Shy Lady Poses for Nude Photos Pt. 03


How did I get myself into this situation? My goodness Debbie, this is so dangerous for your marriage. I’m going to motel on the other side of town to be with a new, high school virgin boy to have sex with. How crazy is that?

Well, I do know how I got this far. First, I had a sexual awakening with a young, handsome photographer at his studio while shooting some boudoir photos for my husband. It was mind-blowing sex unlike anything I’d experienced. Then, Richard, the photographer tricked me into having sex with his virgin, high school-age brother, Vincent. That experience with the young man taught me that when I get horny, I’ll do things my friends would never suspect. In fact, I’m horny most of the time since my sexual awakening last month. I even had sex my hot neighbor. It’s best you read the previous stories I’ve written to see how my life has changed.

Let me describe myself. I’m a thirty-five-year-old housewife. I jog and do yoga to keep fit. People say I’m attractive. Men hit on me often. I enjoy being feminine. My blonde hair falls to my shoulders. I’m medium height with a slim build. My husband, Jim, and I have been happily married for over twelve years. Before my love making with Richard, the very sexy photographer, I had no complaints about our sex life. Jim had been the only man I’d had sex with. Now, I realize just having no complaints doesn’t mean I’ve had real pleasure. That’s two very different ways of being. I have a great family life with two great kids and a successful husband. That, I don’t want to change. But I’m driven to fulfill these new sexual appetites in secret. I know it’s a sin, but I just can’t stop and frankly don’t want to.

The last time Vincent, the high school boy I’ve been teaching sex with, came over to my house, he surprised me by saying he wanted me to have sex with his best friend. He’s a virgin like Vincent was before I had sex with him. I was shocked and tried to wriggle out of it. He implied, but not directly, that he might expose our relationship. Even without coming out and saying it, I knew that meant telling my husband. That of course would kill my marriage. I’m pretty sure, Vincent was bluffing because he wouldn’t want to stop our sex sessions. But I love my husband so much and our great family life together, to risk it.

At the Motel Room

I chose this motel room because it was bigger than most. I didn’t want just a bed and a bathroom. There’s a small sitting area with a sofa and a small table with a couple of chairs beside the kitchenette. Not the Beverly Hills Hilton but not a shabby hook-up place either. It’s on the ground floor with parking outside the door. As an added precaution, I got a room at the back of the building where my car can’t be seen. I closed the drapes and put on the lights for maximum privacy. Of course, I paid cash when I checked in.

The first time I talked with Vincent’s young friend on the phone a couple of days ago, he was very shy. This morning when he called for the address and room number of the motel, he seemed much more confident. The little brat even told me to wear a skirt and blouse. Of course, I agreed. I bought a cute, light pink panty and bra set with a shear see-though triangle of mesh at the crotch. You can easily see through to the camel-toe notch of my girlie parts. Looking at myself in the full-length mirror, I got a surge of adrenaline thinking about the sexual experience ahead. Sweet mother, I’m becoming such a tart. The only skirt I have is a plain black one that has a conservative hem down almost to my knees. The blouse is white satin with white, pearl buttons down the front. You can see my bra under it, slightly. It all looks a bit business-like, but a skirt is what the young man wants.

So, here I am, a grown married woman, at a motel room waiting for a young man, named Brent, to knock. I’ve been getting hornier by the minute visualizing him stripped down naked and fantasizing about touching his inexperienced young body. I know he’ll remember this day for the rest of his life, losing his virginity. I certainly remember when I lost mine. I’ll make his a great experience. But, dammit, I’ll make it a great life-long experience to remember for me too. Fair’s fair. This is 2018.

Brent’s viewpoint.

Wow, I can’t believe this is really going to happen. I’m going to have sex with a real woman. And she is such a babe. Vinny gave me some nude photos of her that he took at his brother’s studio. My god, I’ve been stoking off to them for weeks. She even agreed to wearing a blouse and skirt just like my hot English teacher.

I’m eighteen and still a fucking virgin and going to college in the fall. What a downer. But after today that’s history thanks to my best friend Vinny.

Here I am at the door to room 10. It’s on the ground floor. The big window in the front has the drapes pulled shut. I can’t see in. I hope she’s in there. What a crusher if she backed out. But Vinny says she’s hot for sex with young guys. What the fuck, here goes.

Debbie’s viewpoint.

There’s the knock at the door. My şişli escort heart just jumped. Sounds a bit weak. I bet he’s a bit panicky like when I lost my virginity.

“Hi Brent. Come on in.”

He steps through the doorway. I close the door. He looks down shyly and says sweetly, “Hello, Mrs. Leonard.”

