Ski Trip


I guess the ultimate bi experience for me was a ski trip I took the winter before grad school. We had a great day of skiing. The fresh air, skiing, everyone in their tight outfits, including me just made for a really sensuous day. Lori and I got dressed to kill and we couldn’t wait to meet some guys. We were in that conquering mode. Lori’s boyfriend, Dan, was not going to arrive until Sunday. He was a doll. I had dated him briefly [read only made out with him a couple of times] before he hit it off with Lori. I was between boyfriends at the time. Ted was ever present I guess but he was into boys” weekends away and skiing with his buddies, so we were “on a break”. I had dated on occasion but was really into just being with the girls this weekend. Lori had relented to meeting Dan on Sunday after we skied. They were going to spend Monday skiing as well while the rest of us headed home late Sunday night.

Lori wore a hot little black T-shirt dress that just barely covered her nice rounded ass and I wore a blue thing that cling tight to my hips. I wore only a g-string and it felt wonderful to have my nipples brush lightly against the cotton material. Lori’s nipples were very perky and I pointed them out to her as we left the condo.

“It’s cold,” she laughed.

I giggled back and pointed to my erect little nobbies and she made a licking motion with her tongue.

“You better calm them down or you will have everyone lining up”

The restaurant was fun. We met the other girls there and enjoyed a little bit of dinner with our wine. We all flirted with the waiter who seemed to enjoy serving eight girls with definite cleavage and curves on display. We all felt like dancing so the party moved to a local western bar. I was hoping to get a little swing dancing in, but I guess the guys were a little intimidated by eight gorgeous ‘city gals’ in heels and tight dresses.

Lori and I danced a bit with each other and finally picked out a guy who looked to be at least from the city. His boots just didn’t have that “country boy” shine on them. Stan was fun, but not very satisfying we flirted a bit, but he didn’t seem to go for two gals at a time and seemed a bit more distracted by the band rather than our charms.

Disappointed, horny, and a bit tipsy, Lori and I wanted to move on to a more partying place. We left the rest of our party to country two step or cab rides home vowing to meet in the morning at lift number six when it opened. The music inside was rocking at another place down the street so we went in and started dancing. As we were dancing we checked out the boys and played “‘would you if you had to’ There were only a few yes’s in the crowd.

Finally a guy gave us the attention we deserved. Jack was flirtatious, not too drunk yet and seemed to relish the fact that two women were paying strict attention to him. We danced a few, drank a few, he squeezed my ass once and tried to steal a kiss. I made him wait and then at the end of the night gave him a mouthful of my tongue. Lori obliged him since we were leaving him at the bar as we called it an evening.

“Men suck,” she cried out in disappointment.

When we got back to the condo, we continued to talk about how disappointing men were, but I mentioned that at other times they possessed just the right solution for what ails us. As we talked, Lori pulled off her dress and threw on an oversized flannel shirt. I paid particular attention to the curve of her ass accented by her g-string.

I surprisingly felt myself ache deep within my abdomen. My lips began to twitch and swell as I followed the line between her legs from her ankles past the back of her knees as it terminated into the cleavage of her ass. Her black thong contrasted nicely with the paleness of her sun-starved skin. As she turned I could see the swollen outlines of her lips against the cotton.

Her perky breasts bounced a bit as she threw the half buttoned shirt over her head. Her nipples were clearly visible inside the soft material, as she had left the buttons undone. I guess she caught me staring and motioned to me that it was my turn and wearing a big grin. I proceeded to vamp my way out of my dress letting it fall to the ground and stepping out of it amidst her cat calls. She was going on with her anti men harangue. But I caught the glimmer of lust in her eyes as my breasts felt the night air. She smiled and told me that skiing agreed with my body.

Since I normally wore a giant sized t-shirt to bed when traveling—usually without panties, I swung my hips as I walked over to the dresser and bent over to get my shirt out. It felt good to have her eyes on me. She had stopped talking as I bent over I could hear her short gasp and sigh. My little g-string was stretch tightly against my now very swollen lips and I could imagine she got a eyeful. I wiggled my ass around a bit then stood up with my t-shirt in hand.

Then,, looking her right in the eye I grabbed my panties at my hips and slowly, nonchalantly pulled them down—letting them fall on their own when I got past my knees. Lori eyes met my gaze and I smiled without comment, finally her eyes left mine and I felt izmit escort their gaze on my pussy. I was, I thought, noticeably aroused but thankful I hadn’t had too tight of a trim and wax so I didn’t feel too naked and exposed. Not knowing where this was going, but without any hesitation I slowly unfolded my t-shirt and with no extra effort threw it on over my head.

