Between my junior and senior year of college, I lived at my parents’ summer home on one of the exclusive islands off the coast of Massachusetts. My family is pretty well off, and I had spent many a summer there.

It was a glorious July afternoon, but I was bored, thinking about all the attractions of the big city where my college was. There just wasn’t much to do on the island, and I was too restless to enjoy it the way I used to. Throwing a Frisbee around with a few friends at the beach, I noticed a new girl coming out of the surf in a dripping, clinging bikini. Right away I realized what I really needed.

She had straight, light brown hair, bleached by the sun and hanging halfway down her back, liquid green eyes with long eyelashes, and the body of my dreams. Her breasts were firm and high. She had slim hips, a flat, tight tummy, and thighs that made my mouth water. I just stood there and stared as she approached. Maybe my mouth was hanging open or something, because she laughed as she introduced herself. Her name was Sheila. I dropped out of the game and followed her to her beach blanket.

She was younger – just out of high school. Talk seemed to come easily. She had a cute, girlish way of tilting her head to one side and then the other as she was making a point. Her overall attitude was upbeat, and she was no bimbo – our conversation went beyond small talk to politics and favorite novels. I learned that her parents were wealthier than my own. She was from an old, aristocratic Connecticut family, but she had not let her wealth or beauty go to her head.

Sheila said she had been going to a nude beach farther up the shore, but small airplanes keep buzzing that beach to get a look at her and the other sunbathers. I took advantage of that to turn the conversation toward sex, and she turned out to be remarkably candid on the subject. She was not a virgin, but she was still waiting for a guy who would treat her right. Apparently her sexual experience had all been in the backseat of a car, and her ex-boyfriend had usually been in a hurry or too rough, or Van Escort both.

Incredibly, she told me all this while looking me straight in the eye. A few seconds later, she was running her fingers through my hair, exclaiming how curly it was. I had just taken off my baseball cap to hide the flagpole in my lap. It was clearly my move now, and I took the chance: “Let me make love to you,” I said. “Long and slow.”

“Where?” she replied, without hesitation.

By a stroke of luck, my uncle had a fishing shack back in the dunes. He hardly ever used it, but a few weeks earlier, on the mainland, he had asked me to fix a broken window there.

“Follow me,” I said, standing up and taking Sheila’s hand in mine. We walked for about 20 minutes through the dunes, stopping every so often to kiss, each time more passionately than the last. Finally, I slid my hands underneath her swimsuit to squeeze her round little ass and pull her pubis against my rock-hard erection. Then, because I knew the shack was just over the next dune, I took her hand and we ran the rest of the way. She was giggling.

I didn’t have the key to the padlock on the front door, but it was easy to unhook the shutters, reach in through the broken windowpane, and unlock the window. It opened easily. I boosted Sheila up, then climbed in after her. The shack was dark, so I opened the shutters and window on the other side, too. There was that musty smell of a place that has been neglected for years. It was only one room, with a chair, an old dresser with a kerosene lamp on it, and a double bed.

Sheila immediately stripped off her suit. I did the same, and the old springs creaked as we lay down together, smiling. I wanted to show her how delicious slow lovemaking can be, but it was all I could do to hold back. Lying on our sides, we began to kiss and stroke each other. As I ran my hand down her back, she slid her tongue into my mouth and snuggled closer. We were both breathing fast as my hand continued down and over those two round hills of her ass, then to the back of her knee. On the way back Van Escort Bayan up, I slid my hand around to the front of her hard thighs and let one eager finger dip into her crotch. There I felt the silkiest pubic hair ever, and just the outer lips of the hot, slick purse between her legs. She was ready! My penis was twitching.

Just then, she rolled over onto her back, and I continued our deep kissing while my hand began to explore the contours of her supple young breasts. They were tightening up, and I moved my mouth down to a small pink nipple that was already hard. Gentle sucking produced a long moan from Sheila, and as my adventurous hand slid down her suntanned tummy to her cute, spongy mound, her knees came up and open in a single motion. Immediately the odors of suntan oil, sweat, and dust were eclipsed – the small room was filled with that wondrous marine smell of the aroused female.

Her pussy was red-hot and very wet. As I gently fondled her sweet vulva, she arched her back. When my grateful fingers entered her slippery wetness, her moans grew louder. Her eyes were closed.

I moved to the end of the bed and began to lap at the honey between her legs. “Yes,” she whimpered. Her head started thrashing about, and her breathing grew heavier. She raised her pelvis to me, and I increased the pace of my licking and nibbling. She tasted heavenly. She squirmed, attempting to line up her clitoris with my tongue. After avoiding it for a while, I took that slippery button in my lips and started to suck, flicking it with my tongue every so often. Simultaneously, I ran my hands up her sides and lightly pinched her nipples. She went wild. A powerful orgasm ripped through her body; she bucked three times, screaming, “Oh…Oh…OH,” then started trembling. Her thighs locked against my ears. I was still pinching her nipples. The trembling lasted so long that it made me think of electroshock therapy.

“Oh my GOD,” she said, when the orgasm finally subsided and she had caught her breath. Her legs fell open again. A cool ocean breeze wafted through the room. Escort Van Her thankful eyes sought mine; my head was still between her legs.

“Come in me,” she whispered, reaching out to pull me up.

I slid my penis in slowly as I lowered my lips to hers. Her vagina was tight, but so hot and wet that it was no problem to inch my way in. Although it will not be news to male readers, I just have say here that the first entry into a new pussy is a true glimpse of the divine. I had never felt so alive.

Sheila made a growling sort of sound as I began to stroke slowly in and out. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. After a minute or two, I grabbed her darling little ass with both hands. My stroking turned to pumping, then to pounding. Her legs came up around me, and her hands slid down my back. I licked her salty neck and nuzzled her sweet-smelling hair, pounding, pounding. Her eyes and her mouth were open wide with a look of rapture. Her whole face was flushed.

Sheila’s eyelids began to flutter. She gripped me tighter with her arms and legs, and then her trembling started again. I came with a long, loud groan, and our orgasms fed each other – the intensity was incredible as her vagina contracted again and again, pumping my penis for every drop of cum. We hugged each other tightly as we rode out the last of the involuntary twitches. Then I drew back my head and we smiled at each other. It was that tender time of afterglow. We kissed and nuzzled some more, then sank into a nap. Both of us were drained.

When we awoke, hot and sweaty, the kissing started again, and Sheila’s fingers began to explore my body. She took my penis in her fingers and gently stroked the underside, near the head. Bingo – another erection. She said it was beautiful. She lowered her mouth and began to suck me. I pulled her hips around and over my head, and that sweet pussy was mine again. We literally gobbled each other up – licking, sucking, bucking – and we came together again with torrential orgasms. We were in awe of the power we had to give and receive pleasure, and we showed our appreciation in every way we could think of.

It wasn’t easy for us to part that evening, but we both had to get home. We agreed to meet at the shack again the next morning. Needless to say, I wasn’t bored again all summer.

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