While he’s looking down, I’ll check him out. Thank goodness he’s tall. I was worried he’d be tiny. That would have been kinky. He’s in a blue button-up long sleeve shirt with dark slacks. That’s so sweet. By not wearing teen blue jeans, he’s trying to look older. He’s slim built with a pleasant looking face of a nerd. Not a lot of need to shave. That’s quite fine. I didn’t want to wrestle with a testosterone-fueled football jock. He has his hands clasped in front of his pants, so I can’t see his package.

“Come sit in this chair at the table, Brent. Let’s get to know each other a bit. And don’t call me Mrs. Leonard. I’m Debbie. Okay?”

“Sure, Okay… Debbie.”


Fuck, I wish I wasn’t so nervous. But she is so hot, even hotter than her pictures. I can smell her flowery perfume across the table. My dick has shrunk to nothing. Oh fuck, will I be able to get it up? I shouldn’t be nervous. She even wore the skirt I asked. She wants it. I’ll keep saying that to myself. She wants it. She wants it.


My word, he’s such a bundle of nerves. Better help him out. Relax him.

“Brent, give me your hand.” He slides his hand across the table, palm down. I put mine over it and look over at him. Gradually he looks up into my eyes.

I smile and say, “Your hand’s a bit cold. You know what they say, “Cold hands, warm heart.” That should convey the right message to his foggy, teen brain. Good , he just gave a smile of recognition.

“Tell me a bit about yourself, Brent. Interests, hobbies, girlfriends, that kind of thing.”

“Sure, okay. I’m kind of interested in films and movies. That’s how Vinny and I became friends, taking a film studies course. I want to be a director someday. I don’t have a girlfriend. I’ve never really hung out with girls too much. I lined up Amanda to go to the prom but that’s because we live on the same block and she needed a prom date too. But I’m not gay. No way. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

“Well Brent, you sound like an interesting person.” He breaks into a big smile. “By the way, why did you ask me to wear a blouse and dress? I’m curious.” He looks down shyly at our hands, still joined. “No, really, no problem, I’d just like to know.”

A big pink blush lights up his cheeks. “Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve got a crush on for my English teacher who wears a blouse and skirt most days. But, you’re much hotter than her.”

“Thanks, Brett. That’s so nice of you to say. I just bet you think about her when you’re masturbating in your room at night.” He freezes and then nods, yes. “That’s perfectly normal Brent. Sometimes, I pleasure myself when I get horny. It’s all perfectly normal.”

I stand up. “Brett, turn your chair a bit so you can look at me. That’s right, just sit like that.”


She faces me with her hands joined behind her back. Jeez, she is fucking incredible, standing there in the sexy blouse and skirt. I can hardly breathe.

“Yes, Brett take a really good look at me. That’s good. All the way up and down. I love it.”

I can see her lift her chest up to show off her breasts. Wow, I can see her hard nipples though the white silky material. My dick is thickening.

“Do you want to touch me?”

“Jeez, can I? Yes. Oh yes.”

She steps close and I put my cold hand on the smooth cloth over her firm warm thigh. Pinch me, I’m in heaven. There is a small indentation in the cloth where her thighs meet her torso. I’ve stared at that area on Miss. Iverson’s skirt and wondered what was under there. Is it possible, I’ll see that today?

“I bet when she turned around like this to write on the blackboard, you and the other boys would check out her ass. Right? I SAID, right Brett.”

“Yes, I, I mean we, used to check out her ass.” My god, her ass is so sweet in that black skirt. I can see the bulge of each ass-cheek and her crack.

She backs up towards me and says, “Why don’t you feel my bum, Brett. I’d like that.”

I reach up and put the ends of my fingers on one side.

“No, Brent, give it a good feel with both hands.”

She bends at her waist and I take a full handful of ass in each hand. It feels even better than I’d fantasized all those nights thinking of my English teacher’s bum. Debbie’s fits so well in my hands. It’s firm but with a feminine softness. I close my eyes and swim in the pleasure of the touch.

“You know Brent, she knew you guys were hot for her. That’s a turn on for her. It’s a turn on for all women to have men appreciate their sexuality. That’s why we dress up, use makeup, and have sexy hair styles. It turns me on too that you like looking at me and touching me. Keep feeling my bottom, Brent. I love it.” My heart is leaping for joy as I knead her flesh.

She turns and looks down at me, so close her knees touch mine. I look up into her pretty face. Holy shit, she’s unbuttoning her blouse.

“I bet you were thinking about what was under your teacher’s blouse. Am I right?”