“Want to watch T.V. or something?” I asked breaking the sensual silence.

“No I’m tired let’s just hit it tonight,” Lori replied hopping on her bed.

I reached for the lamp between us and wished her sweet dreams. The air was thick with darkness when the lamp went out. For a second I could see the residue images of Lori smiling at me, those gently faded and I groped for my pillow. As I lay in the darkness for a while, my ears picked up the faint noise of sheets and blankets rustling in the bed next to mine. I could hear Lori’s bed creaking a little and the quiet sound of her sheets rubbing against each other.

“Are you o.k.?” I asked with giggle.

“Yes. I’m fine.” I paused, thinking, not knowing where to take this.

“O.k. I thought you might need help.” I replied. “What are you doing?” I asked as innocently as possible, breaking the silence. I was already getting wet thinking about Lori touching herself under those sheets. Lori replied she wasn’t doing anything and that I had a dirty mind and should just go to sleep.

“I just wanted to see if you needed any pointers,” was my lusty reply.

“If I was doing something, which I’m not, I would be giving out the pointers”

“Oh yeah?” was all that I could muster, but instinct took over and I quickly reached through the blackness and flipped on the lamp.

Lori’s look of surprise quickly turned into immediate laughing. I was up on my toes with my hand on the switch, my t-shirt barely covering me. Lori had the covers turned down to her waist. Her shirt was open. She had one hand inside of her shirt and the other under the covers. I could tell from the bump in the blankets that it was laying on her mound.

I came over to her bedside and sat down.


“Hi, yourself”

“Need any help?”

“Not yet.”

“Don’t let me interrupt.”

“You’re not”

Slowly the bump under the covers began to move a little back and forth. I was staring into Lori’s eyes and smiling. She was staring back at me, then, she closed her eyes for a second and smiled.

“Does that feel good?”

“Yes,” she said without a hint of shyness.

I was feeling very hot, prickly between my legs, I felt my nipples harden as they rubbed up hard against my t-shirt. I looked at them, and said, “My my, you’ve got my nipples all at attention.”

“Hmmm. They looked very nice tonight,” she sighed.

I smiled a nervous smile, shook my head back and forth like I couldn’t believe what was happening and without a word, I put my hand on my shirt and teased my left nipple up harder.

“They certainly feel good tonight!” Lori’s hand was moving under the covers now unchecked and deliberate.

“I guess I’m in a mood tonight, cause you’re looking so hot,” Lori whispered.

I moved my hand more deliberately fully engulfing my breast through my shirt and teasing the other one.

“It feels good to show you…Can I watch?” I asked making a motion towards the sheets.

Lori swallowed hard, her face was flush and pink and I could tell her mind was arguing like mine was. But as she stared into my eyes, for the most part ignoring what my hands were doing, her hand came out slowly from her shirt. She smiled, giggled, and then shyly, still staring directly into my gaze grasped the blanket. She tilted her head a bit, “What do you want to see?”

“Oh nothing, just curious about whatcha doin,” I said with my best shy face on.

The blanket slid slowly down past Lori’s hips, her belly button was wet with perspiration. Her g-string was still in place and her hand was discretely under the fabric. I could tell she had her middle finger positioned on top of her clit. The fabric of her panties was tight against her lips. As I looked, Lori’s hand began to move slowly, without a word. I watched then instinctively resumed moving my hand on my breast.

My fingers were strumming my hard nipple punctuated by an occasional squeeze. Lori’s sensuality and freeness got to me. I was so aroused to be watching her intimate actions and at the same time touching myself in front of her gazing eyes. I looked back at her and watched her eyes drink in my breasts, still swollen under my t-shirt.

As I teased my nipples through the cotton fabric with my right hand, my left hand slid slowly up my thigh. Lori’s free hand went back to her top and pushed the flannel fabric off her left shoulder exposing her nicely aroused tit. She pulled on her nipple a bit then squeezed it hard. Her eyes were focused on her breast. Then she looked over at me, smiled and shook her head. She watched my face as my eyes darted from her breast to her panties with her hand moving quietly beneath.

I smiled then continued to slide my hand along my thigh until it reached the hem of my shirt. I looked at Lori again for a moment then followed my hand as it continued its journey up to my hips exposing part of my pussy. The moisture could definitely be seen in the glow of the lamp.

