Shirley’s Adventures Pt. 01


My husband of very nearly 45 years had lost his fight against the big C and passed some fifteen months previously. As he had instructed before he passed, I hadn’t give up on sex just not really felt the need for any new adventures initially. Martin, our oldest friend and Best Man at our wedding, visited in David’s last days and was a great comfort to us both. Obviously he returned for the funeral and stayed for a week afterwards.

I busied myself sorting everything out over the following months. Organising the finances and, to some extent, reorganising the house and my life. That done I started to get on with my life, and planning new adventures. I had the camping car checked out and fully serviced as it hadn’t been used very much since David became too ill to travel. I then took it for a long weekend test holiday in the Cotswolds. We both passed muster and planning for my first adventure began in earnest on the drive home.

Provisioned and armed with a block of ten Tunnel tickets I headed for the Channel Tunnel. France here I cum!

I managed to get a train an hour earlier than booked so things were definitely looking good. First stop on the other side was for diesel, fresh produce and a couple of cases of wine then off to the farm, our preferred first and last stop whenever we had travelled across the Channel.

Not needing a hook-up I parked high on the slope just next to a picnic table. It was a beautiful evening and the view of the Channel with its myriad of boats, vessels, bulk carriers and cross channel ferries looked incredible. The busiest shipping lane in the world? I wouldn’t have wanted to be out there in a pedalo on that evening. Dover looked wonderful, even from that distance and the White Cliffs shone a delicate pink in the soft evening sunlight.

In a way it was my acid test moment. Would I tear up, being alone in such a beautiful spot or smile and look forward, anticipating my next adventure. There was no lump in my throat but a definite tingle down my spine. I smiled happily and prepared my chicken salad. I was ready for my future and able to enjoy my past, without bursting into tears.

### ### ###

I sat at the picnic table to eat my dinner. A full bottle of wine and an empty glass before me, David’s big binoculars at my side and my head full of very happy memories.

David, the love of my life. We so nearly made 45 blissfully happy years as husband and wife. Some might have considered it an unconventional marriage but we both enjoyed it very much.

We’d met in the smoky public bar of the Fox and Feathers, a local pub, on Friday 14th April 1967. I was there with my mates, after a busy week at work. We were each on the look-out for somebody to share the weekend with. We, like most girls of our age, all had a packet of three (condoms) buried deep at the bottom of our handbags where Mother wouldn’t find them, hopefully. Most of the girls had lost track of how many new packets they’d purchased over time. Mine was still the original, untouched, still in its cellophane wrapper. I only took it out once in a while to check the ‘use by date’. It was still within date.

We stood in a little huddle with a half pint of shandy clasped in our hand as we collectively surveyed the prospects. As you will have gathered, with an unopened packet of condoms in my bag that I had to check the use by date now and then, getting laid wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a prude by any manner of means. My hormones were racing around my body as fast as anyone’s. I loved a kiss and cuddle. Never objected to a quick fumble either but going all the way?… that required somebody special. As to how special, how they were special or why I thought that they were so special that I’d go all the way, wasn’t really clear to me. Somehow I just knew that when he arrived, I’d know. So I glanced around the Public Bar, just in case, and returned to enjoying my beer.

It wasn’t long, maybe five, ten minutes maximum, before the hairs on the back of my neck tingled. I had the very distinct feeling that somebody was looking at me. Watching me. Raising my head I casually turned, scanning everything in sight as I did. There! At the far end of the smoke filled room a guy was looking straight at me. He didn’t flinch as I identified him. I looked straight into his eyes. Our eyes locked together. Excusing myself from my friends I set off across the crowded room. We met halfway and kissed, long, slow and deep holding our tankards away from our bodies so they didn’t spill.

“David” he said as we broke off to grab some air.


We went outside to finish our drinks in the cool, smoke free evening air.

Fifteen minutes later we were behind the big, old Oak at the back of the car-park giving each other our virginity. Only the tight stretched rubber of the condom from the previously unopened packet of three that all boys of David’s age carried in the back pocket of their jeans, just in case, kept me from becoming a Mother and David becoming a Father.

Wandering away from the Pub we came to the Church where we stopped under the Escort Şişli Lytch-gate. We kissed, cuddled and explored each other’s bodies for a while before strolling hand-in-hand through the dark graveyard until we reached the ancient Yew tree in the corner. We used another of David’s condoms. The third was used when I was hard pressed against the side wall of the Cricket Pavilion on the village green.

