Shopping Covered in Cum


I often masturbate and cum all over myself when I think about how those men fucked me in the jail holding cell. It was non-consensual but my fantasies about it aren’t. Since I got arrested naked and covered in cum at a porn theater, I haven’t been able to go back to that place. It’s too risky for me to get naked in that theater and get lots of men to cum all over my face. Next time I could end up in a real prison, for a long time. Sometimes I cum all over myself imaging being a gangbang slut for a large group of black men in prison. But I know in reality I would hate it.

I guess to make up for my need for risky sex, I’ve been driving around my city naked and masturbating. A lot. It got to a point where more times than not when I got in my car in my work parking lot after work, I would strip naked and sit on my boxers, lube up my cock, and drive home that way.

Usually when I’m driving naked I’ll take the long way home, through as many of the busiest and most pedestrian filled areas of town as possible. I love the thrill of being completely naked from head to toe, driving barefoot, stroking my hard cock as I drive in rush hour traffic with cars on either side of me. I take the major commercial thoroughfare through the city while it’s still light out, cars and SUVs in lanes all around me, people on the sides of the street and crossing it.

Often I’m right there at a crosswalk with people crossing in front of me, downtown or somewhere, and they don’t imagine to look over to notice that the guy in the car is totally naked and stroking a throbbing hard cock. But I am. For a while there, it was many days per week I would be in every one of the busiest areas of town totally naked.

I would often be in one of the really densest urban walkable neighborhoods in rush hour traffic with people all around, just outside all my windows, or with a major multi-use trail crossing in front of me, and at that moment I would cum so hard it would cover my neck and then pump all over my chest and stomach, sitting there totally naked in traffic. It’s such a thrill to be completely naked in the most public places possible, and just because I’m in my little car, not even tinted windows, nobody notices. But I know it’s extremely risky for me to drive through town totally naked like that, and cum all over myself at the busiest intersections.

One of those days a couple months ago I decided to stop on my way home from work, so I got naked in my car in the parking lot where I work, and stroked myself all the way over to a big glory hole booth place. I pulled into the parking lot totally naked, hoping there wouldn’t be any cops there. The parking lot was packed and I got lucky to have a car pulling out of a spot just as I pulled in. I slipped on little workout shorts and a tight nylon workout shirt I had in a duffle in the back seat of my car, and put on running shoes and went in.

All I brought in with me was my money, lube, and cell phone. I went in and the halls were crowded with horny men cruising for blowjobs or more. I did a circuit through the place and didn’t see many open booths, but there were 20 or 30 men cruising the hallways of the place. I was curious so I walked up the stairs in the back to see if anything was happening. But all that was up there were three bedrooms that people can use to do just about anything. But nobody was up there so I went back down and went to one of the very first booths you encounter when you walk in the place.

The door didn’t even have a latch to lock it, but I didn’t care. I pulled out my lube and took off my shorts, but I didn’t take off my shirt because I knew I wasn’t going to stay in this booth. I put on some porn and then noticed a really huge black cock sticking through the glory hole. It was like a porn star cock, huge black and perfect. I reached over and stroked it while I stroked myself. He seemed to like it because he got even harder. I put some of my lube on it from my cock and stroked him.

While I was doing this the door to my booth opened and a big white guy was standing there and liked was he saw. He encouraged me to suck the black cock, but I was being hesitant at that time, but was loving stroking it. The black guy must have been curious about who was in the booth next door because he pulled out and looked through, and at that moment I asked him if he would cum all over my face. He agreed, and asked if I would suck him. I agreed.

I got on my knees on the floor facing the hole with the big black cock, stroking him the whole time, lifted up his hard cock while I stroked it and I licked the underside of his cock, all over, using my tongue, until I took the head in my mouth, the head wasn’t huge but it was the smallest part of his cock. It just seemed to get fatter and fatter as it went, jet black, flawless. I stroked and gave him the best blowjob I ever had up to that point. There was something about sucking off a huge black cock through a glory hole, totally naked, while Betturkey a stranger stands in the open doorway jacking off watching.

