Silver Moonlight


Love, what is love? Is it when a man and woman love each other, a woman and woman love one another or a man and man love one another? Those I get but does that work with Mythical creates like Vampires, Werewolves, and others. Ha um… Maybe I should intrudes myself to you all my name is Silver Winter, and yes that is my real name. All of my main family members are named like that.

But we’ll get to that later; let me get back to the question of what is love? The reason I ask is because two years ago I fell in love and marry a Vampire. If you aren’t hook just by that what if I told you I was also in love and engaged to a Lycanthrope or Lycan. Not a Werewolf big differents more on that later. Oh did I forget to tell you they are both male. And because of this I’m no longer human but a hybrid a halving, meaning I’m half Vamp and half Lycan. I almost forgot one more thing there are people trying to kill me. Maybe I should start at the beginning?

Two years ago….

It was a nice and cool breezy day of June when the Coldwell’s moved from Texas to Michigan. The family contained Mr. & Mrs. Coldwell aka Lead & Platinum, with their two kids Gold & Silver. You might be asking what’s up with the names. Well that’s another story, but the short version is that 370 years ago an asteroid crash landed 700 miles from a small town call Elementals.

It was a rare place in the whole world that you could find all types of elements like iron, lead, platinum, & etc. The asteroid caused a mutation to the town’s folks that they started developing a gift to manipulate elemental.

Like the Coldwell for instance Lead Coldwell age 35, the dad, had the most dark brown hire and was name for his gift over the element lead, while Platinum age 33, his wife was a pretty ruby-red head and she control the element platinum.

Same goes for their kids, Gold & Silver. Gold is their 14 year old daughter who has a reddish brown hair that made her look like she dye it but didn’t. By her name you could tell she could manipulate gold with her gift. That leaves their son Silver Coldwell the main character of the story. He is 19 year old with dark brown hair with a touch of silver in it. I mean you could see it on clear day when the sun hits it the right way, other times you would have to get up close and personal to see it. The reason for this is due to his power over silver.

Because of this gift the Coldwell’s along with the rest of the town fled from their home town. Because they all fear that with their gifts other people would think them of witch craft and we all know what they do with witches. Don’t we? Well, do to this fact, the Coldwell’s moved about every few years for fear they would be hunted and kill or experimented on. So that’s why the Coldwell’s were in Michigan and living there for two months now and everyone is quietly settled in their new lives.

For instance Lead is a part time cop, Platinum or Plat is a bank teller, Gold is a joiner in high school; yes she is too young but part of her gift gave her a high intelligence.

As for Silver he works full-time at a book store call “Rare” and works as a candy striper at the hospital. No one in Silver’s family expect for Gold know of him working at the hospital, because he used his gift to make the kids of the children ward feel good. The reason for the secret is that he was forbidden to be in a government buildings. Because he and his family fear that they would be hunted down and experimented on like their whole town used to be. Even though it’s against his family’s wish, loved doing it, he love kids really their kids who’d believe a kid saying “There’s a guy who can do stuff with silver without touching it”.

Silver loved kids, they had a spark within them he could read. With his gift he could cheer the kids who were afraid by showing them some trick. Like the Ten ball dance; this trick was an easy trick moving ten 5′ in silver balls and making them dance to music, second trick was call the flying dragon; using a small bottle of liquid silver, Silver could harden the silver and change its appearance to look like a dragon or any type of creature and have the silver creature move and act like a real animals.

Well, that’s kind of where we start this story. ****

It was nice cloudy day of August when Silver woke up at five o’clock in the morning to take his shower and get things ready for his day of his candy duties and working. Looking at his daily planner, Silver began to get a small head ache, as he saw the whole day planned like an army man. Yep it was going to be a long day for Silver; for he had candy striper from 7am – 5:30pm, after that he had to work at Rare. With a 30 minuets lunch break and 10 minutes R he would go at least a day with snacks. Snacks for Silver were 10-15 apples and a banana? Don’t ask he never did understand why his body was like that, but he didn’t care.


