumming. The only thing I could do was cum in my hand. I imagine I’m fucking Elaine doggy style as I watch her ass, and jet after jet of cum flies out of my cock and into my hand. I finally finish and I have a handful of cum. I pull my underwear out and over my softening cock with my left hand.

Turning her head, Elaine says, “Roland, come help me for a second.”

Fuck just in time, “Ok, just gonna finish my coffee,” I say.

Fuck, what am I going to do?

“Hurry, I have to go pee!” she says as she squirms about.

So I do the only thing I can do. I drink my cum and lick my hand to clean it, then dry it on my shorts. Hmm, salty, but not as gross as I thought it would be. I finish the last couple of gulps of coffee so I don’t have cum breath, then walk over to Elaine and help her finish up, then go get ready.

We get up on the hill and go up and down a few times. By then it’s around 11 AM and the father-in-law’s hips are sore, so he decides to be done for the day. Since it is not that busy today, we decided to go further up the hill and get on the gondola. The wife and her mom sat on one side and me on the other. By now it’s around 5 deg C and quite warm. We all un-zipped our coats. I was looking out the window, then looked back. Since it was just the three of us on the gondola, both my wife and Elaine had decided to take their coats off and were busy talking. I kept looking from T’s tits to Elaine’s. Four lusciously ripe pears, just ready for the picking, wrapped in tight spandex. I imagined seeing them both naked on their hands and knees, head back, moaning and watching those big beautiful tits slowly swaying back and forth. I’m not sure how long I zoned out for but when I came too, my dick was hard as a rock. I looked from my mother-in-law to my wife. They were looking at me and smiling. I nonchalantly put my hands over my crotch. My wife gave me an impish grin and being the little imp my wife can be stood up, turns around, lifts her shirt exposing her back and says, “honey can you come and adjust my bra, it’s digging into me,” knowing well enough I had a raging hard-on.

I pretend I never heard her and Elaine says, “I’ll help,” and stands up to give her a hand.

“No, mom, Roland can help. He knows how to adjust it the way I like.”

“Honey, come and fix my bra,” she says again with a grin and sounding a little more impatiently.

“Sure,” I say. You little bag you, I think to myself. I try to adjust myself as I stand up, but there is a noticeable bulge in my ski pants. I walk over with both my wife and mother-in-law looking at my bulge and my wife turns, so now I’m standing right in front of her mom’s face with a huge bulge in my ski pants. While I am adjusting her bra, I look down and see Elaine staring at my bulge and biting her bottom lip. I look at her tits and her nipple is starting to come alive.

“Thanks, that feels so much better,” my wife says and snaps both Elaine and me out of our stupor.

“Anytime,” I say and go sit down.

I look up and my wife is looking at me and winks with a huge grin on her face, then turns and looks out the window. I am so fucking horny. I think I’ll make her pay for that tonight. Ha, who am I kidding? We all know that won’t happen. I look at Elaine and she quickly looks out the window with a smile. She looks a little flushed.

“Get your coats on ladies, we are almost there,” I say as we go past the last tower before the station to unload.

Just as they zipped up, the doors opened, and we got off. I let the ladies lead and watched their ass sway back and forth, making me harder and hornier. We ski down without stopping and both Elaine and T were done, so they went for a coffee with her dad. It was still early, and I needed to let my cock cool off, so I went out for a couple more runs. Unfortunately, it did not help. I just got harder and hornier as I had more time to dream and imagine new ways to ravage Elaine and my wife together. I figured it was time to be done when I almost took out a couple of trees.

When I got to the bottom, they were all waiting for me. We packed up and went back to the chalet. No one made much of an effort to change as we decide we would cook supper, then go down to the pool. T’s dad and I sat and drank some beers and talked while the women prepared supper, which turned out to be chicken sandwiches.

T and Elaine head off to get “ready” for the pool and who knows how long that would take, so T’s dad and I just went down to the pool. I was just coming up at the shallow end when T walked onto the pool deck. My cock was instantly hard. T was wearing a small bikini. Not a skimpy thing, but small. gaziantep kaliteli escort You could see a small cleft between the legs as the bottoms moulded into every curve. With a small spaghetti-strapped top that cupped the bottom of her ample boobs. The thin material outlines each areola and nipple perfectly. She walked over to the edge and sat down with her feet dangling in the water. She looks so hot and mouth-watering, but a tease is all she can offer. I swam underwater and grabbed her feet and pulled myself up between her legs. While standing on the bottom, my face was looking directly into her pussy. I stepped up to the edge and was about 6″ away from her sex and took a loud, deep breath through my nose.

