Shower Fun

Elsa Jean

It was a rainy after, the overcast weather had taken a sort of gloom over the day as my friend’s Alex, Natalie and I walked inside my home drenched. I put down my bags and so did the others.

“Oh what a day! I’m freezing” Alex exclaimed. She was right, it was pretty chilly after being out in the rain. I suggested we all took a warm shower and that way we could all warm up before my parents came home.

I flicked back my hair, it was pink you see. I dyed it every few weeks to keep up and keep vibrant. I tossed it to the side and turned on the water. The steam filled up the bathroom, making it foggy but nice.

“It’s ready girls!” I said as Alex came in first and Natalie second. I quickly got undressed and threw off my wet clothes. Natalie was as quick as me, first under the water. Her short dark curls fell straight as she rinsed. Alex was a bit more hesitant to get undressed. Both my friend’s knew of my same sex attractions but it never was brought up much. Alex looked nervous, her grey eyes looked sad through her red framed glasses. I smiled at her, standing naked in front of her hoping that maybe it’d help her feel more comfortable. She slipped off her top and revealed her bra. It was a soft peach colour with a little mecidiyeköy eskort pink bow in the middle. Her breasts were generous in size, almost maybe a D. I felt myself looking at her body, as she got undressed in front of me. I looked away to hide my blush when I saw her little cut fanny. We both joined Natalie and we shared the warm water. It was nice but I could sense that there was some tension. Was it sexual or maybe because they were embarrassed? I stared at Nadia’s tight little arse as she bent over for the soap. She was petite like me also but had a cute set of B cup breasts that would have fit in the palm of my hands.

Before I could think, I realised I was rubbing against Natalie. I could feel my fanny getting tingly and Natalie looked at me with shy eyes. Alex touched my shoulder and I turned to her, her red hair now sleek and stuck to her back. She pressed her lips against mine, rubbing her soft tummy against mine. She was a very curvy girl, with a plump belly and full figure hips. I kissed her gently back, when I felt Natalie’s soft touch from behind touching my slit. She rubbed softly as I let out a small moan into Alex’s mouth. With the water still running, I softly caressed Alex’s large breast in my hand zeytinburnu escort and cuddled up to her just as Natalie massaged my fanny. I started to get really wet and turned to Natalie, rubbing up against her, feeling her warm and wet naked body against my own. She took one of my breasts into her mouth, sucking softly and nibbling on my nipple. I pulled Alex closer to us and kissed her softly on the cheek as I felt a finger slip inside me. I looked at Alex as she slowly finger fucked me and Natalie suckled on my breasts. I took my hands and massaged Alex’s slit, feeling the wetness inside as Natalie sucked harder, getting more moist at the sight of us.

Natalie got up and kissed me, grabbed my breasts. “You have such nice boobs Emilia” she said as she played with my very full DD cups. We turned off the water and made our way into my bedroom, still dripping wet we hurried with drying ourselves and huddled into my double bed, a tight fit but we felt lovely cuddling together, feeling each others naked skin.

I moved closer to Alex, kissing her soft breasts and tummy as I moved down to her little tight slit. It was very moist, dripping of honey smelling nectar that I wanted badly. I parted her labia and massaged her sultangazi escort clit with my finger as I licked her vulva gently. She let out a moan as I heard Natalie moving closer to Alex, touching her nipples and Alex started fingering Natalie.

I was licking furiously, sticking in two fingers as I quickly fucked Alex’s fanny, she was moaning so loud now, it was drowning out Natalie’s subtle moan’s that were high and adorable. I quickly pushed in three fingers into her tight slit and she screamed as she came all over me. My fingers were drenched in Alex’s fanny juice and I kissed her softly as I whispered in her ear “You’re beautiful when you scream”

I moved over to Natalie who looked very shy but as I got my fingers into her fanny, she was dripping so wet you would have thought she had came already. I licked her clit just as I felt Alex get up and grab my arse with her hand.

“Lift up Emilia, I’m going to lick you” Alex said with a smirk as she started licking my little fanny from behind. I started licking Natalie too, both of us in a chorus of licking and sucking up the juices that tasted so sweet. I could feel myself building up and stuck a few fingers into Nat’s fanny as she started cumming all over my hand and face. She breathed a heavy sigh just as I felt my own climax come over me, I let out a deep moan and breathed quickly as I let myself drench Alex’s fingers with my moist goodness. Sighing happily, we hopped back under the blankets and snuggled up.

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