We carefully put the used wrappers and cellophane into the empty box. I’d tied off each used condom as I removed it from David’s cock so we tied all three together and placed everything in the rubbish bin outside the village Post Office where somebody would find them and know that one lucky village girl had got very lucky.

It was well past midnight when David kissed me goodnight on the back porch. You’re asking me where’s my back porch? Over the back door to the house I lived in with my Mother

After waving him off I removed my very soiled panties and hand washed them carefully in the scullery sink before putting them in the bucket with the rest of my Saturday morning smalls wash.

I was up at 7am. My smalls were washed and hanging on the line by 7:30. They all looked pristine but I knew which pair of panties were present when I lost my virginity. I smiled as I hung them next to my pre loss of virginity pairs. It’s funny what girls keep as mementoes, isn’t it? They’re a bit tight now, unfortunately.

David arrived at 10 o’clock on his motorcycle. He handed me a bullet bonce crash helmet and told me it would protect my ‘pretty little noggin’. A quick look in the mirror confirmed that I looked silly but as David was also wearing one, and looking silly, I didn’t complain. He was also wearing a large, canvas rucksack with a tube frame. A bag I was destined to get very used to wearing. We packed the sandwiches I’d made into the bigger of the two side pockets. The other side contained his maps, compass and three new packets of condoms purchased that morning from the Barber’s shop in town. With my pack of three in the bottom of my handbag we had a dozen between us.

We stopped off at the Post Office, sweetshop, for 4oz of Trebor Sherbet Lemons and a bottle of R Whites Lemonade because David didn’t like Tizer and I didn’t like Cream Soda, we compromised, and what was to become a very common purchase, a packet of HandyAndies. We packed everything into the rucksack and David adjusted it to fit me reasonably comfortably. Off we set and nearly crashed at the first corner! Totally my fault. I’d never been on a motorbike before and when David leaned it over to go around the corner I automatically bent at the waist to remain upright, Opps. We stopped and David explained that I had to lean with the bike. Stay inline with the bike which kept the balance right.

We set off again with me scrunched up tight behind him, legs wide and pussy almost touching his jeans, with my arms tight around his waist and my head sideways between his shoulders. I went whichever way he went, no problem. David wasn’t a boy racer, you can’t be when two up on a James 200. Within 3 miles I was much more relaxed. At 5 miles I was almost sitting up enjoying the scenery, as long as it was on the left hand side, and at 10 miles I was sitting up, a hand on each of David’s hips and loving every minute. I felt that David, the bike and I were as one. It was a smashing ride out into the country.

We parked in a little clearing just off the road, many years later it became a designated car park. David held the bike steady as I climbed off showing so much leg he could easily see my panties. He suggested that I took them off, to save them getting wet. I thought it a good idea and he put them in the back of the rucksack that I was still wearing. He took out a Bartholemew’s map and a Silva compass.

All of the maps we had from that period are still in the travel library at home, and the compass is in the glovebox of the camping-car.

He spread out the map on the bike seat and with absolute certainly stated ‘we are here’ pointing to the map. He orientated the map and studied it for a couple of minutes then announced that we would ‘go up this hill and through this wood, about half a mile. We’ll picnic here and enjoy the view of this big valley’. He swept his finger across a part of the map that meant nothing to me whatsoever. ‘The next road over is here and that’s a mile away from where we’ll stop. Should be nice and quiet’.

He took the rucksack, without prompting from me, and off we jolly well set.

It was a lovely spot with a fantastic view over the big valley, just as he said it would be. We laid out the groundsheet. I took my top off and my bra and laid down with just my skirt on. David suggested I take that off as well as there was little chance of anybody finding us. I didn’t disagree and suggested he should join me in the nuddy. We had the most wonderful, undisturbed picnic and used 6 of the 12 condoms. We brought the evidence home with us and popped it in the bin outside the Post Office, for devilment.

The next day, Sunday we had another picnic, same place and Sultangazi escort used the remaining 6 condoms. You know where we put the used ones.

On Monday, after work, I stopped off at the Doctors.

“Hello Shirley, you look remarkably healthy. What can I do for you?

