Silence is the Only Way

Alison Tyler

Jim didn’t want to go home to his wife. Instead, he wanted to sneak into a hotel with his new favorite co-worker. Nothing interesting happened during the work hours, and he could only anticipate his next reunion with Grace. At midnight, he had been the last person to stay behind and linger in an empty office filled with unoccupied cubicles. Only the two janitors joined him in the room as they swept the floors with their brooms and collected small debris. Jim checked his smartphone to read the text messages that he had missed all day. He had received one from Grace. She informed him of their next meeting in the elevator once his work had been complete for tonight. With a little smile, the man deleted the text message, knowing full well how his wife could easily find it on his phone.

Jim looked out the window to see the distant highways growing much less congested than rush hour, with only a handful of automobiles moving across the widest pavements available. The skyscrapers that surrounded Jim’s workplace had their fluorescent lights minimized, resulting in a relatively blacker exterior from all sides. The manic mechanisms that fueled the city of Los Angeles had finally subsided, resulting in a calmer environment. This would be a good time for Jim and his co-worker to end the night with the same sort of thrills that they had received together.

Jim turned off his computer and collected his belongings. He left the office and reached the elevator in time to see Grace entering the elevator. The two of them stayed silent as the doors closed and the elevator descended to the ground floor. With no one else accompanying them, Jim and Grace would have enough time to share a kiss in secret. And when they did, the twenty-nine-year-old white male complimented her on her recent project.

She brushed her brown hair away from her face. “Thanks. I deserved a little rest from that.”

Jim had something else in mind. “Why don’t we celebrate with a bottle of wine and a cheap motel?”

Grace laughed. “I can’t do that. I’ve got other things to do at home.”

Jim slowly loosened his tie and gave her a little hint with the smooth tone of his voice. “You don’t have to go to an empty home tonight. There’s always someone who’s willing to spruce up your life just a little.”

Her smile was adorable. “I’m up for it. I really am. But I’m serious when I say that I’ve got other things to do. I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

“Now why would a guy like me be so heartbroken that you can’t change your schedule for one night? I’ll be waiting for you.”

Grace yawned. “I can’t wait to go to sleep. I’ve worked so hard all day.”

Jim demonstrated his unbreakable equability by grabbing her hand and giving it a little kiss. “Like I said, I’ll be waiting for you.”

Grace whispered, “I won’t let you down. You’ll know when I’m in the mood.”

When the doors opened, she exited the elevator. But before she could leave the building and call for a taxi, she winked at her secret lover. “I’ll see you soon, Jim.”

Jim nodded. “Right back at ya.”

The doors closed again. The man pressed the button and waited until he reached the lower level. The parking garage, situated right below the skyscraper, had become absolutely silent. It looked as if it had been abandoned for quite some time. The parking lots were empty, cleaned out after normal work hours. Half of the fluorescent lights had been deactivated, giving the concrete interior a bit of a mysterious vibe that could only have been found in horror movies.

The high temperatures that originated from the outside had left their invisible residue in the parking garage. The warm heat and high humidity made Jim take off his black coat and tie. The first week of summer had started with its emission of heat in the form of a prelude of what was to come in the next few months. Jim unbuttoned his shirt collar. With the evening still engulfed in excessive warmth, he still couldn’t recover from Grace’s refusal to repeat their confidential motives. He tried to think of something else, something that would diminish his mischievous drive and keep his mental harmony intact. Perhaps a cold bottle of beer would help him forget his readiness for naughty antics behind closed doors. After a few seconds of thought, he decided to go home to his wife instead of the woman who bolstered his ego a little more.

Jim’s footsteps became the only thing that created any sound in the parking garage. He had parked his car furthest away from the elevator. He took a casual stroll toward his sedan. He stopped as soon as he heard something in the distance. It sounded like something sliding across one of the concrete walls. He looked around to see if he could spot a complete stranger. He found no one standing in the light, thought he began to suspect that someone hid in the darkness. He shook his head and ignored the sound as he reached his car, which had been parked in front of one of the large circular concrete pillars that stood in a long straight row from one end of the garage to the next. He opened the car door to place his coat and tie in the passenger seat.

That was when he heard the Ankara Escort same noise as before. He quickly turned around to see if he caught sight of anyone either in the light or in the darkness. He still couldn’t see anyone who would have made that noise.

