Sister in Law Ch. 06



When I woke up the phone was blinking with a message at reception. Adelaide had made arrangements for a spa treatment and would meet me for drinks later that afternoon. After spending a quiet day around town, I returned to the hotel to shower and change.

Entering the lounge, I spotted Nancy and Adelaide sitting at a table near the back of the room. I joined them with some trepidation. As I listened to their recap of their spa day, my mind went into overdrive. Call it paranoia but they were holding something back and I hated being on the outside of some kind of ‘in joke’.

Like others we dressed comfortably and carried jackets in case the weather changed. The country club had old charm with a new look. Everything was immaculate. The lounge provided the option of being outdoors or in and the expanse of green led to a stand of trees some hundred feet from the clubhouse. Uniformed waiters lent a note of formality like no other barbecue that I had attended.

Nancy stood to the side of the bar while Bob sat front and center with a drink in his hand. He gave us a courtesy wave but seemed more interested in his drink than company or conversation. Nancy and Adelaide must have collaborated on their choice of clothing. Both wore pastel pink shorts with a pale blue top. Adelaide wore a blouse while Nancy wore a loose fitting sweater that hid her charms.

Looking at the two of them I could not resist doing a comparison. Nancy oozed sexuality. I knew what lay under that top but if I hadn’t her long shapely legs and flirtatious manner would have been captivating. Adelaide was shorter and had much smaller breasts but her smooth shaven legs reminded me of our last encounter at her home. Her ass was still a turn on for me. It begged for attention as it swayed provocatively when she walked.

Adelaide continued to renew acquaintances, moving effortlessly from group to group. I chatted with a couple of strangers but soon gave up on attempts to find weather a fascinating topic of conversation.

“If only there was some way to spice things up around here.” I turned to find Nancy standing by my corner table near the outdoor bar.

I smiled.

“How about getting me a martini?”

I returned to the table with our drinks and stared meaningfully first at her chest and then her crotch. “Where would you like your drink?”

She laughed saying, “For now how about in my hand.”

Adelaide came by to introduce me to another pair of septuagenarians just as our host announced that dinner would be served in ten minutes. We were given the choice of staying outdoors or moving into the dining Yalova Escort room. We opted to move indoors.

We were seated with two other couples who were pleasant but talked about people and places with which I was completely unfamiliar. Adelaide tried to draw me into the conversation but my contributions were limited to questions and long bouts of silence. Once the meal ended I got up to get us a brandy from the bar. By the time I returned the table was empty. I noticed Adelaide on the far side of the room. When we had eye contact, she gave a shrug telling that told me it wasn’t her idea to move. I nodded, smiled and left the room.

I took my coffee out to the patio. Sipping the brandy I enjoyed the night air and the relative quiet. Workers were setting up speakers for a dance that starting in an hour. I could not imagine that we would be able to slip away before the music started.

I drained my brandy and carried the one for Adelaide with me as I strolled along a path further away from the clatter of tables being cleared. The next thing I knew Nancy had taken my arm and had fallen into step beside me. We walked in silence for the next couple of minutes. I was aware of the bounce of her breasts on my arm as we meandered down the path.

Without realizing it, we had taken a circular path that led us back to the parking lot. The club lay before us through stands of birches that lined the promenade. My resolve to keep a low profile was tested when she moved her arm around my waist pulling me into contact with the heat from her breast. We were halfway down the path, when my resolve slipped away. Taking her by the arm, I moved off the path past a stand of birches into a secluded sitting area.

My hand travelled under her sweater to cup her full breasts over her lace bra as her hands massaged my tented pants. As her front clasp released her bare breasts, my fly opened and her hand touched me inside my shorts. Our heavy breathing and her moans all but drowned out the voices and music coming from the club.

With her back against a tree, I pulled her shorts down with a quick tug. My hand explored between her legs over a patch of pink silk. Her hands were busy freeing my raging prick from my shorts. I could feel the dampness of my precum as it coated her hand that was sliding up and down my shaft. I moved her panties to the side to touch her bare mound.

A couple was passing by us only ten feet away. We turned against the tree, keeping it between us and the passers by. As the couple move on, we renewed our feverish groping.

I stepped back discarding my shorts. Yalova Escort Bayan Her breasts rose and fell, pale save for the red raised by my eager fingers. Her nipples poked proudly forward dark brown against her pale skin. She had an athletic flat stomach giving way to generous hips. Her legs long and tapered were spread slightly. Her crotch was completely bare.