I was so focused on that hot black cock in my mouth that I wasn’t even that aware of what the other guy was doing, other than knowing he was masturbating and making comments about how hot it looked. I asked him to cum on my face too, and he agreed. He came over while I was sucking the black cock, and just had me lean back at one upstroke and hold still while he blasted my face in cum all over my forehead and cheeks. None got in my eyes, which was great.

After he was done cumming I put on a show sucking off the black guy until he groaned that he was going to cum, and I pulled off and jacked him off all over my face. He came a lot too, like 5 or 6 or more good spurts of cum on my face. Because of how I was positioned underneath his cock sticking through the glory hole, some of his cum splattered on my tight nylon workout shirt. Since I already had my shirt on, I slipped on my shorts and walked through the hallways, cum from two guys all over my face.

I went into a booth that was open and put money in the slot. I hit the button until a hot black on blonde gangbang was on, and I pulled the lube back out of my pocket and pulled off my shorts, and put them on the bench. I pull off my shirt and put it there too, and then took off my shoes. I sat down and lubed my cock and started to stroke, knowing the guy looking through the glory hole is motioning that he wants to suck my cock. But I’m more interested in sitting and enjoying this hard cock I’ve had for a half hour already, and I’m covered in cum from those two guys, especially from the huge black cock I just sucked off.

I was rock hard and lubed and stroking, naked and hard, and the door to my booth opened and a guy looked in and saw me naked and stroking and stared for a minute, but never came in, just stood there with the door open watching me. I said to him, will you cum on my face? He said he would love to, but he wouldn’t be ready for a while. I started to think of him as Not Ready. He asked me what I really wanted, and I told him I wanted every man here to cum on my face. He thought that was hot. He said he would come back later when he was ready to cum, and left but never closed the door.

Men were lined up against the wall, and they could see into my booth as I stroked myself lubed and naked. Two of them came up at the same time and I said I wanted them both. They came into the booth with me and stood over me looking at me stroke myself while I watched a blonde chick get fucked by black guys. They both pulled out their cocks and stroked, and I encouraged them to enjoy each other. They did a little bit, while watching me. They agreed to cum on my face. They wanted me to help, and I couldn’t just say no, so I got on my knees in the porn booth and took their cocks in my hands and stroked them both.

While I stroked them, I went back and forth sucking their cocks. I used my tongue at the same time I would use my lips to slide up and down their cocks, trying to create all kinds of sensations while I’m pumping their cocks with my lips and mouth. I don’t really know how to deep throat unless I’m being forced, but I did my best, forcing myself to take them into my throat while I stroked the other. They weren’t as big as the black cock I had just sucked.

It didn’t really take that long before they were ready, and I got down lower so it would be impossible for them to miss my face, and stroked them both off so they came all over my face at the same time. Almost perfectly simultaneous, they both started blasting my face, one guy with long thick ropes of white cum all over me, and the other more liquidy white so it just rains down everywhere. I was stroking myself the whole time, but had to stop at that moment or else I would have cum. I held off, and savored all that cum totally covering my face, now from four guys in less than an hour, sitting on the grimy floor of a glory hole booth with two strangers standing over my naked cum covered face and body.

They thanked me profusely, and I thanked them for the cum and sat back up on the bench. I told them I didn’t need a paper towel or anything because I like to leave it all over my face. They zipped up their pants and walked out of the booth, leaving the door open again.

The guy who said he wasn’t ready to cum yet, Not Ready, walked into the door before I could even close it, and he brought another man with him. This guy was just some married guy who showed up to get a blowjob through a hole, since his wife probably never does it, and this other guy led him into my booth. He liked that I was in there naked and hard, with cum all over me. Not Ready had told him to come in here and cum on my face, and he seemed thrilled. They both took off some of their clothes, and were both stroking watching me. I suggested to Not Ready that he should suck off the other guy, and Betturkey Giriş he agreed, and so did the other guy. Turned out he was really really good at it.