He called out, “Who’s there?! Is someone there?!”

No one responded. The absolute silence started to make him doubt his own safety. Seeing as how he worked in Los Angeles, anything could happen. As he took a deep breath, he opened the door to the driver’s seat. He immediately froze once he heard slow distant footsteps coming from behind him. A potential assault would have taken effect. Jim tightened his fists. He could only imagine the incoming stranger as someone who could have preyed upon innocent civilians for a living.

He turned around to see whoever had followed him. Luckily, the stranger revealed himself near the fluorescent lights hanging on the wall. Jim couldn’t recognize the African-American man who wore blue jeans and a sleeveless black shirt. He looked to have been just a few years older than Jim. His bald head and muscular arms showed no signs of malevolent manners. His smile, however, immediately made Jim suspicious.

“Hello, Jim. It’s nice to see you.”

Jim stood his ground. “Who are you? And how do you know my name?”

The black man stepped just a little closer. “I’ve heard your girlfriend say it.”

“So you know her?”

“Not exactly, but I’ve seen how the two of you have grown close, especially when you visit the same hotel a few times this month.”

“So you like to spy on us?”

“I have a good reason to do it.”

“Please tell me.”

The stranger had already stood alongside the parked car. He slowly slid his fingers across the clean blue surface as he moved a little closer to his primary target, like a venomous snake moving in for the kill. “This isn’t good for your wife. She loves you, and yet you don’t love her back.”

Jim held his breath for a moment. “How do you know that I’m married?”

The stranger chuckled. “You have a ring on your finger, and Grace does not. She doesn’t seem to care that she loves to play around with a man who already has a wife.”

Jim shook his head. “This is none of your business. I think it is best that you leave right now.”

The stranger was now just a few feet in front of Jim. He whispered, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Who are you, anyway?”

“My name is Chester. I’ll have a fun time at court if you don’t do what I tell you to do.”

Jim took one step back. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Chester’s solemn glance said it all. “You clearly haven’t thought this through. Suppose that your wife finds out that you’ve been unfaithful to her. The breakup won’t be simple. She’ll take you to court and you’re finances will be taken away. She will take your house and your assets. All you have left is a studio apartment and five percent of your life savings. And it won’t end there. Your co-workers will lose their respect for you, and you’ll be laid off. You won’t survive any longer once the truth is out.”

Jim leaned against the concrete pillar behind him. “I was right. You’re here to destroy me.”

Chester, who was a few inches taller, edged even closer before standing just a few inches away from Jim’s face. His stern pair of eyes never left Jim’s line of vision. “I’m here to get what I want.”

“I don’t think I want to know what you want.”

“Yes, you do.”

Chester sniffed Jim’s head and neck. Jim could do nothing but stand still and wait for Chester to attack with his fists.

Fortunately, the African-American man never struck him. “You want to keep this a secret, don’t you?”

Jim slowly nodded. “Yes, I do.”

A little smile formed on Chester’s face. “That’s what I want to hear.”

He continued to sniff Jim’s upper body. “You smell nice.”

“It’s the cologne.”

Jim couldn’t understand the other man’s motives. The stranger used his fingers to fiddle with Jim’s brown hair. Jim would have been able to attack him for evading his privacy, but seeing as how Chester was more muscular than him, he found himself trapped in this empty parking garage with blackmail on someone else’s mind.

“Stay with me for just a little longer.”

Jim tried not to breathe deep. “Why would I do that?”

Chester eyed him from top to bottom. “Because if you don’t, I’ll tell your wife about your secret adventures and you won’t be able to revive your wealth when it’s all over.”

Jim couldn’t help but notice that the solemn glance didn’t fade away. “I’ll stay here. I’ll do anything to keep this quiet.”

“That’s all that I want to hear.”

Chester began to touch and feel the other man’s gray-colored dress shirt. He used his fingers to fool around with Jim’s unbuttoned collar before sliding them down to his sheltered chest.

“This is the only way for me to stay quiet.”

Jim wished someone else would come along and help him drive this man away. The silence that overwhelmed the parking garage didn’t provide any Sincan Escort comfort at all.

Chester whispered, “Let me see you with your shirt off.”