“I’ve met the most wonderful boy in the world!”

She smiled at me and reached for her Prescription pad and started writing.

“What have you been doing for protection up to now?”

“Lots and lots of condoms!”

She chuckled and signed the Prescription.

“Well you’re going to need loads and loads more,” she replied with a laugh, “these don’t work immediately. You need to wait until your next period then take them for a month. You’ll be safe when you start your second pack. Read the instructions VERY carefully and follow them to the letter. I don’t want to see you in here in 2 months time worrying about being pregnant. In the mean time you’d better get loads and loads more condoms and pray you don’t have any accidents.”

She tore off the prescription with a flourish and handed it over her desk to me and glanced at the clock on the wall.

“Enjoy, be careful and if you’re quick you’ll just catch the chemist before he closes. Make sure you both read the instructions!”

I thanked her and scooted off to the chemist.

David and I sat on a bench on the village green, not watching the cricket, it was only a practice session. We read the instructions until we could almost quote them verbatim. I took out my diary and did the calculations, around the middle of June if things stayed as normal. SEVEN WEEKS! That was a lot of condoms and a lot of condoms was a lot of money.

Explanation; Back then, 1967, condoms came in packets of three, the famous ‘something for the weekend Sir’ which is why Barbers sold them. You could also get a packet of a dozen, 12, or a gross, 144. A packet of three cost 3 shillings and 9 pence, or 1/3 (one and threepence each). In those days petrol cost about 4/- (4 shillings) a gallon, today it’s well over £5, just to put things in perspective.

Confused? Well in 1967 we still used Pounds, Shillings and Pence for our currency. It was changed to decimal so that teachers didn’t need to teach the twelve times table. 10’s are much easier for teachers to understand. So, there were 12 pennies in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound or 240 pennies. My weekly wage was £3 6 shillings and 8 pence which was written as £3.6.8p or £3-6-8p. David was a year older than me, an apprentice so was earning more – £4-12-6p.

Still confused? That’s why we swapped to decimal in the early 70’s and prices shot up. Anyway the upshot was we needed a lot of condoms for 7 weeks and that amounted to a lot of money in relation to our joint income. Can you imagine me saying to my Mum; ‘sorry Mum can’t give you any housekeeping this week. I had to buy a gross of condoms’? It would not have got a great reception!

David had got 3 dozen from the storeman at work and I gave him my emergency £1 note hidden at the bottom of my bag, for emergencies. It was an emergency! In those first seven weeks we explored every possible way to eke out our condom supply. Oral was almost instant, giving and receiving. David had a magical tongue and it didn’t take me long to teach myself to deep-throat him. Hands and fingers explored, obviously. On the down side neither of us even considered using my bum while my cunt wasn’t available. Lots to learn back then.

We also found that, as we mostly relied on al fresco sex, we were constantly buzzing due to the possibility of discovery. As a sex aid that has to be high up there with the best. We were caught a couple of times, when we hadn’t ventured quite so far off the beaten track. Wow! What an experience! I came instantly on each occasion.

One time we weren’t just caught we were watched. We were up in our first picnic site. Never saw anybody whilst we’d been there before so were weren’t even listening out. I was riding David’s cock, nice and gentle, back and forth while we snogged and murmured sweet nothing’s into each other’s ear. I sat up to get a bit more energetic and there she was! And older, I won’t say elderly coz I’m much older now than she was then, lady was standing about 10 feet away, a Golden Retriever laying at her feet. She was plainly watching AND enjoying!

I came instantly.

“What brought that on so sudden?”

“We’ve got company.”

David looked over at the lady, smiled and rammed his cock hard into my flooded cunt.

“Let’s give her a proper show!”

We fucked. I bounced on his rampant cock with enthusiasm. I laid on him and slid him in and out. He rolled me over and lifted my legs high and we finished off doggy with David noisily and frantically pumping spunk into his condom. The lady applauded our efforts. We both smiled at her and David told me to clean his cock.

We rolled again, I got into position, removed the condom, swallowed its contents and started to lick and suck his sticky cock while watching the Lady for her reaction. She beamed with delight, clapped Taksim escort bayan enthusiastically and called out;

“Well done! Good girl!”

