Sherry and Wendy’s Sexy Adventures


My only real work-related titty fucking experience happened when I was eighteen and fresh out of high school. I got a job at a very prestigious financial firm located in downtown. I was a glorified receptionist/filing clerk/coffee getter. I don’t recall but I think thirty or so people were working at that branch.I was assigned to three men. All older (mid-thirties to forties) and none all that exceptional looking. Two were married and the other was an obvious player, which at my age I was unaware of, other than his gold chains and funky clothes.After four or so months, I was invited to lunch with two of the guys and one other woman. It was at a fancy downtown place and I felt very important and a tad nervous. I think they were impressed that the big titted blonde could carry on a conversation about work and especially sports!This was in the early ’80s when sexual harassment was not a huge deal. Little flirtations or a compliment about a dress or shoes were accepted.The single guy, Frank was never rude but he was quite open about telling me what he liked about a certain top, dress, slacks, or shoes I would wear. I was aware even back then the power that my tits could have on guys. I did not, however, think about using it as a way to advance my salary. So a quick down-blouse, when I would bend over, was something he enjoyed and I liked doing.One day at lunch, Frank asked if I wanted to attend a party for one of the guys in another office who was getting married. Mind you, the drinking age was twenty-one then and I had just turned nineteen. When he named the club the party was at, I told him I probably couldn’t get in. They had rented a room at the place so that was not a problem. It was, however, a rather formal party.Not wanting to be a wimp or to seem afraid, I agreed to go as his date. He wanted to pick me up. I told him I would Ankara bayan escort meet him at his place and we could go from there. I didn’t want my parents to see some old guy picking me up!Anyway, the night of the party, I had brought a dress, shoes, and make-up so I could change at work rather than drive all the way home. I went to Frank’s at the agreed time. He answered the door in jeans, a t-shirt and old sandals. He made some lame-ass excuse that he was playing volleyball with friends. He needed to shower and would be ready in thirty minutes.I could see a bottle of booze on the counter. I figured he probably had one when he got home. Offering me one before he dashed into his bedroom, I moved over to a chair by a window that overlooked a nice park.I was sort of pissed he wasn’t ready. I sipped the drink… very very slowly. Back then my drinking involved a barrel of beer in the woods with school friends. So, about fifteen minutes later his bedroom door opens and there is Frank, dripping wet, totally naked and flopping around his hard cock around!I had no idea what to do? I freaked out. I think he saw that and quickly started to apologize saying he was a little tipsy and had left the shirt he wanted to wear in the dryer… yeah, right. A hundred things went through my mind. The first was to just leave. Then I thought about my job and how he could have me fired in a heartbeat, even though I knew he wouldn’t. He was talking but I wasn’t paying attention until I heard him say,“Well, Sherry, drunk or sober you can’t deny you have been very careless about letting me see your magnificent breasts.”Damn, now I felt guilty like it was my fault and I had stupidly put myself in that position. I remember beads of sweat running down my back and on my forehead. As much as I looked at his face I still kept Escort bayan Ankara glancing at his cock which was still hard! I had never seen a man his age naked much less standing five feet away with a hard-on!Very calmly he walked over to the counter and poured straight whiskey into a glass. In one gulp it was gone.“I’m really sorry that I fucked up playing volleyball and forgot about the party.”I tried to act mature like it was no big deal but he knew I was freaking out. He suggested I finish my drink. I said no, hard booze was not my choice. Again he strolled to his fridge grabbed a beer and brought it over. That I accepted, knowing I could probably drink him under the table!“Are you going to get dressed?” I asked“You should get undressed,” he said. “Well, would you at least do me the honor of showing me those big tits of yours?”Politely I said no. “That’s the real reason why this is happening,” he said as he grabbed and pointed to his cock! Like he had to tell me it was there!I was wearing a floral pattern yellow sundress and some rather hot strap up sandals. I thought for a minute and decided right then. Either I do this … Or leave. What did I have to lose except showing off my breasts? I let the straps down over my shoulders. I reached behind and unclasped my bra. He moved over to the chair where I had been sitting. I let the dress fall and pulled the bra off. The dress hung at my waist.Frank just gasped and sat there wide-eyed. I felt like a mannequin. He leaned back and grabbed his cock. My nipples got even harder than they were. I sort of scooped my tits up under my arms as he started to stroke. If anything about Frank was okay it was his cock. He was hard and leaking pre-cum like a faucet!He lifted one leg onto the chair and asked if I would move closer. I took a step forward Bayan escort Ankara and was less than a foot away. I just watched as he cupped his balls and stroked. I think I stood there for a minute which felt like an hour. The little beads of sweat on my head were now small drops that were starting to run down and ruin my make-up.I asked him if he had a tissue so I could save what face I had left. He got up and went to the kitchen, came back with a wad of tissues and a small towel that had ice cubes in it. I thought he was going to plop them in his drink.He handed me the tissues and the towel, saying to me these might help you cool off. I took the tissues and set the towel on the table. I was able to save the make-up.Then the requests started.“Sherry, why don’t you rub that ice around your nipples?” I didn’t feel trapped but I sure was nervous. I asked him three questions.“Frank, are we going to the party? Just what do you expect to happen? And… What happens at work on Monday?”“We are going to the party,” he said. “There is no start or ending time, so we can go whenever. As for work, my lips are sealed. I’m sorry for being so abrupt but I find you amazing, smart and very sexy.”I felt a calmness go through me. At least my job was safe.“I thought we could have a little fun before the party. Since you started at work I have spent many a night picturing you topless and as you can see it has turned me on to the point I thought I would get a little drunk and make a move to see what would happen. I’m sorry but I’m happy that you didn’t kick me right here.” He pointed to his balls.I think I said I would never do that. “I could have just slapped your face and left, right?” He nodded. As he did I just reached down, grabbed an ice cube and ran it over my nipples. I think we both gasped at the same time. Me from the cold and he from the reaction my nipples had. He reached out and caught a few drops that fell off my nipples onto his finger. I stared at his cock. How it was standing straight up, hard, erect and the tip wet with his clear juice.I could feel my pussy start to react. The small string of the white thong I had on was, for sure, getting wet.

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