After his shower, Silver put on his favorite Shorts, a tank top, and a sky-blue alt porno V-split t-shirt. Then he went to his small Japanese bento. (Bento: a Japanese lunch box)/ Opening it he grabbed ten pieces of jewelry that he kept in there. They were all silver and they all were found ‘lost and broken’, but thanks to his gifts he held.

He was able to fix them like all the people of Elementals could do. They could hear and speak to the elements that they had power over. The jewelry was his weapons. Yes weapons… well at least five of them were weapons; two were necklaces with 6′ in daggers, two four feet steel chain bracelets with 90 % silver mix in and with hooks attach to them. So not weapons, but something to bind someone’s hand or body.

Lastly was a stainless silver dragon ring with the tail wrap around his finger which he bends with his gift. He had that ring for nearly 14 years, when he was five he went for a walk and heard a voice calling for help and when searching for it he found this 6’in long rod with a 5’in dragon and 4’in wings which he bent to shorten them to look good as a ring. They bounded with each other and became friends sense the silver had a life force which made active with Silver’s gift. And do to the live force Silver name it Gray Fang.

Before leaving his room he grabbed his fanypack that had five slits. Usually he won’t bring it but something was nagging at him that bad things were going to happen today. With his pack tied nicely fit around his waist, he went to a silver box that if you look at it had no opening and it didn’t open. It was a box that was two feet by two feet with no way of opening and no cracks on it either. The only way to open it was with the gift or a blow-torch.

With that said Silver took a deep-breath and with his two hands he *Clap* and pull them apart slowly which made the silver box start to split in two. Once split he grab the five vials that where in there. They contain liquid silver that he only use in trouble times. Unlike the liquid silver he use at the hospital for the kids, these vials had more silver in the mixture that when use Silver could make it as hard as titanium. He place then in the pack then zip it up, the he broke the silver box into three 8’in long 2’in thick knives. That he use in self-defense only. Then he placed them in the top zipper of his pack and left the house.


“I hope nothing bad happens today, because life here was good so far.” Silver thought to himself on the ride to the hospital. “And I won’t have anything jeopardize me and my family staying here forever!” With that running thought his mind, Silver turned on the radio to his favorite station 104.6 the Season’s music station.


He arrived at the hospital a quarter to 7am. Opening the locker door, Silver put away his keys and glasses that he was wearing. Because he like wearing contacts at the hospital, it’s not that he hated wearing glasses, it’s just they sometimes slip and fall. That at the hospital he fear that they would break, so contacts were the next best things to have unless he could be like a bat.

Because he was blind as one, I mean he could see but only up to 50 feet and that only show blurs. Closing the locker door and locking it. He started for the elevators when he heard “O à la lumière de la Lune argentée, sur une froide nuit d’hiver…..” (O in the light of the silvery Moon, on a cold winter night). That sweet heavenly voice was coming from Granny. Granny was the head of the candy stripers and nursing staff, her real name was Lula la Ross she was a 95lb 58 year old French-Canadian lady with silvery-golden hair and she was a real sweetheart to everyone including the doctors.

She walked up to Silver and said, “Bonjour mon moonlight d’argent!” (Hello my Silver moonlight!)

Silver smile back and then enter the elevator when the doors open and he out of respect to Granny allowing her to enter first. With a giggle-snort she entered the elevator.

Silver enter the elevator next, turning to Granny, Silver was going to say something when all of a sudden he heard someone shouting “Hold the elevator!” at them. Silver cringed at the sound of the voice, for thought it was Dr. James’s voice he heard.

Dr. James age 24-29, was a ‘good’ doctor as in being able to heal and help people, but when it comes

to personality, Dr. James’s see every patients as dollar sings. To him an ill patient was like

$2,000-3,000 plus a bounce of how fast and well he makes them while in his care. So at

The hospital the nurse and doctors call Dr. James, Dr. Rude, but not to his face of course.

But even knowing this Silver still felt something for him, but his attitude had to change before

Silver would even become friends with him or more?

“Thanks for holding.” Dr. James said as he was trying to catch his breath. As he was going to push the button for his floor Dr. James got a shock of dominate and obedient as hd abla porno his hand came into contact with Silver’s hand. Feeling the shock Dr. James look back at Silver, who quickly turn his eyes away then and shudder a bit.