“Yes, I sure was.” Thank you, thank you, thank you Vinny.


This is so much fun, slowly stripping for the cute guy. I’m sure he’s never seen a nude woman. Look at the way his eyes are drilled into my hands undoing my top button. My pussy is starting to hum. I love the lusty look in his eyes as he gets turned on. I’ll undo all the buttons, so he can see my pink lace bra.

I bet your teacher wears sexy bras like this one under her blouse. It would make her feel sexy around all you good looking guys. Do you want to see my matching panties?” He nods yes, enthusiastically. I bend and hold the hem of my skirt with both hands and slowly pull it up revealing my sexy, pink lace panties. A wave of feminine odor wafts up from my pulsating, wet pussy. He gives, a groan when they come into view. He gazes intently at my crotch. I move closer with a leg on each side of one of his. This parts my knees and I know he sees the see-though mesh and the clear view of the camel-toe notch of my sex. My knee is just inches from his crotch where I spot a nice size snake getting bigger. He licks his lips hungrily, instinctively.

“Have you ever touched a girl’s sex, Brent?”

“No Mrs…, I mean Debbie.”

“Go ahead. You have my permission. Touch me.”

I can hear my breath come in pants as his hand moves towards my crotch.


Fuck, I can see her slit through that webbing part. The panties are so sexy. Her legs are parted and I can see a triangle of light shining from behind. I guess that’s were I’m supposed to feel her.

“That’s good Brent. Lift your whole hand up and feel my pussy. Oh, yes. Just like that.”

“The crotch of her panties is hot and damp. I can feel her slit and pussy lips through the silky material. Holly shit. This is great. Whoa, she’s taking my hand from her pussy and pulling me up and over to the sofa. We sit close. Her arm is over my shoulder. Her blouse is still unbuttoned and open. I can see a hint of her nipples through the shear material.

“This is a lot more comfortable. My goodness Brent you were getting me really worked up there. You are so manly. Let me give you a thank you kiss.”

“She kisses me on the lips. I’m not good at this. I don’t know what to do. Thank god it was quick.”

She whispers into my ear, “I’m just going to nuzzle my face here by your ear. When you’re with a girl real close and alone like this, you can explore her body. Just keep going until she says stop. Girls love to be touched. It’s natural and good. Of course, no means no but here now you and me are in a yes time.”

Her eyes are closed and facing behind my head. The hem of her skirt is halfway up her tightly closed thighs. I slip the hand behind her back to her bum. She gives a murmur of approval. I reach my other hand around her front and cup her other ass-cheek. She gives a husky moan as I massage her firm bum. I look down at the cleavage in her bra. Her tits are calling me. I lift my hand up and cup her bra and the incredible breast within. I’m watching my hand feel her tit. Fuck, what a horny sight.

In a feminine voice she says, “Yes, baby. That feel so good. There’s a clasp at the front to open the bra if you want.”

Do I want? Hell yes. I loosen the clasp and her snow-white breast spills out. I feel her breast, skin-on-skin. It is softer than silk. Oh my god, its amazing. Fuck, my boner I sideways and hurting like crazy. Better fix it. Ahhh, that’s better. Back to the boob. Now the other one. Two handfuls of tits, I’m in guy heaven.

“Oh Brent, you’re making me crazy.”

You don’t know what crazy is, lady. I’m fucking vibrating. She’s kissing my neck as I feel her up. That’s crazy making. She loves me groping her. Wow, she just spread her knees and the skirt went up her thighs a few inches. Like she said, I should keep on going until she says to stop.


His hand is going for my crotch just like I’d hoped. He’s feeling on the outside of my skirt. I’ll close my legs and play a bit hard to get, then boost his ego.

“Oh Brent, you naughty boy, feeling me there. My goodness, you’re really turning me on.”

I’ll close my knees, put my hand over his to stop it moving, but still in place. “Let me think about this. It’s all going so fast for me. Brent, I don’t know if I can go further?” He freezes in place and I sense he’s holding his breath, not knowing if I’ll stop his fantasy. I let go his hand, “No, sorry, I just had a rush of guilt. You’re just too hot. I can’t stop. Just be gentle with me.”

He digs his fingers into my crotch again through the skirt. My pussy is yearning to be touched. I spread my knees and feel the hem of my skirt ride higher on my thighs. Hopefully that’s enough of a signal for him dive his hand under. I don’t want to spread them too wide. That might spook the young man if he sees a mature woman’s strong lust.


