Skating Lessons Ch. 3


The next week flew by and I couldn’t stop thinking about this guy and how hot he could make me. I hadn’t heard from him and just figured he was probably busy. My hubby ended up with some hockey tickets for Saturday so I figured that would be a good distraction to keep this guy off my mind.

We had some friends with great seats that were 3 rows behind the St. Louis Blues players bench. I was sitting there drinking my beer watching the crowd and then I saw the players start to file out of the locker room over to my right.

I know a few of the guys finally from going to some of the games like Pronger, Young, Turgeon, and McGinnes but honestly I still don’t know over half the players on the team.

The first period was pretty routine nothing too exciting. Anyway, the period ends and the guys start to get up from the bench and walk down toward the locker room. I am kind of absently looking at the players as they file down the aisle which is like 6 feet from me or so and I see this one player looking straight up at me.

Most of the guys kind of hold their heads down but lift their hands for all the kids who run up to touch them. I look back at this guy as he gets closer and OMFG…I about pee in my pants…it is him…my stranger from the ice rink. I about choke on my beer and he gives me this big sexy smile and then about the same time my hubby leans over and kisses my cheek and my strangers smile turns to a frown.

He disappeared at that point into the locker room. I got up excused myself from my husband and our two friends and went to the ladies room. I threw some water on my face cause it was all flushed and red.

I thought I was going to throw up. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I felt so stupid when I realized no wonder the kids at the rink always waved at him. Hell they all knew he was a St. Louis Blues Hockey player. I am so damn blonde sometimes.

Then Yalova Escort I started to giggle thinking what the hell have I gotten myself into. I walked around for a few minutes, grabbed another beer and walked back out to our seats. My husband smiled at me and asked if I was ready for round two. I smiled and could only say I hoped so.

The buzzer went off and the teams started to come out onto the ice gain. I saw my stranger walk out past me and climb onto the ice. He joined the line of the other players skating around the rink. I had hoped he would show some indication toward me but he didn’t.

The music in the Savvis center was pretty loud and then they slowed it down and I almost died when the song my stranger and I had made love to was being played over the speaker. I sucked in my breath feeling a little shiver across my body and I looked at him and suddenly two piercing green eyes met mine.

He didn’t look happy or upset…just intense. Suddenly the music turned off and the organ began to play the typical hockey intro music just as the buzzer went off and the guys lined up to start the game.

He sat down on the bench but didn’t look back at me as the game resumed play. When it was time for his line to go out on the ice. I noticed how he was aggressive and really pushing guys into the boards. He was a really physical player for offense.

I wasn’t the only one who noticed him. I overheard my hubby and his two friends commenting on how my guy was really wound up tonight. He ended up getting an assist and one goal that period as well as a nice cut lip and God knows what other bruises.

My guy once again appeared focused and went out to the ice. I was sitting next to the rail where the players enter and exit and I felt something tugging on my pant leg at the ankle. I looked down and it was the security guy who usually stands there.

The Yalova Escort Bayan security guy is really pretty friendly always smiling and every now and then when we have gone he slips me a piece of candy. I am such a schmoozer and convinced him to share when I realized he had a stash of hard candy for the players.

I just assumed it was candy as usual but when I reached my hand down I felt him slip a piece of paper into my hand. I looked at him and he was grinning ear to ear. I looked over at my hubby and he was deep in conversation about the game. I opened the little note and slowly read the scrawled words.

” I think you need some time in the penalty box next week for being naughty…” signed with my strangers name. I looked up with my face I am sure flaming red and saw him standing out on the ice staring back at me with that typical flashy boyish smile.

I nervously smiled back not sure what to do. I felt the security guard tugging at my pants again. I looked down at him with a question in my eyes and he just smiled and handed me another note.

“I want you to touch yourself for me and show me how hot you are for me tonight.” I looked up shocked but smiling. He just smiled back at me and I slowly unzipped and opened my jacket. I had a soft blue button up sweater that was snug against my full breasts. I slowly slid my hand under my sweater.

I began to slide my fingertips across my nipples which quickly hardened into little nubs. I felt excited that I was doing this where anyone could see but knowing only my stranger was watching me.

I slowly slide my fingers along my inner thigh. The two rows in front of us were sitting down but our row was still standing and stretching before the period started. I noticed the players coming back to the bench and I begin to run my fingertips across my groin as I licked my full bottom lip.

My guy Escort Yalova just stared at me with his piercing green eyes with that same hungry look he had at our last lesson. I could feel my panties getting wetter from my touching myself and just the thought of what had happened the last time we had been together. Suddenly my husband reached over running his hand across my asscheeks.

OMG if looks could kill…my stranger stalked off to the bench. I drained my second beer feeling incredibly buzzed and aroused during the second period break in the game. My guy kept playing an intense physical game. The period ended and I could hear the music starting to play as the team left for the final break.

I nervously smiled back not sure what to do as my guy walked out of the ice rink. I was anxious and couldn’t hardly sit still through the break and then finally the music began and the team skated back out onto the ice for the final period.

A few moments later I felt the security guard tugging at my pants again. I looked down at him with a question in my eyes and he just smiled and handed me another note.

I opened it slowly wondering what this could be. I looked out at my guy questioningly and he only smiled then took his turn skating toward the goal with the puck. I read the note and laughed. It said, “If I score another point this period you have to do whatever I want you to do the next time I see you…….If I don’t score…I have to do whatever you want me to do”.

I started to kind of giggle and my hubby turned to me to ask what was so funny. I just told him I saw a player start to slip on the ice and fall. He just smiled at me and went back to talking with our friends.

As my guy came back to the bench he caught my eye and raised an eyebrow like he was waiting for my answer to agree to his terms. I smiled and sucking my bottom lip into my mouth nodded yes to him. He grinned and sat down.

To make a long story short he scored one final puck in the last minute of the game. I knew I would be getting a call in the morning I would be getting a call and I could feel myself dripping wet….just thinking about the next time in the penalty box.

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