Silver, not liking that he had to share a ride in the elevator with Dr. James. Closed his eyes and prayed that he won’t see Dr. James the rest of the day. So with that he lend forward to reach for the floor button he was a signed to. When all of a sudden his eyes flew open as felt electricity rush thought him. He felt the need to be dominated and obey Dr. James, as he looked up to see what made him feel this way, he meet Dr. James’s eyes. He quickly turned away and gave a small shudder as he try to regain his feeling.


Silver was waving off to one of the nursing staffs as he headed to the roof like he always did for his R&R. As he was walking to the rooftop entrance, he felt a panic vibe coming to him. He turn around to find it to be Granny, she pull his arm and shirt as a “Come now! It’s an emergency!” With that he let her pull him to the elevator which took them to floor 12.

On the way down he asked “What the hell! Granny what is….?” *SLAP*

Before he could finish she slap him upside the head and said “Silver Coldwell you will watch your tone with me? Ok!”

“Yes! Mad’ am.” Silver said rubbing his head.

“Good, now that’s done I don’t know why but Dr. James wants you now.” Granny said as she smiled at him with love and care.

“Oh! What could Dr. James want with me?” Silver thought to himself.


The elevator doors open slowly too slowly for Silver’s taste. Standing at the doors was Dr. James, he pull Silver out of the elevator. He then lend in, push a button, and wave Granny bye.

Dr. James had Silver by his candy helper apron. It was half way down the hallway when Silver stop and slap Dr. James’s hand away.

Silver fix his apron and demand “What the hell do you want Dr. James!?”

Dr. James was rubbing the back of his neck and fidgeting, then he spoke up and said “Please call me James and I’m in dire need of help…. Well short of.”

Silver look at James and said to himself. “I’ll give him two minutes to explain himself then I’m outta here.”

James shook his head and led Silver to a small privet room and sat him down. James paced across the room, muttering and panicking. He reach in to his Dr. Coat pocket and pull out a cellphone, he dial a number into the cell and spoke into it.

James was not in close range for Silver to hear, but he could hear some words “Hi. Yes…..but…I….not….Hell No! Fine you……come….privet….bye.”


Five minutes pass then there was a knock at the door of the privet room, James went and opened the door.

A tall thin muscular man walks thru the door. His eyes were swollen and sings of tears were visible. He hugged James and pushed him aside. The tall man came up to Silver and was about to say something to him, when a big scary muscular man in a black suit barges in. He started yelling at the tall thin man, but Silver couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Getting fed up with all this crap Silver stood up and said “Shut the hell up or else! What the hell is going on here? Either you tell me or I’m leaving.” With that said Silver look at all three men with a dead look in his eyes? The three men look at one another with fear and relieved shown all over their faces.

Not saying a word James step forward and introduce the two men to Silver “This is David he pointed to the thin muscular man and this is his friend Matthew flipping to the other man.”

Silver gave both of them a small smile and wave and said “Ok? Now please tell me what the hell is going on.”

David step forward and kneeled be for Silver, he ask “Well you please help us?”

“With what and please no bull.” Silver said as he helped David to his feet and smile. Matthew shook his head in a disagreement.

Putting his hand on David, James said “Let me tell him, you go and wait with Wayne and the others ok?” Giving a sad look on his face David left the room. Silver was about to say something, when James said “Do you believe in Vampires and Werewolves?”

“No?” Silver said with a confuse look upon his face.

“Why?” James walked out the door and yell at Silver to “Come now.”

They walk back into the hallway and pass a few offices, when Silver noticed that he was in the doctor’s office wing of this floor. And remember that James has an office on this floor. They arrive to a group of people waiting and yelling outside of an office.

In the office Silver look around and saw a man with a jacket and scratches all over his body sitting on a huge couch. Still looking around Silver saw some bloody rages and what look like silver bullets. He walk over to them and was about to pick one up when James said “Please have a set?” Silver sat in a small but good rokettube porno size chair, with him sitting James wave thou the door. David came in and sat down beside the bloody man on the couch. David grabbed the man’s hand and kissed it.

Silver saw how much David cared for the man, with that Silver asked “What is it you all need? Why is this man not downstairs in the ER?”