Lori’s eyes widened as she focused on my exposed lips and my budding clit and she drew a long breath almost a sigh. My hands were roaming my tummy and hips as well as rubbing my breasts. I had my eyes closed and was just lost in my body’s sensual readiness. I knew she was watching so I experienced a double arousing effect.

When I couldn’t stand it no longer, my hand moved slowly through my pussy hair and my middle finger gently glided across my clit. I open my eyes and looked down at myself, then over to Lori. Her eyes were riveted on my hand.

“I’ve never done this before,” was all I could whisper.

“Masturbate, do it front of someone or do it in front of a girl?”

“Masturbate!” I said with a giggle.

“From the way you are handling yourself, I’d say that wasn’t quite true”

Somehow, saying the word masturbate in her company was arousing to me. I like words sometimes, and I was glad she used it.

“I focused on my fingers teasing my clit for a second and asked her, “Have you?”

“What, masturbated, or did it with a girl?”

“Either or…” I laughed and shook my head, “Hey Lori, this is so weird , but fun.”

“Yeah it is, and no, although I’ve thought about it some times, especially with you, I’ve never done this in front of or with a girl before. But I like it, at least for tonight.”

“Does this mean we’re bi?”

“I don’t know, but for tonight, I’m not going to think about it, I just want to see where this goes, is that o.k.?”

“Yes, that’s what I want too.”

I pulled myself on to the bed fully, pulled the covers all the way back and sat facing Lori. She had her knees up and her hand was fully exploring her wet lips under her g-string and sometimes disappearing inside her. We talked about masturbating, how long we had, when we first discovered boys, when we found our clits, etc. than we moved to talking about finding some girls some times very sexy. The whole time we were just quietly touching ourselves. I still had my t-shirt pulled up and Lori was wearing her shirt and thong.

“So, do you have any special tips for getting off?”

“I don’t think so,” I whispered.

“We ought to compare techniques while we’re at it.”

I pulled off my t-shirt and now totally naked showed Lori how I liked to rub my clit using a sideways motion. She pulled aside her thong and showed me her up and down stroke. It was incredibly arousing to see her pussy wet and her panties shoved aside. I couldn’t explain why, but it was hot.

She let me study her for a while and said, “You know I’ve seen you naked a bunch of times, but you’ve never been so arousing or I haven’t been so curious until tonight.

“I was thinking about your breasts. What they would feel like. I touch my breasts all the time and I’m used to them. I’m curious about what others would feel like though.”

“I’ve thought about having oral sex with another woman. I would definitely receive, cause I think a woman would work it just right. I don’t know about giving just yet.”

“I definitely would be curious enough to give, just so I could relate to a guy.”

“Yeah that would be appealing just so I knew what it felt like to touch, kiss and lick.”

As we talked, I slowly moved over the bed until I was laying next to Lori. My leg was bent and up in the air so I could easily access my now soaked pleasure center. Lori had opened her shirt up more and was openly touching her breasts and her self sometimes losing track of our conversation.

“Are you going to cum soon?” I asked, hoping the moments would go on.

“Yeah why not,” she giggled.

After a pause I took a breath and, “Want me to help?”

Lori looked at me for an awkward moment and whispered, “Yes, I think I would.”

I could help smilling and moved closer towards Lori. She looked up at me, then reached down to her hips and pulled gently on her soaked thong. My eyes widened as I drank in her pussy as the thong slid down Lori’s legs. Her lips were very swollen and her clit slightly red from Lori’s attentive fingers. She was a little larger equipped than I. I smiled again at Lori, she was watching me look her over. My left hand had not left my own clit as I reached for her with my right.

“Oh my,” Lori giggled as my finger made contact with her fully attentive clit.

‘This is how I like it,” I explained moving my two fingers slowly back and forth lightly on her wet nib.

“Hmm, this is so strange, but extremely nice. Hmm,” Lori moaned as my other fingers found purchase between her lips. I giggled nervously and found touching her fascinating because the “mirror” was real I was touching another pussy, someone else’s clit—Lori’s clit. I was pleasuring her. My other hand was feeling my clit and the double sensation was curious. My fingers were trembling as I could feel my abs crunching in spasms.