A protest against someone else’s command would have been meaningless if Chester did intend his word regarding leaking information about Jim’s whereabouts. Sighing, Jim unbuttoned his gray dress shirt and took it off. Chester grabbed it from Jim’s hands and flung them to the side.

Chester’s keen examination of a half-nude body made him rub his chin and narrow his eyes. “You look a lot better than I expected. You’re so handsome.”

Jim couldn’t deny that he earned his slim yet well-developed body thanks to a good diet and a weekly exercise. “A woman should be saying those types of things, and not you. This is really awkward. You should cool it.”

“Don’t attack me with words. Just do as I say and your life won’t be ruined. Now, take off everything else.”

Without hesitation, Jim untied his shoes and took them off. He dropped them on the floor before he took off his belt and pulled his pants and boxer shorts down.

Chester saw everything with a devious little grin. “That is how I like my men.”

He grabbed Jim’s remaining clothes and hurled them to the exact same location as the shirt. Now, Jim revealed his nude body to a man he had just met a few minutes ago. He shopped his body from shivering as a way to hide his dread from his predator. He looked around again, and found no one else entering the parking garage. Midnight had been the perfect time to be alone, at least according to Chester.

“Fall to your knees. I am going to teach you a lesson.”

Jim remembered what Chester had told him about his consequences if his wife had ever been informed of his infidelity. He dropped down to his knees. He looked up at Chester who now appeared to be a towering figure about to let his retribution loose.

The black man whispered, “Look at what’s between my legs.”

Jim shifted his attention to the bulge in Chester’s jeans. It stood firm underneath the thick blue surface. Jim slid his fingers across his uncovered thighs. He knew what Chester wanted him to do, and he craved an effective escape from this empty interior.

He closed his eyes for a moment. “I can’t do this.”

Chester narrowed his eyes. “Now is not the time for an argument. You do this, and I won’t tell your wife what you’ve done.”

He unzipped his jeans and revealed his long black cock. Jim could have been impressed had he been a woman. Chester’s cock was long and thick, a positive hereditary trait passed on by his family. He grabbed hold of Jim’s head and began to caress his brown hair.

“It won’t bother you once you get the hang of it.”

Jim stayed silent as the cock drew closer to his mouth. His mouth remained closed, but Chester ordered him to leave it wide open.

“Take it like a man.”

Jim opened his mouth and, in an instant, Chester pushed his black cock deep inside it. At first, Jim almost fell back from the strong indisputable thrust. But Chester’s strong grip on his head prevented him from losing his balance. Jim could do nothing else. He seized the cock as it drilled deep into his mouth.

Chester chuckled. “Feels strange, doesn’t it?”

Jim didn’t reply. Everything happened so fast in just a few minutes. All it took was a brief discussion on whether or not Jim should let his financial success dwindle after a potential divorce. If this had been the only way to escape the painful process in court, then he wished for a better way to solve this problem. Between his mouth and the cock that had been pushed in, this dialectic approach made him want to go back home and just lie in bed with the woman he married.

“Don’t feel so bad, Jim. This is good for you. And it’s even better for me.”

Chester pushed his vintage merchandise deeper and faster. For a second, Jim almost choked on it and tightened his grip on Chester’s thighs. The man who provided the unpopular resolution didn’t seem to get the hint as he didn’t slow down at all. Jim gave him a light punch on the left thigh, and Chester still didn’t cease the hard movements that he would certainly deem the most optimal. Jim looked up to see Chester’s big smile, which made him appear more of a baleful trickster who made the right moves.

“That’s the spirit. Take my dick as much as you can.”

Having what felt like a large piece of raw warm meat being stuffed into his mouth made Jim even more uncomfortable than before. He had never been so submissive for the sake of protecting his privacy from his own wife. He looked around once more to see if anyone had spotted the two participating in some dirty antics.

“Stop looking for help. It’s not gonna come to you. But something else will.”

Jim squeezed his eyes shut. He didn’t want to hear any more of what Chester was saying. He could, however, sense something brewing inside the black man. And it had everything to do with an eruption waiting to happen. Despite the progression being slow and even unpredictable at times, Jim just wanted the imports to make Etlik Escort a swift exit so that it would end right there. He had already tolerated the monstrous cock being shoved into his mouth, despite it going against his very nature as a man with traditional sexual preferences. He didn’t fight back. He didn’t let go of Chester’s thighs. He waited for the final moment to arise.