I then did something I would never imagined doing in a million years. I took David’s cock from my mouth and waved it at her! I was offering my David’s cock to her! It wasn’t even a mistake! I went back down on him again, came up after a few moments and repeated my offer. She pointed a finger at her chest;


“Yep! Wanna try a taste? He’s delicious.”

“What about…” she glanced quickly at David.

She didn’t say ‘no thanks’. She didn’t run screaming from our picnic spot, she just wanted to know if David thought it OK?

“David, you don’t mind if this nice Lady sucks you cock, maybe fucks you for a while, do you?”

David just looked towards her, smiled and said he had no problems with that at all. She did no more than tell the dog to stay, it didn’t look as if it had any intention of moving anyway, and walked over to kneel on the other side of David from me. We played with David’s cock, a stroke, a suck, bit of deep throat. It didn’t take long for David to be up and running again. She smiled at me;

“Just like my Harry was,” she observed as she stroked David’s rampant cock lovingly, “a good seeing to then less that ten minutes of careful love and attention and he’d be good to go again. Best day of my life! You think I could… y’know?”

Of course she could. I didn’t bother to even ask David. He’d been loving our attention. She smiled, stood and unzipped her skirt without any hesitation or embarrassment. Her knickers were much bigger than mine but came off just as quick.

“May I ride him?”

“Of course.”

I loved that she was asking me for permission rather than David. He didn’t raise one word of objection. She straddled him and, taking control of his cock, lowered herself onto it. Her head went back as she sank lower.

“Ohhh, this takes me back so very far. Such a wonderful day!”

She rode David’s cock through three nice orgasms, each a little stronger than the last.

“Sorry Dear, I’m being a little greedy. Do you mind?”

“Not at all but are you protected?”

“Bless you Dear. I’m way past needing to worry about getting pregnant. Your young man can cum if he wants. If you don’t mind?”

I didn’t mind at all. David rolled her over and they fucked missionary, with her legs high and wide. She came frequently. David didn’t. They moved to doggy. David was clearly ready to shoot his load. She came twice and again as David filled her completely and he kept going until she collapsed in a satisfied heap. They laid together a while before she pulled herself up and started to clean David’s cock. She was crying as she started to swallow his cock.

“Are you OK?” I asked gently.

“Yes, Dear. Thank you for asking. Tears of happiness, memories from long, long ago. My Harry… he got his call up papers… We came up here the day before he left so that I could show him how much I loved him. We were here all day. No idea how often we did it but Harry was always ready for more a few minutes after we’d finished. We didn’t use any protection. I didn’t want to anyway. Harry left for his training and his child started growing in my belly. I was delighted. He came home for three days, ready to go to war. I was heavily pregnant. We married the next day and away he went to fight for King and Country. The day after I posted the letter to him telling him he had a son I got a Telegram. He’d died of his wounds the day our son was born…”

She went silent for a moment. I thought how sad her story was.

“I come up here every year,” she continued, “on the day that our Son was conceived. I’ve never seen anybody here in all those years until today, and you two were doing exactly what my Harry and I did. Brought it all back. Such happy memories. I’m a Grandmother now, two Grandchildren. I’ve had more than a few boyfriends over the years but never married again.”

I put my arm over her shoulders and gave her a hug. I felt really sorry for her but I was also delighted that David had let her enjoy his cock.

After she’d left I asked David how it had felt pumping his spunk into her without any protection. He said it was very liberating but wasn’t going to do the same to me until I was 100% safe. Only 2 weeks to NCD (No Condom Day). After my period I could work it out accurately, Thursday, 15 June 1967. We’d been counting the weeks, days and minutes.

There and then we decided that, after work, we’d come up to the same place and ‘do it’ without a condom as Mary and her Harry had and as David and Mary had. I’ve never once regretted Mary taking David’s first ever load from his naked cock. I think I was relieved in a way, we weren’t both novices when it came to it.

We talked about Mary, sucking and fucking David a lot in those two weeks. David said he was surprised I’d initiated it but wasn’t complaining. I said I had no regrets, it was wonderful watching him please somebody else and both of them so obviously enjoying it. He asked if he could suggest that I fucked with somebody else so he could watch? We agreed that he could. We further agreed that we could fuck others if, and only if the other had previously agreed and, if possible, was present. So early on in our relationship we had identified that we made love together but anybody else was a fun fuck session.

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