So I got to sit there and stroke myself watching this one stranger give another stranger a fabulous blowjob until he yells he going to cum, at which point I’m down on the floor below him, so that every single drop of the massive spurts of cum that shoot out of him hit my face, mostly my forehead and nose and mouth. It was awesome, he came a LOT!

I looked up at him through a cum soaked slutty glaze, naked on the floor, stroking myself, and thanked him. He said Oh my God, No, Thank YOU!! I wonder if that was the wildest sexual experience he ever had? It’s possible. The other guy still joked that he wasn’t quite ready, but he did let me suck him for a little bit, until he was raging hard and close, and then he said he would be back.

Again he left the door open, and the guy looking through the glory hole said he would cum on my face. So I got down under it, and he pushed his average sized white cock through. I was looking up at it, and in not very long at all he started cumming on me almost more than any of the other guys had. It was thrilling, as his cum ran down off my face and all over my body. Nobody took advantage of me while I was bent over naked getting my face covered in sperm like that to come through the door and do anything, but I looked out the open door and saw that there were a few guys out there watching me.

I had a few minutes of just sitting down on the bench and calmly masturbating myself to make sure I didn’t explode at that time. Then Not Ready walks into my booth with another guy again, this time a big black guy, and he looks at me and says “surprise” while the black guy locks the door and pretty much at the same time another big black cock came through the glory hole. I suddenly saw what this was, and I was sure that Not Ready had set it up. I was so thankful for him at that moment.

This time, the big black guy totally stripped down naked, as naked as me. I was thinking damn, he’s into it. And he was pretty fucking big too. Probably 9 or 10 inches. I’ll say black guys are above average, that’s for sure, on average. I reached out and took both black cocks into my hands, and stroked them at the same time. It made me feel so slutty to be naked and covered in cum on a glory hole booth floor while I stroke off two huge black cocks mounted on guys I don’t know at all, arranged by a fourth guy who’s now taking over one of the guys so he can suck him. Seeing this, I decide I might as well suck the guy in the glory hole. But first I motion for him to come down to the hole to listen, and I asked him if he would cum on my face, and he agreed. So I gave him a hot blowjob through the gloryhole, that was sometimes I hand job when I was sucking off the other black cock, or a blowjob but I was stroking the other guy.

I felt like the other white guy, Not Ready, had orchestrated it perfectly, because the guy I was sucking was the first to cum, and he warned me so I could get it all over my face, and he spurted and sprayed all over me, while the other black guy came over and started poking my face with his cock. So I turned to him, and took his cock in my mouth and pumped it with my lips, fucking my face up and down his shaft, swirling my tongue, wanting him to really explode. And he did, even quite a bit up into my hair. They were all extremely grateful, totally thanking me for such a hot experience. It was awesome. And I was the one with cum from 7 guys all over me.

The white guy, Mr. Ready now, was totally hard now, stroking, having watched and facilitated and fluffed, and he was ready to add his hot sperm all over my face. I got down low again, and he stood over me pointing his cock down at me, and started blasting over and over and over. Damn, when he was ready he was ready. It was like the finishing touch, his cum was hot and white and just kept cumming out of his cock. I looked up at him and thanked him.

I asked him if he would do me a big favor. Of course he agreed. I pulled out my iphone and asked if he would take some pictures of me like this. I posed and had him take pictures of my entire naked body covered in cum, and closeups of my face, to really get the detail of how many layers of cum spurts there are covering my face. He got nearly a dozen really good shots, and handed my phone back to me. When he left the booth I put my clothes on and decided that I should be on my way. I walked out of that place, dripping cum from every inch of me, my face dripping,

I got in my car and took a few selfies, and looked at the pictures that had been taken of me. It was insane to actually see myself like that, totally naked and rock hard, with cum covering every inch of my face and lots of my body, closeups of the cum in my hair and forehead, covering my eyes, my mouth and cheeks, the big strands of it going every which Betturkey Güncel Giriş way across my face, cum all over my naked body.