“Nice view,” I said, smiling.

“What is with you today?” she says.

I smile and reach down and pull my dick up under the string of my swim trunks and pull myself out of the water, kiss her and slowly rub my cock all over her leg on my way down.

“Your dick has been hard all day.” she whispers.

“How could I not be hard, being around 2 hot women all day?

“Oh please! As if I’m hot and that’s my mom you’re talking about you sicko.”

“Where’s Elaine?” T’s dad asks as he swims up from behind me.

“She wasn’t happy about how her bikini looked. So, she was going to change.”

Damn, I thought.

No sooner had she said it than Elaine came through the change room door and my mouth dropped. I guess she decided to wear the bikini. Holy fuck! As she walked, her boobs bounced around like crazy. For being 65 she has a great body. Her tits drooped a bit, but man, they sure stood out proudly, topped off with hard fucking nipples. My eyes slowly scanned down her body, stopping on her stomach. She has a little tummy, but not a lot. The further down I went, the harder my cock got. The top of her bikini bottoms stopped a few inches above her mound. They were hugging tightly to her pussy and you could see it trying to dig in between her lips.

“Damn mom, you look hot,” T says.

“I am so embarrassed. I look like a fat cow,” Elaine said as she slipped into the pool.

“You do not, you look awesome.” Looking at me she says, “Doesn’t she guys!”

“Uh, yeah. You look great.” I said, looking at Elaine.

“A perfect 10,” T’s dad pipes up.

“See! You look great!” T says with a smile.

“I’m going to do a few more laps than head to the hot tub,” I say and swim off.

Man, I’m gonna remember that while I fuck T tonight. After a couple of laps, I swim over to the steps near the hot tub and look around before I get out of the pool, as my cock is still semi-hard.

I try to adjust myself a bit, then pull myself up out of the pool. My trunks are stuck to my body and my bulge is noticeable. I pull them out and let them go, but they cling right back to my cock. I look up and start walking to the hot tub quickly. I glance over at T and Elaine. Both are looking at me and smiling.

“Fuck it,” I say to myself and hop into the hot tub. Thankfully, it is empty. I move to a spot across from the entrance and lean back and relax. From where I’m sitting, I can see T and Elaine’s heads bobbing up and down in the water. I lay my head back and close my eyes. A few minutes later, I hear someone stepping into the hot tub. I open my eyes and see T sinking into the water and sliding over to me.

She slides her hand up my leg and grabs my cock. “Sooo. Did you like the show mom put on?” and squeezes then slowly strokes my cock through my trunks.

With a smile, I say, “Hey, she looks really good.”

She comes closer and kisses me, and squeezes my cock harder as she strokes it. “Good enough to eat”? She whispers and starts kissing my face.

“What got into me? What’s gotten into you?” I say as I slide my hand down the front of her bikini bottoms and slip my finger between her lips.

She grabs my hand and jerks it out of her bikini. “What the hell are you doing”? Her voice rises, and she stands up.

Now I am totally confused. “What? What do you mean? We are just having fun playing with each other?”

“That’s disgusting!”

“Why the hell would that be disgusting?”

“Because someone could see us.”

“Who the hell cares and you were just stroking my cock,” I say rather loudly.

She shakes her head, turns and starts to get out of the hot tub. I watch her rise up step by step. The water clinging to her luscious ass. I am getting hard again. She gets to the top and her thighs are parted. I watch the water run down her perfect ass, between her legs, and slowly drip off her mound. I slide my hand into my shorts and start to stroke myself. “Great ass!” I say.

She turns, looks at me and shakes her head and walks away. She grabs a towel and starts drying herself off as she walks towards the exit. Near the exit, I see her mom and dad standing there with towels. T turns and starts to leave. Oh well, I say to myself and lay my head back, close gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan my eyes and stroke myself while I review the images of T and Elaine throughout the day.

“Mind if I join you?” a voice says.

I open my eyes, rip my hand off my rock-hard cock, sit up quickly. “Uh, yeah, sure”! I blurt out. Hopefully, there are enough bubbles and didn’t see me jerking off.

She giggles and steps up to the top stair and stops when she hears her name being called.

She turns her head, and I am mesmerized and my eyes roam all over her body.

