Sissyboy Learns His Lesson!


It all began at a New Year’s party. My wife had recently made friends with a new girl from work, a twenty-one-year-old Bulgarian girl called Alexia, who had just moved to the country.I hadn’t spent much time getting to know her before we were left alone together at the party. We started making small talk about where she had moved from and how she was settling in, and then she began to catch me off guard with a few random questions that seemed a little suggestive.She asked how long my wife and I had been married, how our sex was, and made a comment about how open people were to sex in Hungary. Feeling a little shy, I tried to be polite and steer the conversation, but she persisted in taking it further, prying to see if I had a fetish or a fantasy my wife didn’t know about.Stumbling for words, my face turned red as I tried desperately to search for an answer.”Come on, everybody has a fetish. What is yours?’ She asked in a strong accent, pronouncing every word that began with a ‘W’ and replacing it with a ‘V’. Her sexy accent sent tingles down my spine, making me instantly loosen up and feel a little naughty. “Well…” I said, looking around to ensure only she could hear me. “I’ve also had a fantasy about being fucked by a girl.””That’s not a fetish,” she said, disappointingly.I knew immediately that something had been lost in translation, leaning in closer and whispering in her ear, Side Escort “No, you misunderstand. Being ‘fucked’ by a girl. You know. with a strapon.”Her deep, brown seductive eyes widened and her pupils dilated sending an electric shock through me and straight down to my penis.”Oh!” She exclaimed, biting her lip slightly before responding. “Have you told your wife?””No way!” I replied, “I couldn’t tell her about that. She thinks that stuff is weird and that people who do things like that are freaks.”Alexia looked up at me, a devilish look on her face, “I think it is fucking sexy as fuck. Do you know what I mean?”Blood rushed into my penis as I stared deeply into her eyes, our pupils dancing together, tense sexual energy drawing us closer. She glanced down, noticing the hard penis shape object, pushing against my pants.”I think that is sexy as fuck,” she said, pointing down at my bulge.I felt flushed and excited. I’d never cheated on my wife before, but Alexia, she turned me on like crazy, and for the first time in my relationship I was contemplating fucking another girl.I was just about to ask her another question when my wife strolled over and interrupted the conversation.”Hiya! How are you, Alexia?” She asked politely.”I’m very good thanks, your husband is looking after me.””Oh, that’s good, thanks, hun.” She said, looking over at me and grabbing manavgat escort bayan me on the arm.”Maybe you can keep Alexia company honey, I’m not feeling very well. I’m tired and just want to get some rest. You stay and enjoy yourself.”Her words sounded like a gift, as they resonated in my eardrum. “Are you sure?” I said reluctantly.”Yes, have fun,” she said, kissing me on the cheek and waving goodbye, leaving me and Alexia alone together.At first, we continued to drink and make small talk for a while, until we had consumed enough alcohol to let go of any inhibitions. Then Alexia started to ask me questions, even more directly than before.”So, why you like the idea of a girl fucking you? What turns you on?” She asked, staring deeply into my eyes.”I don’t know, maybe it’s something to do with powerful women. I love the idea of a strong woman telling me what to do, the thought of being submissive to a lady just turns me on.”Alexia smiled and looked up, a thoughtful look in her eyes, pausing for a second before she finally spoke. “Well, do you think I am a powerful woman?”I stuttered, timidly, trying to think of the best way to reply, “You seem pretty confident, I don’t know?” My response seemed to agitate her and I could tell she wasn’t happy with my reply.”Well, maybe I should show you how powerful I am!” She snapped, staring dominantly Escort alanya at me as I stared back at her blankly. “Follow me,” she ordered, walking out of the house as she tapped away at her phone. We brushed past some people in the hallway and headed outside.After a few moments of silence standing on the driveway, an Uber pulled up and she entered the back seat. “Come on, get in!” She shouted, waving her hand at me.After a short drive, we arrived at a block of apartments and exited the Uber. She led me into the building and we headed up a few flights of stairs towards a door at the end of the corridor.As she slid the key into the door to unlock it, I had a sudden moment of realization. What was I doing? Was I about to go into this girl’s place and cheat on my wife? My head was spinning and I couldn’t think straight. As the door creaked open, I just stood frozen on the doorstep.”What are you doing?” She asked as I stood staring at her, unable to speak.”Do you want to come inside?” She asked, looking at me disappointedly.In a single second, a thousand thoughts ran through my head. Flashes of scenarios played in succession as I tried to figure out what to do. I looked up at Alexia, her dark brown eyes peering into my soul, as she stood seductively playing with her hair.”Fuck it!” she snapped, grabbing my arm and pulling me inside. “You want a powerful woman to dominate you like a sissy boy. That is what I am going to do to you, do you know what I mean?”I stumbled in sheepishly, following her lead. Alexia telling what to do made it the whole situation easier and now it was out of my control. She stopped in the living room and span around, looking me square in the face.

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