I took off all my clothes again in the car, sat on my boxers again, and decided to drive through the rest of the heart of town. I drove through downtown, midtown, every pedestrian popular neighborhood, naked hard stroking and covered in cum from 8 total strangers. It took so much control to edge myself the whole time, rock hard and on the edge of cumming, but holding it back, keeping that feeling as I drove naked through town with cars and people and even cops on foot right outside my car windows. I just drove along acting very nonchalant even though I was naked.

Nobody noticed, everywhere I went, nobody looked into my car to see me naked and masturbating. If they had, I was driving through some of the densest traffic areas where there are all the restaurants, shops, bars, parks, etc. It would be impossible to get away, but it just made me harder. I pulled into the parking lot of a little mall that has a popular Whole Foods. I drove through the parking lot and pulled up right in front of the Whole Foods and got lucky and the spot right in front of the door was open. I was naked and had to make a decision.

I pulled into that spot, right across from the front door, and the sidewalk café full of people, with people everywhere and just being there and seeing some hot yoga chicks coming out of the store and walking right in front of my car, I started to cum all over myself to an insane degree! I hit my own face with the first two blasts, then under my chin with the third, which ended up dripping down my body, then probably 5 or 6 more huge spurt of cum that I had been building up over the hours that I sucked off all those guys, all over my own chest and stomach, all over me. I was giggling because I had just cum on my own face with hot girls walking past my car, in front of the Whole Foods, and then drenched the rest of myself.

I suddenly came to my senses and realized that I shouldn’t be sitting in my car naked covered in cum from 8 guys, and now freshly from myself, right there across maybe 15 feet from their main door and cafe. So I quickly slipped on my shorts and pulled the nylon workout shirt (that already had cum stains from the first black guy on it) over my head. I then felt safe because at least I was wearing shorts and top. I couldn’t believe I just pulled into this spot totally naked and almost immediately started cumming all over myself. I then slipped on my running shoes, no socks, and psyched myself up to get some food. I knew I was just putting my tight workout outfit over a layer of my own cum on my body, and it could potentially start to show.

I looked at myself in the lighted mirror on my sun visor, and I looked kind of glazed, with some more noticeable spurts going all over and up into my hair. But most of the cum on my face had melted into more of a glaze than noticeable spurts like they were in the pictures. I was hoping it would be less obvious to people that I was covered in cum, like I came straight from a bukkake, which I had.

I grabbed my little wallet and keys and got out of the car in my little shorts and the cum stained shirt, with a thick layer of my own hot cum dripping down all over my chest and stomach, starting to seep through the top. My cock was refusing to go down, even after cumming that hard, but it was doing it slowly. I was hoping that wouldn’t be a problem. I walked into the store, grabbed a cart, and went shopping. I did a full scale grocery shopping, in all the departments, at least the stuff I can afford to buy at Whole Foods. I was enjoying walking around the most popular Whole Foods in town with cum from 9 different men dripping on me. I don’t know if anybody really realized, nobody let on. The thing I was most worried about was someone with a good sense of smell. Because I’m sure I smelled like sperm.

By that time the cum was more evenly glazed and hardening than it was in the photos. But my own cum was definitely running down my body and dripping all over in ways that both scared and thrilled me. To be in the Whole Foods where I shop, a lot, but this time soaked in cum, was fun.

I shopped in produce, in ovo lacto, vitamins, beer, meats, cheeses, everywhere. I even got a big meal at the hot bars and salad bars. That was the main reason I went, was to get something healthy to eat, even if I did have to come shopping at the Whole Foods that everybody I know would use, soaked in 9 big hot multi-shot loads of cum. Nobody said a thing. After checking out I brought my groceries with me outside to the sidewalk café, where I sat down and ate the hot bar food I got.

I just went home afterward, put away the groceries, downloaded the photos onto my computer so I could view them large scale. I masturbated myself to orgasm the very first time I sat at my computer and looked at them. It was such a thrill. Then I threw those clothes in the dirty hamper and got in the shower. I scrubbed myself clean and got dressed for when my girlfriend would get home. I was glad when we kissed as she got home that she said I smelled good. If she couldn’t smell that I had been cum covered, everything was fine.

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