“Dad and I are going up to the room,” T yells.

Elaine raises her arm and waves. I’m now starting at her tits, jiggling back and forth. T turns and she and her dad are gone. Without looking, Elaine takes a step down. Not knowing it is a rather large drop, she stumbles and falls forward, arms flailing towards me. I stick my hands out to catch her. For some reason, she started to turn. My hands were up and landed on her back. She continued to fall and my wet hands slid forward and upward. As my hands were going up, my thumbs caught the bottom of her bikini top and pulled it off her boobs. When she finally came to a stop, she was resting against my chest. After a few seconds, I realized my hands were clutching her bare breasts. I slowly released and squeezed them again. Wow, did they feel fantastic! Soft and heavy. I could feel her nipples start to harden and poke between my fingers. My cock started to twitch.

I sat there, with my cock twitching, squeezing her wonderful tits for another couple of seconds.

Elaine looks back, smiling, and asks, “Are you done?”

It finally dawns on me what is going on. “Oh god, I’m so sorry,” I pull my hands down. Without realizing it, I put my hands on her hips. My cock twitches again.

Elaine laughs and says, “don’t worry about it, it was my fault,” and tucks her wonderful mounds back into her bikini top. With her boobs back in place, she says, “hmmm” and wiggles her ass. Without realizing it, I pushed up with my cock and pulled her hips down.

She fit so nicely in my lap.

“Can I get up, or do I have to stay here?” she asks with a grin.

“Oh God! Sorry”. I let go, and she stands up, turns around right in front of me. I gaze directly at her tits and watch until she sits down. I look up at her smiling face.

“Well, thank you for catching me.”

I finally regain my composure and say, “anytime,” she just smiles.

“So, you enjoying yourself so far?”

I snicker. “Oh yeah,” we both laugh.

“So, how are things going with you guys?” I ask.

“How do you mean? Like sexually?” she says with a smile.

I blush and say, “oh, no. Like, in general.” I pause, “unless you want to talk about that.”

“Well, he is slowing down a lot. It would help if he lost some, well, a lot of weight.” she pauses. “I don’t even remember what sex is. I haven’t had a real cock fuck me since I don’t know when.”

That was the first time since I have known Elaine that I’ve heard her talk like that.

“I’m sure you don’t have to worry about sex,” she says with a huge grin.

“Well, since we are being open,” I pause, trying to think of a place to start.

“We have sex 2-3 times a week.”

“Hmmm,” she sighs.

“But,” I pause. “I’ve never had anything, ever but my hand, to make me cum!”

“What? I don’t understand?”

“Well, when you guys have sex, where does he cum?”

Elaine looks down and blushes. “Well, I guess that depends.”

“Really? On what?”

“If we are being candid. When we were younger, he would fuck my ass, cum in my pussy, mouth, ass or all over me.”

I sat back in another tent in my shorts. “Wow, I never would have thought it.”

“What? I like to get fucked as much as you! But nowadays it’s just hand jobs if he can get it up and a vibrator for me. He doesn’t want too much anymore.”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“What did you mean by your hand?”

“Well, for starters, I have never had a blowjob. I ha-“

“Bullshit!” Elaine interrupts.

“Seriously! Since we met so young, she was the only one I have been with and I have never had a blowjob. She has never even kissed or licked my dick!” Elaine is looking at me like I was lying about everything. “We have never done anal, we tried doggy once, but it hurt her too much.” Elaine’s right eyebrow arches up. “It is either missionary or she rides me.”

“I assume you suck her tits and eat her?”

“Ha, not the eating as she thinks it is gross. When I suck her nipples, nothing ever happens. I can honestly say I have never seen her nipples erect or even a tad bit hard.”

“Are you fucking serious?” I shake my head yes. “So what does any of this have to do with your hand?”

“Well, when we were younger we fuck like rabbits and finish in about 5 min. Now, she is still done in 5 min and won’t go anymore to let me finish. So I get up and go jerk off.”

Shaking her head, she says “I know she’s my daughter, but why the hell do you stay with her?”

“Hey!! Are you guys coming or what?” someone yells.

We both look in the direction of the yelling and there is T. We both shake our heads yes. Like the gentleman I am, I let Elaine go first and walk behind her up to the room.

As soon as we walk in, T asks, “What were you doing down there for so long?”

I was about to say something the Elaine piped up, “Having sex!”

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