Showing my body in the city


Its some time since I last wrote in my diary and recounted the sexual experiences that I have enjoyed but the events of the last few days has spurred me to do it again.The last time I wrote, I commented on the sense of power that I got from exposing myself by the road one evening and letting the drivers, by the light of their headlights, see my naked body. They couldn’t stop and I was in control. To be honest no-one even seemed to notice. Maybe all my previous worry over ‘what people thought’ was all in my imagination.I had asked my husband to buy me some clothes that he thought I would look sexy in and he got a couple of short pleated dresses and a semi transparent white blouse. We’d already had some sexy fun with them but I hadn’t dared go any further than the house dressed like this. It had been too long since I had flashed by the road and some of my confidence had gone and also because a lot of my arse was bared if I bent over (but then that was the reason he had bought them!) and I didn’t know if I dared wear them anywhere else.However, over the months he continued to boost my sexual confidence by positive comments about my body and having lots of sex, which always makes me feel continually randy. Our last session had ended with me astride him in nothing more than a motorcycle jacket, high heels, hold-ups and one of the skirts and I had said that I was prepared to go out for the day dressed exactly like this!Two weeks later this is what Çekmeköy escort bayan happened.We planned to go out shopping to the nearby city of Birmingham. I dressed as I had in the bedroom i.e., slightly ‘tarty’ but with no flesh (shaved smooth cunt of course) exposed unless I bent over or undid buttons. His plan, which turned me on immensely, was that he would play the part of a voyeur at a distance and would occasionally ring me on my mobile to ask me to do certain things and photograph me as I did. Other than that I was free to lead him where I wanted.So on a warm Saturday morning in April, we drove to Birmingham and parked in a multi story. Once again, just like the time I flashed to the traffic, I was nervous but excited. But this time there was no barrier between me and the public. Before we got out of the car he asked me to expose myself to him. I unbuttoned and pulled apart the jacket and lifted the skirt to my waist and he kissed by breasts and put his tongue to my cunt. “Lovely” he said. “Now, let’s have some fun”.We walked to the main shopping area and he gradually dropped behind to about 10 metres. From there he just followed and watched. I walked slowly and began to forget my bareness beneath the few clothes I had on and just did what I would usually do on a days shopping – look in windows and wander in and out of the shops. This went on for an hour at least and by then I was fully relaxed Escort Gebze and enjoying, when I remembered, the nakedness beneath. My husband all this time was following at a discreet distance.I was looking in another shop window at shoes when my phone rang. I answered my husband’s call and he said “It’s been great watching you; you look wonderful and have fantastic legs. I bet you didn’t know that you are getting a lot of admiring glances from the men around?” I shook my head into my reflection in the window. To anyone watching it looked as though I was thinking about the shoes behind the glass. “I’d like you to squat down as though you are looking at something low in the window,” my husband said. I did as he asked. The position I was now in didn’t expose me any better to anyone but it did mean that my cunt and arse were opened and the air on the usually hidden parts made it feel cool. If there had been a window in the pavement below me it would have been an arousing sight for someone.I stayed there for about a minute until my husband said “I’ve got a great photo. Now stand up and go in the shop. Take some time looking at shoes and then choose a couple of pairs to try on. I’ll watch”Once again I did as he asked and walked into the shop. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him follow and sit on a chair in a corner and get out his phone. I looked at the shoes for a while and chose a couple of nicer pairs. Then Şerifali escort my phone rang. “Get that young assistant to attend to you for a fitting,” he said, “and while he kneels in front of you make sure he can see that you are bare beneath the skirt.”I beckoned the assistant over and sat on the stool while he helped me fit the shoes. It wasn’t hard to see that his eyes were wandering up my skirt and I parted my legs just a little as instructed to see what he would do. The sight of my bare thighs above the hold-ups made the poor lad’s job difficult but he really couldn’t do anything so as his hands fumbled with the shoes I parted my legs more so he couldn’t but help see my shaved cunt. To his credit he continued with his job and once or twice caught my eye, but all I did was just smile. The phone rang. “That was fun, another photo, and you handled it brilliantly, but it’s time to go,” said my husband. So I bought the shoes off the grinning assistant and walked out on up the street.I had expected the phone to stay silent for a while but something must have caught my husband’s eye as it rang again only a couple of minutes later. “There’s a cafe ahead, can you see it?” he said. I nodded and looked up at a large first floor window with people sitting on stools looking out at the shopping street. “Go and order a big coffee and sit on one of those stools,” he said. “I’ll join you in a while.” Once again I did as requested and went in. When I got upstairs with my coffee and sat down, I looked out to see him sitting on a bench with his camera looking up at me. I had a fair idea what was coming. He put his phone to his mouth and spoke and in my phone I heard him say that he would like me to undo all the buttons on my jacket and pull it apart.

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