I can’t believe she just said that. That gives me a full go ahead. Holy shit. Her breathing into my ear is such a turn-on. Her legs are parting. Should I wait for her to tell me to touch her pussy under her skirt? No, she said all was okay. She liked it before. I’ll lift her skirt up first to see her panties. Wow, I just got a blast of sweet, musky odor. That must be from her pussy. Fuck, my cock just started twitching. Gotta touch that pussy. Hmmm, her panty crotch is so hot and damp. Her legs are opening wider. She likes when I’m feeling it. She’s panting in my ear and moaning as I grope her girlie parts.

“It’s okay for you to put your hand inside my panties Brett.”

Sure, here goes. My first pussy. It’s so soft and the folds fit my fingers. This middle slit is so wet and slick.

She says firmly, “Stroke your fingers up and down my pussy, sweetheart. I love that. Oh, yes, just like that. Ahhh. Oh baby, yes. Take off my panties. Yes, right down and off. Touch me again like before. Yes. Ahhh. Yes.”

Wow, her hips are moving up and down with my hand motion. She’s purring into my ear.


Oh fuck, I’m going to cum. My god, it’s huge. Better stifle my voice.

“Oh baby, ahhhh. Yes lover. Don’t stop. AAAAhhhhh. Ah. Ah. OHHHH, my god. MMMmmmmm. Stop Stop. Stop. It’s too intense. Too much sweetheart.” I clamp my legs together, trapping his into stopping. The sensation is too unbearably strong. Wow, what a great orgasm. I’ll kiss his hand in gratitude.

“Thank you baby. You just gave me a great orgasm. What can I do for you?”

“Can you take off your clothes?”

“Of course. First, I’ll take off my blouse and bra.” His eyes drill into my chest. “Do you like my titties, Brent?”

“They’re amazing.”

“Go ahead and feel them if you want. But first let me get out of my skirt.” I lift my bare bum and shimmy out of my skirt and toss it onto the end of the sofa. I’m totally naked sitting beside a fully-clothed, horny young man whose eating me with his eyes. “That’s the least I can do after you gave me such pleasure.”

I snuggle into his body and he’s quick to fondle my breasts with both hands. I look down the tent in front of Brett’s pants. First comes his shirt. I unbutton it. His hands on my breasts stop as he looks down at what I’m doing and the implications of stripping down. I run my hand over his lightly muscled chest.

“Relax, baby. It’s all good. Here let me help you with that shirt. Great, I’ll just put it over here with my skirt.” I snuggle against his naked chest and stroke his chest and abs slowly. “Your body feels really good.” I can feel his heart beating wildly as take a nipple between my fingers and give a gentle squeeze. “Why don’t you just lie back and relax and enjoy while I explore.” He let’s go of my breasts and lays back obediently with his hands at his sides. “That’s right, just relax and let Debbie explore your handsome body.”

I lean over him and kiss the center of his chest with my hand on his stomach. I lean further and take his far nipple into my mouth and swirl my tongue over it. I can hear a whimper of pleasure above me. My hand on his stomach slides down and over the tent in his pants. He groans loudly, and his knees pop up a few inches in the shock of the pleasure of my touch. I’m sure I’m the only woman to touch him there since puberty.


Holy fuck, she’s feeling my woody. The way she’s holding it and stroking, I can tell she knows her way around a cock. Shit, she’s cupping my balls so gently. Does that feel good or what? My dick is like steel. Wow, she’s unbuckling my belt. Oh my god, is my dick big enough? Will she laugh at it? I can feel it deflate. Oh no.

She purrs in a motherly tone, “Let Debbie, open Brent’s pants so she can feel his manhood.”

I avert my eyes to the ceiling as I hear my zipper being pulled down.

“Nice underwear, Brent. Very hot.”

Good thing I bought a new pair.

“Lift your ass sweetheart. I want to get these off you.”

I feel, first my pants and then my underwear and socks pulled down my legs and off. And I thought she’d be the shy housewife being blackmailed and used. Hmmm.


What a sweet uncircumcised penis we have here. A very useful size. There just a skiff of light blonde pubic hair around the base and almost none on his ball-sack. It was rock hard when I felt it in his pants but now it’s soft. Best to boost his sense of manhood if I want a lusty fuck.

“Brent, you have such a beautiful penis. You’re a very lucky guy and the women in your life are going to be so lucky too.” I wrap my fist around the soft shaft. Let me kiss it.” I kiss the tip and lick the underside from the base back up to the tip. “Ummm. You taste so good.” I can feel the blood flow into the shaft, thickening it. “Brent, let’s go over to the bed where it’s more comfortable.” We stand side by side. “Brent, you are so tall. I have to look way up to look into your eyes. Women love being with a tall man. Give me a hug.”

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