Lori’s head was back in the pillow, eyes shut, enjoying my touch. Without a word I bent down and kissed her nipple. She gasped and moaned. Her breasts tasted like mine, but somehow slightly off. I teased them with my tongue as I would my own. Lori moaned softly and kept whispering how wonderful it felt and how good I was. I kept kissing her breasts and started moving up her chest towards her neck all the while caressing her gently below.

As I approached her cheek and her mouth, Lori opened her eyes. My hands slowed their caresses.

“Let me touch you for a minute. I’m not sure about the kissing yet,” she whispered.

‘That’s fine. I just wanted to taste your mouth. Your boobies taste very similar to mine, but just a bit different to make me more curious. Sorry to sound like an explorer or scientist. I am enjoying this so much.”

“I am too.” She replied, “It’s fun to drift away and get caught up in the sensations. But as I reminded myself that those soft nibbles and touch was you, it’s almost enough to just put me over just thinking about you.”

Lori sat up and unbuttoned the rest of her shirt and removed it. Her curves were very pleasing to my eyes. I was very sensitive and hot between my legs and having her gaze at me with lust in her eyes made me even more wet with anticipation. She turned on her side and fed me her breast. “Would you like this?”

She smiled and I sucked hungrily on her nipple. Her hand found my breast and my nipples were soon teased, pinched and rubbed with pleasure. Lori’s tongue danced on my nipple she had turned so I could suck on hers at the same time. Her hands reached down and began to caress my hair and then moved slowly between my lips. She followed my wetness to my ass and began to dance around my hole giggling the whole time.

I was flat on my back legs spread wide and one bent at the knee while Lori danced her five fingers on my clit, my lips and my ass at the same time. She stopped tonguing my nipples long enough to explain, “Dan does this to me and it blows me away.”

“It feels so amazing!” I slipped my hand between her legs and assumed the same pose. Lori moaned still sucking on my breast.

Breaking away she exclaimed, “You feel so much better than Dan right now. Is that bad?”

“I don’t think so,” I said giggling.

We played like that for a while and I could feel Lori beginning to spasm and cramp. She began to moan louder as she came in a shuddering explosion. She arched her back and I slowly eased up on her clit. ‘That was so amazing,” she said when she caught her breath. “Your turn!”

“I will. I will.” Was my reply. I sat up and slowly stroked Loris breasts then I bent down and gently kissed her on the mouth. She tasted like sex and it aroused me further.

Lori kissed me back and we explored each other mouths for a while. I broke the kiss and looked at her and smiled. “I want to taste you.”

“You do?” her eyes wide with surprise.

“Yes, hurry before I lose my nerve,” I teased.. Lori giggled her approval sat up and spread her legs. I moved quickly between them and quickly so as not to think about what I was doing, My tongue lapped at her clit. She tasted so salty. I was about to cum thinking about this sensual kiss. I began to taste her juices and filled my mouth with her. Then I moved up her hips and found her mouth now and laid on top of her. I spread my legs and rubbed my clit against her thigh while she did the same. She felt wet. She opened her mouth and we tasted her together.

She stared at me opened eyed. “It tastes so decedent, so sexual, so wild.” I began to cum while rubbing on top of her.

I let go a tension-relieving laugh. “Wow! Will we regret this in the morning?”

“Not me, this was amazing.”

We sat and talked for while. We compared each other’s bodies. Lori was slightly larger. I was deeper. We talked about trimming techniques and oral sex. As we talked, we got progressively lusty with our list of ‘experiments’ we wanted to try. We rubbed our four breasts together. We licked each other’s breasts then our own. When we felt relaxed and daring enough we decided to 69 and tickle each other with our tongues as a contest—the first one to surrender, lost. Lori totally succumbed when I found her ass and began to tease and lick it.

Finally, I began to touch myself in earnest to allow my body the pleasure of the ultimate in relaxation techniques. Lori watched me for a while rubbing herself, then switched to “helping me” by rubbing my breasts. I closed my eyes and thought of her watching my body, I came nicely with Lori’s fingers massaging me inside. She began to lick them off and then kissed me. We were very lusty and open.

We took a shower together washing massaging and kissing. We ended up cuddling while we slept. The next morning we were the first at the lift with big smiles on our faces. The other girls I don’t think had a clue and we had sworn each other to secrecy, Although, I believe, Lori would be the first to tell. She got off on those kinds of talks anyway. Dan arrived at the end of the day to a very tired but lusty girlfriend. I tied to imagine their conversation that night. As we headed home I got wet thinking about Dan watching Lori and I the next time, if there ever was a next time.

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