I moved to her. Her juices coated my hand as I cupped her vagina in my open hand. First one then two fingers entered her effortlessly. We were out of control with lust. Her hand flew up and down my shaft keeping pace with the repeated thrusting of my fingers in her body. Too soon I felt the onset of a climax building.

The first strand of cum sprayed beside us and before the second spewed she freed herself and stooped to take me into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed till the stream had subsided. She stood mashing her mouth on mine, her body quaking in orgasm as my fingers again found her wet opening. I tasted my own cum on her lips. She was coming in spurts now as my lips suckled on her engorged nipples.

I dropped to my knees as she put one leg over my shoulder giving me access to her dripping vulva. I lapped at her smooth hairless lips like a parched maniac. She was shaking so violently that I feared she would fall. I removed my face from her crotch to grind my palm along her slit pressing the heel into her opening. I could feel the hardness of her sensitive clit and alternately lightly pinched, then flicked it while continuing my palm kept pressure on her opening.

My hard on was almost painful. I stood as she started to kneel as her legs buckled. She slid down in such a way that my cock brushed against her swollen tits. Reaching down, I guided my shaft between them pressing them together. I was savagely pulling her nipples now as she took hold of her breasts. The tip of my now purple head poked through the pillows of her tits. She took me into her mouth. Moaning loudly she freed me feeding my length deep into her throat.

The sensation of the night air, her talented mouth and public sex was too much. I unleashed ropes of cum into her mouth as I fucked her face so violently that semen was forced out the sides of her mouth.

I pulled her to her feet as my cock plopped from her talented mouth. I turned her sideways to have access to her ass and cunt. With one hand squeezing her cheeks the other buried three fingers deep into her folds. Bending slightly I moved my back hand between her legs to wet my middle finger in her leaking juices. She was rocking back and forth now finding a tempo Escort Yalova for our simulated fucking.

As she moved back, I placed my finger against her anus. She was chanting, “God, God,… over and over as she started to squirt in release. As she tensed, my finger penetrated her anal ring. She went berserk convulsing and quaking steadying herself by placing a hand on a tree.

Voices came to us from down the path. We moved apart hastily finding discarded clothing and awkwardly dressing. By now we could hear Bob and Adelaide talking as they approached our nook heading toward the parking lot. We were able to slip through an opening between birches making a short cut to the parking end of the walkway. We turned as though returning from the lot.

“There you are,” they said in unison.

“Would you mind if we call it a night?” Adelaide suggested. “I feel a headache coming on.”

Relieved, we said goodnight and continued on to the car as Bob and Nancy turned back, in all likelihood to the bar.

I learned on the drive home that Bob had trapped Adelaide and talked her ear off about how ungrateful Nancy was and that she was constantly flirting with men in front of him. I stifled an urge to laugh as the image of me in their room came to me. Adelaide had managed to get him outside to end the spectacle that his loud antics were causing.

She grew silent, looking flustered. “Don’t get mad but I have to tell you something.” She avoided eye contact looking out at the passing traffic as we drove to the hotel.

“He made a pass at me. I was walking in front of him toward the path and he grabbed me.” She looked at me gauging my response. “I moved his hand away but he kept squeezing my tush. I didn’t know what to do so I just sped up down the path. He could hardly walk on his own so he finally gave up.”

By now her headache was real. I reached over to put my arm around her drawing her to me with her head resting on my arm.

“So when we saw you and Nancy and she looked …sort of….ah….flustered, I wondered if she came onto you.”

I reassured her that Nancy was bombed like her husband and that was why we were getting some air. That seemed to satisfy her and she relaxed lost in thought the rest of the way to the hotel.

Back in her room, she took a Tylenol while I wet a cloth with cold water for her neck and forehead. She removed her blouse and shorts and lay back with her feet on my lap as I massaged them gently. Before long she had nodded off. When I moved her legs to stand, they parted long enough for me to notice what appeared to be a clean shaven puss under her sheer nylon panties!

“I’m sorry”, she murmured. I stopped my hand from travelling higher than her knee.

I covered her and kissed her good night. “There’s always tomorrow. I can hardly wait to get a better look at your surprise.”

She was smiling as I left her room for mine.

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