“I can feel it coming. You better get ready for it if you want me to shut up about what might happen to you.”

Jim calmed himself. He ignored the strong hands that held his head, as well his open mouth being violated by a foreign object. He closed his eyes and anticipated the end of Chester’s domination. All of a sudden, the quick vibrations from inside his mouth started to slow down. The black cock immediately stopped moving. Chester pushed it deep while pulling the employee’s head closer toward it. Jim took a deep breath through his nostrils. He could feel the warm slime flooding into his mouth.

Chester proclaimed, “Don’t spit it out. I want you to swallow it. Do it!”

Jim obeyed him as he consumed all of the foreign liquids that spilled into him. He swallowed it all in three gulps. The taste remained almost sweet and creamy, yet relatively bitter overall for something that had never been classified as nutritious food in the first place.

“That’s right. You’re doing very well.”

Chester finally pulled out. Jim’s mouth was now free from an ongoing infiltration. None of the semen had fallen on the cool concrete floor since he ingested all of it. It had now become a part of his system, even if temporary. He wiped off a little residue that was hanging from his lips. He looked up to see Chester’s prideful smile at its most voluptuous.

He asked, “Did I do a good job?”

Chester brought him up from his knees. “This could be a second job for you. You’ll make a shit ton of money from it.”

Jim shook his head. “No, thanks. I’m fine with what I do for a living. So are we through here?”

Chester grabbed him by the arms. “I can’t just end it like this.”

Jim dreaded this moment even more. “I’ve already learned my lesson. There’s nothing else for me to do.”

“I don’t believe you. I think I still need to show you what happens when you’re unfaithful to your loved one.”

Jim was about to turn around and walk away, but Chester pulled him close and gave him an ominous stare, a visual threat that was enough for the used white man to no longer rely on his yearning for a simple getaway.

He asked, “What else should I do?”

Chester let him go. “Get down and take off my shoes.”

Jim everything that Chester told him to do. He took off the black man’s shoes and socks before he set them aside. Chester ordered him to take off his own jeans. Jim watched as Chester undressed the upper half of his body by putting away his sleeveless black shirt and hurling them to the side. The man at the bottom unclothed everything else. Now, the two of them stood close to each other, naked and alone in the silent space below ground level.

Chester’s dark-colored body covered a majority of Jim’s line of vision. The stranger who forced him to swallow had a well-built body, complete with abs correctly positioned at the bottom and a sturdy-looking chest guaranteed to last for a lifetime. A moist cock from down below completed the picture worthy of solid recognition.

Jim sighed. “What now?”

The man who had been used by a complete stranger for the past few minutes no longer had the strength to hope for a safer resolution. He just looked at Chester with a solemn glance and waited for the next potential thrust. He didn’t expect the stranger, however, to pin him against the cylinder-shaped concrete pillar so quickly. Jim didn’t struggle, though the surprise from such a sudden action didn’t fade away immediately just yet.

Chester, who pressed his chest hard against Jim’s back, whispered in his ear, “Try not to scream if it hurts too much.”

Jim already knew what he meant. “Don’t worry. I promise I won’t.”


The cool concrete helped Jim ease his mental distress caused by the reality of this situation. But Chester’s long hard cock brought it back as soon as he rubbed the shaft against Jim’s buttock. Jim could feel it slithering against his skin, like a small rodent searching for food on his backside. Trembling, he could feel it moving closer to the primary destination that Chester had sought for. Now, Jim couldn’t feel certain that this would be a safe journey to the unknown. Judging by the size of the black dick sliding across his buttock, he wondered if his hole could handle it.

“What if I really can’t take it?”

Chester whispered in his ear. “Keep your promise and don’t scream.”

Jim breathed through his nostrils in a slow manner. He felt the tip of the cock reaching his lower hole. It started to press against the hole, giving it an ample opportunity to slide right in. Chester also demonstrated what it was like if proper lubrication had been overlooked, because an excruciating sting from inside Jim’s tight walls began its cultivation. Jim gasped. He squeezed his eyes shut and almost screamed before correcting himself with the right amount of silence. He left his mouth hanging wide open as the cock had been inserted deep inside him. He knew that it would hurt as Chester put it in, but he didn’t expect it to be so apparent. Chester pushed his entire apparatus inside his dry and narrow walls.

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