David put the man’s hand back down and stood. He looked at the door where the older gentleman was standing, the man nodded to David like as if answering an unasked question. David smile happily at him and turning to Silver, David aging kneel down ask for his help.

“With what Mr. David, if I may ask?” Silver ask with a confuse look upon his face.

“This man bleeding and his name is Wayne, he’s my partners, and he needs help. Please! Help him Mr. Coldwell.” David said with tears and anger in his eyes.

“I, Gabe, Wayne, and the others expect Dr. James, are real live Werewolves. I mean full moon, teeth and fur, and tail. Well anyway Wayne got shot by…”

The older man made a humming noise as in saying “Not a word!”

David nodded and continues with his statement. “Wayne was…..was hunting for a… for us……be together for… this week’s full moon.” David said as he was crying.

Silver look at all of them and ask “What can I do for you all?”

“We know you are an Elemental. We know because we been aware of you ever scent you and your family moved here.”

Silver jump up to his feet and said “Wha….what are you talking about?! I’m outta here!” Silver said as he was leaving in a panic-scared run. Just to be stop by the older man.

Backing up Silver said “What makes you think I’m able to help you with this?” He asked aloud to anyone not caring who answer his question.

“Please Mr. Silver don’t let him die.” David said crying.

“Will even if I could help I wouldn’t do it in public.” Silver said softly. With that the tall man left and so were James & David.

“James and David can stay because….. James is a doctor and David is Wayne’s lover.” Silver said quietly. They close the door and turn to face Silver. “Please sit down and I’ll see what I can do for Wayne? Ok?” Silver ask James & David. They sat down on either side of Wayne.

Silver put his pack down on the table. Opening the pack he quickly but secretly looked at the windows to see how they open. He put a vile of liquid silver on the table, he open the vile and ask “James & David will you please hold Wayne’s arm so that he won’t move?” Not saying a word they did as they were told.

Wayne struggle for freedom and was about to scream when David “shhhh” him back to a calming state of mind.

“May I touch you to see what I’m dealing with?” Silver ask Wayne once calmed, giving a slight nod Silver place one hand on Wayne’s hart and one on his head. Silver stayed in that pose for ten minutes without moving. He then side “Ok. Please make sure you have a tight grip on him?” They both nodded agreement; they wrap their arms around Wayne’s arms.

Silver slip his two dagger necklace off and places them on the table. He then place his hand over the vile, the liquid silver flew up and cover his right hand. Turning back around looked at Wayne, raising his right hand and said “God please help him.” With that said the liquid silver around his hands flew out and stab Wayne in five different spots on his body. Wayne scream and jerk as the liquid silver enter him. But James and David both held him as tight as they could. Wayne sigh as Silver’s hand clinched and the liquid silver retreated from Wayne’s body.

The liquid silver went back in to the vile as Silver places his hand over the vile. Once in Silver seal the vile back up and place it in his pack. “You’re welcome and please don’t hate me or make a sound. Ok?” Silver said as he turned and the two daggers flew at James and David’s throats. They try to move but the daggers move closer and with them. Silver grab his pack and rush to the window, opening it he unhook his chain bracelets and hook one to the window latch and other end hook to the other bracelet.

“Wait…” James was about to say when the dagger move closer.

Silver sat his legs over the edge of the window, he said “Tell Granny bye for me and I quite, and if I hear that someone found out about me or my family I will kill you. Ok? Bye.” Silver said as he slipped from the window edge, but not before his daggers flew around his neck.


Outside James office a young chubby man pacing across the floor and ask “What the hell is happen in there? Why haven’t we heard anything yet guys?”

The older gentlemen was about to say something when he and the others heard James yell “Silver wait please!” With that they made for the door to the office, opening the door they saw James at the open window and David sitting with Wayne’s head on his lap.

The gentlemen asked “What happen here and where is Silver?”

James sprung around and answer with a yell “Silver jump out the window.”

The gentleman turn and look at David & Wayne and ask “Is Wayne dead did Silver kill him?!”

“No! He lives, Silver helped him.” David cried tears of joy as he rubbed his lover’s head.

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